Posted by: shrink | June 7, 2009

a hostile environment?

Pardon the revisiting of an earlier issue.

Mr. Mortimer,  Esq.

I am curious as to why you engage even more vociferously in the very behavior you criticize. And your ‘scathing’ criticism of COTO is, I believe, inappropriate. You complain heatedly about a poster but there are reasonable and even cordial ways of responding appropriately that facilitate discussion that you apparently elect to avoid. 

By the way, SCOTUS is a term used all across the web, as Waldopepper pointed out. The fact that you derided his defense of the term does not negate the fact that you brought it up ‘as an issue’. If you didn’t want a response to it perhaps you should have avoided it.

you stated: “What is it with the snarky smart ass, juvenile, beg-the-question comments at this blog? Is this blog a refuge camp for those exiled from other blogs because they could not engage in civil discourse? If so I think these founders may find that, when it comes to matters of public interest, educated professionals will not participate in or contribute to a hostile environment.”

Personally, I found your bile much more offensive than anything said to you that I tracked back through a few pages. Further, as an educated professional, I participate quite easily here. I anticipate you can as well.


an apology. I have not yet had sufficient time to study procedures using wordpress and if this is posted in the wrong place … my apologies



  1. Purr…Purr…poor mr. mortimer must’ve got his feelings hurt…Purr…Purr…
    he’s an educated professional.
    podzemi likes educated professionals,
    For lunch, or dinner, ..Purr..purr…or breakfast !

  2. Really. Do you want to air this on the front page?

    When new people come to COTO, what do you think they will think if they find articles dissing other members?

    Why couldn’t this have been posted as a comment where you were having your argument?

    • Rady,

      I didn’t want it to post on the front page and thought i was posting it in the correct thread. If you note my comment at the bottom, I was trying to get it to the right thread and thought I did but couldn’t be sure.

      My apologies.

      dr rdw

  3. All sites get the occasional flare and blare. The best way to deal with it is to ignore it unless you have some particular concern for the poster- and then you can take it off site.

    At times like this we used to say the moon was in Emeryville…………. (And if it’s 9pm for me, you all must be up way past your bedtime!)

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