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MK-KILLMORE – Another Ride on the Bloody I-35 Corridor


The Tunabomber blows himself to smithereens. DNA destroyed

I have written many posts over the last ten years on the bloody I-35 Corridor. As the major hub for MK-Ultra, it also hosts the FBI, CIA, SPLC, BATF and GLADIO deep state terrorists who thrive on the false flags to keep their budgets up to satisfactory levels.

The reality is that there is so little normal crime that most police have been relegated to donation drives, spending their days at speed traps and fraternal order phone rooms. Part of the Hegelian Dialectic is used heavily in creating the illusions of rampant crime and terror to not only promote the need for greater authoritarian presence but also the advancement of surveillance and draconian civil rights forfeiture.

Try to find out the cost of the Tunabomber event to taxpayers. Remember that Sheriff Israel in Parkland Florida drives a Lamborghini.


The Tunabomber in Austin is a perfect example of a TRIAD. The target or stooge may be fictitious or a full fledged mind kontrol inductee. Whether a crisis actor or a dumbed-down aided and abetted chemical zombie does not really matter. As long as the narrative, script and synthesis is completed, the end result is always a multi-benefit and redistribution of wealth that never wastes an opportunity.

As we watch the narration begin to play out we can already see the prongs of opportunity. Gun confiscation is impossible but going through the backdoor and stealing them is not impossible. Like all the events on the I-35 Corridor, the fear and loathing play a part in chipping away at the constitution. This is a house with many doors. Bad laws, increased surveillance, the DSM-5 mental disorder, buy=sell-trade 666, asset forfeiture, political religious social profiling are just a few of the doors. What a nice diversion of the 1.3 Trillions dollar budget that no one knows about except the deep swamp DC criminals. We can figure 700 Billion in the defense budget side.  I expect all defense money is proportionally distributed to domestic terror spending and homeland technology.




MK-Killmore, the Tunabomber, left a 25 minute audio confession unlike the patsy Ted Kaczynski, who supposedly left a manifesto. So after everything we have seen, do we think Ted was a SIRHAN or a real terrorist?  I for one believe he was a Conditt. A stooge, stalked, MK targeted individual who was forced into seclusion, psychiatric hell and then used as a tool for a group of FBI, CIA BATF and SPLC center covert operatives staging these IED exercises. We will never know if the victims are real or fake but again it does not really matter for the sake of the masters of the human domain. The Jade Helm program is alive and well and continues on it’s path to total spectrum dominance over the population.

It’s all entertainment

Industrial Society and Its Future Theodore Kaczynski

CONDITT – Conduit to the NWO

What is obvious to those who have read my material or that of others who talk about the end game, the truth movement is a terror cell, a cancer, a dangerous virus that will spread and destroy society if left to metastasize. If you are Christian, Pro-life, a freeman, independent, belligerent, critical thinker or a non-governmental white male gentile protestant, you are a threat. Though this is the target group it begins there and will eventually work it’s way throughout the spectrum of society.

Step by step, inch by inch, it proceeds.  Like rust the NWO never sleeps. The agenda runs on precision time with the Holyrood- Hollywood release of media and law. The coming attractions are predictive programming at the same time legislation is being drafted. Like the World Trade Complex, the FISA Patriot Act was already drafted long before 9-11-2001. So true is the drafting of law for the DSM-6. The buy sell trade surveillance, crypto blockchain “mark” and your final destination of complete compliance to a new order.

VAULT #7 – Donald Trump Mr. Surveillance

I was going to do a breakdown of the Tunabomber and decode and highlight the agenda from this fictional freemason fraternal order folly but it’s just too obvious and after hundreds of posts here doing this analysis, I grow weary of repetition. The numbers are there. It marks the Holyrood Jesuit Trump #7 with the number of bombs Conditt was supposed to have constructed. The rest of the numbers indicate the same 8-11 foolery of the 3-9-6 triad. I will post comments with relevant information proving this to be a total manufactured continuation of the Bush-Clinton-Obama-Trump crime family run by the “Syndicate” of the Joo-suits in the unincorporated Vatican, City of London, DC and Tel-Aviv.


Blood Alley: The eye thirty five corridor
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“Lavish” Staging on the I-35 Corridor
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Remember the Alamo, remember Gladio.
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FIU Bridge Brought Down By Sonic Weapon?



Excerpt from the New York World

Telegram, July 11, 1935 –

Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which “you could put in your overcoat pocket.”

The bewildered newspapermen pounced upon this as at least one thing they could understand and “the father of modern electricity” told what had happened as follows:

“I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound.

“I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher. “Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium.

“The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That’s all they ever knew about it.”

Some shrewd reporter asked Dr. Tesla at this point what he would need to destroy the Empire State Building and the doctor replied: “Vibration will do anything. It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down. That’s why soldiers break step crossing a bridge.”


Engineer of Florida Bridge Reported Cracks Just Days Before Collapse

Building better bridges: An FIU professor is leading the nation’s efforts to make infrastructure safer

When Atorod Azizinamini stood in the White House in 2015 to be honored as a “Champion of Change,” he formally accepted a title that many agree has described him for years. With four patents and more than 200 articles to his credit, the chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering boasts a long history of impacting his field, first by working in industry and then spending two highly productive decades at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, before landing at FIU in 2011.

Pentagon hints budget woes a factor in F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet crash off Key West

Of Course they do! That is how the dialectic works  /_\ Triad

Navy Identifies Pilot, Weapons Officer Killed In Crash Off Key West

KEY WEST (CBSMiami/AP) – Two U.S. Navy airmen were killed when their F/A-18F Super Hornet crashed on final approach near Naval Air Station, Key West.

The aviators have been identified as Lt. Cmdr. James Brice Johnson and Lt. Caleb Nathaniel King, both Florida residents.

Both pilots were assigned to the “Blacklions” of Strike Fighter Squadron Two One Three (VFA-213), based at Naval Air Station Oceana and assigned to Carrier Air Wing Eight.

The Super Hornet was on approach to land at the naval air station in Key West around 4:30 p.m. when it crashed into shallow water about a mile east of the runway.

Both the Johnson and King ejected and were pulled out of the water.

Ejected? Sideways or upside down? That’s the inly way they would have died Read on….

Johnson, a Naval aviator and 2007 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, was piloting the jet when the incident occurred while King, a 2012 U.S. Naval Academy graduate, was serving as the Weapons Systems Operator.

April Phillips, a spokeswoman for the Naval Safety Center in Norfolk, Virginia, said there have been 25 serious mishaps involving F/A-18 Super Hornets since fiscal year 2008. They resulted in four deaths – including the two Wednesday – and the loss of 11 aircraft. The other two fatalities were in 2011.

These two events are linked based on Vortex decoding, the location and the possible weapons system testing. Maybe not the weapons vehicle but maybe in the path and system failure occurred. Maybe the sacrificial killing like FIU if the deep state is looking for Trump’s Infrastructure bill and Defense spending payday.

Barbie Wilson, who lives near Naval Air Station Key West, said she saw the crash from her pickup while running an errand.

“It looked like it was going to land on the runway and then the whole plane went sideways,” she said in a phone interview. “And then I saw fire and it dropped out of the sky.”

Wilson said her husband later told her he had heard two loud booms from their house nearby. She said the plane landed upside down in water that’s barely deep enough for a kayak.

Hire hitmen then after the contract is done , silence them?

“It was just a matter of minutes, and there were rescue helicopters,” she said. “You can’t get to it by boat or car.”

Justin Duane Hults, who also lives near the base, said the roar of the jet’s engines sounded abnormal right before the crash.

“They were coming in to land like they always do,” he said. “But (the engines) got real loud and then really quiet instead of (the roar) being long and drawn out.”

The Sound of Silence? Ultrasonic, to Infrasonic? Subsonic or Ultrasonic tones and resonance matching can do the same to a crystal or glass object. There are unknowns to resonances in special materials and I write several articles discussing HAARP technology to bring the World Trade Center down. Not just directed energy but frequency oscillations and resonance keys.

He said he later saw rescuers pull the crew from the water.

Hecht said the Super Hornet remains in the water where it crashed and will stay there until the investigation is complete. That investigation will include a review of aircraft maintenance, number of hours flown on the aircraft, physical condition of the aircrew and their activities previous to the accident.


Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, P.E. – Accelerated Bridge Construction

FIU promoted technique used to build failed pedestrian bridge as solution to nation’s infrastructure woes

Not your standard vortex-induced oscillation but a combination of resonance tuning, weather modification, microwave and scalar wave science

Here is one of several Patents I have read that seem viable using high energy low frequency canon or directed energy and extremely low frequency.

2. Statement of the Prior Art

In order to destroy a target or kill or injure enemy personnel using a sonic signal, it is necessary to vibrate the target at or near its resonant frequency. Since the resonant frequency of commonly encountered structural targets is relatively low, typically 5-20 hertz, a low frequency sonic beam is required. In addition, the sonic beam must have sufficient range to be effective as a weapon. While these two criteria are simple to state, they are not easy to implement. The reason is Rayleigh’s Law which may be written in equation form as follows:

δ=1.22 λ/sinφ


δ equals the radius of the central disc of energy,

λ equals the wavelength of the focused beam and

φ equals the angle subtended by the lens at the focal distance. For example, Rayleigh’s Law predicts that the lens diameter required to focus a 10 hertz wave to within a 50 foot diameter zone of focus at a range of one mile is about 26,484 feet or about five miles.


According to the present invention, I have developed a sonic weapon system which takes advantage of the interaction between colinear beams in a nonlinear medium to transmit low frequency sonic signals to remote targets, structural or human, with sufficient power to destroy them. The basic system includes a high level sonic source, means for separating the raw output from the sonic source into discrete frequency components, means for adjusting the phasing between these components and means for focusing them on the target.

The sonic source may comprise any sound source having a sufficient power output capacity to maintain destructive levels at the target and render the transmission medium, typically air, nonlinear. Commercially available jet and nuclear engines are sufficient for this purpose and their use is presently preferred.

See also (Acoustic Canon)


811 – Know whats below.

I found a lot of things in the MSM coverage that didn’t add up. One of the most telling was the fact that is the bridge had collapsed on traffic, there would have been vehicles that smashed into the downed span. None were visible on any raw live footage the day I watched the coverage. 8 cars, 8 hospitalized and eleven. The same vortex series of the 911 fraud from WTC, Pentagon and the NAVY, NASA, NIST, NOAA, NSA team. We all remember the weather vortex that was there on 911 off the coast in the Atlantic?  Vortex Induced shear?

I suspect no one died, a possible well and long planned event, a possible weapons beta test for the coming grand delusion when project bluebeam takes flight. Along with the electromagnetic, visual, audio spectrum [E.V.A.N. – Dunne] the TRIAD of this kind of event is relatively simple to reduce and deuce as a multi-benefit and opportunity. Firstly a weapons test, followed by corporate profit swings, patent fraud, future government contract ramifications, stock puts, insurance fraud, infrastructure spending and the usual mind control-fake news programming.


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Sweetwater Bridge Hoax: How Pedestrian!

It was very suspect coverage of the FIU Pedestrian Bridge collapse. I noticed they protected images of the southern portion of the bridge. I suspect thay stopped traffic eralier before the collapse and staged the demolition.

1. The scene looked like a drill. Responders standing around.
2. No overview of the whole bridge
3. Witness stated that he heard explosions in secribing the sound of the bridge collapse
4, This new bridge was being “stress tested” that day.
5. Witnesses stating that there were workers on the bridge
6. Cars looked minimally crushed considering the tonnage of this 1000 ton bridge

Was it a case that the bridge did not pass inspection and that the walkway would have to be demolished and the fake news media and Dade County decided to make a live drill out of this totally failed construction project?

There are an international population in this area and Florida International University is the 4th largest public university in the US with over 55,000 attendees. I find it odd that the bridge was being tested at the time of collapse but there is no immediate information about the structure failure.

I saw one unbloodied victim on a stretcher being shoved into an emergency vehicle.  Supposed victims being sent to a Kendall  Medical Center. This is just a few miles from where I grew up in Miami. This is part of the Tamiami Trail #41 from US 1 Miami to Naples on the west coast of Florida.


I also wonder if there were scalar or microwaves shenanigans involved. I am fairly certain this is a hoax from the sense of any real deaths and there may be “crisis actors” involved. There were no ambulances in the footage but they cut away to some ambulance somewhere and said it was the Red Cross? WTF?

Is that code like the Parkland Hoax-Code Red? The NTSB Criminals are on the scene so there will be some 911 coverup and bogus cause of collapse.

On a side note there was a F/A-18 Nave Jet crash in Key West on Wednesday around 4:30 p.m. Both pilots were killed.

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The Syndicate is going rogue


The Technique:

You can ask yourself why all the Russian Ex-KGB FSB and other Putin detractors are being wiped out. Ask yourself why Putin would start this process of killing them systematically years after they migrated west. One of the best keys to the Sun Tzu strategies and a tool of the deep state committee is to sanction the death of the double agent in a Triple Cross. The technique is simple. We just watched one with the Trump collusion script. You blame the other side for your crime immediately after committing it. In the case of Putin, the spoils of the game are shifting heavily in favor of Putin and the real elephant in the room is battleground over the pipeline real estate.

Corporate and Banker wars

Nine months, nine prominent Russians dead

The collusion is all the members of the global mafia in a game of two sides, one winner.  Putin using a Russian made nerve agent is as stupid as believing Assad using his known chemical stockpiles on his own citizens. That one blew up in their face but did not stop them from using the technique again even after they were exposed. The White Helmets and Gladio are the UN cover for the west teams attack on the east team.

This technique is again being used in the killing (sacrifice) of Russians since Alexander Litvinenko It was the premise to get the Trump collusion narrative off the ground and now the eagle has landed. The Jesuit tag team and the Joo-joos from Tel-Aviv are playing high stakes now. If they are all in we can expect some fireworks during the window I laif out from March 15 to May 1. Watch the fake news and think about the North Korea distraction, while keeping an eye on Golan Heights, Syria and the Turks. NATO games, GLADIO, White Helmets, Pipelines and …..chemical weapons. Not the usual anthrax love letters but serious false flag business. Vortex Math links these time related events and it begins with this:

An opening ceremony?

No, a Massive Geomagnetic Storm Will Not Hit Earth on March 18

Of course not. It is the geoengineering and HAARP Scalar  assaults that will do us in.  The recent mega hits in New Guinea are a sampling of the Spring Equinox and American Spring for 2018.

These events are a prefect vortex.

TRUMP FIRES TILLERSON – Tillerson is a deflection. The key is to get the new CIA director in.  Pompous Pompeo for Iran and the torturer to replace him

The Shape of Water – 911

Gina Haspel – Complicity in torture

Haspel ran a “black site” CIA prison located in Thailand in 2002.[13][20] The site was codenamed “Cat’s Eye” and held suspected al Qaedaterrorist members Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah for a time. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture specifies that during their detention at the site they were waterboarded and interrogated using no-longer-authorized methods.[9][10] Declassified CIA cables specify that Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in a month, was sleep deprived, kept in a “large box”, had his head slammed against a wall, and he lost his left eye. Zubaydah was deemed, by the CIA interrogators, to not be in possession of any useful intelligence (Interrogation of Abu Zubaydah).[21] Haspel was “directly involved in its controversial interrogation program” and had an “extensive role” in torturing detainees. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture detailed the central role she played in the particularly gruesome torture of detainee Abu Zubaydah.[22]

Haspel played a vital role in the destruction of interrogation videotapes that showed the torture of detainees both at the black site she ran and other secret agency locations.[23]

On December 17, 2014, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) pressed criminal charges against unidentified CIA operatives, after the US Senate Select Committee published its report on torture by US intelligence agencies.

On June 7, 2017, the ECCHR called on the Public Prosecutor General of Germany to issue an arrest warrant against Haspel over claims she oversaw the torture of terrorism suspects. The complaint against her is centered on the case of Saudi national Abu Zubaydah.[24][25][26]


Haspel has received a number of awards, including the George H. W. Bush Award for excellence in counterterrorism[27], the Donovan Award, the Intelligence Medal of Merit, and the Presidential Rank Award.[28]

She’s better than George Tenet but will have to wait to torture big time and falsify intelligence before she gets the Medal of Freedom.

What is the shape of water? It looks a lot like American this time around.

Meanwhile Tillerson will just move back into the Corporate Deep State and maybe a full member of the Syndicate. Meanwhile the orchestrations of the Russia West Hot war is at a boil. All for the benefit of Trump and the Jesuits to take control of the entire surveillance and intelligence apparatus just like they did pre-911.  The historical markers just keep pooping up. 6-9-3 and 11.

I won’t underestimate Haspel as a key player in the coming year. This shift smells bad from the get-go. The timing is horrible but the necessity is imperative. The MSM GOP is praising her and that is a real bad sign.  The is the female version Darth Vader Dick Cheney.  And if Trump and Pompeo go after the last holdouts on the City of London, the Rothschilds and Global Mafia we could see excitement from Iran, North Korea and Syria.

We don’t need Trump to threaten Kim Jong-Un when he can go after Iran. Putin’s team has already threatened US troops and GLADIO if they continue to make the aggressions.

Then this ridiculous ultimatum

LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed on Tuesday that Russia must provide “unambiguous answers” after London gave Moscow until midnight to explain how a Soviet-era nerve weapon was used against a former Russian double agent.

See the game? The technique. The Jesuit Joo-Joo-Bees playing the same Trump card. At every turn Trump is moving the wrong direction but his sycophants are duped by the bogus collusion. They are all in collusion with the Vatican and Tel-Aviv.  This game is so obvious it is laughable.  Trump is being directed at every turn to the point he does look like a mental patient. Talk about bi-polar.  What it is that makes me wish Obama was still in office was transparency.  Obama was a window, an open door. Trump is like a house of mirrors.  I don;t think he could pass a mental health assessment but it seems obvious that it’s not him making any if these decisions.

Russia threatens military action against US in Syria

It’s a false flag away is it not?  Is there any thing to the fact we are way overdue? Not for troops and bombs but for all out GW5 global warfare. We have experienced the beta tests and hyper-sonic scalar weapons, the weather events, the flash crashes and domestic terror. Now what? March 15 – May 1 we will get out answer.

What I love the most about this major shift by the Committee and Syndicate is this:

Pope Francis Sues Alex Jones With Tax Payer Money – YouTube

When Alex Jones a bona fide Jesuit can arrange for this staged event, you know he’s trying to use ‘the technique. ‘  The time is getting near and we will all know the truth. Unfortunately it will happen when all hell breaks loose.
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Lost Your Perspective? It Can Be Found!


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The Seychelle Game


“One Team, One Dream” The NWO

Here’s What You Should Know About That Secret Seychelles Meeting

A mysterious January 2017 meeting in the Seychelles between a close associate of President Donald Trump and a Russian banker with alleged ties to Vladimir Putin has come under renewed scrutiny this week.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been gathering evidence about the rendezvous, which took place less than two weeks before Trump’s inauguration. Mueller is reportedly looking to see if the meeting was meant to set up a secret back channel between Trump and Putin, the Russian president. George Nader, an adviser to the United Arab Emirates who was at the meeting, has been cooperating with Mueller’s probe, and it appears his testimony could help unlock several major questions about the affair.

Here’s what you should know about the Seychelles meeting.


We have been the unwitting dupes of the Joo-Joo Jesuit one world One team One Dream architects and assassins.  If you winder why the vitriol for Trump and the Dems is so strong and insane now, it is simply the vortex tightening ever so close to the end of America. But you should also now realize that the Trump-Obama-Clinton- Bush crime syndicate work as one under Tel-Aviv and the Vatican. Mueller, Nunes, Schiff, the MSM and the rest all following the script and directives from the Reuters-CIA WAPO and administrators for the Cartel, the Mafia of the global world order.


Why was there a secret meeting in the Seychelles?

The UAE arranged the meeting in the Seychelles Islands in January 2017, just days before Trump assumed office, The Washington Post first reported last April. The location may have been chosen for its relative discretion.

“The Seychelles is the kind of place where you can have a good time away from the eyes of the media,” the country’s secretary of state for foreign affairs told the Post at the time.

Erik Prince, a longtime supporter of Trump’s campaign and the founder of the Blackwater private security firm, met with a Russian official linked to Putin, although Prince has described the meeting as an unplanned chance encounter.

It’s not clear what Prince and the official talked about. But according to The New York Times, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, eventual national security adviser Michael Flynn and then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak discussed the possibility of setting up the communications channel in a December 2016 meeting.

