Posted by: volaar | October 4, 2009

The Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 19: To Those Unfortunate Few Who’ve Been Left Behind

Don't Be Like Rick...Don't Get Left Behind
Don’t Be Like Rick…Don’t Get Left Behind

Apparently the Governor of the State of Texas, Rick Perry – a man rumored by the Austin Street in 2002 to have been interrupted, en flagrante delicto, with another man by his wife, has the supernatural ability to foretell the future. 

Read more about Ricky’s psychic abilities here….


  1. It might have been Kay Bailey without makeup or a very large bedbug.

    Indoctrination into the COMMITTEE requires acts of Murder and Sodomy. Skull and Bones demands it. Murder can be performed by killing a homeless person or in Perry’s case like Bush the signing of executions for those they know are innocent.

    I have no doubt that Perry is being groomed for such an important TALKING FIGUREHEAD for coming TRIAD GOP FLIP FLOP. The information keeps supporting it. When Beyler presented his report, it just confirmed the Pilgrim innitiation for Perry.

    Capital Punishment is a very critical component for Pilgrims. Regardless that it is murder for murder and five times the expense for taxpayers, it has become the enabler for destruction of enlightened society. Whether guilty or innocent, Willingham won’t be the only one who may be murdered.

    Perry and other Neo-LibCons will have to cross the Cinvat or Rubicon.

    “I found no one ripe for many of my thoughts; the
    case of ‘Zarathustra’ proves that one can speak with the utmost clearness, and yet not be heard by any one.” ~ Nietzsche

    Reportedly, depressed and suffering from influenza during his most personal work has a strange ring of ‘recurrence’.

    • Just because no one hears doesn’t mean one should not speak.

      Just because one feels lonely while in possession of a grain of Truth, does not mean that s/he should not share it.

      Sharing is what we came here for.

      The good thing about hearing the angels of madness is that either you, or those around around, are completely bonkers. There are no other alternatives, nor are there other paths of inquiry from which to choose.

      The resolution becomes obvious, particularly after one has chosen to believe those “other people” are nuts for so long and yet the peace that passes understanding seems nowhere in sight.

      I think we all can agree that something is wrong with us, both as individuals and as a society. What we have been systematically denied, I think by design, is a consensus as to the nature of the problem from which we suffer.

      Alot of folks — 20-30% — think that it has something to do with Revelation and the Apocalypse, as opposed to the cynical manipulation of Christian religious canon by the only hegemonious group capable of affording to control the printing presses upon which we depended for so very long.

      I see counter-insurgent strategy and tactics being practiced on the American people by their own government. We all know that something’s wrong, but we’re splintered and divided against ourselves as to the nature of the problem.

      The nature of the problem is as it was at the Crucifixion — rich versus poor. Those who have no clue ruling over those who know the Truth and quietly abide the madness of the ruling few. Except that we can no longer afford to abide madness. We must grab handfuls of dust in our hands and *feel* the presence of our collective Creator. We have to have empirical experiences and share them with each other that we might correctly identify the only source of sanity we can ever truly know.

      He is an Atheist who does not believe in Himself but through the voices, thoughts and experiences of His only Creation. We need Him, but He, too, needs us. And it can get very, very lonely watching and waiting for the troubled few to come walking through the back door to their salvation.

      But come they must because that is whom they are.

      Turkey is calling the shots. Just ask Jan Schakowsky of Chicago.

      If I were a natchul born Jew living in Palestine, I’d be getting very, very uncomfortable right about now.

      • I concur. Rep Schakowsky, Edmonds are Scahill are hip to the Turks, Neo-Cons and Xe.

        Until people are ready to really get into the meat of Khazars and get around the Left-Right Fabian-Pilgrim dialectics and start looking at the illuminati to distinguish that they are the collective, the 1%, the collusion and the conspiracy, then the chaos continues.

        the 20-30% and their failure to discern the manipulation of scripture, science and philosophy as tools of division is indeed, very disturbing. Some will never come to the light, thats for certain.

        TURKEY, SAUDI, LONDON, DC, ISRAEL, SO. AFRICA, VATICAN CITY are all admin HQ serving functions for the COMMITTEE.

        RICH-POOR is the prophesy of Christ. What was not clear there folks? BANKERS and the CRUCIFIXION, absolutely. He gave us the words, warnings and way. Others have as well and were crucified while in flight.

        Anyone who looks at my headers and reads my blog knows I start with the Khazars and Bankers. I contact my jew and christian friends with every article or news flash. Some have come around and some have not. My agnostic friends can see the perimeter but cannot get to deeper and ancient connections.

        We sit here in the US, just as the christians/jews in Israel. Waiting for the Committees next triad and the continuation of the chaos that divides us in a myriad of deceptions.

  2. Perry is an Istanbul turkey. Male cheerleaders are soooo gay.


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