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40th MP I/R Battalion activates

i-r battalion

This article states the portion of soldiers not deployed overseas will be active stateside. I do not know why they are activating and I will not speculate. This is just FYI. Korn

Will King | Staff Writer

The 40th Military Police Internment and Resettlement Battalion was activated in a ceremony April 15 on Main Parade and assumed authority over units of the 705th Military Police Internment and Resettlement Battalion not deploying later this year.

Maj. Brian Locke, commander of the 40th MP Battalion, said the unit received permission to activate early because of the 705th MP Battalion’s deployment timeline.

The 40th MP Battalion was first established in 1945, and has been inactivated and reactivated several times. The unit has served overseas in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. The 40th MP Battalion was last inactivated in 1990 at Fort McClellan, Ala.


After the orders were read activating the 40th MP Battalion, Locke was appointed battalion commander. Next, an order was read transferring authority for the 291st, 256th and 526th MP companies, and Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Disciplinary Barracks, from the 705th MP Battalion to the 40th MP Battalion.

“This relatively simple ceremony actually represents a huge milestone for the USDB, the Military Police Corps Regiment and Fort Leavenworth,” said Col. James Gray, commandant of the USDB and host for the ceremony.


Capt. Ali Gross assumed command of HHC, 40th MP Battalion, in a ceremony earlier the same day. HHC currently has about 40 Soldiers, and Locke said the unit’s end strength is 150.

Locke explained that the 40th MP Battalion now has responsibility for the USDB, and that the 705th MP Battalion will run the new Joint Regional Confinement Facility after returning from its deployment. An additional two MP companies will be added to the 705th MP Battalion during the next year, Locke said.

Although the battalion is short several staff members, Locke said the battalion is fully capable of accomplishing its mission at the USDB.


“There’s absolutely nothing that we won’t be able to accomplish because we don’t have somebody,” he said.

One of the key personnel missing from the battalion is Lt. Col Erica Nelson, the command-selected battalion commander. Locke said she would take command in August after she completes her deployment to Iraq, and he would assume duties as battalion executive officer.

Locke said the 40th MP Battalion would focus on three main tasks: Provide training and a ready correctional force to the USDB; continue to build the headquarters company; and prepare for another transition with the arrival of Nelson.


The 40th MP Battalion’s Command Sgt. Maj. Donald Wallace said the activation of the battalion shows the growth of the Army and the way ahead for Army corrections and Fort Leavenworth. Wallace’s first assignment in the Army was with the 705th MP Battalion at the USDB in 1983, and this is now his fourth assignment to Fort Leavenworth.

“Our priority is to maintain the facility (USDB) and the personnel in there, with properly trained Soldiers, and support for their family members and this community,” Wallace said.

Gray noted that the 40th MP Battalion is the second MTOE deployable unit on Fort Leavenworth.











  1. Join the US Miltary and see the world!

    MPs, MPI, CID are required (military) police elements as a key element of OPSEC. Without them, the military would possibly and most probably go astray and define their own missions and strategies. More bodies / cannon fodder = more MPs to keep them (literally) in line. This is nothing new and not newsworthy unless one of us has someone close to us in this BT.

  2. In line with what Tony just suggested, the consolidation of prison details here is part of BRAC 2005.

    It’s cheaper to centralize prison details. Maximum size of the new prison is 500 inmates.

    • V, that’s not in line with what I said. It’s more informative!

      Danke schoen.

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