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Is It Real? Or Is It Bluebeam?


Every waking day is a search for the walls of this insane-asylum.

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” ~ Mark Twain

Mark left out the “criminally insane who have a very good idea of what they are doing, and are doing it anyway.”

I’ve been looking at Planet X lately. And it fits. The abnormalities in weather, the huge rise in volcanic and earthquake activity. The shifting and slowing of tides. Cosmic events never before recorded. Planetary shifts. Things that can only be explained by coming from a major celestial object.  And the elites using this as a cover for their global-warming scam. And then the rush to militarize everything. The under-ground cities, farms and roadways.  And all the distractions.

Really, who is there to say that a solid-gold meteorite isn’t heading for us right now and when it hits that we’ll all die rich?

I get a lot of NASA-people that come by my rig. Just the other day this truly out-of-this-world gorgeous women and her friend, not near as attractive, but not ugly either, stopped and I engaged them. They even later came back and asked to have their picture taken with me. It was rather flattering.

I really wanted to interview them, and they would in no way go on record. I showed them how we could cryptically get around that, but time will tell if I see them again.

It was the day of the drone hacking. But I also wanted to ask about Planet X.

Planet-X could be the ultimate Project Bluebeam masking a truly cataclysmic cosmic event. Wouldn’t the ultimate secret be that indeed a winged-Dark Star is coming to make its appointed round and that there really is no escaping the destruction that’s about to happen?

What else explains the mass insanity that is exhibited by our so-called “representatives” after they enter office and seem to shift immediately into being anything but representative?

Say you were made privy to the fact that indeed a destroyer-planet was about to render destruction upon this world, and that there is only room for so many to escape. And you could be one of the lucky ones allowed your tickets to Elysium. And all you had to do was go along with the cover-up. How many people are strong enough to resist either dying a horrible death here, or traveling the cosmos in comfort and living forever?

We know this. Eventually all of this will one day be gone. You. Me. Our Sun. Earth. Our Galaxy. And for all of our so-called “smarts,” from all of the collective knowledge, coming from ancient manuscripts through today, seem trivial when you think that some fucking rock, that no one was paying any attention to could smash into us tomorrow and that before you can say “What the fuck was that?” we’d all become the comic-dust from whence we came.

If indeed Plane-X is for real many calculations have it showing-up about the same time the economy crashes. And from the predicted level of destruction that this event will rain-down upon us I can’t help but think how little money will matter.

Really, if suddenly Planet-X could no longer be cloaked from view and we were told we have a mere month to live, what the hell good would money be? What good would anything be? Any pretense of normalcy would end immediately as society would descend into a living-hell free-for-all.

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Timing is Everything

Obama (at “Handlers” directions) creates, maintains, and continues with “OPEN U.S. BORDERS”,


Example of articles in Google list above: 

Date line 2-04-2016 — “11 Actions The Obama Administration Is Taking To Promote Open Borders”

(Michael Snyder)  “Why does it seem like Barack Obama has been doing everything that he can to sabotage our border security and promote more illegal immigration?

The number one responsibility of the president of the United States is to defend our nation, and yet Obama stubbornly refuses to secure our borders.

In fact, he has been doing quite a bit to make it even easier for millions more drug runners, gang members and welfare parasites to enter our country illegally.  This is utter insanity”.  No shit! (sic)

Date line 2-03-2016 — Obama visits U.S. Muslim Mosque for supposed “1st time”.





NOW THIS! —   “President Obama claims that his authority to draft this order comes from the second amendment”.

Obama signing Executive Order 13752obamasigning EO 13752-300x225

Obama signing Executive Order 13752 shortly before a round of golf. (Cassandra Schmidt / AP)

It is important to note that a number of countries are CLOSING THEIR BORDERS to illegal immigrants, while at the same time others like Germany & the United States of America Corportion are OPENING THEIR BORDERS.  WTF?!


The Answer to Migrant Invasions By Jim Kirwan 2-3-16




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Capital HitMan


Meet Albert “Bert” Caswell. I did. In the usual way. On the streets. Last Saturday night. During a parade on Frenchman St.

I was on my way home with my rig after a super busy day of trying to save the world from its inevitable destruction when a Margi Gras parade blocked my path home. As I was talking to a man about said destruction, as this spectacular was going on next to us, Bert comes in extremely amp-ed up and takes over the conversation dropping the most powerful names in politics as if he knows them on a 1st-name basis. He does.

I finally asked him, “who in the fuck are you?” And when I asked him what he does he gave me the old “if I told you I’d have to kill you,” meme.

Bert in the the Congressional Guide and a prolific poet, author and speaker. He has letters of tribute from Congressman and Presidents. His story has been written-up in POLITICO and other publications. His poems have often been read and quoted on the floor of Congress by said representatives. His demeanor is on of someone that is completely sure of himself, yet without being overly cocky.

Bert hung around for about 30-minutes as we went back and forth. He finally said that he agreed with everything I was on about but 9/11. So I schooled him. Having the screen on the rig is golden. When I showed him WTC-7 he was stumped.

I made him promise he’d research it more and get back too me. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Maybe I will see him again, and he’ll kill me.

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Let’s FOCUS on the Big Game?!

Background reading:


“Administrators bringing you State Enforced Instability, Chaos, and Crime”

Because THEY care so much… 


Perhaps, a headline like, “Evil “Administrators” Send World Hurtling Towards HELL!” would be better?  You can concoct your own to explain “Why?” everything on multiple continents is in the shitter, and being flushed as we speak.

There is a WAR on against Societies, if you haven’t noticed.  It is not just “Divide & Conquer” tactics being imposed, but a much greater, more evil “Game Plan” being exposed before your very eyes.

Pick your continent, and Ixquick particular countries there at this time, and see how they are faring?  Are they in-the-news (Alt News)?  What seems to be the problems?

Do you notice any similar Trends?  War, Police State, Lawlessness, Economic disparity on par with the worst in history, on and on.

A quick glance, and Rampant Corruption from the Top Down is evident in major World Powers, on down to backwater banana republics.

1 Million Scams on a million fronts continue to occur, throwing the Sheep into despair and wasted effort running to and fro.  Nothing gets better…only worse.


Clinton Steals Iowa

Hillary Steals Iowa from Sanders

Source —

EVEN “FAKE CAKE” to go along with the bread & circuses.

Humanity should be “Getting It” by now.

It is beyond ignoring at this point.  You can’t run and hide from a World-on-Fire!  The first thing to do would be to STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME, AND BY THEIR RULES.

Humanity had best make up our own rules that work for US, and begin to hold accountable the “administrators” and “leaders” faking like they are working for US!

We will be watching in REAL TIME, as countries in Europe, like Germany, reach their limit of tolerance for Insane Open Border Policies implemented by Trojan Horse leaders like Angela Merkel, Esq.  ( ) You have noticed that many countries, notably the U.S.A. also have insanely kept their borders Open with Red Carpet treatment for Illegals.


Therefore, the backlash from humanity must also be “by design”.  Blogging like this doesn’t cut it.  It is beginning to dawn on civilizations world-wide that “sticks & stone” are the only way to stop the injustices and insanity.

Consider you and your family’s plight, then your neighbors, then your wider groups of associated (and disassociated) people just trying to get along in societies.

WE have NO REPRESENTATION.  WE have NO SAFETY, NO HOMELAND SECURITY in spite of Billions spent on Illegal SURVEILLANCE.  WE have had Our God-Given (Natural Rights) strangled and abolished by the Pen & the Gun.  WE have NO ECONOMIC STABILITY.  WE have NO DECENT MEDICAL CARE.  Carry on with extending these realities out to their Obvious Conclusion.

WE AIN’T GOT SHIT!  Sleep on that.  And when you wake up from your nightmares, we’ll still be here watching the destruction of civilizations world-wide.  By “The Administrators”.  Notice — YOU & THE REST OF HUMANITY have NOT VOTED for one iota of this.  See how it works?  But, you can vote — with your non-compliance, by saying “NO!” I won’t play.  I won’t work.  I won’t support a single instance of inhumane, illogical B.S.

Looking to the “System” and those belonging to it has got us to where we are right now.  THEY will only make it worse.  That’s what parasites do.






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Davos, Le Revenant, Malheur and 2016






Ranching Standoff

– This photo taken from an FBI video shows Robert “LaVoy” Finicum after he was fatally shot by police Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 near Burns, Ore. A video released Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 by the FBI of the shooting death of a spokesman for the armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge shows the man reaching into his jacket before he fell into the snow. The FBI said the man had a gun in his pocket. (FBI via AP)






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BURNED in Oregon: Don’t get Hoaxed America!


The steering committee of the NWO has just given us the Clinton Ruby Ridge for the next phase of Jade Helm which I call Union of the State. We can see all the convergence of the NDAA, AUMF (USA), GLOBAL GOVERNANCE,the Federal overreaching of all departments and the MSM left right paradigm. The Bundy affair was psyop’d and so was Oregon. BATFE, FBI and the SPLC run Media are focusing the eye on violations of federal law while they the EPA, IRS, BLM and other .Gov entities are committing the real crimes of conspiracy in places all around the country. The strategy of tension, US Gladio operations being operated inside government as well as through the secret visa programs to bring in the foreign operatives.  Ammon Bundy and Company are running a real clever psyop here. Lavoy Finicum is a hoax.

