Posted by: mary sunshine | January 6, 2010

When Time Stands Still: Where Were You, Larry?

Some say that careful study of body language and speech behavior can reveal the heart as clear as day.     Often when we perceive something deeply it is as if time were standing still.    Maybe if we slow things down we can go deeper.

We know that Larry Silverstein was a close confidant of Benjamin Netanyahu, present in NYC on 9/11, the only international politician to say the falseflag job on America was good.    Also present apparently were Ehud Barak and Olmert.    Larry Silverstein profited so enormously from pulling it, and there is so much evidence in tenant activities of somebody’s  foreknowledge, that Larry’s words and behavior on this three minute clip in slow motion taken from mainstream media interview are very interesting  red flags.

The first thirty seconds are the most interesting.



  1. His daughter said he was visiting his doctor that fateful morning, and that when he heard that his workers had died – been killed – “the light went from his eyes”. – Aaaah.

    Yes, the Odigo warning had already been passed to the rest of them, so they – and he – knew well enough to stay away, but warn his workers? – No, truly evil.

    The quicker we clean out all our stables, the better. Of course, as I might just possibly have mentioned previously, the easiest way would be simply to cancel their fiction of finance, the delusory tool that ‘they’ use to entrance you all and inflict on the world whatever misery they have in mind at any time. – And so easy to do.

    But then, the galaxy will soon tidy up the planet in its own sweet way. But it would be nice to make the effort and clean it up beforehand, just in case any lingering influence is left underground to emerge later, as ‘they’ intend. Wouldn’t it?

    Then let’s.

    • I agree finance is the crux. The Fed started America’s ruin. Wilson was right, he did it to his own country. Now governments have to falseflag us repeatedly to keep us in war to steal the Fed its trillions under overt military dictatorship. All we got out of that was the circus. Where’s the damn bread?

  2. The following info just came to my attention fellow COTO sleuths. Probably deserves an investigative report of its own, as we can expect to see more.

    Why are these political “cockroaches” running away right now? What “light” do they expect to be turned on…what’s coming down?

    This type of scurrying in a hurry is a telltale sign of something on the horizon — insider knowledge must be telling them to run to save their asses (literally).

    • Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Dodd drops out of race for re-election. Move places another Democratic seat up for grabs.
    • Colorado Democratic Governor Bill Ritter suddenly ends re-election campaign. Campaign events canceled.
    • Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) not running for re-election. Democratic seat in GOP-leaning state may be up for grabs.
    • South Carolina Rep. Henry Brown (R-SC) surprises constituents by declining re-election bid. Five-termer leaves seat up for grabs.
    • Executive director of Kentucky Democratic Party suddenly resigns. No reason given for departure.

    • Bingo, I agree! A hundred or three hundred million people might be pissed with the “results” from these crooks. The politicians are scared. They must be wondering about the solidarity of the police state they installed to protect them from investigation.
      The emperors’ flunkies sense they blew it on the latest falseflag too. B.O. was really shook it was so sloppy and they left their fingerprints all over it, and he was shook enough to insist nobody in intel look for blame, just like Bush and 9/11.
      Logic tells me if Mossad’s dancing Israelis were sent to document 9/11, as they admitted on Israeli TV in Hebrew, and Larry’s Israeli tenants moved out just prior, plus Odigo alerted, then Ehud Barak, Olmert, and Netanyahu who were in NYC very likely were parties to the attacks, and Larry as their confidant and a major beneficiary who admitted “pulling it” was for the best, and Netanyahu and Wolfowitz both agreed 9/11 was for the best, then Larry’s hesitation answering where he was on 9/11 is very interesting.

    • Excellent BOOM-MAN!

      That is the single most interesting shift so far this year. Until time as we find where Dodd, Dorgan, Conrad, et al. wind up, we know this is a committee based cleaning. It also effects the financial reform bill process.


  3. “The galaxy will soon tidy the planet in its own sweet way.” i.e a “Coronal Mass Ejection” (sounds so erotic). However, this
    “ejection” won’t rid the planet of these political “cock-a-roaches.” Becasue many of whom who’ll be underground, in their bunkers while the proles endure the “ejections” wrath.

    There was a Solar Flare “an ejection” in the 1800’s that fried the power lines etc. Imagine what one would do now?

    Here’s a link to some photos of the “ejections.” (so dam erotic)

    Having said that, the photo of the one flare on the top left, I’ve read that you could fit aprox. the size of ten Earths inside just that one flare alone.

    • That is why I suggest we fry’em all at that great barbecue BEFORE the event.

      • Nope, they won’t be invited to our great wild people’s barbecue and drum circle here in Sherwood Forest. I don’t want no stinkin’ Rummies or the judaeo-cretin executioner Bushes served in Larry’s next restaurant in the sky either, not that my prayers have ever been answered.
        Another flaw: long pig not kosher! I hardly have the stomach but might watch a sky burial now and then out of boredom. Nothing to kill or die for. They all leave such a bad taste anyway in their last sound bites.
        That big bonfire can only happen with bodies dead of natural causes like at Varanasi with the families paying for the ceremony, a ritual none of us knows how to conduct (yet). Cremation stinks like singed hair and is kind of weird to see happening, although Hindus prefer it.
        Let’s see the situation as it really is, that our Israeli enemy within wants and anticipates a violent reaction to exposure for 9/11, the Fed, and other treason. They throw it all in our face out of chutzpah, Armageddonism and brinksmanship.
        But we are going to call their bluff. We could enforce the Constitution using Eagle. If violence is only half as effective as nonviolence in determining outcomes, and doing nothing is nearly equally effective as acting, let’s break the boredom of watching all this go down with the odds in our favor. Our odds clearly are just about neutral now.
        Banning the zionist moneylenders is the only solution. Of course, that is what set them off against us to begin with, but….

  4. Re: “Coronal Mass Ejection.”

    According to this image, it’s more than ten Earths

  5. There are so many lamp-posts in NY just crying out for this bastard and his confrere co-conspirators, yet ten million NY-ers just sit there doing nothing but eat, take and sleep. – Now THAT is what I call ‘useless eaters’.

    Do unto others as they would do to you.

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