Posted by: michaelcavlan | November 17, 2009

Minnesota Tea Bagger’s Punked

Now I realize that this little clip may cause some consternation with some of our COTO folks here.


None the less, it is a story that must be told. In fact one can make the case that the “illegal immigrant” debate is simply one of the ways that the elite rulers are trying to divide and conquer us.

Anyway, enjoy.




  1. Sorry. Here is the You Tube clip

    It is OBVIOUS to me, how about you all?

  2. If they didn’t keep us tied up in these triads, we’d find out we are the most powerful, just and able sovereignty in the world.

    Our supremacy is easily identified by a short but power packed history that included the immigration and coming together of all peoples for the cause of freedom.

    The terror triad, fear and economic string pullers have got us to believe we couldn’t let them all stay without hardship. They just can’t sell it to COTO as we know they work outside the rule of law and in sheeps clothing. Players for the red and blue team.

    Michael, there’s nothing sadder than watching chumps on both sides popping their corks at the command of world order administrators.

    Microcephalic Solidarity!

  3. ” … all saying: “hooray for our side” …”

    The “tea-parties” are now fractured.

    The key is to remain fragmented, but not in direction. Our direction must never waver.

    But each one of us, moving in our own direction, make an impossible target, and as such be able to hit them from all sides.

    I was talking to a 3-time Iraq vet today, that was getting ready to go on her 4th tour. She was in the bar with her father, cousin, and 2 friends.

    They all knew we were being punked. She also knew she was being used, and she was scared, yet brave. She knew that soon she’d have to make a choice.

    What I said to her, I believe was of some relief, and is to the point here. That she wasn’t alone, and its not all on her to save this world. That any step in the right direction is the right one, and it will feed into others that are capable of doing a lot more than we may be able to do. But their action may never have happened, if not for hers.

    The pace is quickening. I don’t know if there’s going to be again a Heaven on Earth, or if there ever was one, but I find no reason to act as if there will not be, and that we may have a hand in helping.

    What else is there to do?

  4. “a Heaven on Earth”

    Right, M. Just extract the finance and the politics, and you have it right here.

    • Sorry, forgot: – Easy.

  5. That was good advice you gave that poor girl, M. I’m glad I’m not in her shoes knowing what kind of decision lies ahead. I’d surely be up every night worrying about when that choice would have to be made. However, there should be no faltering on her part as to which choice is the correct one.

    As for those particular tea baggers, they sound as if they are one step away from an angry lynch mob. No matter how you feel about illegal immigration, you should never allow yourself to be swept away in a sea of hate. The reason they come here is to look for work. If American companies didn’t hire them for their cheap labor, they’d stop coming. Penalize the employers not the workers. Problem solved.

    • They come here for more than work JG.

      They come here for the democrats free welfare ride… conservatives did not create all those welfare entitlements like food stamps, free medical, free housing, free just about everything at the taxpayers expense.

      These programs came from liberal democrats and this is why they come here. Not just to work. They come here for the free ride from democrats who PURCHASE the votes of these immigrants -when they get one- with those welfare handouts.

      They also come to America for the improved quality of life.

      Even if we made it illegal to hire them and arrested and locked up the owners of corporations hiring those immigrants, they will still come here.

      My next post will be on this exact situation.

    • One of the main reasons for the spurt in illegals from Mexico was NAFTA- which drove hundreds of thousands off their land.

      With so many desperate people coming to the US willing to work for peanuts, American wages were depressed. Totally a win-win for Corporations and a gut-blow to the people.

  6. The “anti-protesters” got it right..ship the big bankers out! Those damn European immigrants !

    Columbus go home!.. Europeans out ! ahahhaahhahaha…

    Omg that was funny. That kid looks Irish….

  7. When people organize these types of events, they should employ more sound system power.

    If I had been involved in an event like this, the only thing you would have been able to hear on tape would be what came from the microphone. The anti-American dissenters would have been drowned out by the sound pressure volume I would have created.

    They used a small cheapo system and paid the price for it.

    BTW, thank God for the sunny warm South!

    If I lived in Mn, I would have to take anti-depression meds… yuck!

    JG, you never did say what kind of puppy you got???

    • Lev, I have an almost 4 month old austrailian shepherd puppy. She’s really pretty and smart as a whip. Thanks for asking.

  8. Jersey

    Yup. You got it dead to rights. The real problems and even solutions to immigration are OBVIOUS.

    I am glad that you caught that party about them calling for the BANKERS to be deported. As an aside, my wife is full blooded native american.

    A REAL American, as they pointed out.

    The kid who punked the tea baggers has just been made honarary IRISH if he ain’t one already. He got balls the size of King Kong’s.


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