Assassinated? Only if he had terminal brain or lung cancer. Otherwise he did not die. Do not buy this crap. Do not trust the Bundy-Koresch WACO style operation. I do not accept it. Pete Santilli, an asset of the FBI ala  “sting” was arrested as well. A Fraud, this is all the way down to the fact that there was no cellular or WiFi available at the staged venue for this scam. Lavoy, an actor from Arizona where many of the Greenberg actors come from was well suited for this scam. His soft spoken cowboy demeanor was an excellent character trait for this hoax.

Be prepared for several related FBI stings and MK-Ultra setups in connection to this trigger event. Start looking at the narratives to come out in the usual way with a larger focus on El Trumpo and Clinton showdown of the divide and conquer operation that is real. Jade Helm 15 transitions into Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016 (UWEX16)


Updates of this HOAX will be more difficult due to the planned blackout.

LaVoy Finicum Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know




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Active Shooter Drill: Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD)

NMCSD is participating in a disaster DRILL as part of a state-wide health exercise today. NMCSD will be holding multiple training exercises today to ensure our staff is proficient in a variety of scenarios. Please do not be alarmed by unusual activity at the hospital as our drill includes simulated “victims” made up to look seriously injured. We appreciate your patience as traffic flow may be affected. All emergency services are available; however, elective procedures have been rescheduled. NMCSD Branch Health Clinics are open for normal business hours.


Schools in the area around the facility were placed on lockdown as a precaution, according to 10News reporter Jared Aarons. Meanwhile, San Diego City College which is close by is being monitored closely by police. According to the school district, all students and staff are safe. Those lockdowns were later elevated to shelter-in-place orders.


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“While You Were Sleeping, They Were Conspiring & Acting”

The Thinker in the Gates of Hell by Rodin

Rodin’s “The Thinker” at the Gates of Hell

Evil never sleeps.

2016 Davos Summit

Davos 2016 Netanyahu

Melinda Gates at Davos 2016

CHOOSE NOW!Skeleton Thinker.jpgThe Thinker Under Chemtrail Skies

“The Thinker” under chemtrailed skies.  What are YOU thinking and planning?  What are YOU talking about with your fellow travelers in this war torn, polluted, inhumane world?  Others are planning for your future, whether you act or not.  You know this, right?  Davos & the TPP, & Executive Actions, & Bureaucrat Bungling Will determine Your future and Your children’s — or will You have a say in Your Destiny and the Destiny of the World around Us?

Countries and their people in despair are all around us.  The opposite of psychopathy is required at this time.  It does not happen organically, but with use.  Billions of small actions and determinations made rightly create a positive “wave” that cannot be stopped.

When “The People” decide to Act Together to defend themselves, to create positive actions in the world that do not harm others or the earth and environment itself, only Then will the “will” of a small minority elite become as nothing but dust in the wind.

The iron bands of 10,000 means of “control” are as straw when the majority determines on an individual basis to “not comply” to rules they would never imagine to place upon themselves or humanity to keep it down.  COTO KNOWS…







Mirrored from , this discussion by an ex-CIA guy who has went to Donbass/Ukraine, reveals some reverberating FACTS about activities taken by Western Powers in the fomented war there.  (Thank Victoria Nuland, Yats and those who sent her in to begin and “manage” the destabilization process):


Derive your own conclusions.

Interview by: Janus Putkonen, DONi News Agency, Chief-Editor
23.1.2016, Donetsk City

Or, as the PNAC spelled out, plus Smedley Butler type revelations, “They’ve” been there before, during, and after to Profit from disasters.  If not so, then PROVE IT!

To really BLOW YOUR MIND, consider, then expand this devastation on out to the other countries/lands smashed for Lies, and done for profits.  A horrifying picture no?!

In case you missed solemnly watching the video posted on the previous thread showing the devastation remaining of the city of Homs in Syria, here it is again.

(Think to yourself, “This could be Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, or some other U.S. city”.  Is this what They have planned here in the U.S., whether the cause be an authored “natural” disaster, a biological or nuclear disaster, an EMP, financial/economic devastation leading to a Civil War, or other cause?

Its TOO LATE for Homs and the people that once inhabited this sprawling mega-city in Syria.  Wondering where the people went?  So, we see this isn’t just a “little” war or destabilization occurring, but a MEGA CATASTROPHE for the country of Syria and its people.  What WMD was unleashed on this former Metropolis?  Could it happen here?

But don’t fret for the people of Syria, because the cavalry is contemplating getting on over there for some savior work.  Joe Biden is “on it”, so you know it will be a robust effort…see, They say, “They’re ‘thinking about it’ and even having talks” starting on Monday, the 25th.


© REUTERS/Murad Sezer U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) shakes hands with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during their joint news conference in Istanbul, Turkey January 23, 2016. ISTANBUL, Jan 23 (Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Saturday that the United States and Turkey were prepared for a military solution against Islamic State in Syria if a political settlement was not possible, amid uncertainty over scheduled peace talks.

See article at

O.K., so they’re contemplating a “Military Solution” against IS in Syria.  Great!  Wouldn’t want to be late getting to Homs, and other uninhabited, destroyed Syrian cities for some wet mop work.  The munitions and war materiel used to devastate a city as large as Homs (and others) must cost a Bundle!  Certain companies have made out like Bandits, aye?!

What we do grasp is, (from looking at the condition of Homs (and we can therefore imagine the condition of major parts of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan even, look the same) that it looks like a perfect time to ink those No-Bid Contracts for infrastructure rebuilding with Halliburton, KBR, and other MIC corporations.  Profits, Profits, Profits on both ends of the spectrum.  Blow em up, take em down, empty em out, rebuild to suit tastes…GET RICHER!  Profit on Both sides of ginned up conflicts with Before & After Profit Storms — Disaster Capitalism of the Int’l Corporations ON DISPLAY.



“A damning report on the conflict of interests in the Syrian Crisis debate identified numerous corporate and defense industry ties of experts and think tanks who commented on potential military intervention. Much of the debate over Syria got underway in 2013, when not only were the conflicts-of-interest and military-industrial complex ties of these “consultants” and “experts” rarely disclosed, but the ideas they expressed were mere permutations of an ideologically narrow spectrum of U.S. and Western neo-conservative interventionism.

As US official sources are now claiming that ISIS is developing chemical weapons those same experts and think tanks are back with a vengeance.

The conflict-of-interest report by the Public Accountability Initiative ( offers a new look at an issue raised by David Barstow’s 2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times series on the role military analysts played in promoting the Bush Administration’s narrative on Iraq. In addition to exposing coordination with the Pentagon, Barstow found that many cable news analysts had industry ties that were not disclosed on air”.  READ AT LINK ABOVE THIS EXCERPT.


“Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell is attempting to fast track a “war powers” bill that will allow President Obama nearly unlimited power to deploy the military anywhere in the world for any length of time – including on U.S. soil.

“The Authorization for Use of Military Force put for­ward by Mc­Con­nell would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy,” Defense One reported.

In other words, the authorization allows the president to deploy the military anywhere at his discretion – both foreign and domestic – for as long as he wants.

Several senators, including Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Whip John Cornyn, were surprised by McDonnell’s decision to fast-track the bill after a year of deep in-fighting over similar measures in the Senate.

“He did?” he asked the Na­tion­al Journ­al on Thursday morn­ing when reporters informed him about the bill.

Even some Senate Democrats have an issue with a new authorization without geographical restrictions placed on the president.

“I’m for the Con­gress vot­ing on an AUMF; of course it de­pends what the AUMF looks like,” Sen. Robert Men­en­dez said Thursday. “I don’t want a blank check.”

It’s also interesting to note McConnell is trying to push through the bill on a Friday as an unprecedented blizzard slams the northeast U.S., including Washington, D.C.” ~ a post by Watchman, at

Interesting Timing to be trying to pass anything with the confluence of chaos cascading around us all.  And, while articles like this are being sent up the Alt. News flagpoles —

ALSO, articles detailing THE DICK ACT OF 1902 are appearing in the altverse  —

Don’t know about the DICK ACT?  Better read it, friend.  Then, you’ll understand why regular ole Americans laugh in scorn at the raft of Unconstitutional “legislation” that is papered about, but which has no force of law, only of threats of force, fines, and fomentation.  Should “obeying the law” be bandied about, it would certainly be provable that political “law-breaking” should come with a price and accountability?

It hasn’t.  But, WE THE PEOPLE believe it will.


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Planned Chaos?

Source: The Independent

“Europe cannot take in all the refugees fleeing war-torn Syria and Iraq and the migration crisis is putting the European Union in grave danger, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said”. 

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Valls added that Europe needed to take urgent action to control its external borders. “Otherwise,” he said, “our societies will be totally destabilized”.

Cue the “destabilization” caused in Syria:’s_Third_Largest_City/48435/0/38/38/Y/M.html


Strange-looking FOX commentators discuss Hillary’s “email-gate” situation after latest revelations…(video)

“Amid heightened tensions between Israel and Western allies, Jerusalem on Thursday confirmed a major annexation of 154 hectares (380 acres) of territory north of the occupied West Bank.
Israel’s announcement of it’s largest agricultural land seizure since 2014 has drawn harsh criticism from Palestinian and Western authorities. Palestine officials announced they would push for a UN resolution decrying Israeli settlement policies”.

