Posted by: markwatterson | August 18, 2009

Become familiar with the Alex Jones of the Financial World!

Karl Denninger is the Alex Jones of the Financial World. He not only predicted that Colonial Bank would fail last week, but he shows why the entire banking system is failing and its pending collapse only delayed by its executives breaking the law.

His anger grows. Here’s an excerpt:

“Does America still truly have the capacity, as a people, as a nation, to get angry? To demand redress of grievance? To call, support, and honor a general strike? To take up, keep and bear arms not to commit violence but to stand shoulder-to-shoulder as our Constitution recognizes as our God-given right to prevent violence against not only ourselves but our neighbors – any and all of them? To peacefully occupy The Capitol and shut it down – not to loot, pillage or destroy, but to force the cessation of all commerce in an unmistakable and singular statement: This far you have gone, and you shall take not one step further until each and every guilty man and woman is under indictment, the institutions and businesses responsible are closed, and the ill-gotten gains returned.”

See the blog here:


  1. Looks like the banking system is scheduling its collapse to coincide with the “flu pandemic”…this fall.

    • Not only the crash and the flu. Codex Alementarius goes into effect this year.Also Agenda 21. Here in south Texas we are in a bad drought. Wells are going dry and the resorvoirs too. I heard on Derry Brownfield that corn farmers in the belt are fearing a BIG crop failure.
      Just in case I am planning on getting a big water storage tank. If it hits the fan we can dig an outhouse to save water (PU).

  2. The question this mendacious bastard Blodget is asking at Yahoo;

    These NO GOOD evil bastards!

    Did Big Government Save Us From A Second Great Depression?,%5Egspc,dia,spy,xlf,tbt&sec=topStories&pos=9&asset=&ccode=

    • Paul Krugman is a gatekeeper.

  3. “BONEHEAD ERRORS” says the man representing the establishment, that’s what caused the Great Depression. And why was 9/11 possible? “BONEHEAD ERRORS” by our intelligence agencies. Ah, the sheeple are so easily duped…

  4. No errors. It is all going as planned.

    What is not planned is the axe and block.

    But can be.

  5. Thanks for the introduction Mark.. This guy is great! He puts the blame squarely where it belongs.. on the robber barons and not the american people.

  6. The financial planner across the hall from me insisted that I read this guy, so I put his website on my favorites list and began reading him. It immediately became OBVIOUS that this guy is COTO all the way…

  7. The problem with trying to show solidarity without violence never works because the government will have people who will join the crowd and cause violence and give the law the reason to jump into action. It happens every time.

    I have been getting in hot water around here for trying to suggest what might happen in the event of a coming collapse and have been considering doing a post about exactly that subject and it is not pretty.

    So many Americans are going to be sitting at home hoping things will get better, but they won’t in time to save many who will lose their lives because for one, they are not armed, and for two they will try and wait it out inside their homes which could be easily overrun, and most do not have food stores to keep them fed for any length of time. There is absolutely no planning going on what so ever amongst the majority of trusting Americans who will get caught with their pants down.

    Back in the 1960’s my father who was then in the Dept of Defense worked on the civil defense planning for this state and I read the details of what was predicted back then and today it is ten times worse or more.

    This country is like a powder keg ready to explode in more ways than one and they know it.

    Part of the govenrment plan is in waiting for the initial outbursts to happen and to sit and wait and watch and see what happens inside USA and then make their calculated moves on hot spot areas first, but only after a period of time and not show any real force up front.

    They want for pent-up forces to expend themselves before they come charging in. They would rather clean up bodies rather than try and save people so they will more than likely hold off for a calculated amount of time before sending out heavy troops.

    I feel sorry for the elderly. I feel sorry for those who are not armed and living in indefensable locations. Houses will be earily overrun. I feel sorry for those who run out of food and those who run out of water and have to go out into the street to try and survive.

    Then they have you right where they want you.

    Maybe there is a reason civil defense was shut down.

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