Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 17, 2010

Sunday Sportsfan Player Card

Updated player roster
Just a bunch of longhorn fans, you know?



  1. Hmmm…no comments yet?

    I guess people must think all these international types are fans of the Texans for some reason.

    Oddly coincidental — that they’re heads-of-state, and sports fans too!

  2. feh. fotoshop fad marxist international jewish banking freemason secret handsign of the nwo lizards in outer space knights templar plot from the davinci code.

    sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  3. I agree fellas, whether a texas longhorn fan, or an italian catholic call, or a Helen Keller “I love you”……we know the score.

  4. Do we know the score? I’m not so sure.

    A healthy skepticism is wise… and it doesn’t hurt to look at deep politics and the dark underbelly of all things happening. Jeff Wells has been my favorite in his treatment of the seemingly fantastic:

    But he let it all go dormant some time ago… and it seems even the most intuitive and skeptical have to draw a line somewhere. Methinks a key is this: there is obscurity in the obvious… some of the darkest “plots” are not plots at all. They are “hidden” in plain sight.

    But as far as world-leaders making satin-worship signs to each other… afraid I’ll have to pass on this one. All still shots… could be photo-shopped… or taken out of context. Whatever. For years, plain old fattie get-over greed explained much of the world disorder… until I began to think about “compartmentalization” and “ideology.”

    For example, why would so many USAns cling to an “ideology” that is clearly engineered to destroy them? Stock-stupidity, sure, but that doesn’t explain all of it. We believe what we WANT to believe… evidence notwithstanding. We COTO folk seem to be early adopters. Consequently, we seem to snort some silly-ass shit along with the truffle “hidden” in plain sight.

    Have you noticed… NOW on “left-right gatekeeper” sites, it’s perfectly acceptable to write about “9-11 Truth” and especially how there aint a CH worth of difference between the “parties.” Not long ago, that got you banned. “Alienating the ‘swing-voters'” or some-such bullshit. Now, here’s why a lot of the NWO/ deep-plot stuff smells like bullshit to me:

    Chaos and disorder: experience has taught me that the more “elaborate” the “plan,” the more likely it is to fuck up (entropy). And when it comes to anybody, even rich fatties, pulling off precisely-timed bullshit on a global scale and keeping it totally secret… well… NOBODY’S that smart. So there it is: entropy and human stupidity.

    Pick up those two cards… and it’s hard to lose.

  5. Skepticism is a healthy survival tool no doubt. That’s why COTO knows.

    I’m not going to look it up for you right now Paperman, but P.D. can turn you on to it or you can Google ALL the shit about Masonic symbolism, ad nauseum how D.C. is laid out, Federal Reserve notes, their linkages to ancient Baal Babylonian worship, on and on.

    It is not a coincidence, and some sick Lucifer-worshiping asswipes take tremendous steps to communicate in code. No B.S. Check it out.

    Conspiracies seem to be a bad word to you. Too many logistics or something…the closer you look, the more you digest, the more involved it gets.

  6. You are right about that Boom. Some things are just too convenient to be coinky-dink Waldo.

    It doesn’t change the scorecard. All in the video have the makings of the biggest scammers in history.

    Whether all the symbolism is just a facade to cover the crime spree makes no difference to me.
    I’ll be happy to let them see all Texas Longhorn games on hi-def in the penitentiary.

  7. OK… so maybe it’s the Freemason’s square:

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