What happened in Ukraine?  Does it matter?  How ANY of the horrendous conditions, events, and chaos have come about?

Witness Hillary’s humongous non-sequitur(s) {}.

Six weeks to save Schengen: Dutch PM says Europe ‘cannot cope’ with migrant crisis and EU’s passport-free zone is on brink of collapse

Read more:

“Denmark will move refugees out of cities and into rural camps as the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party shifts government focus from immigration to repatriation”.

Read more:

“Cuban migrants have been traveling more than 3,200 miles by land across some of the world’s most dangerous countries in Central America to avoid the U.S. Coast Guard in the waters between Florida and Cuba.

The difference between Cubans and other migrants traveling north from Central American is they are allowed into the U.S. and almost instantly granted federal benefits and an expedited path to citizenship”.

Who is manipulating the BIG markets?  Oil, stock exchanges, currencies, metals?  Who is strategically profiting?


George Soros ~ “Europe is on the brink of collapse”.

Here’s an interview of mr. Soros, chock full of Lies, or should we say “mis-statements”, particularly about the state of the U.S. economy and such.

Just a quick Snap Shot of our surroundings, and it is easy to comprehend that leaving (allowing) the elite folks to continue doing everything they’ve been allowed to do around the world, will lead to –> CHAOS, IMPLOSIONS of SOCIETIES’ FABRIC, DEATH FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS AND PROBABLY MUCH MORE, YOU GET THE PICTURE.

Doing the SAME thing expecting different results is correctly labelled as INSANITY!

Letting the CERTIFIABLY INSANE continue to do the same things they’ve been doing is BEYOND INSANITY on the part of humanity. 

Click here to see some of the articles on Obama’s “Immigration Reform” activities:

NOW, can you see the RECIPE for DISASTER brewed and served by the elites?

Check your manipulated Wall Street stock market performance for clues to how great and stable the management of the markets has been.


“The American Revolution – The Sequel”

“The coming market collapse will be the largest in human history” —

CHECK THE “WEATHER” ‘ROUND ABOUT!  That is, the “weather” on every front.  Take action.






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Libya’s Gold? Just the tip of the TRIAD


You can go to see the new propaganda flicker from Holyrood, but it doesn’t take 13 hours to figure this out. This article from Infowars is too little too late.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reveals the invasion of Libya was launched to prevent Muammar Gaddafi from establishing a pan-African currency based on Libya’s gold Dinar.

What a deflection. The TRIAD went into service the moment the news that Gaddafi had planned on organizing SATO, the counter to NATO. Part of his project would be to unify control of the African Union and dump the West’s puppets.  I predicted his death here in 2011

Gaddafi, a dead man walking March 18, 2011

“Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and 28 other leaders from South America and Africa called for new links between the continents, including joint military, banking and mining efforts. Chavez and Qaddafi proposed a military alliance mirroring the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to counteract the influence of the U.S. and Europe. Chavez called for a unified mining company, oil company and bank as leaders including Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe highlighted their countries’ resources.“For African countries, it’s closer to visit our brothers in South America. We share the same interests of liberation and revolutionary ideals,” Qaddafi said yesterday at the Second Africa-South America summit, on the Venezuelan tourist island of Margarita. “Colonialism humiliated us, insulted us and robbed us of our riches.”

Hosting the summit plays into Chavez’s goal of diminishing what he calls “imperial” influences and boosting ties with allies including Angola and Nigeria, which, like Venezuela, are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
“It’s a new hour in our history,” Chavez said today. “We have many great leaders, many of them here today.”

Like the JFK conspiracy, there were reasons all the criminals wanted him dead. The Silver and Gold economy was just one reason. Just like JFK, there were several reasons why NATO-GLADIO-OTAN wanted him dead, reasons why the City of London and the ROTH-ROCKS wanted him dead.  Why Israel wanted him dead and why France was specifically mentioned by me back then as the assassins using gladio-b was crystal clear.

We came, we saw, he died

Before I went on a series of theories regarding BENGHAZI, we had already known why the taking out of Gaddafi was just like Saddam. It was a TRIAD and the redistribution of Wealth (the robbery) was just gravy.  It’s about ANOTHER BASE OF OPERATIONS just like Iraq and Afghanistan. IRAQ had wealth and oil and Afghani’s Muja’s had opium. Yes there is always a payoff but the larger purpose is geopolitical real estate and military bases.

‘Before NATO Intrusion, Libya was Africa’s Switzerland’


Very few Americans will ever know what the Chavez’s and Gaddafi’s were planning to bring prosperity and independence to their people. Hillary, Jeb and the rest of the scum on the hill know. That’s why they  set their sights on them like they did  with Saddam. The same false flags used with the Gaddafi in the Lockerbie NATO shootdown scam which was a GLADIO event. Gaddafi found it easier to accept the responsibility to get the sanctions and harassment to end so he could  move forward with his plans.

Gaddafi UN Speech: confirms COTO tenets September 23, 2009

Here he said it all. He knew Obama was a black hole for the bankers and he was ready to go head to head with the Western Mafia and it all began to unravel from there. As I have reported in hundreds of articles here, the TRIAD hegelian process is a problem, reaction and solution that never wastes an opportunity. All that is required is a Need, a Warrant and an opportunity. They have used this technique for over a century or longer.

NWO AFRICOM: Tying up loose ends July 28, 2015

A Libyan court on Tuesday sentenced Muammar Gaddafi’s most prominent son, Saif al-Islam, and eight others to death for war crimes including killings of protesters during the 2011 revolution that ended his father’s rule.

What a friggin’ Kangaroo court. They should have just sabotaged his airplane like JFK Jr. Why? Because it is the same TRIAD used over and over again and sold to simpletons as some form of democracy to destroy the evil. Hillary Clinton is a killer and a candidate. I only hope we can say we came, we saw and she died along with the rest of the DC murderers all in a row.

Saif al-Islam was sentenced to death by a Libyan court in Tripoli last July, but it is  unclear whether the sentence would be carried out because he was being held by a group unfriendly to the Tripoli government.

Libya must transfer Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi to ICC custody Nov 2015

I’d sure like to see him do some talking. I’m also sure there are many others who do not.


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Alt News Headlines Tell “The Story” You’re Not Supposed to Know

Daily Sheeple

Reading around the Alternative News “reality sphere” provides an entirely different reality than that sold by the (MSM) Main Street Media propaganda toilets.  Want to get a more truthful explanation, and grasp of “What’s Going On?!” around the world?  All you’ve gotta do is frequently surf the Alt News Wave, and you’ll be smarter by 10K times than the programmed masses.  Why is everything collapsing in varied countries around the world?  The answer is not complicated.  You may wonder why NO PLACE seems to offer safety economically, physically, or otherwise?  This is a fascinating fact when you consider the extreme expense of nations on surveillance, war materiel, the creation of alphabet “agencies” to “protect” some “thing”.  You’ve probably grasped this has nothing to do with benefiting or protecting “The People”.  How do we know this?  The OBVIOUSNESS of their actions, and the OBVIOUS RESULTS.

What kind of louses must the Big Banks and their management be to end up Bankrupt when they create money out of thin air?  How do you fuck that scam up, the real working people want to know?!   Illegal Bail outs, Bail ins.  Nope, those aren’t going to float no more than they did historically.  So, the elite want the masses to “believe” they can fix things, manage things, when ALL WE SEE is their continuous EPIC FAILURES?!  They’re FIRED!

Tired of LIES?  Try the Truth, or something much closer to it for a breath of fresh air.

Everything must be proven as best you can, by diverse study and careful contemplation if you are going to track the real reasons why everything around us is going to shit.  Today’s sampling below provides some fare explaining what’s behind the curtain.


Canadians Are Panicking Over Food Costs After Currency Collapse:

Why the U.S. problems?  Choices, Agendas, Stupidity, and Corruption WE propose as part of the answer.

A fraud calling a fraud…interesting:

Don’t understand the import of this thread?  Read the following articles:

“Week End Rant — New World Order: Public Be Damned, Preferably Dead”  (An article on 9/11 & other planned destructions):

Electile Dysfunction is a psychological condition afflicting too many US citizens. It is the irrational belief that voting matters:

Go HERE for some U.S. financial “off-grid” information:


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It looks like 2011 again.


SIMILAR TO Shinmoedake, Tōhoku earthquake 2011.


Sinabung Eruption

December HAARPING in Malaysia:Flooding

Strong earthquake struck off Indonesia’s Talaud islands

MODERATE EARTHQUAKE: A moderate earthquake hits Mid-indian Ridge with a moment magnitude of Mw 5.0 at a depth of 10 km (shallow-focus earthquake,8h and 3m ago) View Location

It’s very active January worldwide but I expect a large one for the Indian plate and a tsunami alert. Looking for the antipodal signs and this one is close.

MODERATE EARTHQUAKE: A moderate earthquake hits North Of Honduras with a moment magnitude of Mw 5.3 at a depth of 16 km (shallow-focus earthquake,16 minutes ago) View Location

There should be a larger one coming off Ecuador or Peru.  This could be the big event for JAN-FEB in the next few weeks. All the same signs of pre-flood, volcanic activity time and seismic clustering. Another Sumatra?  Let’s hope not.

