Posted by: CasaZaza | August 11, 2009

Obama Speaks 911 Truth for a Real Change

In order to awaken the people about Obama’s agenda, Alex Jones is organizing a contest centered around the Obama as Joker poster. This short video is my entry for this competition



  1. You may have already won ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS !
    Thats some great audio editing,Casa.

    • My motivation was not the contest, this idea has been ruminating for a while – the poster was a good opportunity. Besides, my blood boils every time I look at this egregious excuse for a human being, mouth full of fecal matter – babbling on and on. And just imagine – he’s way better than Bush!

      • OK, send Me the grand.

  2. Finally some real transparency. Very nice casazaza.
    Do me a favor and post it on OPED and HP.

    5 stars*****

  3. WOW, casa.. I think we have a winner! How utterly awesome. I haven’t noticed but do we get to vote at infowars?

  4. I don’t think there is a rating system – here is the site with contest details.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  5. casa, after seing the other entries there, I will be amazed if you didnt win! really well done indeed:-)

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