Posted by: mary sunshine | November 13, 2009

The Doctor, The Depleted Uranium, and The Dying Children

This is the story of an investigation by Dr. Horst Gunther, Tedd Weyman and Dr. Asaf Durakovic.    German filmcrew follows  onsite the aftermath of  DU warfare in Iraq and the Balkans.   The radiation levels from DU contamination in Iraq shown on camera are extremely dangerous.    The US is spreading nuclear waste and the impact on people is shown during hospital visits.      For a moment, forget about “low level radiation” and  watch that geiger counter redline on film .       The cancer and birth defects epidemic in Iraq comes from an extremely contaminated dusty environment.    The terrible thing is the US government does know it has caused this but they keep doing it in the middle east.



  1. ‘Those’ who silently commission the manufacture and use of these weapons around trhe world have a lot to answer for.

    Then let’s take down these un-elect and MAKE them answer.

    Do you need their names again? How many of them begin with ‘R’ ! And just don’t miss that old cockroach Kissinger !

  2. Yeah I agree they have alot to answer for. And maybe that is why Shinseki won’t help the vets or the Pentagon and DOE won’t admit they dirty bombed Iraq, Gaza and Afghanistan. The facts are on the film, it’s an environmental disaster after they use these weapons.

  3. Hmm. And Bush Snr. was in charge of the first attack on Iraq.

    In fact, watching this film and thinking of this marvellous planet, and seeing what a few perverted vermin are doing to it and to us for the fiction of their cash, my sentiment is that you should bring the whole crew to me and lend me a machine-gun or even an axe for five minutes and I will adjust the situation according to Justice – not ‘law’ – Justice.

  4. What is it? What seed is it that separates those that care from those that actively contrive to cause destruction of life? How is it that those that cause the most pain rise to have control over those that seek relief?

    It would seem that those that wish to end life are running rampant. That we allow this brings up a whole other set of questions.

    One has to wonder at what point did it become acceptable to think that using DU in munitions? Wouldn’t it have been accepted from the beginning that using a highly toxic substance with a shelf life of several billion years would be a bad idea?

    It certainly seems that we’ve been programed for self-destruction. We’ve taken a perfectly designed world and managed to contaminate everything in it, our water, land and air, from fluoride, to corn syrup, to chemtrails, we seem to be hell-bent on taking a thing of beauty and creating out of it a black-hole of death.

    If there is a God, he surely must be weeping to see what we as his creation have wrought.

    • M,the satanic people who developed DU and nuclear weapons foisted Albert Einstein on us a “a genius” even though he catalyzed and called for building nuclear weapons and later asked for global government. DU came out of the Manhattan Project as a byproduct of enrichment of uranium. The zionists behind development of nuclear weapons immediately seized on uranium smoke as a permanent terrain contaminant. The way people are socialized now in non education they can no longer think clearly after about 21 unless they have somehow decoded or broken with the system. The people designing nuclear weapons and the bunker busters for Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, GE, General Dynamics etc are technically trained robots with very little biology or understanding of the environment. Edward Teller wanted to dig a new Panama Canal with hydrogen bombs until biologists testified against it. Satansts easily whore out drones to do the work.
      Besides the very high radiation levels in Iraq, one shocking thing about the video here is that the German spectroscopy showed transuranics like plutonium and U236 (a manmade isotope) in the samples indicating that DOE/DOD is using second generation dirty DU. The tests on bomb craters in Lebanon in 2006 showed third and fourth generation weapons being tested/used in population centers. Leuren Moret says DU is a depopulation scheme for first the indigenous Middle Eastern people and secondarily for all of us on the planet, which the elite have long found too numerous. Even today when the elite like Oprah and Bill G meet it is to discuss depopulation or maybe the doomsday seed bank or vaccines, it’s all about helping along plagues on humanity. As Moret says it is the London banker Rothschilds behind the schemes. They control Israel. Israel used DU in 1973, made in the US. The US actually used DU in the Central Highlands during Operation Arclight during the sixties. They were testing DU in NJ in the fifties, they fired DU backpack nuke components in Hawaii in the sixties. They used DU in 1989 in Panama. They were already mass producing DU by the late 1970’s for the A10 Warthog whose gatling can be heard in combat video clips firing about a ton of DU per minute (A10s only fire DU in Iraq and Afghanistan). It’s that horrible low buzz sound, the sound of the destruction of our genome.
      I guess I do view obama and the Israeli controlled US as satanic forces in history as they are routinely using DU in combat from the A10’s, jets, and helicopters which also have the DU gatling. They are mass spreading nuclear radiation in the environment, pretty much should be the arch crime of all time along with nuclear WMD.
      Why they do this besides satanism is discussed in this current global research article-

  5. The DU is coming home with the vets, ditto the birth defects and health problems.

    Americans may “honor the troops” but they’re cynically sending them to die in resource wars and won’t bother to take care of those who manage to come home. It’s the American way.

  6. The Goldstone report on Gaza was intentional disinfo. They brought in no investigatve equipment and did not look at depleted uranium weapons despite the thousand small bunker busters Israel got from the US. This is the zionist world we live under where people are not even aware the entire process is rigged including the so called judicial investigations.
    That is why these rare investigations by independents are so important and reveal the truth about what is going on. MSM is zionist controlled and will not show what US and Israeli DU is doing to our planet and its people.

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