January 14 JAPAN 6.7
January 11 INDONESIA 6.5
January 03 INDIA 6.7
Year Mw6.5 – Mw6.9 Mw7.0 – Mw7.9 Mw8.0 – Mw8.9 Mw9.0+
2016 3 0 0 0
2015 42 18 1 0
2014 36 12 1 0
2013 40 16 2 0
2012 27 13 2 0
2011 33 18 0 1
2010 3 19 1 0
2009 12 18 1 0
2008 8 9 1 0
2007 17 15 5 0
2006 9 9 3 0
TOTAL: 230 147 17 1
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“GET SHORTY” Excerpts from the script


Who is Sean Penn, Andres Granados, Kate  del Castillo and Shorty Guzman?

translated from GOOGLE INC. at

8:10:38 PM.- M: Forgotten: It’s me, sir.
PM.- 8:15:26 Dad: Hello, friend, what pleasure to greet even for this medium. How have you been?
8:17:25 PM.- M: Forgotten: Okay, how about you?
PM.- 8:19:14 Dad: Forgotten: Well, thank you, eager to personally greet friend. How many days will be
over here?

Read More…

Really?  The FBI caught posing as militia in the Oregon “escapade”?

Are Americans surprised?  Hardly.

Good video of an honest man spotlighting the dishonest perpetrators of lawlessness.


BONUS:  Gerald Celente commenting on Obama’s SOTU:

Some info on the Iranian “capture” of U.S. boat {Bullshit being called}:

From William Mount:

Here is definitive proof that US Forces attempted to initiate a Bombing Campaign on Iran to initiate WW3 this very day”.  2 Men in a Rowboat “capture” 2 heavily armed U.S. boats and their crews.  STUNNING & EMBARRASSING!  Except it is another *FAKE* propaganda report.


Memory Hole

Prof. Jim Fetzer

In an astonishing example of the duplicity of the American media, The New York Times–which is our nation’s newspaper of record–which means that it records the “official history” of the United States–has presented a transparent demonstration of its duplicity and mendacity by publishing an article about the firing of Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, which excludes what he himself has said about his case and why nytimesthe firing was legally unjustifiable and morally wrong.

The article, “Florida Professor Who Cast Doubt on Mass Shootings is Fired“, The New York Times (6 January 2016) by Lizette Alvarez, which builds the case for Tracy having harassed the Pozners–when the truth was precisely the opposite–was so sloppily done that the paper has had to publish a clarification (in fine print at the end) for reporting that Lenny Pozner had been fired rather than James Tracy

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Throwdown and Showdown

Obama and company have thrown down the Gauntlet

Philly cop shooter: “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State. That is why I did what I did.”

That’s why I did what I was brainwashed to do. Gangstalked and drugged, given a gun, alleged to be stolen from a cop.

He fired 11 shots reportedly but never hit the target. Many at point blank range. What I like about the Joo-joo-bees and this obvious staged event is the utterly fantastic circumstances that come with these Freemason Fraternal Order of International global police stagings.  This one is really out there.

I expected a much larger event in Philly after the Black Pope Bergoglio came to sanctify the city of Freemason Love in the cradle of freedom. Right after Obama’s ridiculously  obvious town hall staged ‘invitation only’ Delphi Event, the MK-Delta’s are crawling out of their hives with their handlers and running amok.

While not classifying the shooting as a terrorist attack, police said Friday the man arrested after shooting and wounding a police officer in an ambush in West Philadelphia Thursday night confessed he acted “in the name of Islam.”

Police Commissioner Richard Ross at the same time revealed the weapon used to wound Officer Jesse Hartnett was a police 9mm semiautomatic pistol stolen in 2013 from an officer’s home.

Really?   This guy broke into a cops house to get the gun? A real neat little fiction for this narrative. Lets get those “smart guns” in the books huh?  If a DSM-5 looney can walk into the home of a cop and get his gun we had better put them all in a safe.  It is likely the gun was bought, given to him and reported stolen by one of the thousands of bad cops in the Freemason Fraternal Order. Philly is loaded with these criminals in blue. When I was an investigator, we used to call that a ‘throw down.’ The cop would report it stolen then sometime later it would get into the hands of a patsy or used by a murder for hire to kill another cops wife to save money in a divorce.

Edward Archer Jesse Hartnett ISIS Islamic State Shooting Philadelphia Cop Terrorism

You gotta love smiling Archer and this poor doughboy


2. Archer’s Mother Says Her Son Has Been ‘Hearing Voices in His Head’

Delco mom of suspected cop shooter tells The Inquirer’s @MariSchaefer: “He’s been hearing voices in his head.”

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Consider this Info Regarding Oregon standoff

Here is real word from the Oregon standoff

This is the real deal, so I figured I’d post it in full, especially since it says exactly what I said – that this was all set up by the government and false truthers.  (This post has been mirrored from Jim Stone Freelance site at

For the readers consideration:


From Christian Yingling:

“Ok …Everybody… please gather around and listen to what I am about to say..Then either shut your mouth, or share this far and wide. If you have ANY faith in me as a leader you will heed what I am about to say. If not..I want nothing to do with you. simple as that.

The key to victory in any battle is the ability to remain calm in any given situation. What we are seeing right now is a whole bunch of people acting based solely on raw emotion. This is very bad and I’m about to explain exactly why. I am not letting my emotions make my decisions for me, but instead, looking at this from a calm, level headed, common sense approach.

What you are all witnessing right now right now in Oregon has the makings of a full on false flag event. And I will prove that to you to the absolute best of my ability. Should you choose to look at this from a logical perspective you will see I am 100% correct. Some of what I will tell you is speculation based on my own experience and experiences of others I have talked to throughout this ordeal, but most of what I am going to tell you is documented verifiable fact.

Back during the Bundy situation, Ryan Payne declared himself the unofficial “leader” of the militias present at the Bundy ranch. Nothing could have been further from the truth. In fact, none of the militias listened to him at all. The ONLY ones who listened to him were the Bundy’s, Blaine Cooper, who Payne claimed was a “professional security consultant’, who turned out to be nothing more than an ex con, and buddah bear (nice name) who he also claimed was a “professional security consultant”, but was later discovered to be nothing more than a tattoo artist thug. The militias ignoring these three, is precisely why that situation didnt turn into a blood bath. (strangely enough all three are present at the refuge)

I and Scott Woods were asked on one occasion, by Payne to go and destroy BLM equipment in the middle of the night. We refused, stating that that’s not why we were there. We were there solely to defend the family. That very same night he rushed off in a car with a loaded AR to START a violent altercation with LEOs who supposedly had pulled over members of the Armenian Militia off exit 10 near the ranch. This report was never vetted nor was it looked into before he rushed off. It is also well documented that Payne had tried to incite other militia members to start violent altercations with the authorities who were present there. all of which were refused by militia members..all for the same reason…we were NOT there to start a fight…but to DEFEND the family. When people refused, Payne, Cooper, and Buddah ostracized them and ran them off the ranch. This is why most militias left the ranch when they did. One other point worth mentioning was there were militia members present with long range 50 cal sniper rifles… but instead of positioning them on the hilltops surrounding the ranch, Payne had them stationed down in a valley where they were effectively useless…does that sound like the makings of a solid leader to you? And also Payne was always sure to make certain that there was ONE completely UNDEFENDED access point to the ranch.. I brought this up to him asking why he would leave our back door completely open and undefended… and he completely blew me off… What he was doing in fact, was leaving an access point open for authorities to bum rush the ranch if that’s what they felt needed to be done. And I have the witnesses to prove it.

Now throughout the situation Payne made repeated threats to law enforcement on NATIONAL media. There’s VIDEO of him doing this..its not hard to find. Yet oddly enough with all that evidence he was never charged with anything during or after the standoff. Does that seem ODD to anyone but me? (not if you’re a paid provocateur) Now in this situation at the refuge, he has publicly stated to a reporter that he has snipers set up to kill any federal official who approaches the refuge. Yet still.. no charges are being filed against him. making threats like that, you’d think they’d swoop in and scoop him up… but noooo.. because they’re giving patriots time to get there… Don’t think for one second that with a couple of phone calls to the proper alphabet agencies, those shmucks wont be SORELY outnumbered. Tell you what… if you think LEO’s don’t take threats against them seriously… go find the nearest cop and walk up to him and tell him you plan to kill police officers and see what happens to you.. See how long it takes for you to end up in prison.. yet Payne roams does Cooper. Better yet go ask Schuyler Barbeau what happens when you threaten a public official… oh wait…you can’t… hes in prison… because of a facebook post. Funny how that works huh? Also… has anyone else noticed that until this situation popped up Payne was damned near SILENT on social media? Wonder why that is… Hell, Most of you don’t even know who he is… He also claimed to be an Army Ranger, But when we had someone at the Ranger School check their records… they said NO Ryan Payne had EVER attended that school… whoda thunk it?

Myself and Scott begged the Bundys, after we left (via phone) to stop listening to Payne..that he was a plant. But they refused to listen. Payne wouldn’t let ANYONE talk to the Bundy’s with out him being present..or close by. The Bundy’s are good God fearing Christians but they are TERRIBLY naive. They truly believe Payne is one of the good guys. Which is why they are at the refuge now. Do you honestly think for one second it was AMMON’s idea to take that building? If you do… you’re a fool. They’re not that type of people. Ammon has been suckered into this standoff by Payne and Cooper. He truly went up there with the intention of helping the Hammonds, and when they were refused, The Bundy’s were made to believe that taking a stand against the BLM was the answer.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Now Cliven is on his way there.. and the govt is finally going to get their revenge on the Bundy’s and in doing so gain the access they need to their land. All the major players in the operation of that Ranch will soon be together at the wildlife refuge… thats no coincidence. I assure you.

