Posted by: wxman2001 | August 25, 2009

Whats the Danger in Swine Flu Vaccinations?

Swine FluThere seems to be quite a lot of uncertainty about the technical nature of Swine Flu (H1N1) vaccines.

As a medical doctor, I wish to clarify a number of important issues: First, we should talk about vaccines instead of vaccine, since the vaccines vary as for their compositions and even their ways of being dispensed: some by injection, another by the nose.

I think the fears as for the vaccines can be referred to:

1. the adjuvants – in particular squalene which was in all probability responsible for the Gulf War syndrome,

2. the virus antigen´s condition (dead, attenuated, live)

3. a deeply rooted mistrust in our politicians and the vaccine producers´ motives and morals: e.g. Baxter´s live bird flu virus last Winter (12), the Bayer AIDS haemophiliac product scandal (15).

First it is necessary to understand, that pandemic vaccines are made according to two procedures:

1. The Developement of a totally new vaccine from scratch. This takes more time, administration and testing than mock up vaccines (see below).

2. A Mock-up vaccine is a vaccine with all the adjuvants of the pandemic vaccine – but without the killed or attenuated pandemic virus. (1) This virus is – until the pandemic virus is known – a different, attenuated known potentially pandemic virus, in the case of the Pandemrix vaccine for the EU it is an attenuated H5N1 bird flu virus. This is the mock-up vaccine. When the nature of the pandemic swine flu virus (H1N1) is known, it replaces the H5N1 virus in an attenuated form, the adjuvants being left unchanged.




  1. Also see thisa rticle about how the reporting of the flu is getting less strict, instead of more. For instance, in Britain, you just phone or get on the internet, fill out a ‘symptom’ questionairre, and presto, you are now officially a swine flu victim, even if you just have the common flu or even a bad doctor or test confirmation needed. this has led to England having many, many times more cases per 1000 people than neighboring Scotland, which is still doing it’s own lab confirmations. DISGRACEFUL!

  2. we need more honest doctors telling the truth!
    WHO IS OKing live/attenuated, and oil water /water oil, ie squalene as being fine to use. regardless of the fact the viral shedding can and does occur.
    so anyone with that form of vaccine can Spread the flu.
    gee…isn’t that in the interest of public safety..NOT!

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