The Washington Post also received an anonymous letter claiming that Kushner, Kislyak and Flynn “talked about arranging a meeting between a representative of Trump and a ‘Russian contact’” in an unidentified third country. The Post’s Adam Entous told MSNBC that the letter said “Flynn was deemed too high-profile to do the trip.”


There has been more than the one meeting in Seychelles. That is my theory.  Stemming from the pre-elect Trump vetting to the Obama Russia Pedo-gates, the fake news is all there to distract you from the obvious.  They are a family of killers. All the games and theatrics designed to cover the coming global event.  Remember that the MH-370 and the Korkki sisters, the sacrificial offerings to the success of the grand scheme.

Who killed the Korkki Sisters and why? | COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS

These murders likely came days before the real contracts and agreements were signed and dry. The Korkki sisters were murdered. Suffocated, sacrificed and covered up by the Seychelles Silent Service, “The Seychelles is the kind of place where you can have a good time away from the eyes of the media,”

Who else was there?

Prince met with Kirill Dmitriev, a Russian banker who manages a government-controlled wealth fund and is also thought to be close to Putin.

The meeting was set up by the UAE and the country’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Nader served as a representative for the Middle Eastern nation and had met Prince before, serving as a consultant for Blackwater.

Prince has said he went to the Seychelles as a private businessman, and has denied the original report by the Post. He told the House Intelligence Committee in November that he had no plans to meet with Dmitriev, but Emirati officials convinced him to go to the bar at the hotel he was staying in to have a drink.

“One of the entourage says, ‘Hey, by the way, there’s this Russian guy that we’ve dealt with in the past,’” Prince told lawmakers. “‘He’s here also to see someone from the Emirati delegation. And you should meet him, he’d be an interesting guy for you to know, since you’re doing a lot in the oil and gas and mineral space.’”

He claimed they only spoke about oil prices and how much the UAE “wished for resumption of normal trade relations with the USA.”


Who poisoned ex-Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter?

More theatre or is this another loose end to tie off. I suspect a sacrifice for the purpose of keeping this Cold War nation state game and the Trumpfest alive. Putin is as much a global minion as Trump. Just better at keeping it a secret.  Remember when Putin disappeared for days in 2015 and 2016? Like Trump he was getting his vetting and orders like Trump did.  MI6 kills their own. Putin isn’t MI6. Neither is Trump but her Majesty’s Secret Service can kill Trump or Putin on a moments notice. When they are not watching child pornography, getting liquored up with hookers and committing other jailable offenses. You can call them MI7.

What is Mueller investigating?

Nader has been cooperating with Mueller’s probe since mid-January and recently gave testimony about his knowledge of the meeting in front of a grand jury, according to a report in the Times this week. He allegedly served as a representative of the crown prince, and the Times notes that Emirati officials believed Prince was serving as a representative of the Trump transition team and Dmitriev as an envoy from the Kremlin.

In an earlier story, the Times noted that Mueller has widened the scope of his probe and is also investigating whether the Emiratis were attempting to buy influence with Trump.

Nader’s recent testimony could contradict Prince’s statements over the past year and shed light on the true reasons for the meeting.

All Mueller & Company are doing is protecting the deep agenda and making sure no horses get out of the barn. The rest of this is all BS.

We finally know the purpose of the mysterious Seychelles meeting between Russians and Trump associates

No, we don’t!,,,,

But the clincher came today with this huge deflection from the Jesuit Moon South Korean cabal. Another staged nothing burger about a nothing country with no money and no nukes and nothing but a distraction until its time.

Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong-un by May after invitation from North Korea

I stated that the trigger event would come between March 15 and May 1, 2018. This catastrophe was not the Parkland Hoax but an international incident again to cover the tracks of the Global Mafia and the Libor and Forex bandits.  There is more to the Tariffs than “make america great again” and it is too obvious to swallow that this is another Brexit Fail part of a larger scheme.  All of it so blatantly staged tactics to a greater scheme. War will come but in the conventional sense but yet still another crafted historical manipulated killing field brought to us by the Joo-joo-bees and the rulers of our domain.

It’s hard to tell if North Korea plays a role or if the Jerry Brown California battleground might be a good crisis. Brown and Trump are bosom Jesuit buddies like Moon in South Korea. We will have to wait some days and weeks to see what cards they have up their sleeves.


Mark your Permindex calendars for THE KENNEDY’S on CNN on 3-11.  It is a very odd time to premier this series but you should know by now Permindex operated solely for the NWO.

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Minority Report: We are all criminals to the NWO 39ers


Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology – The Verge

Palantir deployed a predictive policing system in New Orleans that even city council members don’t know about

In May and June 2013, when New Orleans’ murder rate was the sixth-highest in the United States, the Orleans Parish district attorney handed down two landmark racketeering indictments against dozens of men accused of membership in two violent Central City drug trafficking gangs, 3NG and the 110ers. Members of both gangs stood accused of committing 25 murders as well as several attempted killings and armed robberies.

Subsequent investigations by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and local agencies produced further RICO indictments, including that of a 22-year-old man named Evans “Easy” Lewis, a member of a gang called the 39ers who was accused of participating in a drug distribution ring and several murders.

According to Ronal Serpas, the department’s chief at the time, one of the tools used by the New Orleans Police Department to identify members of gangs like 3NG and the 39ers came from the Silicon Valley company Palantir. The company provided software to a secretive NOPD program that traced people’s ties to other gang members, outlined criminal histories, analyzed social media, and predicted the likelihood that individuals would commit violence or become a victim. As part of the discovery process in Lewis’ trial, the government turned over more than 60,000 pages of documents detailing evidence gathered against him from confidential informants, ballistics, and other sources — but they made no mention of the NOPD’s partnership with Palantir, according to a source familiar with the 39ers trial. Read more

This is another TRIAD Hegelian Dialectic where the CIA (In-Q-Tel ) and the The PROMIS, Peleus, Palantir, Police for Profit redistribution of wealth. Once you know the system you can step back to 911 and the FISA Financial Fiesta that was created and can be attributed to hundreds of these TRIADS over the years since the crime of the century.  I have written a hundred articles describing the simple formula and the clear signs of this Global Mafia system at work.


The illuminati Formula: a triad | COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS

Conspiracy is not hard when all players have a financial stake or are compromised by surveillance and discovery or both. It may be hard to believe that the larger portion of State and Federal are under the rule of the house committee. Like Trump himself may the CIC by mandate in order to avoid  exposure of financial crime. Same for Sheriff Israel in the recent Parkland Hoax.  If you have a “big idea” for the new world order and you are going to achieve it by the Hegelian Dialectic technique, then you create the problem (stage the event)  manage the reaction (script the narrative, mind control the masses and fake the news, polls and vote) provide the solution (script the narrative, push the agenda, bipartisan debate and then pass the law) while all along knowing what the solution is going to be and providing the insider trading and markets allowing Congress to profit without legal review. IF the players benefit as well, they could face insider profiteering charges  but since they are already compromised  and will continue to follow the agenda, they will do so, without reservation.


The FLYING ECONOMY never lands. It remains airborne because if it tried to land it would crash. Unless they decide a forced crash this Agenda 21, NWO, Fascist takeover is built on total surveillance, total secrecy and complete sequester of free thought, speech and exposure.  This specific TRIAD by New Orleans and it’s Huey Long corruption history makes it perfect for the SiliCON-men of the technocracy crime syndicate all in a Majority Report pre- crime Ponzi and likely have known of the 39ers as they have used it to gather terabytes of data from everyone in NOLA.  It’s a mere fact that 6 degrees of separation tie us all into the crime syndicate these days.

Obama Greeting Trump

So Sessions is going to open an investigation into the Obama FISA scandal?  Yes and like Mueller and the Russia Trump collusion we can expect nothing but the cleaning of any real evidence. That is what the DOJ, FBI and courts do. They firewall the administrators from being exposed by any loose knowledge and will erase any potential whistleblower.  Ask yourself why no President or the Congress will ever pass any meaningful whistleblower protection?  Ask why the FBI is being talked about as the greatest group of rank and file heroes? Why the Politicians and Pundits praise the Freemason filled Federal Bureau?  If you need some graphic help watch the Godfather Part II and remember the Senator from Las Vegas, Patrick Geary.  It was important to stage the Gabby Giffords and Scalise staged events. We know the safest place to be is in DC, in Congress and on the take. We also know that it is the most dangerous place to be if you are not a “made” enforcer, consigliere in this wartime peril we are in. I remember Paul Wellstone as you should.


Trump shuts down Scalise’s concealed carry push

.”I think that maybe someday that bill will pass but it should pass as a separate. If you’re going to put concealed carry between states into this bill, we’re talking about a whole new ballgame. I’m with you, but let it be a separate bill,” he told Scalise, who was seriously wounded by a gunman targeting a GOP congressional baseball team practice last summer.

You have to laugh at the Jesuit fraud Donald Trump who is a shill for the left world order team using the BALLGAME as his little joke and clue to the Scalise Shooting Hoax which always happens when a major diversion is necessary.

The old ballgame is the new ballgame. The game is corrupt.  Even Lebron James knows.  Watch the latest fake news bites and see the ballgame, Here are the best TRIADS right now.

Image result for white helmets al qaeda

North Korea aided Syria Government in their Chemical Weapons attack.

This is the info from the UN backed White Helmets and the new ballgame. Al-Qaeda are now the Moderate Rebels and heroes of the push to kill every Christian in Syria before we the people take our AR-15’s to the door of Congress and to McCain’s office. How obvious can this get? Only more if they add Iran to the scheme.  We already exposed the last chemical attack as a fraud yet 60 minutes ran a superior fraud on their last mind control big pharma hour.

spy satellites

60 Minutes got rare footage of a gas attack on Syrian civilians – CBSN

It is rare and certainly not well done. Another fake news fabricated stage actor concoction by the CIA’s 60 minutes shills headed by Andy “little miss mockingbird” Cooper and Scott “the hitman” Pelley.  As we see now the Southern Poverty law Center is helping the Minority clean the Youtube of all things “HOAX” and the new ballgame is up the surveillance, take names and assassinate and eradicate. New Orleans is a well known BETA TEST GROUND SITE. Since Katrina it is one of the hotspots.  It is therefore most important that our friend Michael please check in with the COTOCREW and confirm he is not in the hands of Permindex and the Googleplex.  


glass eye

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Billy Graham #99 and the Vatican Assassins


Jesuits – Secret Society of Jesus (aka Masonic MIC)

Islam – Mormon – Scientology – Adventist – Baptist – Episcopalian – Presbyterian



Nixon to Billy Graham in ’73: Jesuits are ‘All-Out, Barn-Burning Radicals’

Read the Jesuit Oath

American intelligence officer/ CIA Officer E. Howard Hunt states, “We have always said, you know, in an admiring way that the Jesuits form the greatest intelligence agency in the world, and always have.”

“Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell]. Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.” (1987) J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)



Confession No.10: Billy Graham firmly Under Vatican And Jesuit Control? Vatican and Jesuit Vendetta for England Never-Ending; Should Serve as Example Of What Is Really Happening in America

Billy and Franklin Graham Were Seduced by the Vatican and Their Counterfeit Gospel



Inauguration speaker Franklin Graham: God allowed Donald Trump to win

Yes. likely GOD did allow Trump to win. Revelation from the Jesuits and their global influence and criminal Mafia assured Trump would win. As a Trained Jesuit, Trump takes the lead role in what is almost a complete Jesuit managed Global NatioN State secret society.


Donald Trump’s Jesuit Education


1. The abolition of all sovereign governments

2. The abolition of private property

3. The abolition of all inheritance

4. The abolition of patriotism

5. The abolition of all religion

6. The abolition of the family

7. The creation of a New World Order





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The City of Fort Lauderdale uses CodeRED, a high-speed telephone notification system, to send mass notifications by phone, email and text to keep citizens informed. In the event of an evacuation, utility outage, water main break, fire or flood, chemical spill, or other emergency situation, the City may activate CodeRED to send emergency notifications to registered subscribers. The City may also use CodeRED to communicate non-life safety matters, such as planned road closures, water main repairs, water service interruptions, etc.

Crisis Drill Team (SAFE)

(S.A.F.E.) Teams

Emergency Codes

We have many codes that signal a particular type of emergency and what to do. The Plantation Fire and Police Departments worked with us to develop our procedures. Here are the codes used:

  • BLACK – Bomb Threat. Depending on the information and location, students may or may not be evacuated.
  • ORANGE – Evacuate the building due to strange odor or unsafe situation.
  • YELLOW – Lockdown. Only the school’s Safe Team may move about campus.
  • RED – Lockdown. Only the police may move about campus.
  • BLUE – Medical emergency. Call 911

Practice Drills

Plantation schools will meet with fire and police representatives to conduct tabletop drills to prepare for emergency situations. A date will be scheduled during this meeting for Plantation Middle to practice a Code Red or Code Yellow drill with the fire and police here to observe and give us feedback.

Safe Team

The school’s Safe Team consists of the Principal, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, Reading Coach, ESE Specialist, IB Coordinator, Security and School Resource Officer. We meet regularly to review scheduled or unscheduled drills and discuss procedures. All Safe Team members have received special training on Emergency Preparedness.

Fire Drills (180 Day School Year)

Schools conduct at least 10 drills a year. Classrooms have primary and secondary routes for exit. Drills happen at different times of the day and this year, we will practice “thinking on your feet” scenarios in which a typical route might be blocked. Hopefully, parents are also practicing fire drills at home. Every home needs an escape route and a meeting place.

2 Fire Drills were conducted. I approx a week ago and the other the day of the CODE RED.

School Shooter Wore Gas Mask

Sen. Bill Nelson: Florida School Shooter Wore Gas Mask, Launched Smoke Grenades, Pulled Fire Alarm – Update

Where are the fire fighting trucks?

Florida: At least 17 dead in Parkland school shooting | USA News |

DONALD TRUMP #7 – 17 Dead


Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Allegedly Include Rosatom/UraniumOne Executive and Russian Source for Christopher Steele’s “Dossier” against Trump


Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre – 7 DEAD

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder in Chicago of seven men of the North Side gang during the Prohibition Era.


Watch Listen and Observe. The RED SPARROWS speak.


The Fake Wounded and Other Arch Phonies of the Ft. Lauderdale

Shooting Hoax – Fake News Video at Ft Lauderdale Airport — Steemit

Crisis Actor Playing 2 Roles in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting HOAX!



Florida shooting: FBI and teachers warned about Nikolas Cruz

Of course they did. They made him, marked him and executed him….and yes warned them. Who is this guy on the right?. …Not the same as the guy on the left

Nikolas Cruz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nikolas Cruz’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

NOTE: Broward County Sheriff SCOTT ISRAEL

Meet the Fraternal Order of Freemasons Scott Israel

Broward County has had its share of colorful characters as sheriff.

In 1927, Sheriff Paul Bryan was arrested on federal bootlegging charges. Walter Clark served from 1933 to 1951, but admitted to the federal Kefauver Commission that he profited from illegal gambling.

Nick Navarro gained national attention in the 1980s by starring in the first season of “Cops” and having a crime lab that cooked up crack cocaine to use in stings.

Ken Jenne resigned in 2007 after pleading guilty to tax evasion and mail fraud.

So, there’s no wonder that current Sheriff Scott Israel has been under the media microscope since assuming office in 2013.

An ethics complaint said Israel should have declared a higher value for a trip his family took with campaign supporter Robert Pereira on his yacht.

The Florida Commission on Ethics didn’t take any action because Israel relied on advice from his attorney, who said $1,500 was equivalent to cruise ship pricing, and the sheriff lacked experience as an elected official.

Before the ethics commission ruled, Israel said, “Just the fact that some people looked at it a certain way … if I had it to do over again I wouldn’t have gone on the trip.”

Afterwards, he said, “If you have a problem with the valuation that was OK. I was in safe harbor because I acted according to what the attorney told me to do.”

Some other reports about Israel have been wildly inaccurate, including one that said he was in a luxury suite at the Super Bowl with Pereira when he was actually at a Sheriffs Association conference.

All American boy

Going beyond the headlines and meeting Israel in person, one is struck by how the former college quarterback is a grown up version of the “All American Boy.” Israel and his wife Susan, who helps manage his packed schedule, have a busy family life with three triplets, Brett, Blake and Blair. Brett was the junior starting quarterback for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, Blake was a midfielder for the lacrosse team and a safety on the football team and Blair was a sprinter on the track team before hurting her foot.

It’s not easy being the sheriff’s kid, Brett says, “You have to be on your best behavior.”

Susan Israel says her husband is a dedicated father and tells how he used to pack up the triplets and take them to the gym when they were infants so she could have a break.

“The girls would go, ‘My husband won’t even watch one. Does he have any brothers?”

Reaching the top

Scott Israel previously served as a commander at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and chief of the North Bay Village Police Department, but the sheriff’s department is much bigger.

The department controls just over half of the county’s $3.7 billion budget and has 6,000 members.

“It’s challenging, rewarding, it’s tough,” Israel says. “I don’t think anyone can anticipate the pace of being sheriff.”

There’s also the reality of getting called out of bed in the middle of the night if there’s a police involved shooting.

“It’s very important to me that I let the men and women know I care what happened,” Israel says.

Jeff Marano, president of the Broward Police Benevolent Association, said Israel always shows up if there’s a police involved shooting, which the PBA does as well.

“It’s a terrible thing to take a life, but with the current sheriff and the staff the shooters are treated with respect and not looked at like they did something wrong,” Marano said.

The PBA leader said he went to police academy with Israel 35 years ago and still describes him as a jock and an energetic individual.

“He has not changed one iota,” Marano said.

It’s tougher for Israel to work out now after having a spinal fusion eight years ago. While working for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, a fleeing suspect knocked into him and they both fell down a flight of stairs.

Second run for office

Israel lost in his first run for sheriff’s office in 2008 against Republican Al Lamberti, who had been appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to replace Jenne. Lamberti blasted Israel with negative campaign ads and some political observers credited political strategist Roger Stone with helping out.

However, Lamberti made some enemies in Broward’s Democratic dominated politics. Ron Gunzberger, the son of county commissioner Sue Gunzberger, led Israel’s second successful campaign in 2012.

Israel told 28 members of Lamberti’s staff that they would be dismissed if they didn’t resign and Lamberti authorized the payment of $4.3 million to 53 departing employees.

“The place kind of got gutted. Who knows what walked out the door,” Marano said.

Israel said Lamberti wouldn’t allow him access to the department during the eight weeks between the election and his assuming office, so he spent a lot of time thinking about intelligence led policing. He says 6 percent of the criminal element commits 69 percent of the violent crime.

Israel’s Violence Intervention Proactive Enforcement Response (VIPER) program works to execute more warrants and cultivate sources to take down that 6 percent. The program resulted in 400 arrests in nine months and overall violent crime is down 12.3 percent since Israel took office, he says.

The bottom line is that the Broward County Sheriffs Office exists for two reasons, Israel says. “One is to reduce crime and the other is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Broward County. I understand the power of the position, but I’m just an old fashioned street cop who wants to make the streets safe.”

This has all the markings of a Freemason Jesuit targeted MARK and the narrative fits the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER / ADL optics with the Militia Movement and White Supremist covert operations. It is a hoax or at least a fraud.  I will theorize nobody died in Parkland but we know it is not the OFFICIAL NARRATIVE.

Crus used an UBER to get to the school and used an AR  rifle and ammo , smoke bombs etc?  Hmmmm? Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, a ready made patsy for this hoax.  Oh Jacob!

I expected a Red Sparrow but this fits the bill (pun intended) Now we get a long narrative on the fly (pun intended) and the trial for this MK Ultra, Patsy bird in a cage.

The goal is the same. FULL SPECTRUM SURVEILLAND, DOMINANCE, THE DSM 5 Agenda to make any of us unstable who do not follow the main stream ideology and to disarm us into the Hinger Games MockingJay world.





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Red Sparrows And The American Spring


It gets harder these days to try to organize the events of this current insanity. While the psyops alternative media infowhores continue this Trump versus them nonsense the real deflection is the coming war. It is not the Permindex calendar but the historical relevancy to what I am seeing in the vortex that has me a bit stumped and extremely uneasy.