Payne, Cooper, Pete Santili… All well trained provocateurs who are doing everything in their power to lure patriots to the ranch.. Case in point…Santili just released a video try to say that the FBI was TRYING to shut him down.. Dont you think if that were the case…with ALL of the resources the FBI has, they would just go ahead and do it…do you really think this shmuck is smart enough to outsmart the ENTIRE FBI? Think about it…

Let us continue on.. why the wild life refuge? how in the blue hell did they even know it existed if this wasn’t PRE-PLANNED? And why were their trailers staged up there THURSDAY night if this was all “unplanned”? And if they wanted support so bad…why not let the Oregon 3%ers and militia in on this? I’ll tell you why.. because they would have had no part in it and vehemently refused if they had known…. as was demonstrated by their response once they found out. SO..that being said.. why pick a place so remote.. I’ll tell you why.. the same reason the Bundy ranch was picked.. it’s remote… no civilian casualties. And if everyone out there is killed there’s no witnesses allowing the govt to write the narrative of what happened afterwards..You can bet any reporters out there will be silenced should they actually get close enough to catch anything worth documenting unless of course they’re willing to report what they’re told to… the reason it failed at the Bundy ranch was because the community got so involved… NOT the case at the refuge.

Next.. why has a detachment of Delta Force been deployed to the area? (does anyone remember that Delta was ALSO at WACO?) 19 sets of orders were cut for operators to be at waco. Why in the Blue hell would they send Delta to squash a bunch of unorganized mostly unarmed protesters? I’ll tell you why.. one of the things Delta specializes in is hostage rescue.. I.E. blow open a door rush in and shoot the bad guys but save the good guys.. I.E. embedded reporters from the national media who can later report the protesters fired first.

This is happening EXACTLY the same way WACO did… you know who else claimed, “We won’t fire first but if attacked we’ll fire back..”? David Koresh. Again well documented fact. This situation is going to turn out the exact same way. If these guys don’t stand down now, while the sheriff is giving them an opportunity to, I promise you.. its going to turn out the exact same way. I’ll bet my life on it.

Now lets look at poor John Ritzheimer. This guy is exhibiting all the classic signs of PTSD. It is my belief that he is not in on this plan but like the Bundy’s… has been suckered into believing what he is doing is right. This poor bastard is still fighting the war in his head and Assholes like Payne and Cooper are feeding into his delusions that dying for this cause is what he needs to do. They are taking advantage of his big heart and his undying love for the country he fought for and twisting him into a suicidal maniac. Im sorry if that stings.. but I assure you its the cold hard truth. How could ANYONE in their right mind think that dying trying to fight the BLM of all things is going to “change the govt”? How ignorant do you have to be to think that fighting and dying out there is going to somehow make the BLM fold up shop and stop what they are doing. Sorry kids… the ONLY people who can stop the BLM are in DC.. and I assure you, as long as People like Harry Reid and the like are around… the BLM is not going anywhere.. no matter how much we fight them and run them off. We ran them off at the Bundy ranch…and how much did that slow them down..? we ran them off at the sugar pine mine… how much did that slow them down…? What makes anyone think this will be any different? Mind boggling I tell you.

Now to those of you who are buying into this whole “this will galvanize the movement line of crap”.. What this is REALLY going to do is crush the patriot movement. They are going to hit these people with such force with such blinding speed and a level of violence of action that most patriots are going to turn and look at their own children and go there’s no way in HELL I want that to happen to MY family… thus the reason there are women and Children being taken to the refuge. The govt has already shown at WACO and Ruby Ridge just how willing they are to kill American Children. Don’t think for a second they wont do it here as well.

All the classic signs of a psyop. They plan to frighten the people into not even daring to ever take a stand against them again.

So what then of the militias? We’ll still be here but will be forced into hiding.. those who aren’t will be scooped up and charged as Domestic Terrorists. Do you for even ONE second really believe that this happening at the same time as Obama prepares to announce a whole new slew of gun restrictions is really a coincidence? Its not.. Not at all. What this is going to be used for is an EXCUSE to show why we need to disarm the American people for their own safety.. or put into place such SEVERE restrictions on owning firearms that we will NEVER be able to properly defend ourselves against a tyrannical govt. Hitler did it… Stalin did it… Mao did it… now Obama’s doing it. History is repeating itself in front of our own eyes and we’re too blinded by raw emotion to recognize it.

If everyone picked up and left that refuge tomorrow, what do you think Payne and Cooper would do? They’re so die hard…think they’d stay and fight? I mean that’s what they’re saying… they’re not leaving right? Prepared to die for the cause….right?…. My ASS ! Nope… they’ll slink back into the shadows and wait for the next opportunity to bamboozle good patriots into signing their own death warrants. And of course… once again.. neither will be charged with anything. And good peoples lives will be risked for nothing.

We’re being goaded into a fight here people…you NEED to see that. And every ONE of you who is advocating for this…Know this… if these people die… it will be YOUR fault. Not mine, nor will it be the fault of ANYONE in ANY unit I command. I simply wont allow it. THIS is the reason my troops follow me.. because I take the time to think these things through…to look at them from ALL directions… not based on sheer emotion as so many of you are doing now.

It was stated, dare I say, TAUGHT to me today by a close friend who is an ex special forces operator, that wars are not won by people taking rash actions such as the ones that have been taken here. Wars are won with proper planning. That shit hit me like a brick.. And I Will NEVER forget those words as that is the smartest thing I have heard throughout this entire ordeal.

1. Plan
2. Equip
3. Rehearse
4. Execute

THAT’S how you win a battle. THAT’S how you minimize casualties.. THAT’S how you win a war. None of that was done here. Therefore, these guys are all as good as dead.. Why do you think the local sheriff there just said these guys need to leave WHILE THEY STILL CAN… Because he KNOWS whats going to happen to them! He’s OFFERING them a way out and DAMNIT THEY NEED TO TAKE IT! The first thing I teach my guys is when they make unexpected contact with the enemy is, the proper response is to fall back, reset and take back the initiative. That’s what we need to do here. Will it look like a loss in the eyes of the people? Absolutely. But hey, you all had better get used to the fact that we are not going to win every battle.. BUT… in the eyes of those who put this whole bullshit plan together… this will be a CRUSHING defeat…Even though it will never be made public knowledge. We have let the enemy pick the time and place of our fight…and that is about to prove to be a fatal mistake. Mark my words..

But we can still snatch victory out of this whole screwed up mess…if ONLY you will listen to me. How do we win then? Well I’ll tell you…

We get those people out of there!!!!! Anyone and everyone who has contact with the people there needs to PLEAD with them to get the hell out of there… Then, we regroup, and WE pick the time and place of our fight…not the enemy. WE make THEM react.. WE pick ground that is most sensible for a proper defense, not a building in the middle of a field that has absolutely NO defensible positions as in the case of the refuge. Then we properly equip, plan, rehearse, and execute. If you want to win a war…that’s how you have to do it. Most importantly.. we expose frauds like Cooper and Payne for who they truly are. and drum them out of the movement before they really get someone killed.

So that my take on this mess… listen to me if you want, ignore me at your own peril… either way it is of no consequence to me. I will not debate this issue, and NO ONE will change my mind about this… I have done too much research into this situation to allow ANY armchair commando to dictate my actions for me. This is the war you all wanted so badly… now either lead follow or get the fuck out of the way. End of story. (please note this post has been edited to provide more factual evidence to include mention of Delta at Waco.)”


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Sandy Hoax FAU Hooks James Tracy

Veronique Pozner

Palm Beach Post

UPDATE: James Tracy, fired FAU professor, has chance to keep job

Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy — facing termination as early as Friday — still has a chance to keep his job, according to emails provided by Tracy that he says were exchanged between his attorney and representatives at FAU. read more


Florida university fires Sandy Hook truther professor

MIAMI – Florida Atlantic University has dismissed a professor who said massacres at a Connecticut elementary school and a county office building in San Bernardino, California, were staged, the university said. read more

It’s more than the second amendment. The first is taking a hit when the entire Federal Government dictates policy for the agent based corporate and private and public entities. So much for the research based university and teaching critical thinking.

Losing your gun is hardly comparable to losing your livelihood, tenure, or your right to travel or be employed based upon your DSM-5 credit score, mental health or political affiliation. The Feds come after you and we have seen it with BLM, IRS, FBI, DHS and a host of others. It’s not surprising that the  FAU, a public univesity is kowtowing to Obama and the current ‘Lynch’ mob. Poetic almost

I hope the Florida public will rally for Prof. Tracy and that he does fight his termination.


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Dancing with Hypocrisy in the Land-of-the-Free?

Whilst contemplating Mr. Obama’s decision to flank the U.S. Constitution and Bill-of-Rights for the umpteenth time, the following question quickly pops into mind — “Isn’t the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION the largest exporter of guns, death, and destruction on the planet?”

