Posted by: jerseyg | July 24, 2009

Friday Freak Files – Case File #1 “Shape Shifting Reptilians”

reptilian shapeshifter

I thought it might be fun to start a new Friday tradition.  I’m calling it the Friday Freak Files.  As you can see from today’s title, these articles will focus on strange theories, stories of the supernatural or any freaky news story I can find ~~jg

I hope you will join me and post your own strange videos & stories for all of us to comment on.  Whether you have evidence to debunk the posts or just want to enjoy the articles and be exposed to some really strange stuff,  it’s all about entertainment and lightening up the mood.

The first video I’m presenting was sent to me a few months ago by a dear friend.  He truly believes David Icke’s (and others) theories about the Reptilians. (some say Icke himself is one)  I have not done enough research on this ( well ok, none) to have an educated opinion but to me anything is possible and I do know about Icke’s other work on the NWO and he’s been spot on.  I have heard more than one famous psychic pronounce that aliens live and work amongst us and they weren’t speaking of farm workers.  I tend to believe that because I’m pretty sure I’ve identified a few among my family & friends.

Illustration from BUFO Radio’s website

clive burrows

Anyway, when I saw the CNN video, I thought, oh puhleeze, this is fun with photoshop or just the way the video pixalated.  However,  I tried to find real evidence of the piece being altered  by debunkers on youtube and didn’t find any. (honestly, I only did one brief search)  I have to say, it’s pretty freaky to watch.  However, scarier to me is the actual cnn story being presented  about microchipping the troops and children.

The second video is of our buddy Pappy Bush.  No doubt if Reptilians exist, he is one.  This video is pretty clear and doesn’t look altered to me.  There IS something very weird about George’s eyes………..

To close this out, there are plenty of these “shapeshifting” videos online.  Some are obviously faked or it’s the way the light hits the person’s eyes.  But those others………..



  1. The bible speaks of satan appearing as a serpent.The Urantia Book speaks of the “serpentine race” . The “serpent seed doctrine” of William Branham claims the apple of the garden was sex,which I had already figured out. She ate the apple and got pregnant. The premise is that a serpentine being nailed her,then Adam did the monkey-see thing. One child born to the devil,one to Adam. Actual medical cases have recorded a woman giving birth to a white and black baby in one gestation, children of different fathers by two eggs. The lineage for Jesus could not come from Cain, but from another of Eve´s later sons.
    Jesus himself said,”some of you claim to be be sons of Abraham,but you are the sons of your father the devil. These are the Zionists. Here is some of their handiwork. Graphic images.

    Check the eyes on this sucker

    David Icke was right on. Truth is stranger than fiction

    • Korn, those pictures of the burnt palestinian babies are horrific.

      That last picture of that guy in the street? My god, he looks as possessed as Linda Blair in the exorcist, or even George HW Bush!

      Btw, I am a huge admirer of David Icke and his work. I just don’t know where I stand on the Reptilian thing because I haven’t spent time researching it. But if David say’s they exist then I should spend some time looking into it.

  2. I’ve been wondering:

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