Trump, the Jesuit has made his mark with the budget scam. I appreciate the precision of Rand Paul’s midnight hour stump Trump speech but he’s a fraud like the rest. I was more impressed with Pelosi’s Filibuster. You can and should finally come to terms with the fact that our military is the same victim as our homeland infrastructure decay but for different reasons. America is being destroyed by design by a left right tag team agenda, The military is moving into GW5 Global Warfare as I wrote about ten years ago right here on COTO. They don;t want new ships or fighter planes and the recent news regarding spending contracts is all bullshit. They have been quietly working on silent weapons for quiet wars. The money in the budget for military is more of the same Poppy and other treasure protection and corporate raiding only. All the technology is based upon  the new drone. EM and laser guided assault weapons along with the usual weather modification, biowarfare and seismic assaults that were used for the last twenty years to create and control the refugee agenda  and the largest migration in human history I told you was coming years ago.

This budget deal is nothing more than the usual fraud and graft by the Jesuit and Istaeli Joo-jitsu war mongering planners. As Trump and Netanyahu play the victims of criminal investigation we can surely accept the fact that they are traitors and felons but in the real world they are as low level as the Watergate burglars. The real SPECTRE secret society is brewing the Iran Israeli war via Syria and the North Korea, Russia proxy war in Asia. China will remain in the shadows but what we will deal with if the Pacific and Mediterranean theaters ramp up we could also then see the US civil war as a major deflection of the 911 event time for Donald Trump. I have no doubts about 2018 as a seminal point for the global transformation. I just have a harder time trying to decode the Permindex factor. History tells us the death of a statesman can trigger these planned wars by the Vatican assassins and Jesuit Military arm and if there is to be a world war, there are key events for Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Russia and the USA. Remember the White Helmets are just another GLADIO PDA (Private Army) and Military spending should be spent on Veterans and bringing American Soldiers home while closing these bases. Our tax money should not be going to fund weapons for corporate private military operatives.

Keep your eye on the sparrow

The Psyop must convince the sheeple of the Russia’s behind the scenes plans to take down America along with the Bush Clinton crime syndicate which must have Obama placed in a central position. All the little staged events like the open mic with Medvedev have been crafted over time to create this timeline of collusion by the swamp left to make it so obvious that the Clinton Obama team is the Russian connection and not Trump and the right swamp creatures. But these games and fake news are all a CIA MI6 Royal scam and it’s really getting tired now. But sheeple like a good “whodunnit” and this theater is good for ratings and an effective mind control narrative that has the corrupted alt-media whores selling a lot of clicks and carnivora.

What the Jesuits are so good at is exactly what we are witnessing now, The strategy of tension is bolstered by the market manipulation and pendulum swings. It always is my view that the financial triggers are the prequel to the larger event and the timing is always exact in vortex mathematics. 911 time is upon us and the game of thrones is ripe with sparrows and if things are coming down we might see the high or red sparrow make a landing soon. Not on September 11 but in March and Spring. Our American Spring is overdue and the shadow government wants the current puppet regime to end like the winter.

Watching High Sparrows like George Soros or Red Sparrows like Susan Rice might be too obvious but a player may be spotted soon. Keep you eyes and ears open for its arrival, We have already seen the Falcon and the Snowmen with the white powder not coming from the slopes of South Korea but to the “Q” Snowden, Assange role players and arriving to Obama and  Trump  Jr.

TRUMP #71 –  71 dead – Uranium #1

Top Uranium One Executive Killed in Russian Plane Crash

Read more at:
© Neon Nettle

This is how you sucker a nation into war. This is how you feed the conspiracy minded and truth investigator. You provide a good script, plenty of intrigue, a protagonist and antagonist that fits the political leanings of the divide and you stage it for a global audience. Shame on the alternative media for joining in this fraud.  The committee, producers and directors are laughing all the way to the bank.

High Sparrow

All these Winter Games are deflecting the real Olympics of Global Transformation. They all work together and they all tale orders from the Joo-joo-bees of Tel-Aviv and Rome.  Watch the American Spring  and remember Iran, North Korea and Cuba are the remainders. Keep watch of the Petro Dollar and US insolvency.  Keep tabs on the Blockchain and Kryptos as you will be tied to it like shackles. Watch the collusion of China Russia and the USA government deep state committee and keep your eye in the Sparrow.



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Trumpocalypse: 2018



Super blood moon APOCALYPSE: Bible prophecy predicts ‘return of Messiah and end of days’


APOCALYPSE THEN What is the blood moon prophecy, what are the end time theories and when did the first total lunar eclipse in the tetrad take place?




Check your Permindex Calendars., There are blueblood bluebeam games afoot. This is 911 time for Trump. A Trumpocalypse is coming. I think the natural events are in play. The earthquake activity has been strong and unusual but beyond the weather wars, North Korea, Cuba and Iran, there are financial markers too. The votex is tightening for a series of blue or black swans and I think the financial event occurs first.

Bringing the historical theater in perspective shows us some current events, most obviously Jerusalem. This is the year for a major shift. Recent Financial News is speaking of a SELL SIGNAL. The peak has happened? A major correction is due. Is the FISA memo a trigger? Watch the DRUMPF closely now.

1866 – THE PANIC

Civil War, Trade War, Other Wars – Coming to a theater near us? Figure on the rhetoric to rise and the Jesuit Military to get their funds. Time to beef the real infrastructure which is military and not civilian. No new roads or repairs to bridges, but more money going to match the Russian and Chinese military  growth. Trump’s SOTU address was a well scripted mind control feel good pile of steaming crap for the “dreamers” of Donald.  The Jerusalem Joo-joo-bees were happy and the Vatican Joo-joos will go into gear now.  No better way to trigger that than to have the CIC puppet explain the four pillars of Gladio.

Trump invoked the Babylon Whore very nicely in between his gratuitous  parading of victims and heroes to bolster the Jesuit War Machine and all paths he pointed to lead to Rome. So when the family was discussed, the real family is the Mafia.  The writer should be commended on the craftsmanship of this scripted address. It was a Joo-joo thing of beauty. Now we only need the horror to go with it.

Let’s agree that  when he said Americans overcome, he gave you an order to come together for coming event. Just like George Bush did with his “you are either with us or against us” post 911, the global stage is ready to explode, with or without the US Aid.  All the nation Jesuit Coadjutors are prepared to play their roles. Time to get your home and homeland ready for the reality of global governance and Full spectrum dominance.  America First was the message. That’s not a motto or meme but a warning!

What is the state of the union?  It depends on the union in question. America or the One World Order.


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2018: Let’s play Permindex

How transparent. The Secret Society leak is just as advertised. A lame bogus leak to deflect, disarm and debunk the grand conspiracy.

It’s a low level operation and psyop that is designed to further bolster the Trump /anti-Trump divide. The Jesuit trained CIC is in Davos and meeting with the Bilderberg and real secret society CIA and MI6 team, their banking and political agents and the rest of the Jesuit and Krypto-Joo conspirators. Watching this nonsense and looking at the markets, the economy and current immigration flippity flop, it is becoming clear that some bigger staged media event should be coming soon.

The midterm elections aside, there is no method to the madness that the left wing is bringing to the table in this folly. Other than the benefactors Trump has played to and counting the broken promises, I see nothing less than a Clinton first year performance here. Granted the border and immigration rhetoric is still a big deal, Jesuit Trump cannot take credit for TPP, Climate Change or any other of his executive moves. He’s done nothing but deregulated his benefactors. The markets are a joke and the DOW is a roulette wheel fixed by the house. So why are Dems so rabid? You tell me. Paris and TPP were dead on arrival or at least on life support before Obama vacated. I give Barry more credit for killing TPP and the Dems helped.

So what is at the core of this DC divide? The game. Trump and anti-Trump sheeple and the huge diversion off the coming transformation. Seems like a good time to diffuse the growing evidence if the Global Jesuit rulers from the Vatican to the EU and Western leaders who are all for the most part Jesuit trained or Islamic (Vatican trained) agents.

This begs the question whether or not we see a game of Permindex this year. On the heels of the bogus JFK dump, the death of Jim Marrs and the rest of the vortex coming back from history, the possibility of War, False Flag or better yet a staged assassination would be in order. Not only to fabricate further theft of money, reimburse and refresh the coffers of the real secret cabal, but to reboot and restore what appears to be some softening of the people from both sides regarding the vurrent administration. The objective I remind, is to destroy all credibility in the sovereign government, the three branches and eliminate all trust in the federal agencies at which time an event to seal the deal arrives with pinpoint timing.

“Seems kind of depressing. Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society.”

Trump goes to Permindex (Davos) while Melania goes to Florida. Seems odd on what is more or less a social event for the shakers but like Trumps quiet trip to Scotland and his Bilderberg meeting in 2013, there seems to be more to the Davos trip like there was when he went to Scotland to pose on his Golf Course for pictures. When the little clues appear, just look to the vortex and start to piece it together. The “secret society” staged leak was just too obvious to be ignored. Much like a Kubrick script and film you have to pay attention to the small details and see how they tell the real secret story hidden behind the plot. JFK and Trump via STORMY DANIELS. Too obvioius!

“Are you even going to give out your calendars?

I think North Korea’s been a little too quiet, as well as the steady climbing market. The refugee influx seems a bit off and other things seem to be less visible lately. As if we do not remember this during Dubya Bush’s time, the 911 period approaches for Donald Trump. We can only guess what comes on some sunny Tuesday this year should the vortex be correct and the committee of 322 have some sanctioned play to present for 2018. Let’s play Permindex! I’m game if you are Stormy.


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I have not been able to post for awhile. Why?  The Biggest Secret for 2018, MELTDOWN and SPECTRE.  I have been adding patches to my Linux and Windows computers. All 14 of them.  The exploits of the Global Mafia and Deep State are setting up shop for more than a government shutdown by DC Criminals bit the real BOMB is just a little bug no bigger than a tick.

Interesting, is this our future?

An interesting talk by the Head of Daimler Benz — a bit mind blowing to say the least! He predicted an interesting concept of what could lay ahead.

In a recent interview, the Head of Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz) said their competitors are no longer other car companies, but Tesla (obviously), and now, Google, Apple, Amazon ‘et al’ are…… Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years. Uber is just a software tool, they don’t own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties.

Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected.

In the U.S., young lawyers already can’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans.
So, if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% less lawyers in the future, only specialists will remain.

Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 times more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.

Autonomous cars: In 2018 the first self-driving cars will appear for the public. Around 2020, the complete industry will start to be disrupted. You don’t want to own a car anymore. You will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it, you only pay for the driven distance and you can be productive while driving. Our kids will never get a driver’s license and will never own a car.

It will change the cities, because we will need 90-95% less cars for that. We can transform former parking spaces into parks.  1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. We now have one accident every 60,000 miles (100,000 km), with autonomous driving that will drop to one accident in 6 million miles (10 million km). That will save a million lives each year.

Most car companies will probably go bankrupt. Traditional car companies will try the traditional approach and try to build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, Google) will take the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels. Many engineers from Volkswagen and Audi are completely terrified of Tesla.

Auto Insurance companies will have massive trouble because without accidents, car insurance will become much cheaper. Their car insurance business model will slowly disappear.

Real estate will change. Because if you can work while you commute, people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood.

Electric cars will become mainstream about 2020. Cities will be less noisy because all new cars will run on electricity. Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean: Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, and now you can now see the burgeoning impact.

Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil. Energy companies are desperately trying to limit access to the grid to prevent competition from home solar installations, but that can’t last. Technology will take care of that strategy. With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water. Desalination of salt water now only needs 2kwh per cubic meter (@ 0.25 cents). We don’t have scarce water in most places, we only have scarce drinking water. Imagine what will be possible if anyone can have as much clean water as he wants, for nearly no cost

Health innovations: The Tricorder X price will be announced this year. There are companies who will build a medical device (called the “Tricorder” from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample, and you can breath into it.

It then analyses 54 biomarkers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medical analysis, nearly for free. Goodbye, medical establishment.

3D printing: The price of the cheapest 3D printer came down from $18,000 to $400 within 10 years. In the same time, it became 100 times faster. All major shoe companies have already started 3D printing shoes. Some common spare airplane parts are already 3D printed in remote airports. The space station now has a printer that eliminates the need for the large amount of spare parts they used to keep in the past. At the end of this year, new smart phones will have 3D scanning possibilities. You can then 3D scan your feet and print your perfect shoes at home. In China, they already 3D printed and built a complete 6-storey office building. By 2027, 10% of everything that’s being produced will be 3D printed.

Business opportunities: If you think of a niche you want to go in, ask yourself: “In the future, do you think we will have that?”, and if the answer is yes, how can you make that happen sooner?

If it doesn’t work with your phone, forget the idea. And any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st century.

Work: 70-80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a small time.

Agriculture: There will be a $100 agricultural robot in the future. Farmers in 3rd world countries can then become managers of their field instead of working all day on their fields.

Aeroponics will need much less water. The first Petri dish that produced veal is now available and will be cheaper than cow produced veal in 2018. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces is used for cows. Imagine if we don’t need that space anymore.

There are several startups who will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as “alternative protein source” (because most people still reject the idea of eating insects).
There is an app called “moodies” which can already tell in which mood you’re in. By 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions, if you are lying. Imagine a political debate where it’s being displayed when they’re telling the truth and when they’re not.

Bitcoin may even become the default reserve currency … Of the world!

Longevity: Right now, the average life span increases by 3 months per year. Four years ago, the life span used to be 79 years, now it’s 80 years. The increase itself is increasing and by 2036, there will be more than one year increase per year. So, we all might live for a long time, probably way more than 100.

Education: The cheapest smart phones are already at $10 in Africa and Asia. By 2020, 70% of all humans will own a smart phone. That means, everyone has the same access to world class education.
Every child can use Khan academy for everything a child needs to learn at school in First World countries. There have already been releases of software in Indonesia and soon there will be releases in Arabic, Swahili, and Chinese this summer. I can see enormous potential if we give the English app for free, so that children in Africa and everywhere else can become fluent in English. And that could happen within half a year.

Are you ready for all this?!?!?


We have pounded and pounded Agenda 21 here and have exposed the One World Government, but this only comes with the complete destruction of independence, self sufficiency and freedom to move.  What is more concerning is the technocracy of IOT and the Surveillance State. Trump is as I said in early 2016, the surveillance Csar. So 702 passed without a whimper.  Let;s see how it moves through Senate and under the terror of the Trump Pen.

Now once you see all this coming you should now look at the under reported and sequestered news about the SPECTRE and MELTDOWN exploits. Make no mistake in assuming this is not the biggest news this year and how this is being per-programmed into the sheeple minds. It is only the very core of all things NWO.  The powers that be can show you the future and the fear, but one cannot imagine how every facet of your life from health to finance and freedom to travel can be wiped out in the simplest most basic vulnerability. The CPU, the core, the heart of everything. A 666 trick or treat.  Go check the chip in your car. It will soon be AMD, Intel and ARM.  The reality is that Jeff Bezos. Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Elon Musk will rule the world only as a front to the invisible SPECTRE of the techno-virtual world that will chip the earth CPU from defense, weaponry, communication, energy, transportation, medical and financial sectors.

It is obvious that human error is under fire. Just take the Hawaiian Missile threat. Human error with the hand on the wrong button. Well at least we knew what we got. Imagine when the exploit is from nowhere and the hardware is altered, compromised and viral takeover ensues.

You can’t write a better script for the coming  transformation than this hell paved road and the final destination.  SPECTRE is here. Meltdown is eminent. You have been warned. You have been hacked.

Do not listen to the non alarmists. This is a huge foreshadow to the endgame. This is not speculative execution but by design.

Spectre Meltdown: the latest news on two major CPU security bugs

Keeping Spectre secret – How an industry-breaking bug stayed secret for seven months — and then leaked out

A Congressman has new questions for chipmakers about Meltdown and Spectre response

Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 27, 2017

New Video Documentary on CHEMTRAILS/Climate Engineering/ENMOD


History:  Twas a Blue Sky some 4 days prior to the Freaky Freezing “COLD” Snap in SC.  Then…the horrific chemtrail spraying began.  Then…”They” began hitting the area with I assume Microwaves and whatever they use to cause Their newly created cloud cover to “washboard”.  2 days before the “COLD” snap manifested, the sky was so heavily chemtrailed that it was a “Whiteout” soup.  I would say “Their” man-made cloud cover “cooled” the area because Zero sunshine could get through it.  The “Air” during the 2 days prior to ridiculous cold arriving was seriously unhealthy looking.  A cold gray pall covered everything from Atlanta north into NC (what I could see).

Make your own conclusions.  Was this frigid Bombogenesis “storm” manufactured, or natural?  Heavy work was done by jets prior to it.  Then, “they” left off for the most part for two days this week, leaving the sky clear, but the temps plummeting some 15-20 degrees below historical “normal”.  It ain’t right, folks!





Have you checked your Iguana’s lately?


Original post:  Bloody Bad Chemtrails lately in upstate SC.  A real flocking mess.  Saw this below, here you go!  Piece & Video sourced from: .

“OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary directed by Matthias Hancke and produced by Tristan Albrecht about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind.

Recent studies show that man-made cirrus clouds through flight traffic have a far bigger impact on climate change than previously assumed and are already described as unintentional Geoengineering.

OVERCAST brings light into a phenomenon that should be part of the public and climate debate, but instead has been mostly ignored so far.

At 1.02-1.07 Prof. Michel Chossudovsky focusses on Weather Warfare and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)”.

The Swiss filmmaker Matthias Hancke worked on his first documentary OVERCAST for almost seven years. In 2007 he realized for the first time, that the man-made cloud cover was not a natural byproduct from aviation.

Therefore he started his investigation with the intention to finally get a conclusive answer for an ongoing geoengineering program.

Matthias conducted over 40 interviews in 10 different countries and spent 1,000’s of hours on research and investigation to find out more about aerosol spraying and why our public officials are not investigating it.

OVERCAST incorporated both sides of the controversy, the debunkers and established scientists as well as the activists. The film brilliantly shows how the debunkers debunk themselves with their limited argumentation and lack of scientific data.

For the first time in the movement’s history Matthias took samples directly out of the trails back in 2009. This research flight is not in the film but can be seen under the following link:

The other two flights are building the red line of the film. After the film was almost completed, a very rare study from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology came out with some groundbreaking results; unregulated metals of aluminum and barium were found in the jet fuel, as described in many geoengineering patents (e.g. Welsbach, Huko).

OVERCAST is a movie that every activist should watch in order to get the best arguments. Show it to your skeptical and unaware friends to wake them up. It is a film that gives the whole issue and movement the credibility, which is needed in order to stop this crime.  OVERCAST has already been shown in over 12 film festivals worldwide”.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 16, 2017

Who killed Barry and Honey Sherman and why?

2 found dead at home of Apotex founder Barry Sherman

Toronto billionaire and philanthropist Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead in their mansion Friday, and police said they were investigating the deaths as suspicious.

Apotex pharmaceuticals billionaire and wife found dead in ‘suspicious’ case

Canadian police are investigating the mysterious deaths of the billionaire founder of Canadian pharmaceutical firm Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife, Honey, who were found dead in their Toronto mansion on Friday.

The couple was found dead after police responded to a medical call just before noon local time at their home in an affluent section of north-east Toronto.

“The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,” said police officer David Hopkinson. Homicide detectives later told reporters gathered outside the home that there were no signs of forced entry.

Two bodies covered in blankets were removed from the home and loaded into an unmarked van on Friday evening. The property is listed for sale for nearly C$7m (£4.1m/US$5.4m).

Does it seem strange to mention the property being listed for sale?

Murder-suicide now being investigated in death of Toronto billionaire

Police are investigating the deaths of Toronto billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, as a murder-suicide.

A Toronto police source told the Globe investigators are working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife and then took his own life

Eerily reminiscent of Ex Senator Nancy Shaeffer ‘s supposed murder – suicide which is total BS>

Police services spokesman Mark Pugash would not confirm any details of the case, only stating the homicide squad is involved in the investigation. “Homicide is working with 33 Division on this until we get the post mortem. When we get the post mortem result, that should give us a good indication of where the investigation goes from there,” he told The Globe.

There was no sign of forced entry to the home. There was no note left behind to explain what had happened, the source said.

The Shermans had just put their house on Old Colony Road up for sale for $6.9-million.

More home for sale information?

A Toronto police source said their bodies were found Friday at the edge of their basement pool, hanging from a railing that surrounded the pool. Investigators are working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife, hung her body and then hanged himself at the pool’s edge, the source said.

Creating the narratve is more like it.  Typical suicided by freemasonry where you have a happy couple in a murder suicide with no message or note and clearly not a random robbery where knives or guns would be the trauma tool.

Police, firefighters and paramedics responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency at 11:44 a.m., Constable Hopkinson said. But he would not say who made the call. He said the pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Shermans, the family said, had just welcomed a new grandchild. Mr. Sherman was 75 and Ms. Sherman, 70. They had four children.