THE FACTS answering this question are found in the following article, and will hit you like a Pie-Chart to the face:


Making the assumption in the first paragraph of this thread, using the descriptive adjective, “umpteenth”, is also found to be right-on-the-money straight-shooting when you read the following:

“This would not be the first time Obama has taken executive action on guns. In 2013, after Congress failed to pass gun control legislation following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Obama signed 23 executive actions and then a few follow-up actions that generally tightened the background check system”.

Quote above found at this link:

Hey!?  “Sandy Hook” has been debunked to death.  Prior to its death, this False Flag of Fiction was seen leaking like a sieve, and couldn’t hold water at all when torpedoed by the Alt-Net-Sleuths who cut through propaganda like a .357 magnum round through ballistic gelatin!  See example here:

O.K., 23 + U.S. Constitution/Bill-of-Rights flanking “executive actions”.

Is more than 1 (1) Illegal, Treasonous (2) inappropriate (3) par for the course (4) impeachable?

We also have to ask the question, “Is an opaque teflon pResident with No History ‘The One’ who can sell sea shells by the seashore?”  In other words, does this guy and this administration have the currency to mystify a majority of Americans, and ultimately render them defenseless in the face of a fascist/communist flavored police state coup-born government?

The People are asking questions.  As they should.  With recent pResidents far surpassing the “legal lie limit” imposed by The People on “The People’s Representatives”, the landscape has long gone surreal.

America blatantly sells other nations more than 3 times the amount of Death Dealing Armaments than their closest competitor (Russia) — then reveals the psychopathic gall to bust another unconstitutional move on The People with carefully considered “executive actions”.

To “MAKE US SAFE”?…really…Bwaah ha ha ha ha!

Its almost “Too illegit to quit!”  Too Big to Jail?  Why, its downright GANGnam STYLE!

(cue MC Hammer & PSY)  Have fun with the video, and consider we’ve been watching a scripted “show” all along.  When all YOUR guns are gone, what have you got?  That’s right.  A recipe for tyranny and genocide.



Very important news and information regarding Full Spectrum Dominance and the coming Bluebeam event. Stay informed and be ready to raise hell.

Memory Hole

New Program Threatens Public Health, Group Warns FCC

Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space

December 17, 2015

google-wifiMs. Marlene H. Dortch
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C., 20554

Re: Informal Objection Under Section 5.95 to Application of Google, Inc., Application for Experimental License, File No. 0747-EX-PL-2015

Dear Ms. Dortch,

We are writing in opposition to the request by Google, Inc. for an experimental permit to blanket 88.6 – 99.6% of the land area of the continental U.S. with radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Due to the documented harmful effects of RF radiation exposure on human health and the environment, along with the fact this project violates the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, several sections of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, and International Human Rights Law in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, approval of this permit should be…

View original post 5,123 more words

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“NYC was nuked on 911″ in The PAPAMUNDI Files”

“Author and film-maker Peter Valentino says “NYC was nuked on 911″ in The PAPAMUNDI Files”


“It’s been a long while since the Free Planet blog highlighted the efforts of Russian nuke-commander Dimitri A Khalezov to convince everyone in the modern world that a) NYC was nuked on 911 and b) no planes were used. Khalezov’s assertion has always been that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were each brought down by a 150 kiloton 70m deep underground nuke (as part of their original design spec) was big news for a while then NOTHING…

Oh, apart from Judy Wood asking, “Where did the Towers go?”

Now, author and film-maker Peter Valentino has put together a to-camera piece called the Papamundi Files, NYC Final Conclusions in which he discusses the meat & potatoes of his Kissinger Konfessional polemic-omentary Papamundi and the 911 Mechanism or what we know as the Great Magic Show of September 11th 2001″.

Other Trending Articles:

Does Obama look like he is vacating the Office of pResident? (with 12 min. video)

Keeping the Lid on the Big Lie – Obama Appoints Chief 9-11 Cover-up Architect to ‘Intelligence’ Advisory Board.  Bush regime retread, Philip Zelikow, appointed to Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Read article at link below:

False Flags, Facts, and Solutions:



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Flying Economy: Sudden Turbulence Drop

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position.”


Why are Kristol and the NEO’s desperate for a War?  Anti-Trump. Pro Clinton, Bush, Soetoro and the next big crash.   They have no concern for the American economy. A trillion dollar blank check for Obama’s farewell.  No jobs and spiraling debt.

The turbulence started in June but the real drop happens early 2016. Whether the Flying Economy is forced to land or disintegrates in mid-air is yet to be determined but the fasten your seat belts light is lit.

Financial Armageddon Approaches: U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

Epocalypse Now: The Economic Apocalypse is Here

What can we expect? A new carbon currency? Maybe a reset with a exo-cosmic alien market? We have to wait for the commercial real-estate bubble to explode, the derivative “flying economy” to land and the bank run. All of the quadrillion in toxic assets has to be monetized. So is Fannie and Freddie going to solve it with Connecticut Avenue Securities? Ha! Sounds like a Sandy Hook enterprise (LIBOR Round 2?). JP Morgan can’t find private risk investment for their exposure. Neither can the rest. The cream of the crop LTV aside. This is going to be the back breaker. Add the commodities freefall and the manipulations you have an unsustainable scheme. No duct tape left.
Short of an economic boom due to war or global natural disaster I expect the collapse to take form before spring. You know they have something up their sleeves.

If you are on board with the criminal banksters don’t expect to bail out. The idea they have is that you “bail in.”

Crappy New Year!




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Damning Chemtrail Photo in SC 12-29-15

The Freakish Weather in the mid-west, which has blown south has been weather-manipulated.  Chemtrails in SC were spread prior to the onset of extraordinary warm temps in the mid-70’s, and subsequently layered on top of the torrential rain the night of 12-28-15 in SC, and started up again the afternoon of 12-29-15.

As an Obvious chemtrail jet had just traversed the sky leaving the plume you see in the photo, I happened to be casting bad thoughts at those who would manipulate the weather causing murderous tornadoes, freakishly warm weather in the south, mass snow events in northern areas, and the makings of merciless flooding already hitting the Mississippi River, when — that full size jet you see in the photo paralleled the recent chemtrail at exactly the same altitude…leaving no contrail whatsoever.

Of course I often witness starting/stopping of chemtrails, ridiculous flight patterns, and blitzkrieg days when they grid out the sky completely, leaving an ugly sick looking gray mess.

The point of this post is to Damn all those who make the BS arguments regarding chemtrails/contrails being water vapor having to do with altitude, temperature, and associated conditions.  All disinfo Hogwash!

No.  Some “air force” is responsible for altering our weather.

The sad news of all the recent deaths and destruction from just this latest round of Freak Weather in the U.S. presents a strong association with ongoing chemtrail operations and ionosphere heating.  In other words, it ain’t normal, and it can be tied to weather manipulation by TPTB.  This means those sanctioning, supporting, and covering up the Obvious ongoing operations bear responsibility.

There is NO PRETENDING that WEATHER MODIFICATION is not HAPPENING anymore.  A number of recent historic storms that impacted the U.S., its population, and infrastructure, have been highlighted by Alt-News weather researchers and laymen alike as “steered” storms, if not actually manufactured and intensified by weather manipulation operations.

You can do your own search for articles published on extreme weather events like Irene (see copied links of ixquick search below), or Katrina, or other events.

Don’t wait for your national or local weather men/women in the MSM news to even hint at the connections.

12-29-15 Damning Chemtrail Photo 2A SC

12-29-15 Damning Chemtrail Photo 2B SC

It is fair to point out to all the grieving families of loved ones lost, and property owners who have lost everything during this Holiday Season of 2015, that the criminals responsible for your loss are Known.  They’re the ones who will tell you there’s no such thing as chemtrails, its a Conspiracy Theory, or whatever else to stymie legitimate inquiry.  You can point up at the chemtrailing jets that plague your skies, and ask your local Sheriff, etc. what they’re going to do to follow the Big White Trails in The Sky to nail those responsible?!

You won’t lack for Witnesses to be interviewed.  Its pretty much the entire population, except for the blind.




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The American’s Creed, Stands in the Breach — Tall and Strong

Many Americans, through generations, have been standing on bedrock principles that have served their families, their nation, and themselves well.

It appears Obvious “Perspective” makes up a large amount of what counts for a free-minded man or woman.  There’s no hurt here.  There’s no holding down others to climb upon the backs and bodies of those beaten down.  A nation of those who can stand up proud, picking themselves up by their own bootstraps, who extend a hand (because its the right thing to do) to the less fortunate, who are comfortable standing shoulder-to-shoulder with uncountable decent folks who also have accepted the responsibility for themselves, for others, for how their representative government acts in concert with the will of the people — in concert and in crescendo with Obvious Inalienable Rights.

This, is what makes a nation of “people” a formidable force for good, at home, and wherever their hands and hearts reach.


“The American’s Creed” is the title of a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives April 3, 1918. It is a statement written in 1917 by William Tyler Page as an entry into a patriotic contest.

Sourced for this posting from Rense, and Rumormillnews

A vast throng of Americans hold to the principles and sentiments described above.

These are the people which make up America’s True “Homeland Security”.  They are not govt. employees, they require no pay to defend what is right.  Surely, they can spot all that is counterfeit, for lies are as chains of sand blowing in the wind.

They are not the authors of lies, deceit and falsehoods, nor of terror, nor of the psychopathy that reveals the soulless.  As evil is a force in the world to be reckoned with, so too is good that resides quietly in the hearts of a great many.  A great many who will never capitulate to evil, lies, and force.

