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Psy-ops and the fascist takeover

Richard Moore Nov 21, 2009

The fascist takeover is being facilitated by a particular psy-ops strategy.

The right-wing is being hyped up with all sorts of nonsense about Obama being a socialist, along with other disinformation, and so we have one segment of society that hates Obama, and opposes his programs, for all the wrong reasons. Simultaneously, we have what appears to be a strong conservative resistance in Congress to Obama’s legislative agendas.



Meanwhile the left, those at whom the mainstream propaganda is aimed, are presented with an ongoing snow job regarding Obama, portraying him as a modern saint, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, spreading reconciliation and sober wisdom everywhere he goes. Those on the left look at the right, and they see a reactionary force, a popular constituency plus conservative representatives who are together preventing Obama from realizing his visions. They see a battle between good and evil, between wisdom and ignorance… Obama may not be perfect, and his agendas may be flawed, but he is clearly our standard bearer in this battle. Without him on the front lines, we’d be deluged by a conservative backlash.

Reality, on the other hand, is quite different than either of the propaganda lines. For example, there is no battle happening on Capital Hill over healthcare. The healthcare bill was finalized long ago by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and we’re simply being presented with theater, whose final act will be the unveiling of that
bill, and whose purpose is to make us think that is the best we could get.

More generally, the perceived battle between good and evil, a perception created by the effect of the psy-op campaigns aimed at left and right, is itself just theater, the final act of which will be outright fascism, and whose purpose is to distract us from the real course of events. To the extent those on the left blame the right, or those on the right blame the left, they are participating in that theater, and thereby being herded like sheep toward fascism.

Obama has been groomed over the years for one particular job, he has embraced that job, and he is carrying it out with enthusiasm and skill. That job is to be the point man for ushering in global fascism, to play a key role in the transition to a world government controlled by the global financial mafia, the same folks who funded Hitler and Mussolini. His role is to project a persona of global leadership, a wise, friendly face that can make the establishment of global tyranny
appear to be the onset of global harmony and reconciliation. A bit like Woodrow Wilson, whose job was to usher in the Federal Reserve, and make it appear to be to be the onset of financial stability.



  1. This is, with out doubt, one of the best analysis’ I have seen on where we are today.

    Fine job Mr Moore. Oh yeah and this lefty says fuck Michael Moore.

  2. Obama was the least acceptable, but acceptable corporate stooge. We get only the candidates that will lick the boots of the corpocracy. They would have reluctantly accepted Hillary as well.

  3. Bingo!

    1. Done, signed, sealed and working the triad to perfection

    2. The underlying morphing of Corporate and Government, cooked down into an elitist reduction, to coin a gourmet phrase

    3. The Harvard-Yale-Rhodes, left right induction process [Grooming the Kennedy’s]

    Why the alarm hasn’t been heard by these koolaid drinking red/blue cheerleaders is dumbfounding. This reality should be an epiphany to all.

    Race, creed, religion, pro/con choice or lifestyle should not stand in the way of a unified front against the criminals and conspirators who take on any or all of the preceding labels. LIARS & CROOKS are pretty and nice to look at too.

    Obama’s blackness was the perfect shade for a hopeful ignorant population who were looking for the yang to ol’ cracker blue eyes.

  4. To the extent those on the left blame the right, or those on the right blame the left, they are participating in that theater, and thereby being herded like sheep toward fascism.

    The above sounds like it could have been written by any coto member does it not? Well except for Lev who blames everything on the dems!

    Obama was groomed for years by the likes of Kissinger, Brezinski and their minions. How can the left support such a charlatan of hope unless they have been dumbed down by the fluoride in the water and the constant barrage of msm lies and hype?

    How did coto members escape and retain their ability to think critically? Tis a question for the ages….

  5. Glad you folks liked the analysis. I joined COTO when I saw your comments. Jerseyg asks how the left can be so stupid. Let me expand on the psy-op scenario…

    It started with Bush. He was very successful at spreading fear and loathing among the left. He went out of his way to frighten and antagonize, and to appear stupid. Perhaps this was natural for him, but with savvy handlers there was no reason he couldn’t have been smoothed out a bit while on camera. We must assume that fear & loathing by the left was intended.

    And then along came Obama, the saviour everyone on the left was hoping for – because of Bush. Without Bush, the rush to Obama would not have been nearly as profound. Next, there was the charade of a campaign by McCain, intentionally stirring up racism and hatred, in order to scare the left into thinking Obama might lose. But they weren’t scared enough, so they brought in Palin as a clincher. So we have a saviour, and he’s under attack: all good men and women must of course come to his rescue.

    So, lo and behold, an unprecedented volunteer network is recruited, and leftists everywhere come in and volunteer long hours for the Obama campaign. All this time Obama keeps making the great speeches and the great promises, and there’s no reason yet to suspect he’s not sincere.

    What all this amounts to, my friends, is the scientific creation of a cult, the Obama cult. The outside evils (Bush & McCain), the charismatic leader, and the investment of support were all important elements of the process. By the time of the gala inauguration, a cult bond had been established between Obama and his supporters, a bond that became part of the identity of the supporters. Criticism of Obama is not only disbelieved by them, but is seen as evil blasphemy.

    All of that, and then came the psy-op scenario I described in my posting. The installation of the New World Order is being carried out by seasoned professionals, using the long experience the CIA has with cult experiments, such as Rev Jim Jones and David Koresh. They know how to get people to believe whatever the leader says, and to take their kool-aid, er, I mean vaccines.


  6. Welcome Richard! think you’ll find COTO an interesting place.

  7. So glad you joined us Richard. Your analysis is superb and mirrors coto tenants.

    As for Obama, most of us here were banned from oped news because we tried to convince the true believers to vote third party. Their “savior” showed them who he was and they refused to see. Instead they projected their own hope for something unBushlike onto a man who had voted for the patriot act, domestic wiretapping and intended to bomb Pakistan as his first order of business (and did).

    As it turns out, as you state, he was the perfect vehicle to formerly usher in the NWO.

  8. So the bottom line is that Obama is much scarier than Bush was. He’s ushering in global fascism.

  9. I don’t think he’s scarier- but he’s alot harder to call out. Only today I got an email from a neighbor, thankful to have Obama in place and fearing it could have been worse….

    It wouldn’t even have been much different! Why are most Americans such simplistic thinkers??

  10. In terms of what he’s doing, I agree, Obama is simply the continuation of Bush, hence not scarier in that sense. The reason he’s scarier over all is exemplified by your neighbor’s email: he can go further than Bush was able to tread. If Bush were pushing the vaccine genocide program, the majority of people would be screaming against it. Obama is more or less getting by with it.

  11. Scarier is right on. Biblically speaking we have yet to see the smoothest of false prophets and the absolutely breathtaking charisma of the AC.
    So says that book.

    Obama has his minion, that is for certain. For every smooth salesman, there are Grandmothers who are willing fork over their bank information.

    This represents the same kind of transaction. Hope for sale at the cost of your funeral.

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