On Monday, Mrs. Sherman e-mailed friends to book social dates on the couple’s upcoming Florida trip.

Canada’s Riviera is Florida. As a forty year resident I can atest to it. Seems a great and fun trip for the holidays was at hand. Not likely a murder suicide would be on the itinerary, huh?

“Looking forward to getting together in Florida. I am coming south Monday, December 18 – Friday, January 12,” Ms. Sherman wrote in the email. “Barry is coming south for Monday December 25 & going home with me Jan. 12. Please let me know your dates south asap so i can place in my calendar… Looking forward to hearing back asap. Xoxo Honey”

Looking at the big picture, Sherman’s generic company was growing, moving into US markets heavily and would surely cut into the US Big Pharma profits. It also is important to note the Philanthropy angle and Pedophile angles that have been exposed in Canada. Refugee and child trafficking always a possibility.  The article is full of the Numerology of Freemasonry (33) using 11:44 time and 11,000 enployees and 4.77 Bln net worth. All three vortex points are covered in this article [2-6-9] with multi references to 11.

Mr. Sherman’s net worth was recently estimated to be $4.77-billion by Canadian Business, an online magazine, making him the 15th-richest person in Canada. He had donated widely to political and community causes after making his fortune in the pharmaceutical world.

This has all the Jesuit Masonic earmarks and Barry Sherman’s political ties could include Trudeau, Clinton and other Jesuit politico orgs.

The Sherman’s have handed out millions of dollars to hospitals, universities and the United Jewish Appeal. Honey was on the board of governors at York University, the Baycrest Foundation and Mount Sinai Hospital. She is also the past chair of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto and former chair of the Holocaust Education Centre.

A nice sacrificial Joo-joo-bee killing for the Sabbatean Satrurnalia Season?

“We don’t know what happened. A family member got information and called me.… We don’t want to interfere with a police investigation, but on the other hand, the kinfolk want to know about their kinfolk.”

Lights were on inside the home last night, as police officers worked inside, illuminating what appeared to be a Frida Kahlo canvas.

Very important clue here. If you know Frida Kahlo art then you know her and hubby’s romance with the dark side. Illuminati? Yes, Freemasonry? Yes. Rosicrucian? Very likely. Next to Van Gogh, a very tragic life as well. A clue to a real murder suicide? Maybe.

There is more than meets the eye here. We can expect the 33rd Division to keep the truth from the sunlight. Maybe more clues to come will confirm more. Some more history and philanthropic connections will shed some light.

Big Pharma Boss With Clinton Foundation Ties Found Dead at Home

Sherman was one of the most powerful and highly-connected men in North America and was perhaps most well-known for securing a deal with the Clinton Foundation during to provide vaccines in Haiti. In September 2014, in response to the spread of the chikungunya virus in Haiti, Apotex worked with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief to donate more than $2.2 million in medical aid to the country.
Apotex struck a deal with the Clintons’ Direct Relief organization to provide drugs to treat victims of the virus, saying in a statement: “Apotex is in a position to help (in Haiti), and we are delighted to work with Direct Relief…”
Apotex worked with Direct Relief in Haiti, who was a “particularly active” member of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative community, supporting post-hurricane “relief efforts” there. The huge pharmaceutical company airlifted vaccinations and medical supplies into Haiti that was funded through charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation and other connected charities.

It just gets easier and easier doesn’t it?


Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 12, 2017

Clinton Crime Syndicate and a Dead Doctor

 Dr. Dean Lorich, 54

This has so many possibilities it is too hard to decode.  Anyway you can tag it as another Clinton Assassination. Link to Haiti, Bono, Clinton Foundation, John and Tony Podesta and the  major child trafficking and stolen Haitian Money and trial that never came to be.


SUICIDED? Notable surgeon who treated Bono found dead at home: NYPD via

Mystery Death: Celebrity Surgeon Found With Knife in Chest in His Manhattan Apartment

US Surgeon, Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti, Found Dead


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Make America Great Again? Oh no!

President Trump says we’re going back to the Moon


“This is a giant step,” the president said during a ceremony.

Giant Step for who?

Eyes Wide Shut! Yes it’s almost as large as Project Bluebeam. You can’t miss the Jesuit Moron’s idiot rematks and the MSM using the word ‘back.’ Back to the future maybe, but this NASA blackhole where billions of dollars has been stolen is going to get another round of funding to test and provide the next shift towards the extraterrestrial, exopolitical agenda of 21. By 2030 we should have plenty of new one world government lies and space based dominance to keep us in line.

It’s like a bad dream that never ends. Over and over again we are supposed to buy into this left right dance, this completely manufactured reality that pits us against the Russians again and the fact that the space and weather dominance never alters the global mafia and the leaders from teaming up for the big plan of a New World Order. Were going back to the great America swindle in a big way.

Not worth going back since 1976? Cold War CIA psyops have home to roost. Now we are not sure if this is all fluff like the Bush Team did during their campaigning for a second term but I suspect the Trump agenda making America Great Again has met the Agenda 21 operations moving forward to the Bluebeam agenda. This makes it more credible than the team Bush bull crap. They had their 911 Patriotism BS to hang their hats on. Spending a dime elsewhere other than Iraq oil and Afghan Poppy was too costly, Now the international corporate complex and the DoD need to ramp up the space dominance and China may be the next boogeyman that forces a JFK type speech from Mr. Drumpf.

With all this fake news and hype, the convergence of “Owning the Weather” and the NWO climate tells me that there will be further moves to dominate space for purposes of the Agenda 2030 deadlines, The dead and the lines as well. We can see the players in this global cooperation as indicated in this article but the wording in this text is full of clues. If you read it you will see why the human landing on the moon never happened, The militarization and surveillance made huge gains though and it continues to move forward with their advanced technology. Climate change deniers are included. This is clear. If you are a denier you are likely one who knows that man-made warming is what NASA and it’s affiliates specialize in. Revelation can explain how this project bluebeam will transpire. Control the weather and you control food. Control the food and you control the world.

There are only certain things now that NASA needs to do and that is be able to defend the weapons and system that they have in low orbit, fine tune the weapons, create redundant systems for data and communications and then create and manage the Moon and Mars hoaxes and keep the sheeple dumbed down during this next giant step towards the transformation of all life on earth.

For those who have spent the time to watch all the information on the Apollo Hoax (11) we are are right on time for #18. There is so much preparation going on now you should have no doubt where all that stolen and missing money had gone. Donald Trump can pretend to make us great again but I think those of us over fifty might be experiencing Deja Vu.


OPERATION AVALANCHE – 2016 (watch for Free)


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Get Smart


Smartphone addiction creates imbalance in brain, study suggests

Get  Smart Smarter!

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 46 percent of Americans say they could not live without their smartphones. While this sentiment is clearly hyperbole, more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones and other portable electronic devices for news, information, games, and even the occasional phone call.

Is it hyperbole?  Not according to my research and observations. The likely scenario in extreme cases is depression followed by suicide.  Though the research suggests and proof can only be confirmed by empirical evidence, the relationship between biology and radiology is plentiful.  Not only can you find the studies but you can see the MSM avoiding many of the issues that are plaguing the masses. It was only after the War on Drugs that they “disclosed” the Opioid  Crisis. Not like the seeds and sowing were not an orchestrated plot on America and other nation states.  Once the proper saturation of CIA drug smuggling and operations were completed, the Main Stream was free to run the psy-op and narratives. Then the needle and the damage done, like a setting sun ends another day, another cycle.

We can only follow the same course here as the information leaks slowly out about the danger of 5G and the biochemical assaults and how they work as a tandem for not only brain imbalance but health in general pathology. I focus on the link to gut and brain and have posited the neurological targeting  of people, especially those of children for twenty years.  Now the evidence of introduced synthetic proteins and the blood brain barriers exceptions indicate the electromagnetic spectrum are vulnerable to the psychological effects as well as the biological effects.   It’s a chicken and egg proposition whether depression causes illness or illness causes depression, but I have always assumed the egg is a chicken.

The researchers performed MRS exams on the addicted youth prior to and following behavioral therapy and a single MRS study on the control patients to measure levels of gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain that inhibits or slows down brain signals, and glutamate-glutamine (Glx), a neurotransmitter that causes neurons to become more electrically excited. Previous studies have found GABA to be involved in vision and motor control and the regulation of various brain functions, including anxiety.

I have posted dozens of article regarding the issue of EM and environmental hazards. This includes studies and simple observations. Following the progression of epidemics such as diabetes, rapid onset cancers, Autism, Alzheimer’s and other afflictions coming to light now, can anyone exclude the wireless and high frequency agenda of the NWO surveillance grid?  The next rush to a 5G society is in full swing and though there are many conceptions of how it will be designed, the fact is that the US is lagging far behind the rest of the industrial world in addressing, regulating or outright banning of some of this technology. I again remind folks that even the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs would not his children to use 3G technology.  But like the needle, it seems that the reward is just too great to consider the risk.  It’s a live fast and die young world and we saw the results of Big Pharma and anti-depressants in the lawsuits of sequestered research regarding teen and adolescent suicide.  I have stated several times if the World Wide Web and enterprise system were to go down we would see suicide over the withdrawal of this addiction.

The A-B-G’s of Transformation – The smoke and the signalsPosted by: Puddy Dunne | July 10, 2011

It’s not that NWO and committee are not happy about the decrease in surplus population. It’s not a Dickens thing only but a year around obsession for the cabal and the financial ramifications of losing this cash flow is as unacceptable as the American GDP which is healthcare.  If you wonder why the Obamacare pogrom was meant to fail, you can easily point to the future and the continuing declining life expectancy for Americans. Yes it is cycling now and falling to acceptable levels for the failing bankrupt Medicare and Social Security System.  In Vortex terms we are shifting into the Logan’s Run as I have laid out in operation Bluebeam.  The Big Blue Omnibus is laden with the soft kill combinations of toxins and EMR in a ballet of the dying swan.  It connects the dots of the Chemtrails, Vaccines, GMO, Climate-Change, Monsanto ready roundup of nutrient killers and most importantly the Electromagnetic Visual Audio Spectrum.  This network, this leviathan must include 5G and higher frequency, longer and stronger exposures. The Mesh Networks will provide this as they begin to appear more and more prevalent along our streets and avenues. It is not a crime but a constitution by the eugenicists who have conceived the most insidious agenda, that of 2030.

Imagine the perfection of a asset from liability project. In this case the redistribution of wealth remains constantly upward from Tax Cuts, Healthcare Horror, billions in 5G revenue, continued Big Pharma amnesty from legal action while creating worthless toxic meds for the epidemics and ultimately and most importantly, obtaining the means for mass mind control and full spectrum dominance once they decide to execute Bluebeam. We over 50 may not see the event but in my opinion it is very possible a deadline at some point around that time.

When I wrote of the DOOMSDAY IMPLANT, I had just begun to delve into the nano chip and the biological  aspects of it’s technological importance in human terms of medicine and especially neurology.  It was when Morgellons came to light that I could easily conclude the technology was underway.  The doomsday chip became less likely if they could instead concentrate and build a neuro-network in the brain from millions of nano-bots which would hive like the Borg in the deepest parts of the brain and maybe into the endocrine centers as well. The PINEALL WARS was a theory that presented itself based on the Fluoride Crimes and like all lies from the committee finally come out after the damage done.  They can now bind anything to nano, in bucky balls to Morgellon’s fibers.  It’s carbon credits for them and CO2 mitigation disguised in seamless onslaught of things you cannot see.

If we stand a chance of winning on any level, it will not happen by the Military Industrial Congressional Corporate Complex. They are their own hive and have likely already received their antidote.  We cannot stop the planes, but we can turn them off, avoid the products, spread the word and fight as best we can.  Nothing will stop this juggernaut but drastic measures are needed in my opinion regarding EM exposure and our rights not to be irradiated.  It will be on the local levels and on your own to do what you can. Get Smarter


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Bushes & Clintons Exposed by William Binney as 9/11 “Players”.

Excerpt taken from 12/03/17 article:

More from reader: Testimony from whistleblower William Binney can take the Bushes down“.

“From anonymous reader:
Remember MegANON kept telling us to Keep “Whistleblower Binney’s testimony in mind” as you watch more come out about Pompeo and the shake ups.

So I found this documentary about Binny on youtube, which anyone can watch. IT IS A MIND BLOWER!! MAN HAVE WE BEEN LIED TO!!

Documentary Film on Binney: A Good American

“I see now why we were urged to get to up to speed on Binny’s testimony: BOTH PRESIDENT BUSHES ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!

Lets just say if anyone still has ANY doubts AT ALL about 911 being an INSIDE JOB, you owe it to yourself and everyone you know to WATCH William BINNEY’S TESTIMONY IN THIS DOCUMENTARY!”

Lets put it this way, his EVIDENCE is so explosive, I am surprised he is still alive!

This is a 1.5 hour documentary, well worth your time watching, but if you can’t manage all of that, then fast forward to 38 minutes into it, and for heavens sake at least watch the last half hour starting at 1 hour and 06 minutes into the film, where key events leading up to 9/11 took place.”

“From Memory just some of the highlights of Binney’s Testimony:

William Binney and 5 other guys designed and created a very unique mega data tracking computer program that was able to monitor WHO was connect to WHO else in the world. The purpose was to identify terrorist cells and id everyone in the terrorist cell, by who they contacted electronically. They were very careful to program in encryptions, so that people the government was not concerned about for terrorist activities would be protected. The output would not show names phone numbers, sim cards, etc of private citizens who are not a threat. The program was called “ThinTHREAD”. They were VERY successful at identifying terrorist threats BEFORE they happened and locating all parties to the terrorist cell, so that the other government agencies could act on the threat, to stop it before it happens. 6 NSA guys ran the program/system, and the cost was about $150Milllion.

But at the tail end of the Clinton Presidency, (a year or two before they left), suddenly Clinton appointed a new Director of the NSA, Hayden. Hayden bamboozled Congress to get Multiple Billions of taxpayer money out of them, so they could build a new program/system called “TrailBlazer”. 500 highly paid contractors were hired to build this other system…..all to no avail.  TrailBlazer was never operationally effective.

Meanwhile, Binney’s group of 6 long term NSA employees, got sidelined (moved aside) and they were not to work on ThinThread any more. This was about I think the year 2000. So NO ONE was monitoring or using the very EFFECTIVE ThinThread surveillance system.

January 2001, the Clintons hand off the White House to their bosom buddies the Bush Crime family! Then boom, 911 happens on 9/11/2001! Binney said the morning of 9/11 he had taken his elderly father to a doctor’s appointment, where he watched 9/11 unfold on a tv in the waiting room. After the appointment he made a bee-line to NSA headquarters to help find out what happened, because this was CLEARLY THE BIGGEST NSA INTELLIGENCE FAILURE IN THEIR HISTORY! HE WAS NOT ALLOWED INTO THE NSA facility!

The next day 9/12/2001, he went back to the NSA office, this time dressed as custodian floor sweeper, and the guards let him in. Friends from Trailblazer told him they had just come out of a meeting where their boss just told them “They were not to embarrass any corporations, and not to worry there would be PLENTY OF MONEY FOR EVERYONE”! Money??? This is the Day AFTER 9/11!

Anyone remember those stock option SHORTS for huge amounts that had been place on American and United Airlines? Did American and United Airlines stock go down? YES!! Did someone make huge bucks? YES!
Remember we NEVER heard WHO placed those stock option SHORTS? Who profited from 9/11?? We were never allowed to know. Smell a rat yet?

We don’t know if the “money for everyone” was from the excessively inflated Billions in the budget got funneled to these guys or if it was these stock options shorts. In any case the MONEY was A BRIBE to keep their mouths shut about the biggest NSA Intelligence FAILURE in history, and why it happened! And THIS is why Binney and his little 6 man team WAS BARRED FROM THE NSA BUILDING ON 9/11 and 9/12. They weren’t supposed to know about THE PAYOFFS!

Remember all the MISSING BILLIONS of dollars in the Defense budget? Could THIS be it?…..used for payoffs?…and for a worthless program?


Furthermore, Binney said that after 9/11 happened it was decided to open up the system, but this time, they were told to remove all the encryption designed to protect the privacy of innocent Americans! Mind you this is 9/12/2001. What did Bush get pushed through Congress in October 26, 2001? THE PATRIOT ACT! Why?? So if they got caught spying on innocent Americans, they were covered by the Warrantless Spying provisions approved in the Patriot Act!!! And what has happened to the Patriot Act every time it came up for renewal since 2001? It got renewed and extended this WHOLE Time! The Patriot Act is STILL IN EFFECT TODAY!


Binney and his group were ticked off about the fact that ThinThread was not used, so without approval they ran the system, collected and ran the data over 36 hours over a weekend. When they came in to get the results, THERE IT ALL WAS! ALL THE INTEL that would have been necessary to KNOW what this attack was, WHAT the Targets were, The Date this attack was planned for, Who was involved, WHERE these people were located at all times!! In other words, IF ThinThread had continued to be used, in the months prior to 9/11, they would have had actionable intelligence TO THWART IT!!!

Not only that Binney’s group discovered there were actually many other TARGETS for 9/11 morning which did not happen for various reasons. (I remember reading about some “box knives” found taped under a airplane seat on a Plane in Canada scheduled to depart for the USA, but the flight got delayed, until after the Alert went about 9/11 attacks, so another attack was thwarted. I guess there were several others too.) Binney said it was eye opening how large this attack was supposed to be. The word “Amsterdam” was included, so I guess there were some over seas flights that were supposed to be involved. JFK airport couldn’t exactly turn an international flight away full of people after they pass the “point of no return” where it is closer to continue the flight, than to turn around and go back to departure location. 9/11 was horrible but it was supposed to be even worse than it was.


Once Binney’s group shared their results from ThinThread, guess what happens to them? Do they get a gold medal or anything or an apology for shutting them down needlessly for the months running up to 9/11? No! Binney’s group gets LAID OFF IN TOTAL! They all get “retired” on October 31, 2001!


After these guys all got “early retirement”, they decided to start their own consulting business and market their ThinThread progam to other government agencies, like the Pentagon, Border/Customs and other agencies. Everyone they showed their program to, wanted it. They would just setting it up, and then suddenly without warning or explanation, their project got shut down. NSA (Pres Bush) did NOT anyone else to have this EVIDENCE that 9/11 not only could have been prevented, but clearly by now you can see that laying off Binney’s group and shutting down their efforts with any other gov’t agency IS A COVER UP OF THE CLINTON/BUSH CRIMES!! Both Crime families were in on this. Clinton appointed the evil Hayden to take over the NSA a year or so before he left office…..and Bush just picked up where Clinton left off.

The GOAL was to SHUT DOWN the BEST Intelligence surveillance system known to the world, with built in privacy filters so that nothing would be collected on innocent Americans ……why????? Because 9/11 was a CIA/Mossad PLANNED INSIDE JOB! No doubt CIA/Mossad gave the idea to Bin Laden’s terrorist cells through undercover agents. We KNOW Mossad came to the USA under the cover of a fake “Moving Company” in New Jersey, and then at night and on weekends went to the World Trade Center and laid all the explosives for a professional demolition job! Remember the “Dancing Israelis” seen on top of a Truck when the buildings collapse? A citizen reported them, and they were detained by the police AND THEN LET GO, and the whole moving company folded up shop and flew back to Israel!

Remember the ONLY plane allowed to fly ON 9/11, after all flights were grounded, was a private plane full of Bin Laden family members??? I remember that sounded very ODD to me at the time. Now we know, the Bin Laden Saudi Arabian family and Bush Crime Family ARE PART OF THE DEEP STATE, they are GOOD Buddies! Bin Laden is probably a CIA agent!…..ok, I am digressing.


After every business attempt to provide very effective ThinThread system to SOME U.S. government agency got thwarted, THEN Binney and his group began to smell a rat. They were piecing things together from their homes going over all the ODD events in their work lives, ThinThread was effective but shut down, Billions spent on a worthless program, Binney’s team being sidelined in the months leading up to 9/11, Binney’s team all getting laid off at once right after they exposed ThinThread’s results would have protected our nation, and then finally ALL efforts to GIVE ThinThread to ANYone in our government all got Blocked. They connected the dots and realized what had happened to them, and the USA. So the 6 of them drafted a Memo and sent it to Congress explaining this whole Inside Job and Cover UP, including the Billions wasted on another system.

What happens? NOTHING!!! More coverups! The Memo was confiscated by the NSA, and the last time these guys saw it, it was redacted so much the Memo was almost all BLACK! It was blackwashed.