It is the difference of wise perspective, of character, of mature responsibility, and knowing the difference between black and white, good and evil, friend and foe, representative government and everything else that is not.

NOW, is the time to know what one believes — and know those who believe it not.

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From the “i’s Wide Shutter” files (1999) The Apo11o Hoax

Tags: illuminati, Jesuit, Kubrick, Apollo 11, 911, mind-control, MK-Ultra, Project Bluebeam, New World Order, 2001 Space Odyssey, DNA

So is it real or fake? Why was this supposed interview kept for 15 years per Stanleys request? 2016? Why not 10 or 20 years? DISCLOSURE.

It’s been a wild ride but the roller coaster for next year will make 2015 look like a dull day.





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beware the false compromise

So I was listening to RBN Radio and I happened upon Deanna Spingola’s show. I am not a real fan but was listening to her guest. Then it hit me . Who is this Keith Johnson?

OPED NEWS   Keith Johnson is a critic and debunker of conspiracy theories, particularly those pertaining to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. His work regularly appears in the Newtown Post-Examiner. For many years, Keith was a freelance writer whose articles appeared in the nationally syndicated American Free Press newspaper and on various alternative media websites, including Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Our old friend Rob Kall and one from his stable of disinformation and damage control? So I listened to him and Deanna trash the Sandy Hook conspiracy. This included all contributors to James Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control

We have seen a continuous stream of actors. professed actors, their own admission involved in media and events that all center around the very nature and theme of the events we have seen from Aurora to San  Bernardino but the Sandy Hook event is so far beyond the realm of the official story, that it just blows my mind when I see two people who openly claim to believe in government deception go to these lengths to carry the water for Gladio events like 911 and psy-ops like Sandy Hook.

These are the worst kind of damage control operatives who claim expertise and push a limited hangout type of agenda.  They will claim 911 was likely a conspiracy but refrain from the Israeli connection.  They infiltrate the alternate media, present the same kind of theories as debunking that we use to debunk the official story.  This is to target those who may just be beginning their awakening. They find a comfort spot in the alternative media and pander to powers that be by trying to make it seem we (kooks) believe everything is a false flag or hoax. They spoon feed beginners with this technique while at the same time their funders are also funding operatives and media to throw out completely ludicrous and fabricated material.

An example may include the Sandy Hook child who died twice. These are just too obvious not to require some theory.  So was it Photochopped or staged by media?  I know the Obama admin has real connections to Pakistan as a haven for al-CIAda and ISIS Crisis team ops as in Afghanistan. Most notably with recent terror attacks and the CIA expulsions a few years back. Noah Pozner and Lenny are probably the most prominent point of the Sandy Hook event  for CT’s and yet they used his picture in the Pakistan school shooting?  Please ….I beg you to spare me this kind of blunder. These are always way too easy.

Deception, deflection, interference, ritual technique,  deliberate manipulation, repetition, recycling and deliberate symbology and numerology are all involved in the planning, delivery, narration and synthesis of the process. Jade Helm is all about manipulation of consciousness, information data-mining and controlling the state giving ‘them’ the ability to predict.

In regards to my total theory on Project Bluebeam, my everything answer to the questions remains the same. All we can know is that it is not the official story. Beyond the official story, the real agenda is not a gun grab. So even though I will listen to Alex Jones, Deanna Spingola, Jim Fetzer and others, I try to convey that it is a far deeper agenda. I trust no one and neither should you. I appreciate Jim Fetzer and James Tracy for their efforts and I hope their intentions are good.  But beyond the enormous amount of information and those who present it, they are just men and women who we know nothing about.

In the Big Blue Omnibus, there is what I believe the ultimate goal of Full Spectrum Dominance that is not just about surveillance alone or about buy-sell-trade dominance through the zebranomics of the global zionist ledgers  but the total predictive programming and mind-control that Orwell could never have realized.  We are all serving the server, contributing through the Brain-Gate and assisting in the creation of this monolithic tower for their benefit. Whether we are part of some designed Rubic for our extinction and replacement is possible but I think at this point I have to claim total ignorance. There certainly seems to suggest that all information is suspect and under the big blue omnibus anything can be true or false, or both. The true/false is the “Disclosure” process. a limited hangout that provides some truth but always deflect you from the most important aspect of the revelation.

At some point in time we may find MSM giving us more truth than the alternative media. If it becomes so polluted with operatives, paid dis-informants, fabricated conspiracy by the government intentionally designed to mislead, lead us to some point, making us react to and transition to and then record all the data, then I think they have a winning hand. Can we really have a society where there is no truth? No one to trust? I may succumb to terminal contrarianism before it is all over but maybe the truth is never reported. Maybe the truth doesn’t have to be reported.

Obama says he’s praying for ‘God’s protection for persecuted Christians’

Does this have to be reported? Do you believe him?

I refuse the compromise, the reported. It’s all false. Anything between a lie and the truth is still a lie. That makes it easy for me to see it all a hoax.  There is no middle ground. That is where the alternate media works. I’ll report it, tweet it but never believe it.


By the way, we here at Coalition of the Obvious were banned from OPED NEWS for posting Alex Jones and 911 conspiracy. Looks like OPED NEWS now has now okay’d 911 and Alex Jones but now Sandy Hook, the hoax, is off the table.





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Bluebeam Christmas



Upside-down weather pattern across US linked to El Nino

A weather pattern partly linked with El Nino has turned winter upside-down across the U.S. during a week of heavy holiday travel, bringing spring-like warmth to the Northeast, a risk of tornadoes in the South and so much snow across the West that even skiing slopes have been overwhelmed.

Partly El-NINO and partly El-HAARPO

In addition to El Nino, a weather pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation is also helping keep cold air bottled up in the Arctic. Combine that with warm temperatures around the planet from man-made global warming, he said, and you have a recipe for intense weather: “There are a couple of natural patterns at work, and then there’s this human-caused component too.”

That’s a fact. The human element are the NAVY-NASA-NOAA team and their constant HAARPING of the BLOB and El-Nino. Playing havoc with the arctic vortex

Winter Outlook 2015-2016. (Credit: NOAA)

White Christmas? Nope. Tornadoes Expected in Southern States

By In Homeland Security Staff

Winter has officially arrived, but instead of blizzard conditions hampering seasonal travel, severe weather conditions with tornadoes are expected Wednesday in Southern U.S. states and Ohio Valley according to the experts at The Weather Channel.  The most likely region for possible Christmas tornadoes is south of Michigan, from Illinois and Indiana south to the Gulf Coast; extremely gusty winds of up to 70 mph and large hail are a strong possibility.

“The first day of astronomical winter and what are we talking about? Severe weather and warmer than average temperatures,” reports meteorologist Danielle Banks. “But the threat gets even bigger when we go into Wednesday … 70% chance of tornadoes developing.”

….According to The Weather Channel, the Christmas heatwave severe weather threat is due to an area of low pressure set to develop in Oklahoma before heading to the Great Lakes area, pulling warm and moist air northward from the Gulf of Mexico. That moist air is then forecast to join a powerful upper-level disturbance moving east out of the Rockies — and that all spells nasty thunderstorms usually seen in the summer months.

Assault are typical on the I-35 Corridor as I have posted many times. I suspect the next staged crisis to occur on it somewhere from San Antonio to Minneapolis Minnesota. Either way the next week should be quite an event and coup for the destroyers of America ala I$I$ Crisis. Merry Fuggin Christmas America.



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“Hello, world: is your government driving you crazy?”


By Jon Rappoport

Politics, the god Hermes, and the big joke. Suppose, against all odds, enlightenment is funny and funny works like magic because it is magic.

Note: If, as you read this article, you think I’m saying ‘don’t worry, be happy’ or ‘just laugh it off’ or ‘forget all the suffering in the world,’ you’re viewing it from the wrong angle. The 1968 riot at the Democratic National Convention was very serious, and it did nothing to shorten the war in Vietnam. It might have prolonged it. In this article, I’m talking about a basic psychological and spiritual inhibition that keeps people from a kind of mass reaction they believe is unthinkable—but a reaction that would change reality in a revolutionary fashion, if it came from their deepest core…

I could write a few thousand pages as a mere introduction—but I want to focus on one factor: what people project into their leaders.

Yes, I know, that sounds a bit odd. But stay with me. I’ll make it pay off.

Read More…

This comes after the meeting with Pope Francis? Once the Adelson meeting, “the irrefusable offer” takes place, it will be on to Bilderberg 2016. The best comparative for Trump is ‘Longshanks’ until he craters to I$I$. If not he will find himself like the rest of us lone-wolves. I suspect he is already one of them. Too much time in Palm Beach.

Memory Hole

21st Century Wire 

Well, it seems as if The Donald has been summoned by the Kingmaker himself, Mr. Sheldon Adelson.

Yes, that kind old man who just loves to be involved in “the process” of choosing who gets into power in America.

No doubt Adelson called The Donald in for a debriefing on how Trump feels about Israel, and more importantly, whether or not Israel will be at the top of Donald’s priorities should he make it into power in the White House next fall.

IMAGE: Casino billionaire Donald Trump met with bigger casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

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Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ CAUGHT Playing FBI (NEWTOWN HOAX Proof)

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 21, 2015

The Curious Parents of Noah Pozner and more….

Sandy Hook Dad BUSTED Playing SWAT Sniper?


