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Your Decision

steele David Steele is a former 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer.

Steele has previously written that “9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war”.

What exactly is your take on 9/11?

“9/11 was created by Al Qaeda at the urging and with the financing of the Pakistani ISI (radical half). But they got frightened when it looked like it not only might work, but that Al Qaeda, which has previously promised to bring a nuclear event to the USA, had the brains to suggest putting one of the airplanes into a nuclear power plant. Pakistan briefed Cheney…nations also got wind of this and warned the CIA. We also had two walk-ins to the FBI, one in Orlando, one in Newark, that were dismissed by the FBI because the names were all virgins and not in the FBI data base—the arrogance of stupid bureaucracy.

Cheney saw an opportunity for what Bush called his trifecta, and gave it to him by giving the go-ahead to ISI and Al Qaeda, and ordering up a terrorism exercise that allowed him to send all relevant close-in air defense strip alert craft away from the target areas, and to disable the NORTHCOM normal response to flight path diversion. We still need to investigate degree to which US may have trained some of the terrorists; the degree to which the terrorists may or may not have actually been on the airplanes, and whether or not the two NYC planes also had embedded flight controls taken over and controlled from WTC 7. The pancaking of three buildings, one of which was not hit, I put down to Larry Silverstein, not Dick Cheney, warned by Mossad and with Goldman Sachs and the rest of the NYC Wall Street mafia. An opportunity to solve his asbestos problem and make 7 billion surely shared with the insurance executive who had to be in on the scam to ignore all the thermite and the evidence. Giuliani destroyed the crime scene with trucks and GPS prearranged. The Pentagon was hit by a missile and conveniently went into both a construction area while also (it is claimed) destroying all the computers containing all the evidence needed to track down the missing 2.3 trillion Rumsfeld was being grilled about on the Hill on 10 Sept.”


My take on this? Was this guy able to leave “the Company”? Maybe not. It might not matter. I find Steele’s take on 9/11 interesting enough to post it here on C.O.T.O. As usual, this info is to be taken with a grain of salt, applying the 1% addage. Only yesterday, as I was going through it all in my mind, prior to reading about Steele, I couldn’t help but think Cheney was most likely the one pulling all the strings. I mean, he did have a load of time to prepare for 9/11. We used to laugh and joke about Bush (Dubya) not being the real president and how Cheney was really in charge. It’s not funny any more. As I flew over Steele’s reply to the question (posted at the top of the page), I was thinking “this is nothing new and not worth repeating as it doesn’t touch on what I think was a key factor on 9/11”, but then I read this:

(Steele) “…whether or not the two NYC planes also had embedded flight controls taken over and controlled from WTC 7.”

And why do I subscribe the idea? The answer is simple and almost shocking. Prior to 9/11, years prior to that day and while it was still a novum, I tinkered with MS FS during my lunch breaks. An hour at the helm of a FS is not much time at all so I set my home PC up to handle the new version. The Cesna was easy enough and I had already sat in a real Cesna, so that was fun. Testing the limits of the software programming, I found (as did others) that the program could be crashed by intentionally crashing the Cesna into one of the WTC towers. It would hit the building, spiral to the sidewalk below and bingo, game over. Boring. So I graduated to the Jumbo and found it to be a lot more challanging. Starts were fun, landings not easy, following a certain flight schedule was okay….super tight manouvers were possible but challanging. Crashing into one of the WTC towers made the programm crash straight away. Of course, when a gamer is testing the limits of a program, he tends to repeat things from a number of angles. I tried the crashing into the WTC towers a number if times and found the most difficult part was to hit either one of the towers while flying full speed, no matter which approach pattern I used. This got to be boring and I graduated to LHX, I believe it was.

Then came 9/11 and as I first saw the approach patterns for AA11 & UA175, I thought to myself, “this can’t be true”. BOTH pilots hit a tower on the first try? No scraper, no near miss, no … way!

Silverstein needed a solution. The PANYNJ did too. PNAC had yet another plan as a sort of solution for yet another challange. It all fit together.

The Caspean Sea. China. Russia. Chessboard. Fuel. Monopoly. The MIC. Profit.


So how is it the first plane hit the one tower and shortly thereafter, the other plane hit the other tower? What was the 2nd pilot thinking?

“Okay, there it is, my brother has crashed into the one and I will now steer toward the other”? No way, José. MS FS. No way. Not at full speed. No friggin way.

Or, get this, both pilots are thinking, “Boss has givin us orders to kill as many Americans as we can because we hate them for their freedom”. Total bullshit, of course, but okay, let’s say it’s true. So why didn’t these two super pilots both crash into the nearby nuclear power plant? It was not secure enough, only partially secure. The owners almost shit their pants on 9/11 as the thought occurred to them how it could have been the power plant instead of the WTC towers so they went into high gear to fix that real quick….after 9/11. Can anyone explain that one to me?

Nuff said, nuff revealed. I need a nap. But before I go, I have to recall how difficult it was to hit one of the towers. A lot of corrections had to be made. Coming in close, one wrong move and you’d miss it completely. If you get a chance, look at the final approach of UA175. Look at how neatly that plane slides in with very few corrections. Precision work. As if a computer had done it. Oh, one more thing, WTC7 came down, was owned by Silverstein and was on the “must go” list because of the asbestos. But what’s with the other buildings?




  1. Gold has risen from less than $300 an ounce in 2001 to $1,004.90 an ounce in 2009

    One of the world’s largest gold depositories was stored underneath the World Trade Center, owned by a group of commercial banks. The 1993 bomb detonated close by but the vault held. Seven weeks after the September 11 attacks, $230 million in precious metals were removed from basement vaults of 4 WTC which included 3,800 100-Troy-ounce registered gold bars and 30,000 1,000-ounce silver bars.

    • Very interesting Tony! Are you familiar with the NYC fireman photo of the prepared steel beams? That one photo says it all. No words need to be said. All one has to do is to look at that photo and understand what they are looking at and everything comes into perfect clarity. One photo is a smoking gun no explanantion can undo.

      And Podzemi… I am betting on gold and silver going up and up! Banking on it actually… I am preparing to liquidate as much as 3/4 of my capital assets in order to obtain liquid mobility in the near future… the only thing I want to have to defend is my life when it comes down to it.

      • Which photo, Lev? You’ll have to be more specific before I can reply to that.

      • Hey Levin,
        how ya doin, Brother?
        I already know which one you must mean. The steel girder with a 90* “cut”, shows absolute proof of a thermite cut. Couldn’t possibly be accidental.
        Post the pic,,, it say’s it all.
        We’ll talk soon.

        • by the way. Do a big favor and drop the kall pic,, PLEASE???
          The guys a 2 face maggot and his face raises my blood.
          I get your point.

    • Choice not decision, a decision is between offered alternatives…

      …free choice creates its own alternatives.


  2. The idea of a substitution account is simple. Instead of converting dollars into other currencies through the market, official holders could deposit their holdings in a special account at the IMF. They would be credited with a like amount of SDR (or SDR-denominated certificates), which they could use to finance future balance-of-payment deficits and other legitimate needs, redeem at the account itself or transfer to other participants. Hence the asset would be fully liquid, the folks at Disney World peg their currency to the dollar. Hand them $1 U.S. and you receive one Disney dollar, complete with a picture of Mickey Mouse or his friends, plus the signature of Disney’s official treasurer, Scrooge McDuck.

    • ,,, and how fukin appropriate it would be.
      Mickey Mouse money for a Mickey Mouse government,, not to mention all the fuckin goofy people.

  3. Fuck yo mama the queen.

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