Meanwhile, Bush, Jr. is dragging his feet about doing a thorough investigation, but the 9/11 victims families won’t go away….so a phony investigation was completed with complete garbage as the result. Remember they concluded “Well they just didn’t “connect the dots”? Anyone remember that lame excuse??? NOW WE KNOW THEY DIDN’T WANT Binny’s Group in operation, or Binney’s group would have discovered the Terrorist cells and would have been reporting the CIA’s own project! So that is why they had to shut that down.

Binney says they are just building profiles on every single innocent American. He says what they have is Stazi’s or KGP’s or Gestapo’s wetdream! The information is being used to bump whistleblowers off…….these people get tracked, NSA knows EVERYTHING about them, all their habits, they know everyone they have ever talked to, seen every email, follow them around with the sim card in their cell phone, so bumping them off and making it look like an accident is like shooting fish in a barrel. Case in point: Las Vegas eye witnesses of multiple shooters, all getting bumped off: car explodes, hit and run, bolts removed from critical components of their car, so an “accident” happens, suicided, you name it.

THIS IS WHY MegANON urged us to get up to speed on Binney’s TESTIMONY! Apparently, he has managed to stay alive (hopefully Trump has in a secure place), and we are watch in particular for Binney’s revelations in relation to the domino take down that FLYNN has started.

Trump can easily use this information to expose all the lies of 9/11 and the BUSH Crime Family’s fingerprints all over this massacre, they will FRY!

One more tidbit I know from my research on 9/11, The WTC was a White Elephant after the 1993 bombing. Plus it was loaded with asbestos, and was targeted to be torn down. Silverman happened to buy the WTC the summer of 9/11 and loaded up with Insurance! So 9/11 demolished the buildings for him AND Silverman got reimbursed from the insurance companies rather than take a loss! Remember the youtube videos showing an interview with Silverman where he says that on 9/11 when the fire dept (supposedly) called him and asked what Silverman wanted to do about WTC #7, Silverman said “Pull It”! “Pull It” is an demolition industry jargon for “demolish it”. Then instantly the WTC #7 fell into its own footprint, just like WTC #1 & #2. HOW COULD ANYONE “PULL IT” IF THERE WERE NO EXPLOSIVES IN WTC #7! And why “pull it” since it wasn’t hit, wasn’t on fire, nothing! That was a major slip up by Silverman, or done deliberately because he was mad at Bush about something. Anyway, that is a critical piece of evidence, that 9/11 was an INSIDE Job. So is Binney’s testimony.

Do you see things adding up? Bush got his justification to invade Iraq to finish off Saddam Hussein (a CIA agent that went rogue on Daddy Bush….remember Daddy Bush worked for the CIA for decades), and justification to invade Afghanistan in order to harvest and profit from the opium/herion trade. Notice how we can never quite pull out of Afghanistan? Notice we can never quite win the war on drugs?

The CIA doesn’t want to pull out of Afghanistan, they want their opium crops protected so they can enjoy the massive profits on heroin sales in the USA…this helps fund the CIA black ops budget….otherwise, they would have to go hat in hand to Congress for every little penny. This way they earn their own money, and don’t have to be accountable to anyone. (Trump recently bombed those opium fields, it is rumored.)

OK, all the above is from memory. WATCH this Documentary for yourself! Pass the word around to others, to every American you know, liberal or conservative who is horrified about 9/11. Let’s reach a ground swell, a tipping point where more people know the truth, than those still dumbed down.

The Bush Crime Family are going down!

The Patriot Act gets passed 10/26/2001.

Anonymous ID:XjEixrL1 Sat 02 Dec 2017 11:02:05 No.151761771 ViewReport

Just PLEASE pay attention to WHO was sending anti-Trump texts, WHO his DIRECT BOSS IS (McCabe) and then KNOW that McCabe hasn’t been overseeing Mueller’s investigation for the last week and a half because Wray, backed by Session, DEMOTED HIS ASS and RELIEVED HIM of a few VERY SPECIFIC and important “INVESTIGATIVE DUTIES”.

Keep Binney’s whistleblowing and testimony in mind like I posted in detail about a week and a half ago, as you watch more come out about Pompeo and the shake ups. You also wanna keep your eyes peeled for things mentioning or highlighting Rogers and his increased but temporary roles/oversight. It’s gonna start to get really good and even though you know I don’t mean or like to seem vague, hopefully you’ll start realizing how these vague things are tying themselves together now and over the next couple of weeks”.

(Bold, italics, underlining are my highlights on this piece).

More important background on this developing story found at:

This below is an aside.  I’ve been drawn into some conversations recently with other people who are reading and thinking about certain popular subjects in the “alternative” category.  Once again, Secret Societies, Allegiances, Symbols, Signs, and Such have popped up on the radar.  I hadn’t seen Mr. Trump swinging the same sign ALL the recent former “pResidents” have thrown (along with their wives/partner).

I saw this Jesse James/Donald Trump photo on a video, and was surprised (not) really.  It led me to do a quick search, and you’ll find it interesting to scan down through the photos and see WHO’s doing it.  There is OBVIOUSLY a common denominator among them all with their signalling.  This is now obviously an International hand sign thrown by World Leaders and those up and down the ladder of power, prestige, and money.  It ain’t that they ALL love those Texas Longhorns (sic).

WHO is doing this hand sign and WHY?

jesse james and trump

Why Donald and Jesse James?

Scroll through these images and contemplate:






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Kevin Spacey’s Basement and our House of Cards


Whats beneath the basement?  It’s obviously something much bigger than this ongoing Feminazi agenda by the NWO transition team.  I mean really, do you think there’s any elitist or high paid globalist talking head who hasn’t used the power to get laid?  Angela Lansbury said women must take part of the blame. I guess they will kill her soon. Now today Matt Lauer gets the axe.  You have to see the diversion from the secret Monetary and economic action happening but I think even bigger than that, there is a major shift coming in the Joo-joo-bee Jubilee year end.

Now we should be watching the ever tightening vortex and see that it is spiraling at break-neck speed.  As Google prepares the full takeover of the Buy Sell Trade and media CIA apparatus,  the consolidation of media from fake news to something else begins to take shape. I suspect that the “replacements” will all be war correspondents and the newer revised version of the deep state. These are the new guardians of the gateway to complete mind controlled news and commentary.

I think it too soon for the AI robots to start anchoring the crud but maybe all genderless minorities will fill these spots. Somewhere under Spacey’s basement is a committee who is contacting all the old guard and letting them know what the score is and that their future is only secure as long as they tow the NWO line on everything from Climate Change to Foreign Policy.

It’s either war or a financial reset. If they decide against either of these, the only other option is the event horizon and a depopulation pogrom that takes out a large swath of useless eaters and liabilities.  Tis the season.

The Vortex says that this is;

1. A major deflection off the “event”

2. A statement that the Military Industrial Corporate Congressional Complex does not rape, kill and eat children.

3. Sets the stage for Trumps coming impeachment in 2018.

That’s the Hegelian Dialectic and TRIAD which may have more benefits for the big picture and stakeholders.  Be assured all these people’s contracts will be honored and no one is going to lose their clout over a simple pinch on the ass. But we will get the royal screwing before it is over.  So deck your halls with balls of Spacey, fa la la la la!

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 17, 2017



A December human Sacrifice?

What they want for the holidays usually includes ritual sacrifice and a payday and nice stocking stuffer. The VORTEX clearly exhibits a TRIAD of events that include the Russia-Gate, the Saudi purge and the ongoing billions of the Boeing and Airbus wars. Watching the numbers and narratives is not an exact science but the reality is that the power of Saturn for the Illuminati and the agenda has indicated for me that the next air disaster can offer a perfect segue into a new round of Trump-Russia collusion, an added short and payday in the markets and another nail in the coffin of human freedom.  This would include cyberspace, surveillance and a great psyop fake news for the new year impeachment.


During a keynote address on Nov. 8 at the 2017 CyberSat Summit, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official admitted that he and his team of experts remotely hacked into a Boeing 757.

Watching the MSM psyop s and looking at recent events between Russia-Saudi relations and current Israeli bluster, it seems the right time for a triad terror team event that would serve the redistribution of wealth and all NWO projects to create yet another Boeing -Airbus event. I have chosen the Saudi-Airbus angle as it pivots well in the current vortex swings as a wildcard 7 Trump target and yet an ideal pivot to the purge and power swing playing out taking out the right arm by the left. Saudi Arabia seems central to all aspects of the agenda for the new year.

Boeing or Airbus: Who won the battle of Dubai? –

Boeing vs Airbus: $77 billion in deals in under 2 hours – Nov. 15, 2017

Airbus Suffers Dubai Blow as Boeing Wins Surprise 787 Deal

The numbers say Boeing is the target. If the trajectory is right and the past Airbus attacks indicate a time for Boeing to take a few knocks. The Karma and Satanic rationality says America gets nailed and that means Boeing. The French have taken a good beating but I do not rule out either as the target.

The U.S. aerospace company said that FlyDubai of the United Arab Emirates has committed to buy 175 of its 737 Max planes and will have the rights to buy another 50. Altogether, the 225 aircraft have a total value of $27 billion at list prices.

The full vortex is covered here by Boeing with an 811-911  and number 13. 77 Billion gives us the Trump 7 and 11 as well. This indicates the possible Boeing event but AIRBUS has a deal with Indigo Partners

If Trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear deal it could sink $32 billion in airline sales

Another indicator for the event comes with the Chinese and Russia production of commercial aircraft. It should be no surprise that Russia and China would like to compete with the big boys but also the hacking and surveillance aspects are very important. There is not much trust between superpowers and the sanctions and trade agreements are always a factor.

Russia squares up to Boeing, Airbus with maiden jet flightRussia squares up to Boeing, Airbus with maiden jet flight

Timing is right and I predict some action soon. I have targeted December 17 -28 as a good date period but the best indicator will be watching for large stock short and sell offs before the Ritual dates of Saturnalia.

From the article linked directly below:

“So much is currently in flux, especially in Saudi Arabia, that nearly anything can happen next. Which is precisely why this volatile situation should command our focused attention at this time.

The main elements currently in play are these:

  • A sudden and intense purging of powerful Saudi insiders (arrests, deaths, & asset seizures)
  • Huge changes in domestic policy and strategy
  • A shift away from the US in all respects (politically, financially and militarily)
  • Deepening ties to China
  • A surprising turn towards Russia (economically and militarily)
  • Increasing cooperation and alignment with Israel (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?)

Taken together, this is tectonic change happening at blazing speed.

That it’s receiving too little attention in the US press given the implications, is a tip off as to just how big a deal this is — as we’re all familiar by now with how the greater the actual relevance and importance of a development, the less press coverage it receives”.

November 11, 2017If Saudi Situation Doesn’t Worry You, You’re Not Paying Attention:  A Key Geopolitical Axis is Swiftly Shifting —

Huge Arms Deals with the Saudis are being signed by other geopolitical actors right now as well —  “Salman told Xi he hoped China could play an even greater role in Middle East affairs, the ministry added.

Deputy Chinese Foreign Minister Zhang Ming said the memorandums of understanding and letters of intent were potentially worth about $65 billion, involving everything from energy to space”.

ALSO — “So it should have surprised no one to hear that, in August this year, another $70 billion of new deals were announced between China and KSA. The fanfare extolled that Saudi-Sino relations had entered a new era, with “the agreements covering investment, trade, energy, postal service, communications, and media.”

Haven’t we read recently where Pedophilia is rampant in Saudi Arabia, and their “Huamn Rights” track record is abysmal?

November 11, 2017 — Trump administration signs $110 Billion Arms Deal with the Saudis — “But officials emphasized that Mr. Kushner’s work on the deal was part of a governmentwide effort that includes the State Department, the Defense Department and the National Security Council.” —

Recent articles by the Sorcha Faal alt-news purveyor (info or disinfo; figure a combo meal.  You ain’t gettin Nothing from the MSM except Liars Soup).

November 10, 2017“Deep State” Makes Shock Move To Take Nukes Away From Trump As Middle East Explosion Nears

By: Sorcha Faal —

November 11, 2017US Faces Ruin As Putin-Trump Unite In Desperate Bid To Stop “Deep State” Global Disaster

By: Sorcha Faal —

Opinion:  With all of the activity in the Middle East, especially with Saudi Arabia, a tremendous amount of change and re-alignment may be in store.  Obviously, it is All About Money & Power.

So, what is Mr. Trump accomplishing with the recently “revised” House of Saud and the war materiel sales having been accomplished?  I think we can deduce he just boltered and re-established the “Status Quo” of Oil-for-Dollars.  While also accomplishing pumping up the Saudi defenses, while the U.S. continues to infuse Israel.  WAR (under the “Defense” misnomer) is FANTASTIC FOR PROFITS!

Refer to this on page 1 of

“Before we do, though, let’s talk about the most seminal moment in recent Saudi history: the key oil-for-money-and-protection deal struck between the Nixon administration and King Faisal back in the early 1970’s.

This pivotal agreement allowed KSA to secretly recycle its surplus petrodollars back into US Treasuries while receiving US military protection in exchange.  The secret was kept for 41 years, only recently revealed in 2016 due to a Bloomberg FOIA request:

The basic framework was strikingly simple. The U.S. would buy oil from Saudi Arabia and provide the kingdom military aid and equipment. In return, the Saudis would plow billions of their petrodollar revenue back into Treasuries and finance America’s spending.

The essence of this deal is pretty simple. KSA wanted to be able to sell its oil to its then largest buyer, the USA, while also having a safe place to park the funds, plus receive military protection to boot. But it didn’t want anybody else, especially its Arab neighbors, to know that it was partnering so intimately with the US who, in turn, would be supporting Israel. That would have been politically incendiary in the Middle East region, coming as it did right on the heels of the Yom Kipper War (1973).

As for the US, it got the oil it wanted and – double bonus time here – got KSA to recycle the very same dollars used to buy that oil back into Treasuries and contracts for US military equipment and training.

Sweet deal.

Note that this is yet another secret world-shaping deal successfully kept out of the media for over four decades. Yes Virginia, conspiracies do happen. Secrets can be (and are routinely) kept by hundreds, even thousands, of people over long stretches of time.

Since that key deal was struck back in the early 1970s, the KSA has remained a steadfast supporter of the US and vice versa.  In return, the US has never said anything substantive about KSA’s alleged involvement in 9/11 or its grotesque human and women’s rights violations. Not a peep.

COTO — did the Trump regime not just openly “Refuel” the “New” Saudi regime?

In the face of Pizzagate, and all the rest of the totally despicable going on, the U.S. just re-invigorated a foreign regime that legislates the following:

Oil for profits and maintaining Middle East political power “Status Quo” trumps issues of morality.  That is not draining “the swamp”.  We can see this clear enough.  The MIC continues to grow $$$ exponentially, while the little people here, there, and everywhere are ignored.  Same ol same ‘o.


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Family Guy in Las Vegas

Same ears, same players, same ol same ol …

Time for a few laughs!

Do you want a tax break or a job?

Do you want a DC jail term?

Do you want a piece of real news?

No soup for you!

811 – Knows Whats Below


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Pitchforks n’ Pedophiles

You cannot write funny material when you are tasked to code satanic offerings and decoded messaging in a script. Nothing is better displayed than that of  SNL.  The mind numbing boredom and obvious Illuminati agenda make 90 minutes a trip from New York to Paris. As we endure the high days of Lucifer from Hallows Eve to November 5th, the SNL writers and stagers put forth a pile of manure only significant for the Luciferian minded masses.

Oct 29-31 or 31 …………All Hallows’ Eve ………………………… blood ritual, fire festival, great Sabbat,
believe the dead return to earth this night
Nov. 1 ……………………… Halloween ……………………………….. sex ritual
Nov. 4 ………………………Satanic Revels …………………………… ritual
Nov. 11 ……………………All Hallows’ Eve………………………….the ancient date, celebrated by some groups

With Larry David’s monologue to his goodnight, this steaming pile of unfunniness did not miss it’s mark of the beast on so many levels that you can only see the players struggle to hit their lines.  Holocaust, Joo-joo’s Pedophiles, Maytags, washing machines, “the price is right” for these lame but critical psychological and subconscious audio and visual references.  They have gone way beyond the “Baby Steps” to full blown, in your face references and purposeful deflections off the real and unconscionable DC human trafficking and sacrificial institutions that have plagued America for many years.

It was punishment and torture to watch this weeks installment but with David and Cyrus hosting, you know it is going to be a pyre for the excrement of Hollywood and Holyrood movement. We can certainly consider the Epstein-Weinstein as a deflection of the network child trafficking that runs the interstate from LA to New York with triangles in Las Vegas, Nashville. Philadelphia and District of Criminals.  Who better to divert and make light of Lucifer’s corrupters than Larry David and Miley Cyrus who donned the Black and White MK-Ultra colors for her two musical numbers.  There were so many references and code in this installment I cannot remember them all.  What I do remember is that it was one of the most disjointed and erratic episodes and the cast had difficulty in hitting their marks and cues.  Obviously due to the nature of psyops, the scripting was such that the show required the narrative on monitors or cards.

There were several references to financial events that could be decoded. The 150 Crocodile Teeth was an interesting one and David’s Bernie reprise on the price is right only highlights the Trump bashing and tax schemes for the wealthy. A crash or Bitcoin or other cryto cash event may be divulged in this skit.

It would be a chore for those who did not see it, to sit through it on demand but you can browse the toilet for pieces of corn here.

Next time: Saturday Night Live will return on November 18 with Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish, 37, as host and and Taylor Swift, 27, as the musical guest
Read more:
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Important to note the ages of the guests and we can only wonder if they are willing to die for him. Taylor Swift would make a nice sacrificial addition to the 27 club. But she is slated for November 11 and not 18.

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2017

Watch Larry David Walk Out on Miley Cyrus’ “SNL” Rapping Baby Sketch

Miley also performed two Younger Now singles and appeared in a “Price Is Right” sketch

Miley Cyrus reveals that she’s ‘genderless’ and ‘ageless’

A good message to the child victims and those yet to be Spacey’d out by the perverts who likely nailed Miley many years ago. She continues to be a trained Gorilla in the Washing Machine and the price is right for those like her in the Illuminati ephemeris. The Astrological rulers of Saturn and Jupiter have given us so much thus far but there seems to be an acceleration of the vortex with this Pedogate agenda.  The problem seems the same as always and that morality has taken the backseat to the continual degradation of our planet and values. Cyrus to me is as much as predator as Harvey Weinstein.  Larry David can try to joke about the Holocaust but the pick up line is as hard today in this concentration camp we have yet to fully realize.

Saturday November 11, 2017

11:29 pm

Host: Tiffany Haddish; Musical Guest: Taylor Swift

Not 11:30 mind you but on 11/11 @11:11. You can only follow the Masonic Vortex to understand the importance of numbers to the minions who rely on them to know real from fiction and how to navigate the matrix.

SNL NOVEMBER 4 FULL EPISODE – WATCH (if you can bare it)


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Allahoax Hackbar

Your Hallows Eve Holyrood Hoax ala Home Depot

3 oclock  – 6 dead – 9 wounded – Vortex

Tribeca crash between the truck and a school bus


Empty Bus, Empty Hoax – Full Vortex 811-911


Eight people killed after terrorist shooter driving Home Depot truck rips through Lower Manhattan bike lane

At least eight people were killed Tuesday afternoon when a speeding Home Depot truck plowed down riders on a Lower Manhattan bike path in a terrorist attack, sources said.




Your Lone Wolfman Jack yells Allahu Akbar which means “Hoax, I am a Terrorist call in the FBI”

29 years old = 11

Fun times for the NYC Hallows Eve parade and yet another deflection off the Trump Swamp, Pedophiles and Criminal Money Laundering Cabal.



7 cyclists and one Broom rider were killed

Sayfullo Saipov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

Sayfullo Saipov

Sayfullo = 1+1+7+6+3+3+3+6 = 30 (Full Reduction)

(8 letters, 1 word)

Saipov = 1+1+9+7+6+4 = 28 (Full Reduction)

(6 letters, 1 word)
Full Reduction Reverse -Full Reduction -English Ordinal -Reverse Ordinal
28 1_____________________ 35 8 ___________________82 1 ___________________80 8


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North Korea False Flag or Fake News?

More than 200 dead after tunnel collapses at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear site

More than 200 people are feared to have died when a tunnel caved in at North Korea’s nuclear test site after its latest detonation, a Japanese news report said Tuesday.

