Posted by: mary sunshine | December 3, 2009

Alex Jones

Many have asked why Alex Jones never talks about Zionism.      This article may explain his situation in the truth movement and why he won’t ‘go there’ .



  1. Jones is curiously unreliable in some areas. Wouldn’t be the first time an Agente Provocateur was pushed forward to mislead.

    We are all responsible for doing our own research and forming our own opinions. When we do that, the danger of being led by the nose is reduced. Verify! as much as you can.

  2. Laudy, AJ is the current “Spearhead”. Consider this, and if I may remind our readers, think abstractly, as an artist thinks;

    (from wiki term “Spearhead”)
    “The Mission and the Men

    The 3rd Armored’s primary mission during this period was, in the event of war, to defend the Fulda Gap against numerically superior Warsaw Pact forces alongside other NATO elements. At the peak of East/West tensions during the 1980s, as many as nineteen Soviet and East German divisions faced off against Spearhead soldiers. To prepare their defenses against an invasion, the division’s units frequently conducted field training at Hohenfels, Bavaria and at Wildflecken and Grafenwöhr U.S. Army training areas, conducting exercises of live fire, movement and communications.”

    This is where I get the term. I use the term for AJ as I am of the opinion he and his team operate in a most military manner. Infowars is not a bad tag. It comes as close to the truth, comes so damn close to exposing the operational tactics as possible without dropping the bomb. Even this, the title, is 100% within the guidelines of military operational tactics. In a way, it takes the wind out of sceptics sails. Yes, there is “a war on for your mind”.

    Based on what I’ve learned from US Army FMs along this line, you have to deliver 99,8 percent of the truth in order to successfully deliver the 0,02% lie you need to lead the pack : to be the spearhead.

    All too obvious, but I still have AJ on my list of people to listen to and read. After all, he is right …..99,8% of the time.


    On Zionism, there’s a current discussion building within the Left Party here where a few more informed indivisuals are trying to teach the others the diff between Zioism and Antisemetism. It’s like running against the wind.

    In closure and in defense of AJ and his crew, I can list a shitload more such -possible- agents, most of which would much more easily pass as such then AJ could. You would be shocked who I think is collecting a paycheck on the side for delivering crucial, gatekeeping or guiding information to the so-called “informed public” on a daily basis. And we’re gobbling it up as if it were going out of style. The goal of all this? Once we get through and see the severity of it all, we tend to burn out and turn off. That is THE goal.

    • excellent analysis Tony! Stubbornness and determination to question authority are contagious, or at least they should be!

  3. I listen to AJ almost every day. I’ve wondered why he won’t take on zionism but then again, he doesn’t bash people of any race or religion. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be considered a racist or an anti semite.

    Having said that, I’m a strong critic of zionism and have been for years. Israel rules the U.S. and there is no denying that.

    As for AJ he is responsible for waking me up to many issues I knew nothing about before listening to his show. I found his website when someone emailed me a link to the “loose change” video years ago. I always do my own research and find his stuff usually checks out. I don’t always agree with what he says and I’m not a mindless follower of anyone. I just really enjoy his show and the excellent guests he has on. If he’s a disinfo agent he’s going about it the wrong way.

    Tony, I think the real gatekeepers are people like Noam Chomsky & Howard Zinn. The day I heard them say it doesn’t matter who perpetrated 9/11 was the day they lost my respect. Let’s throw in Al Gore as the biggest disinfo agent of all with his global warming scam. Sure the climate is changing but just WHAT is causing it? HAARP? ELF? Chemtrails? I just know it ain’t jes Billy Bob’s double cab pick up. They are trying to pin it all on the proles to tax us into poverty.

  4. Folks

    I am a committed anti-Zionist.

    It is my studied opinion that the site above is anti-Semetic. There is a difference (big one) between anti-Semetism and anti-Zionism.

    The Zionists try to play that all the time.

    Having said so, I still contend that the site is anti-Semetic. Pretty blatant about it too.

    As for AJ, well he da man. Short on attacking Zionism yes, but he still da man.

    • Michael, Brother Nathaniel is not anti semitic but anti zionist. He is one of the few people putting out truth on Zionism. The people of Palestine are the real semites anyway so to be pro Israel like many jews are is to be anti semitic. Most of the Jews are not semites. I’ve spent time with the Jewish illuminati in their playgrounds and with Palestinians in mine….there is no comparison between Zionism and semitism whatsoever, in fact the two are directly opposed.

  5. It’s a quandry. How do you share the pithy stuff from sites that are also (maybe) anti-semitic?

    Here’s an example:
    “The security of the American people is very much at stake in Afghanistan, but not because of some hallucinated enemy. Wars bankrupt countries, and that’s the name of the game — bankrupt the U.S. and profit from the fire sale when it goes broke. That’s what’s happening now. Surely you have perceived it.

    The only ones who still believe in the U.S. government are the ones profiting from its ill-gotten gain. If we acquiesce and accept this as our future, then our prospects are bleak for ever being anything more than the media manipulated morons we are now.”

    I’m sitting here now trying to figure out whether to send it to some of my friends.

  6. Laudy

    Yeah, it is quite a quandary.

    Because the truth can be squashed in credibility by the source.

    Oh and for me, a rabid anti-Zionist, there is no maybe to the anti-semitism at the site.

  7. I’d send it. But I would preface that speaking in terms of Jews, who are not Jews at all. Never were never will.

    Twelve tribes and the Holocaust. Khazars only running the show. Huns, Mongoloids and Turko-Finns. Anti-Semitism is a free ride for these simple war criminals.

    JEW, what a word. That mysterious Aramaic ‘J ‘letter and how it came to be. The Judaites have long since disappered, replaced by Khazar Kings, Zionism and the Talmud, the Rosetta Stone of Judaic misery.

    “Because the truth can be squashed in credibility by the source.” as Michael states can be imbelished by noting that the Cabal or COMMITTEE cannot hide all the truth, they can only in chaos, compartmentalize, divide and conquer by fearmongering, false flagging and fomenting Fratricide.

    Beware the Mammon, Matred and the Mercurius.

  8. Jews are self-defined so I don’t think it matters much where they came from. They also have a humane practice of accepting any child born to a Jewish woman as part of their group. Rape and pillage (then as now) have always impacted people, and most other groups ostracize the children of rape. After thousands of years, who knows?

    And of course now in Israel some are tying themselves in knots trying to restrict membership….The whole subject of deciding who is “us” and who is “them” is directly related to war and domination. And present in any group.

  9. I still follow Infowars despite being opposed to war, still value the good AJ does in truthwork, but the situation we are in is like having a contractor come to fix something crucial like our roof. You just can’t afford to have the job ultimately shortchanged by what he leaves out. It is a warning to the truth community that AJ will stop short of exposing the identity of the NWO while making a good chunk of change foisting videos on us that purport to tell the truth about it. I use AJ but don’t have alot of confidence he can go where the rest of us do in full truth about our situation. Ride the wave but don’t identify with shortchanging.

  10. I posted this just before going out the door and then it was like two weeks before I got back, so next time I will try to do better following up but thanks everyone for the thoughts, pretty much what I think too.

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