Posted by: munich420 | July 15, 2009

July equals deadliest month of Afghan war


By Peter Graff

KABUL (Reuters) – The death toll for foreign troops in Afghanistan halfway through July equaled the highest for any month of the eight-year-old war, tallies showed on Wednesday, as a U.S. escalation has met unprecedented violence.



  1. What is victory going to look like in Afpakistan?

    How many more innocent men, woman and children will perish needlessly, all in the name of oil and Middle East hegemony? How many more troops must die before victory is achieved? And what is it going to take for the credulous American people to awaken from their catatonic slumber, and realize that this horrid fighting and occupation of Afghanistan is flat out wrong!

    Perhaps only when the complicit, corporately controlled media stops airing inane programs such as Deal, Idol, Millionaire and now a new cable show called Hung! That’s right, Hung.

    The credulous American people are worse than bloody sheep.

    • Munich what is wrong with you?!! They are not killing anyone, they are simply looking around for the perpetrator of 9/11… Osama bin Laden.. How quick you forget…. geezzz..

      Btw, I spoke too soon about no chemtrails for days(at least visible ones) The sky is all smeary with them right now…bastards.

      • I know, I know Jersey Girl. I don’t know what the heck came over me. Yeah Osama, he’s that evil wretched man who attacked us on 9/11. Texting the the plans from inside of his cave on his cell phone.

        And these poor Afghan people! They appear ta be having a grand old time. Right now they’re probably watching HGTV’s Design on a Dime on their plasma televisions, or perhaps one of the many Poker tournaments in Vegas.

        Chemtrails? What are you talking about? What are Chemtrails? Those are ice crystals which form high in the sky. That is what the meteorologists all say. I believe them, don’t I?

        Yes, this evening The Sky is Crying. It is ladened with barium and aluminum, while us folks on the ground breathe deep the gathering gloom. Sigh!

        • ahhhh moody blue talk 😉

          Breathe deep the gathering gloom
          Watch lights fade from every room
          Bedsitter people look back and lament
          Another day’s useless energy spent.

          Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
          Lonely man cries for love and has none.
          New mother picks up and suckles her son,
          Senior citizens wish they were young.

          Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
          Removes the colors from our sight.
          Red is grey and yellow white,
          But we decide which is right.
          And which is an illusion?

          All from memory… Nights in White Satin is one of my favorite songs..I love that album..

          • Yes Jersey Girl, thanks for the link. Nights in White Satin is such a profound melody. The Moody Blues an incredible group.

            I would love to have seen and heard Justin Hayward, who has such a sweet voice and the Moody Blues and Eric Clapton work together.

            The Brits had a real knack for music. You just don’t hear music like that being made anymore.

  2. It will never cease to amaze Me how those poor people scratch a living from that bleak landscape.Their life is hard,so uncle sam is putting them out of their misery with bombs and bullets. The opium pipeline must flow!

    • The oil and opium pipeline, coming to a town near you and me Korn.

      The $ involved is unbelievable. Billions upon billions as our troops guard the opium poppy and the pipeline.

      Korn I also hope that you recieve the much needed rain down there in Texas.

  3. Agreed most american sheeple don’t have a clue and could care less about the suffering and death our corporatocracy is raining down on so many fellow earth passengers…….just so they have a belly full of carbs, some sports and sex on the telly, and a tank full of gas……live for today, right? And anyway, those who are pulling the strings could give a flying crap what we think, or haven’t you noticed? And yet, many of us are still in a position to improve our lives through intelligent choices. Most of us still do have choices.
    What we eat. What we drive. What we pay attention to. Who we hang out with.
    Seems like that is about all we got left…..

    Pipelineistan, Part 1:
    The rules of the game
    By Pepe Escobar

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