A tunnel collapsed at Punggye-ri in early September, days after North Korea conducted its sixth and largest underground nuclear test on September 3, TV Asahi said, quoting unnamed North Korean sources.

Some 100 workers were involved in an initial collapse. Another cave-in occurred during rescue operations, leaving at least 200 people feared dead in total, the Japanese broadcaster said.

The accident was triggered by the test, TV Asahi added.

Experts have warned that the underground tests could cause the mountain to collapse and leak radiation into the atmosphere near China’s border.

The latest test – the sixth at the site since 2006 – triggered landslides in the detonation area and beyond, according to satellite pictures taken the day after.


The images published by the 38 North website showed changes in the surface at Punggye-ri where the ground had been lifted into the air by the tremors. Small landslides followed the course of stream beds.

The blast caused a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, according to the US Geological Survey, followed a few minutes later by another with a magnitude of 4.1.

Japan assessed the yield from the test of what the North said was a hydrogen bomb at 120 kilotons, eight times the size of Hiroshima in 1945.

Full Vortex news :  38th Parallel (811) with a 741-963 = 852

It is very unusual for North Korea to acknowledge any major accident, especially anything that involves its nuclear programme.

Vortex depicted map – 7 with the 1 covered

Lee Eugene, a spokeswoman at South Korea’s unification ministry, said: ‘We are aware of the report but do not know anything about it.’

The report came ahead of US President Donald Trump’s first presidential visit to South Korea next week amid an escalating war of words between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The reclusive country has made significant strides in its atomic and missile technology under Kim, who took power after the death of his father and longtime ruler Kim Jong-Il in 2011.

Since then he has overseen four of the country’s six nuclear tests and hailed atomic weapons as a ‘treasured sword’ to protect the nation from invasion by the United States.

Dull Sword is the term that describes reports of minor incidents involving nuclear weapons, components or systems, or which could impair their deployments. This could include actions involving vehicles capable of carrying nuclear weapons but with no nuclear weapons on board at the time of the accident. This also is used to report damage or deficiencies with equipment, tools, or diagnostic testers that are designed for use on nuclear weapons or the nuclear weapon release systems of nuclear-capable aircraft.

If the vortex holds true this would indicate a false flag attack, scalar HAARP siesmic assault or possible PAVE stealth missile, “sword” plasma laser beam or sabotage. Coming from Japan, the MI6 Metro report tends to implicate the Israeli attack.  More info will help confirm this. A great sacrificial strike to pave the success of Trumps trip to the 38th and our demise under the plan agenda 21.  811 = Know Whats Below.  This is a significant event. It does appear to code the Keen Edge of a “Treasured Sword” and makes me think of a near future false flag in Japan.


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Adam Lanza and Artificial Intelligence

Nobody died at Sandy Hook but something was born in Newtown……..



Adam Lanza’s Pedophilia Interest Revealed In New FBI File

More than 1,500 heavily redacted pages provide new details on the deadliest shooting in state history, but questions still remain.

NEWTOWN, CT — The blurry portrait of Adam Lanza may never fully shift into focus, but 1,500 pages of investigative documents released by the FBI this week add some clarity to the man who perpetrated the deadliest crime in state history.


Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Here is you artificial intelligence. This Fusion Focus dossier courtesy of the Joo-Joo-bee Freemasons from the Vatican Assassins FBI vault. Just like the JFK release the timing cannot be any better, post Las Vegas.  Adding the Pedophile wrinkle too obvious to believe.  Another artificial intelligence fabrication and “disclosure” brought by the GPS full spectrum fake news engineering complex.

Just like Las Vegas back to Aurora, the financial fusion leads to possible conspiracy regarding the crimes of the global ruling elite and their potential exposure to the light of truth.  One can only speculate as to the real agenda and numerous theories but as we know from the past, these events have multiple financial and political criminal connections.

According to the FBI papers, he had been planning the killings as early as March 2011

“The shooter did not “snap,” but instead engaged in careful, methodical planning and preparation,” according to the BAU analysis. “There is evidence that the shooter began contemplating the attack as early as March 2011.”

Granny Hillary?

More from “The Big Book of Granny”


“In his writings Lanza expressed a lot about his view of the world. For the most part, Lanza was angry and resentful about society’s structure,” Investigator’s wrote of their interview with the friend Lanza met online. “Lanza thought of those who were successful in society as selfish, cruel and controlling.”

Wow! How far they go to paint the lone wolf Lanza as a anti-elitist.  What the Yale Bonesmen, the FBI and the HONR network has amassed from this fictional character is nothing short of stunning. Thanks to the DSM-5 team, we have a perfect BAU Profile to be placed into the record for future stagings unlike those of the lone wolf predecessors to AL.

The Heavily-Redacted Documents

Most of the 1,500 pages released by the FBI are heavily redacted, with numerous pages completely blank. While large chunks of information were also redacted from the final Connecticut State Police report in 2013, a clear redaction index was provided explaining the purpose of the redactions.

FBI New Haven Spokesman Charles Grady declined to comment on the documents and the reasons for the redactions.

We know the reasons for the redactions. The porous leaking of data that would expose this hoax and it’s underlying agenda and especially the precedence of the historical manipulation of the truth would cause a tsunami of criminal charges and massive legal actions.

Devin Janosov, who represents the estates of victims Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Town of Newtown, said his law firm filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI to receive an unredacted copy of the documents.

While he could not say why there were so many redactions, Janosov said they affect his clients’ case because they can’t identify subjects that could possibly be spoken to or subpoenaed. Janosov added that the FBI is unlikely to release an unredacted copy of the documents it published.

“I’m just going to have to accept the reality that it is never going to happen,” Janosov said.

Ha! You have to laugh at the irony of this attorney and his attempt to make the redactions an issue for his case.  We have seen what extent the HONR’s will go to keep the lid on facts that would this fraud wide open. When I look at these prop pieces and consider AI, I don’t see it as a way to combat fake news but a way to eradicate the truth forever.  I wonder if the reporters, investigators  witnesses and writers are even real or just AI and CGI in the enterprise network.

It’s Fake News, False Knowledge, and Faulty Logic and Fabricated Intelligence

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Gigantic Health Conspiracy Explained

Learn the TRUTH the so-called “Health Organizations” don’t want you to know.

Life-Changing Information for a majority of health issues found here.  Perhaps, the most important information you will see to improve you and your family’s health.


Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 25, 2017



Brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock reportedly detained in child porn case

Bruce Douglas Paddock, 58, a brother of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, was taken from a nursing home in North Hollywood in a wheelchair Wednesday and arrested in a child pornography case. (KTLA-TV)

Wheelchair copy

note: look at the picture. Please note the previous staged events with wheelchairs and NOT gurneys. Also not that the Kim Jong-Nam patsies on trial were wheeled through the airport in wheelchairs. What does this mean?

Women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam pushed in wheelchairs for Malaysia airport crime scene tour as trial takes physical toll

As I indicated in a previous post regarding this complete HOAX EVENT, I stated the mass media would immediately sequester any more detail of the dead, injured and details of the investigation but rather they would create a maze of connected dots leading you to the death of Tom Petty, the Weinstein Narrative and other deflections.

Creating a patsy is a complicated endeavor. It requires you to create, manipulate and control many aspects of the fictional family and history. As we see here the Paddock clan has been again connected to criminal activity. This is part of the method by which they control the fraud, blackmail the family or use bribery and other extortion to get the results they are looking for.  This is an obvious attempt to have the dumbed down population move away from the Hoax Event and move the masses to other vectors. I call it jumping in the vortex. This TACO BELL, PIZZA GATE  is a Yummy Food to be used as fodder to again discredit the Paddock Clan as evil and criminal to reinforce the treatment of a fictional narrative that is the MGM saga.

Once you collect all the data regarding the financial aspects such as MGM execs dumping stock and George Soros shorting his put of 42 Million dollars of MGM stock you can smell the rat of this big burrito. Add Ellen Degeneres’ financial stake in her slots and the bogus Jesus Campos interview and you should again consider the truth that nobody dies in Las Vegas.

Along with this information the news that James Fetzer was canned on Rense Radio by Jeff Rense should also provide you with my premise that Alex Jones and Jeff Rense have a stake in making you believe this is a Muslim ISIS or American Antifa Spring event and that people actually died at the hands of homegrown or imported GLADIO refugees.

Rense is playing games: I was leaving 1 November; he fired me on

There certainly is an agenda by Jones and Rense to steer the narrative to Islamic foulplay. Regardless of the bias and reason, the point is all the high profile alternative media is just as corrupt as the main stream.  The thing that both of them reject is the Joo-joo-bees, the Jewish and Jesuit influence and instead focus on Saudi Arabia and the Muslim angle for the cause of all our problems.


While you should have suspicion of all the possible players in this virtual reality  theater, those who show the best evidence without using “sources” or “authorities”  as a major propaganda tool should  be considered above the methods used by Jones and Rense.  Parading these CIA, NSA and other affiliated sources as experts or insiders is ridiculous but they assume you are stupid enough to fall for this technique. It is called testimonial in the propaganda game. Along with glittering generalities, these con-men provide a series of limited hangouts that work with the intent of the designers and stage crew to lead you past the elephants and right into the lions cage.

Please look at the work done so far from Jim Fetzer on this hoax and look beyond the event of Las Vegas and see what is unseen. This current Russia-Gate news is very interesting and if you are not watching the Fusion GPS, Uranium and Clinton Crime Syndicate News, you may be missing the point from which they want deflect attention.  There is much happening simultaneously now and if you connect the dots of the Dossier Disclosure, the North Korea theater, the Uranium (Yellowcake) conspiracy and the possible treason of dozens of political figures from Comey, Mueller, Wasserman-Schultz, Jeb Bush and the Bush Crime Syndicate, Imran Awan, Putin,  the trial of the patsies of the Kim Jong-Nam hoax and other connected criminals in DC, we may be missing the premise to a real event and game changer for our world.

I do not really want to convince anyone that nobody died in las Vegas, but instead point to it as a major sidetrack and deflection of other more important crimes in progress right now.  By proving the hoax of Las Vegas, it only provides the theory I have regarding the vortex and how the DC and International criminal SPECTRE GRP communicates fact from fiction as fodder for the fake news and mind controlled masses who might be looking at something else that would create too much attention for their liking.

You can’t see whats not there but I can see Google, Youtube and Facebook omitting and censoring real independent investigators. Here is an example which uncovers the dead at Las Vegas who died in their home states and not at Route 91 Harvest.

As they reveal more and more of the PEDOPHILES in the news and the other deflections, look at the other MSM Fake News and read between the lines. We are facing a real and huge event in the next several months. It should be clear now based upon the massive disclosures coming from the GUSION NETWORK.



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The World is run by Pedophiles ~ Stanley Kubrick

Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.”

Boystown Highway.jpg

Trafficking the Lincoln Highway

AN OPEN SECRET (Hollywood Pedophile Scandal)



Spies, Lords and Predators (Westminister Scandal)

SAVILE  (Jimmy Savile BBC)


From Epstein to Weinstein, the road to power is paved by human trafficking, pedophilia and child ritual sacrifice. Shhhhh!




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Las Vegas by the Numbers

I randomly selected one alleged fatalities from the Las Vegas Event . I went to the center and pulled Rhonda LeRocque.


Clark County released the names Thursday of the 58 victims who died in Sunday’s massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 36 (9) women and 22 (11) men died as a result of the shooting. The victims killed range in age from 20 to 67 (6) years old.

Rhonda LeRocque



Age: 42

City: Tewksbury, Mass.

At first, Jason LeRocque thought his wife was ducking to avoid the gunfire. It turned out she was hit.

Rhonda LeRocque was a devout Jehovah’s Witness who met her husband at church and constantly volunteered for humanitarian missions, including rebuilding homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

“She prayed on everything,” her mother Priscilla Champagne told the Boston Globe. “Very God-oriented. I’m sure that Jehovah God is upset that one of his beautiful, beautiful people is no longer in this world.”

The couple was on a family vacation with their 6-year-old son. After the country music festival, they were planning to go to Disneyland.

I’d have liked to tell this family of Witnesses that Las Vegas and Disneyland are two of the most dangerous places for Christians and believers to tread. Too bad she did not decide to go to Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico or somewhere in the Caribbean to do her good works rather than take their 6 year old to Sin City and then off to Pedophileland.

I searched everywhere to find any information about this Witness that was not related to October 1 2017 and could not find her anywhere. Not one single blurb about her in any JW entry or Massachusetts local activity, service oriented news or charitable event.  Nothing at all. Not a wedding, funeral or educational mention. I looked for her husband Jason and found the same thing. I did find this little newspaper clipping and assume this is Jason from MA from 1992.


He was popular with the Freemasons

Husband of Las Vegas victim from Massachusetts offers thanks

Here is the Sister and Aunt of Rhonda LeRocque who appear to have the information that the MSM Fake News cannot seem to coordinate. Gender Identity!

Rhonda LeRocque from Tewksbury Mass, my neice  was at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas, when the shooting took her life. She is survived by a loving husband Jason and a 6 Year old daughter. Rhonda will need to be flown home to her loved ones. We are hoping to fly her mother out to Vegas to say her good byes before creamation,as well as Jason (her husband) will need to adjust to being a single father raising thier daughter.

Assistance in the financials,of medical expenses, travel, transfer home and the burden of her burial expenses, would be greatly apprieciated.

Rhonda LeRocque was a person full of life, she loved her family with all her heart . She was a great example of what a Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter and Niece should be and touched so many others lives.  She was long time member of the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and we looking forward to seeing her in the resurrection that Jesus taught us about.

She will be missed by all.!

Shear Tranquility in Sebastian Florida is owned by Gloria Murdock, Rhonda’s aunt and sister to Pricilla, Rhonda’s mother.

The funds collected will be for any expense incurred in dealing with travel to and from Vegas, funeral costs, and Jason and Ali’s future needs.  Funds will be dispersed by Gloria Murdock.

My Beautiful Sister Rhonda LeRocque lost her life in the Las Vegas mass shooting. My heart is broken, I’m numb, I feel paralyzed. This doesn’t seem real.


All I can do is turn to God’s Word for comfort, just as she would want me to. May she rest now until her name is called and she is awakened in paradise.


“Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.” John 5:28,29.



Rhonda was employed as an experience specialist at IDEO, a creative studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts​.


Paddock’s father Benjamin tried to run down an FBI agent in Las Vegas in 1960


Dozens gravely wounded in Vegas face long road to recovery

Offers some interesting information

The hospital worker from the Palm Springs, California, area is one of about 45 people still hospitalized in four Las Vegas hospitals after the shooting that left 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded, most with gunshots….

About a third of those still hospitalized remain in critical condition nearly two weeks later. Grateful to have survived, they and their families must face the reality that the recovery will be difficult, and, for some, incomplete.


You either died on site or went to hospital and survived after two days. The 58-59 count has remained the same since October 2 2017. While dozens were shot, not one has succumbed to the wounds from this onslaught of high velocity large caliber ammunition. NOT ONE! These surgeons are gods!

Rhonda and Jason LeRocque did not pass the Puddy sniff test. I bet Rhonda may get the promotion and family move to IDEO Munich, Shanghai or London and with a nice cash booty for their new digs.

“Grieve not for the dead, for the dead feel no pain…
Instead, weep for the living, who heal to hurt again.”



Victim / Date of Birth / Gender

Ahlers, Hannah Lassette 6/2/1983 Female
Alvarado, Heather Lorraine 9/20/1982 Female
Anderson, Dorene 4/16/1968 Female
Barnette, Carrie Rae 12/16/1982 Female
Beaton, Jack Reginald 12/10/1962 Male
Berger, Stephen Richard 9/30/1973 Male
Bowers, Candice Ryan 8/10/1977 Female
Burditus, Denise 6/5/1967 Female
Casey, Sandra 11/1/1982 Female
Castilla, Andrea Lee Anna 9/29/1989 Female
Cohen, Denise 8/2/1959 Female
Davis, Austin William 6/20/1988 Male
Day Jr., Thomas 10/29/1972 Male
Duarte, Christiana 8/7/1995 Female
Etcheber, Stacee Ann 2/26/1967 Female
Fraser, Brian S. 8/20/1978 Male
Galvan, Keri 8/20/1986 Female
Gardner, Dana Leann 7/6/1965 Female
Gomez, Angela C. 12/26/1996 Female
Guillen, Rocio 12/20/1976 Female
Hartfield, Charleston 5/16/1983 Male
Hazencomb, Christopher 9/27/1973 Male
Irvine, Jennifer Topaz 6/6/1975 Female
Kimura, Teresa Nicol 3/24/1979 Female
Klymchuk, Jessica 5/1/1983 Female
Kreibaum, Carly Anne 12/9/1983 Female
LeRocque, Rhonda M. 8/29/1975 Female
Link, Victor L. 9/7/1962 Male
Mclldoon, Jordan 10/6/1993 Male
Meadows, Kelsey Breanne 6/26/1989 Female
Medig, Calla-Marie 8/8/1989 Female
Melton, James 8/2/1988 Male
Mestas, Patricia 7/25/1950 Female
Meyer, Austin Cooper 9/18/1993 Male
Murfitt, Adrian Allan 7/5/1982 Male
Parker, Rachael Kathleen 12/16/1983 Female
Parks, Jennifer 1/18/1981 Female
Parsons, Carolyn Lee 12/28/1985 Female
Patterson, Lisa Marie 6/26/1971 Female
Phippen, John Joseph 10/25/1960 Male
Ramirez, Melissa V. 11/29/1990 Female
Rivera, Jordyn N. 7/22/1996 Female
Robbins, Quinton 3/21/1997 Male
Robinson, Cameron 1/1/1989 Male
Roe, Tara Ann 9/1/1983 Female
Romero-Muniz, Lisa 5/19/1969 Female
Roybal, Christopher Louis 10/9/1988 Male
Schwanbeck, Brett 1/31/1956 Male
Schwitzer, Bailey 4/5/1997 Female
Shipp, Laura Anne 5/9/1967 Female
Silva, Erick 8/19/1996 Male
Smith, Susan 8/24/1964 Female
Stewart, Brennan Lee 2/19/1987 Male
Taylor, Derrick Dean 9/25/1961 Male
Tonks, Neysa C. 7/27/1971 Female
Vo, Michelle 1/10/1985 Female
Von Tillow, Kurt Allen 12/4/1961 Male
Wolfe Jr., William W. 10/15/1974 Male

By the Numbers

Women: 36 = 9
Men: 22 = 11
911 =11

Ages: Numerology,  reduced

#1 – There are 9 #1’s = 91 Harvest and #59 is 1 shooter = 911 event
#2 – There are 8 #2’s 2 is eleven in vortex (8-11)
#3 – There are 5 #3’s – Event Prime number (3)
#4 – There are 8 #4’s – 4 is 22 which appears several times in the event optics and narrative
#5 – There are 5 #5’s in the order (55)
#6 – There are 6 #6’s in the order – Human Prime number (3)
#7 – There are 8 #7’s in the order (1-4-7 negative vortex)
#8 – There are 6 #8’s in the order (2-5-8 positive) represented as 8-5-6 is 19 and or 811 represented
#9 – There are 3 9’s in the order – Control prime number (3,6)

In the vortex

1 – 9
4 – 8
7 – 8  = reduced to  7

2 – 8
5 – 5
8 – 6   = reduced to 1

3 – 5
6 – 6
9 – 3 = reduced to 5

Total is 13 the unlucky


Women = 36
Total of ages = 1365 (6)
Total of Reduction = 168 (6)
Total of ages and reductions = 1533 (3)
FULL VORTEX (with 6 repeating 3,9,6,6,9,3,6,6,…n)

Men = 22
Total of ages = 861 (6)
Total of Reduction = 96 (6)
Total of ages and reductions = 957 (3)
FULL VORTEX (with 6 repeating 3,9,6,6,9,3,6,6,…n)


36 Women average age = 37.9166666667 (6)
Rounded 38 = 11 (2)

22 Men average age = 39.1363636364 (8)
Rounded 39 = 12 (3)
Full Vortex 1-4-7 / 3-6-9

58 Persons average age = 38.3793103338 (6)
Rounded 38 = 11 (2)
Reference the 322

Age Ranges: 20-67 (48 years)
Ages represented (total 32 = 5)


Ages not represented (total 16 = 7) connect #57 to represented unrepresented)


TOTAL = 812 (11)



(Route 91 Harvest)

Hugh Hefner – 91 1818

Full Reduction 64 1
Reverse Full Reduction 35 8
English Ordinal 100 1
Reverse Ordinal 170 8

