Posted by: wxman2001 | July 31, 2009

A report on the growing resistance by the states to the unconstitutional power grab that continues under Obama, including the growing crisis in the military where more and more soldiers are refusing deployment and orders from a Commander in Chief thay aren’t sure is legitimate. Great read.

Washington DC partisanship has turned into outright Obama-Pelosi dictatorship. The so-called “Commander-in-Chief” is fast losing control of his military, which is increasingly and viciously divided between those who are refusing to take orders from an overt enemy of the Constitution, and those who foolishly defend Obama’s right to destroy that which they took an oath to protect and preserve.
Obama should have ended the divisions over his ineligibility long before it reached the ranks of American fighting forces. He chose not to, and instead to allow the issue to fester into a powder keg that even Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are ill-prepared to extinguish.”

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  1. It could not be more clear,if the CONSTITUTION no longer applies there is no United States. When I see the pitiful dupes waving flags for a fascist dictatorship it annoys Me.
    We are now separated,only the divorce papers are needed. The 200 year honeymoon is over.
    Now if I could just get this adulterous whore completely out of My life.

  2. Out of the gate: “America’s extreme left tricked American moderates into supporting their candidate last November…”

    “Credibility?” Whoooosh… GONE. “…extreme left?” wotta JOKE. “moderates?” yeah… “moderately” LAME. JB Williams… what a foogin TWIT.

    I don’t know where all these Elmer Fudd “constitutional crisis” folk were when the 2000 “election” was hijacked by the “supreme court.” Or when the phony “wars” were launched in 01, 03.

    COULD IT BE that “…more soldiers are refusing deployment” because they don’t want to participate in a fake “war” and not because of Bammo’s “birth certificate?”


  3. Extreme left? They were thrown under the bus. They had NO influence on the election whatsoever.

    Fortunately for me, I’d already disembarked from that greyhound a few years prior…..

  4. As a younger man, I whole heartedly supported the Constitution as we all knew it. Later, as I thought about the issues involved, I realized that the old Constitution was the root of much of our trouble. It reveres and supports business and property over people and human rights.
    So at this time, I am thinking it would not be amiss to hold a Constitutional Convention and retarget the old work into a new, human based document. We could still keep business and property in there but put them into proper perspective for a change, and limit the rights of corporations, remove personhood for good and develop paths for charter breaking etc. Thoughts?.

  5. If we had the assurance of States rights, Posse Comitatus and fair elections and representation, I’d consider the Constitutional Convention.

    To do so though we’d have to clean house considering a mojority of both houses are bought and paid for by the IMC and Int’l Corporate Machine.

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