Posted by: Coalition Of The Obvious | August 2, 2009

C.O.T.O. Poll question



  1. Notwithstanding, BO’s speech is quite clear and he does not say “supoport”.

  2. Please, we don’t have better things to do?

    • I completely agree! I would like to see some stricter guidelines on what gets posted- if I had my way. Only quality stuff should be on the front page and all the other should be somewhere else like the back page if we had one!

      Good stories and good info are quite often buried in some really useless off the wall stuff sometimes like goat voice Dylan. Next thing ya know there will be UFO’s and space aliens mixed in with ghosts & who knows what- maybe even some shape shifters named Bob Boring who sounds like he needs his sinuses cleaned out.

      For whoever draws some of the cartoons, my only complaint would be he can’t spell worth a darn= “esperience”??? Come on COTO let’s up the quality control several, er OK, lots of notches! Reach for the stars but ignore the space aliens please!

      Psssst, Obama is the racist.

      • You know, I used to read the New Yorker and many of their toons were short of intellectual art but had some redeeming meanings. This toon, Mr. M clearly added the focus of the graffiti to do all but provide a moron with the point.

        Any racist comment coming from the apologia would be a glaring example of the polical correctness agenda which does absolutely nothing but DIVERT THE TRUTH!

        • Amen to THAT Patrick! And who are the little sissy boys of coto that are writing to you complaining of their posts being buried and being criticized?

          Good god with people being so obsessed with petty me! me! LOOK AT ME!! type issues, no wonder the country is crashing down around our flippin’ ears!

          Time to grow up and realize the world or cotocrew doesn’t revolve around one man’s opinion.

      • Levin, I take it you don’t get sarcasm, irony or tongue in cheek writing? Oh well, we don’t all have the same sense of humor.

        The Dylan songs were posted in answer to a former coto member who is no longer here. Sarcasm & Irony. The alien article was a tongue in cheek, trying to lighten up the mood piece.

        You can only please some of the people some of the time, Levin. That includes everyone here on coto, including you.

        Btw, I love Dylan 🙂

        • I think you nailed it JG…

          “Levin, I take it you don’t get sarcasm, irony or tongue in cheek writing? Oh well, we don’t all have the same sense of humor.”

          I have a horrible underdeveloped sense of humor- if I even have one at all! (smile) I use that part of the brain for other things…

          I never watch comedies. Can’t stand them. Don’t watch comedians. The only ones I did like are all dead. Any living good ones- like Bill Murray is the only one- today are a bunch of libs and I pretend to shoot them if I have to suffer their liberal material though my girlfriend loves comedies and I try and force myself to watch a few for her and usually doze off. And she hates my Sci-fi, Star Trek and Lord Of The Rings and Egyptian mummy type of movies- the she dozes off bored to tears. To each their own I suppose.

          I was just hoping COTO would post relevant material instead of wasting good COTO space with music videos. I don’t like to see good political or educational material from anyone stomped on by another useless music video.

          And listening to Bob Dylan can make some want to pull their hair out. Him and Stevie Nicks both sound like vibrato goats to me.

          If anyone ever wanted to torture me, then lock me in a room and force me to listen to Bob Dylan, Phil Collins, and U2 and the Police and of course Stevie Nicks. I’d need a straight jacket too.

          I always wonder if Bob Dylan was so great then where the hell is he today? All washed up? Has he done anything these days other than live off his old material’s coat tails?

          I think there was one song of his I actually liked. Something about a hurricane I think and the band overwhelmed Dylan’s voice and made it tolerable. Oh an there was one more song he was in I liked called “Million Miles Behind” I think on a Johnny Cash album but that was because the man in black was on it.

          If I posted music videos here no one would ever see any other posts. We’d turn COTO into COTO-MTV.

          • “I was just hoping COTO would post relevant material instead of wasting good COTO space with music videos.”

            Your 4 paragraphs about why you dislike Bob Dylan take about the same “good COTO space” (or more) as posting a music video. If you don’t like them, just go on, nobody forces you to watch the music.

            “I don’t like to see good political or educational material from anyone stomped on by another useless music video.”

            How can a music video possibly “stomp on” any good political or educational material?? Sometimes a music video underscores the statement or mood of a comment(ator), and basically just adds some personal aspect to a discussion – I like it. Whether any music video is “useless”, that’s up to everyone individually to decide, to generally call music videos “useless” is inappropriate, by all means.