Harvey Weinstein 8181

Full Reduction 80 8
Reverse Full Reduction 82 1
English Ordinal 197 8
Reverse Ordinal 208 1

Jesus Campos 6363

Full Reduction 33 6
Reverse Full Reduction 66 3
English Ordinal 141 6
Reverse Ordinal 156 3

Tom Petty 1818

Full Reduction 35 8
Reverse Full Reduction 37 1
English Ordinal 134 8
Reverse Ordinal 82 1

Jason Aldeann 6363

Full Reduction 33 6
Reverse Full Reduction 66 3
English Ordinal 96 6
Reverse Ordinal 201 3

Kymberley Suchomel 5454

Full Reduction 77 5
Reverse Full Reduction 85 4
English Ordinal 212 5
Reverse Ordinal 247 4

Rhonda LeRocque 3636

Full Reduction 75 3
Reverse Full Reduction 69 6
English Ordinal 156 3
Reverse Ordinal 222 6

Route 91 Harvest 1818

Full Reduction 55 1
Reverse Full Reduction 71 8
English Ordinal 172 1
Reverse Ordinal 152 8


Full Reduction
Reverse Full Reduction
English Ordinal
Reverse Ordinal
Las Vegas Death List Reductions Total Seq Seq Total
    Ahlers, Hannah Lassette 6/2/1983 Female 1818 9 1
    Galvan, Keri 8/20/1986 Female 1818 9 2
    Hazencomb, Christopher 9/27/1973 Male 1818 9 3
    Melton, James 8/2/1988 Male 1818 9 4
    Mestas, Patricia 7/25/1950 Female 1818 9 5
    Murfitt, Adrian Allan 7/5/1982 Male 1818 9 6
    Parsons, Carolyn Lee 12/28/1985 Female 1818 9 7
    Romero-Muniz, Lisa 5/19/1969 Female 1818 9 8
    Schwanbeck, Brett 1/31/1956 Male 1818 9 9
    Silva, Erick 8/19/1996 Male 1818 9 10 10
    Casey, Sandra 11/1/1982 Female 2727 9 1
    Cohen, Denise 8/2/1959 Female 2727 9 2
    Etcheber, Stacee Ann 2/26/1967 Female 2727 9 3
    Parks, Jennifer 1/18/1981 Female 2727 9 4 4
    Castilla, Andrea Lee Anna 9/29/1989 Female 3636 9 1
    Fraser, Brian S. 8/20/1978 Male 3636 9 2
    LeRocque, Rhonda M. 8/29/1975 Female 3636 9 3
    Stewart, Brennan Lee 2/19/1987 Male 3636 9 4 4
    Alvarado, Heather Lorraine 9/20/1982 Female 4545 9 1
    Barnette, Carrie Rae 12/16/1982 Female 4545 9 2
    Beaton, Jack Reginald 12/10/1962 Male 4545 9 3
    Bowers, Candice Ryan 8/10/1977 Female 4545 9 4
    Davis, Austin William 6/20/1988 Male 4545 9 5
    Kreibaum, Carly Anne 12/9/1983 Female 4545 9 6
    Meadows, Kelsey Breanne 6/26/1989 Female 4545 9 7
    Robinson, Cameron 1/1/1989 Male 4545 9 8
    Shipp, Laura Anne 5/9/1967 Female 4545 9 9 9
    Guillen, Rocio 12/20/1976 Female 5454 9 1
    Irvine, Jennifer Topaz 6/6/1975 Female 5454 9 2
    Medig, Calla-Marie 8/8/1989 Female 5454 9 3
    Ramirez, Melissa V. 11/29/1990 Female 5454 9 4
    Roybal, Christopher Louis 10/9/1988 Male 5454 9 5
    Schwitzer, Bailey 4/5/1997 Female 5454 9 6
    Vo, Michelle 1/10/1985 Female 5454 9 7
    Von Tillow, Kurt Allen 12/4/1961 Male 5454 9 8
    Wolfe Jr., William W. 10/15/1974 Male 5454 9 9 9
    Gardner, Dana Leann 7/6/1965 Female 6363 9 1
    Kimura, Teresa Nicol 3/24/1979 Female 6363 9 2
    Mclldoon, Jordan 10/6/1993 Male 6363 9 3
    Meyer, Austin Cooper 9/18/1993 Male 6363 9 4
    Phippen, John Joseph 10/25/1960 Male 6363 9 5
    Rivera, Jordyn N. 7/22/1996 Female 6363 9 6
    Roe, Tara Ann 9/1/1983 Female 6363 9 7
    Taylor, Derrick Dean 9/25/1961 Male 6363 9 8 8
    Anderson, Dorene 4/16/1968 Female 7272 9 1
    Berger, Stephen Richard 9/30/1973 Male 7272 9 2
    Day Jr., Thomas 10/29/1972 Male 7272 9 3
    Gomez, Angela C. 12/26/1996 Female 7272 9 4
    Link, Victor L. 9/7/1962 Male 7272 9 5
    Patterson, Lisa Marie 6/26/1971 Female 7272 9 6 6
    Burditus, Denise 6/5/1967 Female 8181 9 1
    Klymchuk, Jessica 5/1/1983 Female 8181 9 2
    Smith, Susan 8/24/1964 Female 8181 9 3
    Tonks, Neysa C. 7/27/1971 Female 8181 9 4 4
    Duarte, Christiana 8/7/1995 Female 9999 9 1
    Hartfield, Charleston 5/16/1983 Male 9999 9 2
    Parker, Rachael Kathleen 12/16/1983 Female 9999 9 3
    Robbins, Quinton 3/21/1997 Male 9999 9 4 4
300879 522 58
9 9
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Vegas Hoax: 527 Wounded And 0 Dead


Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake -Paul Craig Roberts

I appreciate the reader’s point that none of the 527 wounded have died from the wounds. This is not what happens in reality. I am posting the letter below from the surgeon in the hopes that knowledgeable surgeons, military medics, anyone with knowledge of gunshot trauma will assess it’s truth and provide their name and credentials. Not being a military surgeon who has treated gunshot wounds, I cannot attest to the validy of the letter. But there are those who can. Retired surgeons and former military medics can still speak their minds. So let us hear from you. I will compile your comments and present them without your name. read the article

See the black dude in this video? He is one of the 527 wounded. In fact he has a .223 or a 5.56 45 slug in his neck in this video.

CIA Youtube Googleplex will likely take this down again soon do watch this farce before it is too late.

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I$I$ Weather weapons: 17 Fires Erupted in Just 24 Hours

Planes, Trains and Auto-combustibles

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 4, 2016

California Fire Experts to Probe Why 17 Fires Erupted in Just 24 Hours …

Gee……..? Let’s think about this one, hmmmmm? Could it be  Satan? Or Arson?
It’s time  to get into the refugee and fire department hirings and start a vigorous and torturous investigation of these I$I$ controlled arsonists who work and are involved in the Federal and state authorities. Forestry, BLM, Fire Departments and other entities who are destroying the bread baskets of America.
I posted the INSPIRE Al CIAda born magazine issue that specifically targets arson as a tool for easy damage to the USA Infidels.  Coming out of the Bay Area and Jesuit Gerry Brown’s transformation team, this is not even worth debating. It is arson and has been on a grand scale since 2012.  Hollywood told us that the fire department love to start fires but now we have the Mexican and Asian immigration as well and these illegals and terrorists under the SPECTRE group can literally burn us to the ground.  Like the Pheonix you have to burn it to the ground before it can rise.

A young man suspected of starting 8 fires in California

The firefighters identified him by his strange presence near the zones consumed by the flames

Young man? How about terrorist scum arsonist?

Name Jarrod Anthony Samra
Event Type Birth
Event Date 24 Jun 1994
Event Place Riverside, California, United States
Gender Male
Mother’s Name Villarreal




I had to go to the Mormon Latter Day Databse to find this AlCIAda Mexican loser because they never give you details from where these losers come from. This guy was a FIRE EXPLORER

Authorities said Samra was once a member of a Fire Explorer program, which gives youths up to age 20 some experience and training so they can see what it takes to become a firefighter. They didn’t say what agency’s program he was in, just that it wasn’t San Bernardino County’s.

Let’s take a wild guess and say he was in the NWO Home Grown terror program and his subscription to Inspire paid by the program

INSPIRE MAGAZINE 2012 – ISSUE #9 –  #fireIntifada

(from the boys at Langley)

So who is the Samra setting these 17 fires?  Let’s ask Gerry Brown, the NOAA NAVY boys and the rest of the criminals of this agenda.

How did Northern California fires become so devastating?

  • 17 separate Fires ignited quickly around the same time on Sunday night in Northern California

  • High winds, dry conditions have fanned the flames in wine country

But authorities point to a perfect storm of factors that have fanned the wildfires that began Sunday night, leaving at left 17 people dead, forcing 20,000 to evacuate and causing widespread devastation in Northern California.

The Perfect Storm is the Weather warriors, GLADIO American Spring terrorists and the controlled media and federal authorities. The outcome is redistribution of wealth to the rich, advancing the surveillance state, oppressive police state and as always the war on white. Tell Obama his $300 a pop Chardonnay just went up to $800 a bottle.

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Mirages and Spectres in the Desert




On October 2, 2017 as soon as I heard the word Pilot in the news I saw Barry Seal. The Fast & Furious images ran through my mind. It was Iran Contra all over again. Now the Gunwalker makes it’s entrance. This complex fraud is now moving into several new venues for mass trauma programming of the American Spring. This is the time when the lambs go to slaughter, right agent Starling? Is it clear the FBI and LVPD fraternal order are sabotaging their own investigation?

Connecting the dots here is quite difficult but the idea that Nobody Died in Las Vegas is still my theory. That means that nobody was randomly killed in a terror psycho assault. I do believe Tom Petty was sacrificed and if you need to review the contracts of the record labels, the fine print is so small you cannot read it, but it says that you are a UCC asset to the Illuminati house rules. Tom Petty was clearly the Confederate Cede for a burnt offering as we continue through the revelation 12 year 2017.

I will accept that multiple venue were active. Tropicana, New York New York, Bellagio and Mandalay Bay offer up certain interest in other key assassinations. It was important to create the staged event backdrop that was Route 91 “Harvest” as a focal point and lone gunman JFK type narrative. The fact that the intelligence angles of Stephen Paddock resemble that of Adler (Barry Seal) Berriman, the Jewish friend of the Bush Clan open doors as far back as Iran Contra, Mena Airport, Fast & Furious and even Benghazi moving forward. Who actually died in Las Vegas is not random and there are no coincidences considering the relationship between Holyrood, Hollywood, Organized Crime and the Joo-joo-bees.

There is no way that the ‘Committee’ expected us to buy into another single shooter scenario so therefore all the alt-new controlled opposition leaking multiple shooters must be a programmed and scripted disclosure much like JFK yet now largely run by the Googleplex controlled algorithm search filter. Recent news tells us Google has started this filter firewall but we know this has been going on as far back as 911. We can tag this as 411 and it requires we counter with an 811, digging to find out what is below. In this event like others, time spent on major alt-Trump Infowars sites must be excluded largely and treated as decoding the agenda going forward. Alex Jones said today on his show he has seen the gore of Las Vegas and it was real. He said he saw heads filleted by the gunfire. I have scoured the world wide web and dark web and I have yet to find and entry wound, blood pool or a fillet. Infowars is attempting to do the same thing that MSM and his Fox Cronies are doing and that is to convince you by repetition of the validity of mass casualties, but their are none.

He also is intricately involved in STRATFOR CIA limited hangouts as he pushes the DRUMPF agenda. Simple logic says a good gory video or photograph would go a long way to support this event as fact. The lack of expended brass piles, blood and bodies just exposes the deflection of this staged event. These events always have multiple benefits and never waste opportunities, while always deflecting other events or leaks that may be a problem if they gain traction. You may also note that they press the narratives fast and furiously and then “poof” they move on. This is a technique that also seems to be used as a tool to move on and not provide continuing focus on the fraud. In this case you will already begin to see the main stream media moving away from Las Vegas and back to general theater coming from DC Holyrood with Trump, Pence, Harvey W. and other meaningless maneuvers of this fake government wrangling. I predict this will go away in MSM and yet the controlled alt-paradigm will take control of continued ISIS and Lone Wolf angles to maximize the divide and conquer that perpetuates and aids the do nothing swamp stalemate that the Global Mafia has made into an art form.

The intelligence connections to Stephen Paddock MUST clue you in to this fraud. They love to make us think we are smart, smarter than they are. This is a dangerous assumption. They have so much money, control and intelligence as not to make these mistakes unless they are part of the honey trap. This event is the largest since 911 and we know they did a terrible job of executing this after a decade or more of planning. This is not incompetence as I have stated many times. You have to look at the disclosures as a feed from what is likely a well funded network of SPECTRE cryptic communication enterprises. Also you should consider it is made up of multiple cells that have no idea who are running the same enterprises elsewhere. Like the false flags, there may have been many separate CIA, deep state or foreign run cells and this provides cover for the real and live hit. The one that is the primary target. It may have been Paddock himself in this case but what was the game or risk?

So let’s watch the MSM coverage die off, watch the alt-controlled opposition limited hangouts and then follow the money and the agenda of government that reacts to the stagings with their scripted responses. Like the Trump Tower, the MGM Mirage is another empire state building and their holdings cover the Illuminati music, media and real estate enterprise held by the Mafia kingpins and MOSSAD. They are as diversified as any criminal enterprise. From their prostitutes to gambling and aircraft to theaters. All this links to Kirk Kerkorian (died 6/15/15 [666]), the connection to the MGM entertainment and the MGM resorts International. Directly or indirectly, the conglomerate links the event to the SPECTRE franchise who heads the Global Entertainment and the mind controlled masses in search of sin.


I find it special that MGM holds the Bond Franchise and as far as I can see they still have it. It does seem that the work of the MICC and Global Mafia is not a mirage but a true SPECTRE in a massive conspiracy that may include a SONY type redistribution of wealth. But still we have no idea what the main event actually was in Las Vegas. A careful review of the supposed dead would not likely offer us a key target nor would a financial beneficiary be forthcoming considering the Googleplex firewall. The stakeholders and stockholders are the names you have heard before such as Vanguard, Blackrock and other Hedge Hogs. Maybe some unknown truther will connect some dots, decode some of the MSM clues in their fake news but at this time the event can connect just like JFK and like 911, the CT’s are in the hands of booksellers and blog sites monetized for profit and disinformation. Meanwhile the MGM Mandalay Bay of Pigs can contrive a great Cuban conspiracy to take out Raul, but after the embassy HAARPing, the exit of officials may be in fact the next regime change working alongside the Iran and North Korean agenda to get the nations into the global NWO Rothschild central banking system. But certainly we will accept Russia, Mafia, DoD Pentagon, CIA-NSA or any other I$I$ money triad as well. I think Tom Cruise will give Barry Seal a nice face lift and American Made may someday give the same to this character Stephen Paddock. That is how the NWO works.

Meanwhile we continue as kites. dancing in a hurricane.



FBI agent Aaron Rouse in Vegas is son in law of John Podesta


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Saturday Night Live Psyop



Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty Found Unconscious in Full Cardiac Arrest (UPDATE) | TMZ …

53 mins ago – We’re told after Petty got to the hospital he had no brain activity and a decision was made to pull life support. Tom Petty was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after he was found unconscious, not breathing and in full cardiac arrest … … He was rushed to the UCLA Santa Monica

I posted the relationship between the HOAX –  NOBODY DIED IN LAS VEGAS and the “HIT” on Tom Petty. I followed up with more information in this real hit assassination as part of the Financial Event and how, when and where this larger NWO event will occur.

NOBODY DIED IN LAS VEGAS – But Tom Petty was assassinated!

So did you catch the SNL 2018 Season Opener?  Will they throw it in your face? You bet they will and as sure as shit, this hoax is confirmed by the inappropriate appearance of chicken crap J.A. appearing on the opener Psyop of the SNL season.

It also reinforces my belief that Tom Petty was whacked by Illuminati Sacrificial team for good favor of the next move by pedophile swamp creatures running amok in DC, The Hollywood – Holyrood mind control won’t back down let alone back off.

S.N.L.’: Jason Aldean Is Surprise Guest, Singing Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’


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NOBODY DIED IN LAS VEGAS – But Tom Petty was assassinated!




The casualty was and still is the American Spring. Unlike the Arab Spring they are working from the bottom up. This was offered by CC and I think Pieczenik finally discloses a fact. Nobody died in Las Vegas.

Total Sandy Hook event says Steve. Let’s watch to see if he recants or if Rupert Alex Jones and Company (STARTFOR) blackball Steve like they did many others after the INFOWAR became top dog controlled opposition.

Let’s consider Tom Earl Petty as the only murdered person in this WEAR ORANGE event. We can see the Pink all over this deal. Tom Petty had heart problems? No.


Tom Petty’s death
from cardiac arrest
shines spotlight on
sudden killer  – CBS MICC News

The deaths of Tom
Petty and Hugh
Hefner: What is
cardiac arrest? – USA INC

Tom Petty’s death
draws attention to
dangers of cardiac – NY DAILY FAKE NEWS


Please skip these three anti egg, pro Statin stink tanks media whores and just look at these

Moscow’s Remote-Controlled Heart Attacks

Top secret CIA poison dart gun ‘gives targets deadly HEART ATTACKS’

Digitalis spp. foxglove – THE POISON GARDEN website



So we can go dumbed down all the way to the bank and then fork over more of our money to the illusionary victims of Route 81 I$I$ Crisis which have already collected millions to offset the costs of actors, false witnesses and props of this scam.  David Knight sad they spoke to a lot of the people at the event.  Yes of course they did. As a Jesuit Joo-joo-bee operation I bet all the calls came from the INFOWARS boiler room where phone trolls call  the hotline and give the firewall at Infowars a code word and then they get on the line.  I personally have never gotten on infowars because the first time I got screened I told them I was going to talk about a taboo subject. Since then never have I gotten through.

But Tom Petty the confederate son was the Joo-joo sacrifice for the WEAR ORANGE and PINK PROJECT that has been in operation since Columbine. There is a reason for the sacrifice as the movements are speeding up for this coming event that should unleash enough for a Martial Law edict from the Capital Swamp and Global Military. So long my fellow Floridian, I knew him well.

It’s too bad the real silent killers are not revealed.

Tom Petty on his ‘stupid’ Confederate flag decision

“I was born a rebel, down in Dixie/On a Sunday morning, Yeah with one foot in the grave/And one foot on the pedal, I was born a rebel.”


MURDER BY NUMBERS – Thomas Earl Petty – 666 -322

Born: October 20, 1950, Gainesville, FL
Died: October 2, 2017 Santa Monica, CA

He was supposed to have died on the October 1 but the man was strong and held off until October 2, 2017. Tough Rebel.

And for Steve Paddock, Route 91 and he had no gun!

Why? Where is all the brass?

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This one will cost you. It is a 10.1.17 event that I spoke of in the 33 days from August 28. This is a perfect 811 event and still part of Project Orange.

Here is the prediction for the Trump team to turn south and I mean way down south. This MK Hoax event will be decoded as easy as the Orlando Orange Avenue Crisis team event.

As the info is still coming in I can only update the info in comments but make this your event horizon for the agenda 21 and New World Order transition for 2018 which will be the biggest move and transition to a global order and congressional constitutional crisis. This may TRUMP the financial event for later this month.

In the wake of what appears to be the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, rumors and untrue information have spread on social media.

If you want to know what its not, listen to Alex Jones today.  He is using CIA as his sources. Unbelievable. You can’t believe he is using  STRATFOR CIA  as his intelligence sources. Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp is the latest flavor of Orange from the Limited Hangout controlled operation that INFOWARS heads up now.  From the WAPO CIA alt left team;

How the Las Vegas
Strip shooting unfolded

9:40 p.m. Pacific time
Jason Aldean, a country music singer, began his performance at the Route 91 Harvest, an annual Las Vegas music festival. There were more than 22,000 people in attendance.

911 – 22

10:08 p.m.
The shooter, positioned on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, began to fire shots into a concert venue across the street, a quarter-mile away.


10:13 p.m.
The police located the shooter’s hotel room because the smoke from his gun made the fire alarm go off, according to a retired officer. A SWAT team stormed the room, using explosives to enter. Around that time, the shooter killed himself, according to Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo. There were more than 10 rifles found in the room.

