Posted by: mary sunshine | November 3, 2009

The Greatest Beauty

This is my first post to COTO.   Hope you like it.    It only takes a few minutes…



  1. Now here’s Tom with the weather….

  2. Sunshine….thanx for this.
    Oil for our soul.
    For me anyway.
    Good people in abundance starting w/you.


  3. Many of my favorites in that video Mary. Good first post!! A couple of them have gone elsewhere but I remember them well.

  4. Thanks you guys….love and peace.

  5. David Icke, Bill Hicks, Alex Jones, George Carlin, Dr Len Horowitz… my kinda guys and Coto thru and thru.

    Great video Mar.. thanks for sharin’. I’ll be sending this one around.

    • You’re very welcome JG. I gotta post a picture like yours with a beautiful smiling face, next. (easier said than done)

  6. mary, well done! I will be sharing the link.
    I had a sheep that would flatten any dog, inc my wolfhound..brought a tear to my eyes, Mochas departed now, but a good reminder sheep CAN fight back, surprisingly effectively, if they have no fear.
    Just refuse to take shit from anyone.:-)

    • Thanks Oz. Nice that you had such a sheep yourself. I’ve got a cat who dominates a larger dog pretty easily and has no fear at all.
      Yeah I would think that resistance/refusal/outside the box encoding could be biochemical and a selected trait. Quite often the statistics show a preference for this trait. So, if you freak, hey feel good about it.

  7. mary

    Thank you. A new ray of sunshine to COTO

    I will be adding this piece to my next show of Lies and Omissions of Corporate Media

    Welcome to COTO


    • Thanks Michael. Loved the energy of your recent action. I”ll try to post up another good protest done recently that COTO probably has not seen. Cheers.

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