From the Haunting in Connecticut to the Harassing of Professor James Tracy, the Greenberg Crisis Team keeps the Sandy Hoax staging in the forefront of conspiracy. James Fetzer cannot sell his books and Prof. Tracy is under threat of his job. Wolfgang Halbig has been threatened and the recycle of these staged events keeps coming month after month.

The MSM propagandists keep telling us that we are in fear of terrorism. Only true if we see Obama and Company as the terror and his pen as the weapon of mass destruction.

Memory Hole

Originally published on Fellowship of the Minds, April 3, 2014.

We are told that on the morning of December 14, 2012, a single gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, for no discernible reason, barged into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

There, despite his “very poor muscle tone” and “very very poor motor skills” which typify those afflicted with Asperger syndrome, Lanza managed to shoot to death 20 first-graders and 6 adults in less than 5 minutes.

That’s just one of the reasons why many now believe the Sandy Hook shootings to be what former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig calls “a contrived event.”

In addition to the parents’ absence of signs of grief, the resemblances of Sandy Hook people to crisis actors, the RIP and donation sites that were created days before the massacre, the strange Social Security Death Index for Lanza that said he had died…

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Popular Culture Like “Star Wars” Reflects Real-World Manipulations

“The Road to Galactic Serfdom”

This is an interesting way to break down and understand “current events” {and historical events as well}.  COTO understands the principles used to manipulate the masses.  It is important for a large and meaningful number of people, in every country, to be savvy to the machinations of those who would accumulate Power & Wealth to themselves through stealth and manipulation.  “It is as it ever was, and will be”.  Knowledge is the bulwark standing against Tyranny.

Road to Galactic Serfdom

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“Turkey” for Dinner Discussed (Globalist Games)

Globalist Modus Operandi operating in Turkey is revealed:

Sourced from:
“The anonymous man in Turkey managed to get a long message through…
If you want to see the opinion of what is obviously a high intellectual in Turkey, this is a good read”  ~ Jim Stone

{Important, to consider the staging and plan described below.  This is a Formula replayed in country after country on the Globalist’s chopping block.  Filling in the blanks with United States might provide insights as to the stagings in the U.S., and assist in gauging What’s Next?!}
“The delay in your receiving the last report may have had a silver lining in allowing it to be plainly seen that things have indeed moved in the direction indicated by those first two dispatches – and that the information being shared is independent of the collusive and misleading narratives which now totally infect media of all descriptions. There is need of a break, however, from that straight up geopolitical assessment of events in order to match the nature of what is unfolding to a historical background as complex as it is forbidden – by mutual agreement of all sides.
Your site is the correct venue for such a review, as your placement of the campaign- to vilify Muslims in preparation for a major war – as THE major issue in the west of the moment is altogether true; the lack of such an understanding is what will lead to the mutual destruction of east and west so desired by the players behind scenes. Just as we here face the dangerous calumnies of radicalized Islamist jihadis unleashed by terrorist-controlled states, the peoples of the west need to confront – and defeat – the forces of hate and division whose storyline has, via ‘the Donald’ now so conveniently surfaced in a manner which will make tacitly acceptable the profiling of ethnic and religious communities.. Targeting Muslims as a group comes at a much greater cost than simply vilifying or marginalizing one quarter of the worlds population – it’s covert purpose is to lay the group for stigmatizing and removing ALL real resistors to the machinations of the hegemonist powerseekers. Covertly state-sponsored campaigns for the kind of socio-religious hatreds such as 9-11 was designed to achieve are now the norm globally, assisted in their strategies of public disinformation by complicit media organs and organized the sort of ‘black ops’ which you so diligently work to document as false flag events.
The primary danger to those of us in the Middle East – and, due to the destructive power of modern weaponry, to humanity as a whole – are the hegemonist projects of those who seek to divide and rule by means of racial and/or religious grouping. The zionist project is relatively well known and understood in it’s character and methods; however other, superficially competing but ultimately collaborative efforts are also underway. The Turkish model is one that is much less well known to those of the Occidental world.
A “Pan-Turkic” vision of uniting all those of that ethnic grouping throughout Asia has been an ongoing project since the “Young Turks” ousted the decadent Ottomans from their diminished Empire, in the early part of the C20th. As a part of that vision, we have witnessed the expulsion and genocide of Armenians from their Anatolian homelands, a similar if less bloody exiling of Greeks, and other ‘foreign’ minorities, along with a long standing suppression of the Kurdish populations predominant in the south and east of that country. Read More…

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The IRS Tax and No Fly-No Buy


Part of the Jade Helm, Full Spectrum Dominance is the core of the Talmudic Zebranomics. Death and Taxes rules the enslaved people of this planet. As I have discussed the 666 mark, I have pointed to Buy-Sell-Trade. Under the (WTO) World Terror Organization the Terror, NO FLY-NO BUY operates under the “flying economy” The I$I$ -crI$I$ Gladio (NATO-OTAN) enforces the executive Mafia from the Banking Corporate Zionist Headquarters in the three centers of DC, City of London (Tel-Aviv) and the Vatican.

As Masters of the Human Domain, they own your name. UCC, all contracts are your strawman under their financial terror. This is just another example of how they plan to backdoor the mark of the beast into every movement, transaction or communication.

David Dees' Bank of the World

David Dees’ “Bank of the World”

H.R.22 – FAST Act – The Fast & Furious via the Feds, IRS (foreign Corporations / stakeholders) and their benefactors.


(a) In General.—Subchapter D of chapter 75 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new section:


“(a) In General.—If the Secretary receives certification by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue that an individual has a seriously delinquent tax debt, the Secretary shall transmit such certification to the Secretary of State for action with respect to denial, revocation, or limitation of a passport pursuant to section 32101 of the FAST Act.

“(b) Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—For purposes of this section, the term ‘seriously delinquent tax debt’ means an unpaid, legally enforceable Federal tax liability of an individual—

“(A) which has been assessed,

“(B) which is greater than $50,000, and

“(C) with respect to which—

“(i) a notice of lien has been filed pursuant to section 6323 and the administrative rights under section 6320 with respect to such filing have been exhausted or have lapsed, or

“(ii) a levy is made pursuant to section 6331.

Keep in mind that ever since the USA Incorporation went bankrupt, all things changed. By the time JFK was assassinated the whole system had been put into place.

This is in a nutshell that you are a willing participant in this totally fraudulent scheme. It is known to the courts and attorneys but they ignore it based upon your acceptance. Without full disclosure, the  ponzi continues and unless you outside the bar, the collectors of your blood sweat and money will continue to overlook unlawful disclosures because you willingly accept it.  And no attorney will advise you in risk of their oaths to the Zionist Talmudic Slave traders who created I$I$ and other aspects of the WOT for purposes of moving the global governance agenda forward, eliminating any constitution, common law or unalienable rights. Islam and Jihad are merely a tool to destroy religion, under GOD and finally the constitution of those they deem terrorists like Washington, Jefferson and Henry.

Bush Signing of the Patriot Act

Oxymoron “Patriot Act” signed by a moron

This MICC Bill is a direct assault,  by the congressional criminal complex, swept through in stealth by the illegitimate CIC and deflected by the stagings like San Bernardino,  that are used to distort, dumb down and cover the schemes which they do not report with a bought and paid for MSM. Step by step and inch by inch, they chip away at the monument of human and constitutional rights. Sharia and Jihad are creations of the Joo-joo-bees and every one is rammed through the back room deals by the stakeholder lobby mouthpieces and the loyal Tories and bar members in Congress who took their oaths with hands on the Koran and their tears on the wailing wall. If you remember, Sandy Hook and Aurora were cover and focused on  buy-sell-trade a trillion dollar LIBOR scam which to date has not a single confederate in jail.  Business as usual for the Mafioso and their consigliere’s and enforcers .



Made possible by the World Terror Organization


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False Flag Islamophobia Conference: Live Stream from Paris

Skip the futbol and fake bowls and tune in.

Memory Hole


La Conférence des Refusés!
Exposing the Friday the 13th Black Op in the City of Light. Usher in a New Siècle des Lumières by Illuminating the Lies and Crimes of the Friday the 13th ISIS Deception.

WARNING TO OUR FRENCH AUDIENCE: France has started blocking websites like they do in China so it may be difficult for you to watch our live stream unless you sign up for a VPN service. Click here for a link to several free and paid VPN services.

Are false flag attacks – attributed to Muslims, actually committed by the enemies of Muslims – a major factor behind the spread of Islamophobia?
Is “Islamic State” a real Muslim group – or a false-flag group created, armed and deployed AGAINST Muslims by the enemies of Islam?

Who was really behind the recent terror attacks in Paris? (Check the links at the bottom of this article…

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Uncle Sam: “Hillary, Kiss My Ass!”

If you go to my YouTube channel you’ll see my 3-latest entries. I’ll be surprised if Infowars shows them. I’m surprised YouTube even put them up.

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NASA does nothing in space.



AS11-40-5922 SERIAL NUMBER NASA image


hey guys just wanted to say Hi and share my favorite image this month.

speaks volumes. You would think this is a joke but it surely is not.

basically I just wanted to say Hi to everyone before Puddy forgets about me!

I’m an image based researcher and feel like a cheater with all you writers here!

Love you guys!!!!tumblr_ntrcfdhV5w1qj2e2vo1_540

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