No Shooter – Huge Gambler.  Criminal History in the Family. Perfect CIA Patsy like Oswald. He likely did not know why he was there if indeed there was someone there. Indicated by authorities

PADDOCK = 9 (Full Vortex)

Full Reduction – Reverse Full Reduction – English Ordinal – Reverse Ordinal
27 9                             36 9                                           54 9                             135 9



The police identified the shooter as Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old white male from Mesquite, Nev., which is near Las Vegas. Lombardo said Paddock’s run-ins with Las Vegas police consisted only of one citation several years ago. The police called him a “lone wolf” but also identified his roommate Marilou Danley as a “person of interest.” They do not think she was involved in the shooting.

DANLEY – 911

Full Reduction – Reverse Full Reduction – English Ordinal – Reverse Ordinal
25 7                                       29 11                                61 7                            101 2

Remember that TRUMP is the 77, whereas Obama was the 44 on all his staged events.

Stephen Paddock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MANDALAY BAY – Man-dalay = 811

Full Reduction Reverse Full Reduction English Ordinal Reverse Ordinal
36 9                                             63 9                            99 9                         198 9


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming, without evidence, that Paddock is a “soldier” who converted to Islam months ago and was fighting for the so-called Islamic State, The Associated Press reports.

I$I$ = 911             IS = 1      ISIS = 11

IS is 91 in numerology, the event happened at the concert located at Route 91 Harvest, an annual Las Vegas music festival venue.

Connect to SITE and Southern Poverty Law Center and Joo-joo-bee activity. This is a TRUMP team event. This makes it both a Project Orange and Pink event. Plays into White Supremacy and Islamic State.  Follow Joo Zionist Rita Katz here.

“The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department identified the lone suspect involved in the late night mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip as 64-year-old, Stephen Craig Paddock (SCP 11) , a white male from Mesquite, Nevada,” police said in a press release.

Had he been black or Hispanic no color code would have been used.

Active shooters at Mandalay Bay/Route 91 with automatic weapons & people down. Stay away from the Vegas strip!




Full Reduction – Reverse Full Reduction –  English Ordinal  – Reverse Ordinal
25 7                                           29 11                            79 7                             83 11


The first of the victims killed was identified as Sonny Melton, of Tennessee. You can read about the victims as they are identified here. They include two police officers who were on duty and were shot, police said. One is in critical, but stable, condition after surgery. Another police officer was off duty and at the concert and was killed, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. “Obviously this is a tragic incident. And one that we have never experienced in this valley,” Lombardo said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the victims. You can make a donation here.

Freemason Cops and Go fund me Fraud but this is clearly the event before the financial event.

Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, had lived on Babbling Brook Court in Mesquite, Nevada, since June 2016. He previously lived in Reno, Nevada, from 2011 to 2016, and also had an address in Melbourne, Florida, from 2013 to 2015. He had also lived in Henderson, Nevada, and several locations in Texas, including Mesquite, and California since 1990. He was born April 9, 1953.

MK-Ultra traveled guy. Likely trained in Texas, possible Melbourne Florida through Orlando. Same scenario for the PULSE HOAX event.

Was the shooter on the 24th or 32 floor?  Obviously  blank or tracer rounds were used and the muzzle flash was seen from more than one floor. Look at the hotel windows. Mandalay Bay is without exits to balconies or opening windows.  So this was a professional staging that came from GLADIO operatives from the CIA.

I predicted a bombing in Las Vegas by I$I$ Crisis in a Boston style hoax in 2012. I figured the financial crisis might happen then but we can figure on the LOST WAGES- LAS VEGAS as a predictive programmed venue. It will happen this year. Maybe 2018. The hoax is clear that SITE ISLAM from Trump team and the White Antifa Left angle will both work on this Orange and Pink event but I believe this is a CRISIS Hoax and nobody died.

Las Vegas shooting: Hoaxes arise online after tragedy – USA Today

Las Vegas Shooting Quickly Followed by Online Hoaxes |

Fake news stories circulate after Las Vegas mass shooting – LA Times

Las Vegas shooting: Hoaxes spread on social media – CBS News

Hoaxes spread amid mass shooting in Las Vegas – Houston Chronicle

The Hoax started at Midnight Eastern last night. Given the Country Western Nashville event I suspect the Pedophiles are playing roles and actors in this event.  The DEAD report here

Mandalay Bay Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: Pre-staged Photos and Video

This is 8 days from the September 23rd date for the revelation. It shou;ld follow another event 11 says later on October 13, Friday the 13th but I suspect they can stage it anytime before Hollow’s Eve.

YOUTUBE has been sweeping the HOAX videos and removing them for violating their rules on posting the TRUTH.


Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty Found Unconscious in Full Cardiac Arrest (UPDATE) | TMZ …

53 mins ago – We’re told after Petty got to the hospital he had no brain activity and a decision was made to pull life support. Tom Petty was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after he was found unconscious, not breathing and in full cardiac arrest … … He was rushed to the UCLA Santa Monica

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2018: It’s 1984’s 2010 Deja Vu all over again!



I posted recently that it is stunningly obvious that the Russian hacking, Ukraine train, Iran and Syrian staged events are so transparently scripted based upon the evidence of the everything that has surfaced since MH-17.

The stark reality of massive ignorance and apathy due to the Hollywood-Holyrood theaters are only eclipsed by the impressive NWO control of the weather and their climate changing exercises this year. I had to conclude after tracking NASA for the last thirty years that all terra based technology is now airborn and space based.

Russian meddling is really Soviet medaling, worthy of gold. All the same stupid Cold War fear has finally orbited the galactically ignorant rock here on earth and is passing Jupiter at this moment. The amazing part of this to me is that it is just so in your face. Like sitting in the front row of a iMax screen, I find it all so sureal. One who looks at this without the 3-D dumbed down view would have to conclude some Darwinian designed “Survivor” program. One where they give you all the information but you have to disseminate it and put it together like a puzzle.

Once again, the Psy-Phi Techno-elite are expanding their control of weather to owning space. Once the industrial complex has a working system of drones and robotics, the mining will begin. Once they shut down the industrial apparatus here on earth via ‘the event’ and subsequent third world war, the real 2001 and 1984 will converge in a NWO monolith and universal law of order. Revelation must play out and counter factions must disappear. After the purging of sufficient swaths of humanity, the exo-political authority will emerge.

I again point to the news I posted earlier this year:

Russia, US shoot for the moon with joint lunar station project (Update)

How to make a planet “A Star”

Mining the Moon or Deep Space Gateway to mind control dimensional oblivion? On the surface you again have to consider all the Russia enemy mine bullshit and look at the money, the timing but more importantly the PRIORITY of the vortex sequencing. With all the danger of Russia China/ North Korea Iran and all the failing and ignored infrastructure issue, the climate events and humanitarian needs, the one thing that never sees a hiccup is the Star Wars agenda. NASA never fails to move forward regardless of how many may starve. But more obvious is the fact that the West and Russia will share all their treasure in these joint ventures regardless of MSM psyops and the narrative of Russia being the biggest danger to America. Sanctions? Ha! Not likely to involve the using of Russian propulsion. A money laundering scam, diverted to D-Wave CERN and EM mind control and atmospheric, low orbit weapons of mass distraction and destruction.

[An international base for lunar exploration for humans and robots and a stopover for spacecraft is a leading contender to succeed the $100 billion International Space Station (ISS), the world’s largest space project to date]

How surprised would America be if the ISS never existed? Like the Space Shuttle, the demolition of two Challenger and Columbia (33) were staged in the same manner of 911, the NASA black hole is fully intact for the demise of the fictitious ISS as well.

The only way to run a gigantic hoax like this is to control all nations involved, Creating the confederation was played out with Reagan, Star Wars, Gorbachev, the soviet fall and the agreement not to expose mutual crime and fraud as it would end the reign of the global mafia. Then you control the world wide web and control the narratives, the conspiracy and alternate controlled opposition and conduct a well organized “disclosure” program which is nothing more than limited hangouts and creative narratives being science fiction at it’s best. This confederation holds together based upon mutually assured destruction. Not the nuclear variety but the full disclosure of massive genocide, pre-planned terror, massive graft and fraud, information leak regarding the real reality of space, earth and human potential and finally the threat of death by the ‘real sanctions.’ The real sanction is the order of death by the select committee.

By the Numbers ye shall know the truth

So we look at the vortex here with this galactic fraud and if you believe it as I do as a 100% fraud, good for you. If you believe in Apollo, then you need to ask your self why? If you can honestly say you are a NASA watcher and have investigated much of the information,then I say fine. But if you have not, you cannot back your beliefs and should consider yourself a victim of what NASA, Russia, the entire technocracy have been spending the budget on.

Watch 2010, the sequel to Kubrick’s 2001. If you have not watched 2001, start there first. Remember the limited hangout and disclosure conspiracy. Flat earth is a CIA created counter surveillance data collection psyop which uses the vortex sequence. 2010 was released in 1984 (so read Orwell’s book) Please note that 2001-2010 is 9 and the ruling number in 11, the hoax (conspiracy). It is their knowledge of the vortex that allows smart people to be duped and it requires exact control of the time and space sequence. You may not be aware of why all news must come with age and dates and how this effects the fake news and real news and how they (insiders) disseminate what is and what is not real.

Though both Kubrick (2001) and Hyams (2010) are Russian Jews is not so critical as are the timings and the history of Hollywood-Holyrood and the predictive programming. Peter Hyam was the writer and director of Capricorn One  (811) which was an independent film released 1977. (wikipedia)

[Upon returning to Earth, the empty spacecraft burns up due to a faulty heat shield during re-entry. The “astronauts” on the spacecraft are revealed on live television to have died due to the heat shield. The captive astronauts board a plane to be placed in the spacecraft, but the plane unexpectedly turns around and returns to the airfield. They realize that something has gone wrong with the re-entry process and that officials can never release them because doing so would automatically expose the hoax.]

Space Shuttle Columbia disaster – Unlike the Challenger crew where are they now?, the heat shield and O-rings just don’t fly.




1968 – 1977 – 1984 – 1986 – 2001 – 2003 -2010 [666 – 322 – 911]






It is crystal clear the predictive programming in all these Tavistock based Media offerings and yet Kubrick stands out. 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut would deliver the closest link to the truth and I believe Stanley paid the price. But the vortex indicates that sequence was broken. But what Peter Hyams 1984 film 2010 brings is this Cold War Russian, on the brink MAD scenario with the Project Blubeam, GOD appearance in the monolithic visual transformation of Jupiter, which is the quintessential Illuminati Luciferian symbol. From the eye of Horus to the embryonic surface visual sequences, the black hole blinks and the NWO is created.

If you can follow the logic and premise of Bluebeam, the current enormous Jade Helm master psyop and rush to control the information grid, the most impressive achievement is the totally simple-minded acceptance of this socially engineered EM mind control and dumbing transformation. No doubt that tying in all the environmental assaults have paid off. If you look at the Flint Michigan from Fluoride and water wars, the days of real news is over for good. If one tells you CO2 is the earths greatest enemy, run away as fast as you can. This brain disease may be infectious. We know now that Twitter is communicable and retards the brain as seen with Drumpf. Donald is a tool for this coming global event and as the predictive programming will tell us, the death of conservative, sovereign, independent, freedom first people will rise and fall along with this agenda. Any conspiracy you hold to be true will work against you. Those like me who think it’s all a conspiracy are doomed under this 2018 coming attraction. Those who buy it all hook line and sinker will suffer far more when the truth lands on their iPhone at some date approaching 2030.

Political and religious beliefs of Stanley Kubrick



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New War Rondo (Instrumental)



The Military Industrial Congressional Complex has some plans for World War Z. This onslaught of the techno-tactical transformation has peaked at what I call the event horizon. We have finally reached the point of no return. What is obvious is the itch that the N-Team cannot scratch. I was waiting for some more clues and looking at the MK-Media Pareidolia of potential US-Russia engagement and how they get to that itch and what kind of back scratcher they would come up with.

I love this one: US Army Exploring ‘Devastating’ New Weapon for Use In War with Russia
The Kinetic Energy Projectile would be a tungsten warhead that moves at three times the speed of sound, destroying anything in its path.

This is a component of the Earthraker. It is part of the arsenal that is secret, very secret. It is the compilation of years of shuttle missions, supposed SATCOM and other orbital deployments and the phony ISS money hole that has no presence in space. From where they run this CGI studio is debatable but I would guess at either polar extreme. Maybe Greenland, maybe New Swabia.


After listening to the Trump UN speech and after hours of laughing at the comedy that was this Bush Cheney Rondo, I figured they were serious. I then got the cold chill of a possible Zionist Mossad false flag anchored by the Jesuit N-Team psyops of creating fear from the Soviet Cold War Chest. As back then this threat is impossible unless they sanction it by the players who are the nation leaders. Those who may not be Joo-joo-bees have no ability to wage nuclear war. As of now I can barely find a leader that is not in the I$I$ black hand of the military jesuit arm and not a crypto-jew wall wailer.

The Kinetic weapon is a possible tool but would be spaced based. My rendering of earthraker has the kinetic projectile under the wing of it’s pulse plasma cannon. The reality of a strike must be solely based on a retaliation. So the vortex dictates the false flag comes from earthraker. The counter-strike comes from the land based systems as not to tip the hand of space based WMD. Deniability runs like 911 and we all will go after the first strike source. Conspiracy theorists will look for geo-coordinates from where this missile strike came. Everything from China to Diego Garcia, Japan, Guam or South Korea. Submarine Tonkin as well.


Kinetic Bombardment: The typical depiction of the tactic is of a satellite containing a magazine of tungsten rods and a directional thrust system. When a strike is ordered, the satellite would brake[1] one of the rods out of its orbit and into a suborbital trajectory that intersects the target. As the rod approaches periapsis and the target due to gravity, it picks up immense speed until it begins decelerating in the atmosphere and reaches terminal velocity shortly before impact. The rods would typically be shaped to minimize air resistance and maximize terminal velocity. In science fiction, the weapon is often depicted as being launched from a spaceship, instead of a satellite.

In first UN speech, Trump threatens total destruction of North Korea

Rods from God: You think that the masses would not fall for the same 911 Rondo? It’s hard to believe but I suggest they would. Especially so if they up’ed the anti and killed 30,000 or 300,000 this time.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Weighs Using “Kinetic Weapon” On North Korea

The game requires they pre-place the grassy knolls and shady Kroll’s about before the event. As in 911, the vigilant guardians will be tasked with the cover while the predictive programmers and alternate MSM go to work releasing limited hangouts from their now, very impressive complex. Let’s call it the Snow-Wiki slow leak because Snowden, Assange and the rest of these disinfo distributors are slow leaks preying on the masses pretending to be real whistleblowers and not controlled opposition. The rule of thumb is if you get a large enough microphone, you are a shill. Those who have been silenced, many of which had a much smaller microphone but much more powerful messages were silenced for good.

If the Trump war stump and UN narrative was not a joke, it follows the same Predictive Program  messaging that 911 carried until September 2001. 16 years later Trump 777 is sitting right at the refrain position for false flag ala Korea, Iran or Russia. What happens for Cuba is clean up detail unless Russia decides to re-militarize them is some variation of Bay of Pigs which seemed a good idea during the Ukraine verses and the NATO missile Shield. This still remains a part of the NWO Rondo but may come later or may be the event. Either way we live day to day now in my opinion waiting for a financial event, redistribution of wealth, a robbery and then the false flag event to cover the whole movement.

Listen to the music, feel the rhythm, feel the beat and remember the episodes. You should begin to be able to name that tune.

52 minutes = #7 Trump et War Stump


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The Old and the New World

El viejo y el nuevo mundo

Juan De Fuca, El viejo y el nuevo mundo -Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 25, 2013

Now for your local weather: (previously posted)

For the last several months most of the chemtrail ENMOD activity has been Pacific generated while the US has been blanketed as well.

They have controlled la-nina with HAARP and other facilities in the Canary Atlantic region. We have seen much activity in nina around the SW and that was seen by Chilean earthquakes and rim seismic activity off Japan.

If they continue to provide this ENMOD, we will see large spikes in el-nino/LA NINA with emphasis on nino. Maintaining this cold weather by cooling pacific and US land regions will then react with southern oscillations and extreme heat both natural and HAARP/EISCAT scatter.

The program is designed to give us the worst Hurricane season in recorded history for this Season. It is my prediction for 21 names storms coming off Africa with several forming in tropical atlantic waters.

The Miami surfer boys have told me that the markers are there in El Nino spikes and then larger and more severe El Niño aided by El Vieja (enmod) in the Fukushima event.

This was purposely done in order to play the “Modoki” card to give us the temps we are seeing. Along with the damage they will cause in superstorms and typhoon/hurricanes, the effects will kill fish populations and destroy American farming seasons this summer with higher rainfall and flooding again.

The perfect TRIAD with no opportunity wasted. And as usual, the insider Wallstreet sect will redistribute the wealth in commodity futures and stock specific fluctuations due to the en-mod geoengineering plan for the 2013-14 season.

I expect the season to be most active late but expect early activity so they can ride high off the Moore False Flag tornado event. I would leave coastal zones soon because the ICLEI, UNESCO and NAU program is to obtain all wetlands and coastal property while killing or bankrupting the maximum number of slaves which we know are on coastal regions geographically.

I think Texas may be safe but Atlantic coastlines get hit and New York and DC could get nailed. Katrina strength 5 is prime for Florida Gold Coast like Andrew. These storms will have numerous exterior tornadoes in out bands.

Imagine the fireworks that explode and the debris that explodes, explodes again. And then again. Oooooooh! Aaaaaah! OMG!

The Quantum Leap to Global Geo-Engineering Control

Now we see that the IPCC Climate data is completely wrong. The Climate changers are running scared and livid over the Trump Paris Exit.  Though a meme, the fact is and will prove me right that there will be no exit. There will be no wall, no Obama repeal on the death panels or any other Joo-joo crime syndicate  contract already in place.  It’s now 2013 again in that the seismic events follow the same from that year. Not the Paris deal and global data models can sell on science so they scrap the logical for the emotional. Watch the fake news insufferable coverage of the deaths by Trump. Trump is a puppet and Jesuit traitor. His coronation was a rigged and planned move to destroy independent, truth motivated people. He is the fountainhead of the population of America who have a brain and are not sellouts for financial gain.  So they will continue to play this total psyop on America until they can finally win by fear, emotion and this politically correct assault on those who publish or speak truth. Economic terrorism  and control of the monopolies that we need to buy,sell and trade.

Now that Japan, Philippines and Mexico have been hit, this is the same signature from 2013 and could or should indicate the big event for Juan de Fuca, Mexico (Cocos) and Japan are more vulnerable than San Andreas and de Fuca but the event is overdue. So we can again watch for the next shoe to drop. A large event for Chile and then the US will be ripe.

North Korea offer a perfect cover for the Ring of Fire agenda.  It provides explosives,  scalar assaults, military chemtrailing, submarine shenanigans and NASA pulse laser testing.  There are many opportunities for a long overdue seismic event. The US can shoot down any fire cracker from NK’s Un & Co. and this fear campaign just offers them the cover for a large deep state military presence. It’s not that they don’t have plans for the remaining holdouts to world order but the geniuses behind this technological WMD pogrom are smart and never waste opportunities.

I will be watching for a possible sizable event off Chile and if it occurs the axis again makes California Oregon Washington susceptible for the event. We might get to watch the space needle tumble this year and a series of triggered events for the west coast. This is the same sequence I saw in 2013 which came after the 311 event which I did manage to get right in 2011.

Beyond the Wildfires being set by the I$I$ crisis team and also the Oreville Dam EPA project, a large seismic event and volcano eruption would get the CO2 team in a better position to sway the sheeple for a Climate Change which is just the front of the new economic carbon based fascism that the committee has been planning for decades.  It all connects.  Be warned that it comes fast and furious. Trumps UN speech was full of clues inside what was a ridiculously bullshit laden diatribe. He covered all the Rothschild free nations of Cuba, Iran and North Korea and insiders to the Joo-joo-bee agenda heard what they wanted to hear which was an old world order to be made a new world contract that will make any dissent or rejection by us a crime worse than Kim Jong Un or Raul Castro could ever commit.


The events of Fukushima Radiation, Macondo Gulf Spill, Corexit, Nino/Nina and fracking all play into this final blow.  Even the tunnel digging by NWO hack Elon Musk have e deeper agenda than the dumbed-down media narratives will tell. This is a master plan, a complicated program where all the wealth distribution is just a compliment to the deep and dangerous world changing events that are forthcoming.  They have sufficiently programmed the masses for a host of cataclysmic chain of events as faux black swans and Force Majeures of human cause but the reality man made global climate change is all them.

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