            “And she hates my Sci-fi, Star Trek and Lord Of The Rings and Egyptian mummy type of movies-…”

            Compliments to your girlfriend – she’s obviously got some sense for telling culture from crap! 🙂

            Bob Dylan, btw, is one of the most gifted musicians out there, it’s just that some folks don’t get to it – never mind…

            • I’m with Dave… now that posting is not useless junk 😉

              • They are comments. Not posting blogs. I see a difference. A thousand comments is not the problem I see. The problem I see is junk blogging overriding good stuff and pushing it down out of sight.

                • I agree on that one – sometimes it’s a pitty how fast important articles move “out of sight”. This problem may be solved when COTO can establish it’s own domain, managing the positioning of articles independent from the order of posts.

                  • Agreed.

              • Thanks, JG! 🙂

                Btw, I’m still on the move, have been abroad a few weeks, will travel to FL on August 6-8 – thereafter I plan to show up here more frequent again. 🙂

                Take care!

                • Good news Dave, we have missed you here

          • Lev makes a good point in regards to quality. I’ll be the first to admit to posting rubbish to the site shortly after (on top of) high quality articles. His criticism has done us good, shall we choose to understand it, and it has little to do with Dylan as such. Good on ya, LS for bringing it up.

  3. A good idea to confirm what I think we already know. I got heat for posting the header with Obama having a hole in his head where the wind up key was in close proximity.

    Some thought it represented a bullet hole. We deal
    with political issues and have bounced racists. We should insure that this does not get misrepresented as such.

  4. exactly, swap O with bush and its still true and unfunny/funny.

  5. I will repeat what I wrote on the cartoon itself:


    I didn’t see the racial thing at all when I looked at this cartoon. I saw a powerful man, supposedly representing the people of the u.s., being the front man for the criminal banksters and their looting of america.

  6. Absolutely couldn’t agree more with that assessment Barb.

  7. No, I see the meaning as to the man as president and the government in general 75% (9 votes).

  8. I’d like to know who the person is hiding behind “coalition of the obvious” who wasted our time and COTO space posting this poll???

    • Thank you.

      You find that person that posted this tripe and you’ll find an agent of division talked about in Operation Cable Splice.

      This is total BS! Expose yourself traitor!

      • I am here. Now what is it you really want? Do you Levin or M want to sign up to receive the hundreds of emails from every member who has an issue.

        The whiney stuff gets old. You have to learn to take a little shit in your apple pie. That’s life. What happened to all the forefathers here? You should be ashamed.

        I think this little exercize did me a lot of good. It showed that everyting and I mean EVERYTHING here is unacceptable to one. Take a look at the poll and the comments and figure out who voted yes.

        Bob Dylan, Obama, Howdy doody, rubs someone the wrong way. Stop sending me the emails with your little issues and criticisms and face the adversity that is coto. Think of it as being in the 1st division in Afghanistan and facing a cold shave once in awhile.

  9. Unfortunately… I can now only think of Obama as the current front puppet for the criminal organizational levels above him.

    And that’s bound to affect how I see the cartoon. Especially as i regard the government as representing nothing remotely akin to the Republic which was…or the people, generally.

  10. In my former life as a “creative director,” I learned to be very careful about posing suggestions to artists… but here’s one:

    You could avoid all the “racist” shite by just portraying Bammo as a potted plant. You could label the plant “President” or “Bammo” or something like that. Whatever. Or maybe Punch… or Judy. This isn’t about anythig Bammo says or does.

    You know that, right?

    • Here in northern New England, Obama is pronounce “Obummah” It fits.

      As an aside, racism can only really be combatted with education. When I joined the Navy in 1970, it was rife with racism and race riots on the aircraft carrier Ranger forced her back into port in San Diego. Subsequently, the Navy developed and instituted a racial awareness program that truly worked. Only time I have ever seen such a devolution before. Or since. Education. That is something we need to take back from the conservative elements and open up again.

  11. Levin, guess what? Not everyone has your mindset. We are all individuals here. What one likes another won’t. It’s that simple. So lighten the hell up already and grow a sense of humor!

    Damn, it would be easy to guess you are still stuck in that republican mindset even if you didn’t remind us at least a few times a week………..

  12. I hear you!

    If no one ever says anything nothing will change.

    Back to Dylan flicks I suppose. One of the most gifted? That’s debatable! Wouldn’t want to waste good comment space though! To each his or her own!

    And Tolkein RULES!


  13. Just found this. If Mr M.’s ‘toon is racist then I guess so is KRS 1. Oh wait a minute.

    Mr M. You a white KRS 1.


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