Posted by: jerseyg | July 8, 2009

Spies Like Us: NSA to build huge facility in Utah


A similar center is being constructed in San Antonio, Texas, and NSA documents indicate that the agency is also expanding its existing intelligence collection facilities in North Yorkshire, England, and Fort Meade, Md.~~~

Guess Big Brother got a big cut of that stimulus pie ~~~ jg

Read Article at Salt Lake Tribune



  1. oopick’s comment was good, Knew it was a tax haven, but 3 to 1…
    I found nuclear rectors there, one or two? working and a pile of early ones..
    gotta be a safer place?
    or better yet NO Place!
    what a waste of power alone.

  2. Oz, the plain and simple and SCARY fact is that they are surrounding us with their surveillance capabilities and facilities. The police state is taking shape far worse than Orwell could have imagined.

    And it’s happening globally, not just here! England is ahead of us but of course that’s because they have less ground to cover. Our govt will not only catch up but surpass them very soon with it’s technological enslavement tactics.

    There is nowhere to run but off the grid and into the wilderness………

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