Posted by: laudyms | January 2, 2010




  1. purrr .. can you keep a secret ?

    ya see, the fed’s got a little problem
    when the banks create money with loans, by entering numbers into accounts, they charge interest on those loans, but the banks have not created the money to cover the interest on the principle loans.

    • Pod,

      Cash for Clunkers isn’t it?
      I love the lil queen Barney Frank weighing in on 1914. He timed the Congressman to the second didn’t he?

  2. Miss South Carolina said it all. Maps and Such or Saps and Much.

    It really comes to the point when you got to be prepared to go it alone.

    This a as good a video as I have seen based upon my depression after viewing.

  3. yea Dunne,
    china’s keeping the yuan pegged to the dollar

    but letting it float against the euro

    and the same against the pound

    china will not give in to foreign demands that it let the renminbi rise in value.

    The renminbi has fallen against the currencies of most of China’s trading partners this year because it has been fixed to the weakening dollar, while China’s economy has bounced back strongly. U.S. senators have asked for an investigation into whether current renminbi policy represents a subsidy that would justify tariffs on Chinese imports.

    the only thing the banks can do is put tariffs on chinese exports, but the fed needs to raise interest rates to firm up the dollar, china’s driving

    purrrr …….

    • It’s in my coming predictions this week Pod. You are all over the economy. Post your thoughts on the coming year financially as you are far into that segment.

      I have the same prediction. They will bandaid the dollar with deflation, gold supression and interest rates are all thats left.

      The RMB undervalued helps us at the store but it would be better to pump American Mfg and economy in the the long run to raise the value?
      The shit hits the fan anyway. Now is better than later?

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