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First Man: Do you want to play?


How insufferable is Trump Theatre? The Hollywood and Holyrood playrights and lefts, their actor shills and gamers remain on schedule for 2019 vortex shifts.

This piece of Holo-farce is just another sub set of NWO MAGA social engineering and brainwashing but always deflects the truth. Not accounting for hundreds of defects in the Apollo 8-11 mass mind control staging ,errors that are the never ending divide and conquer, we are blessed with more. We must assume at some point the vectors collide at the point of the coming event. Not quite at the speed of light but certainly quick enough to kill America for good.


The MAGA-NWO conflict rages on with the “First Man” controversy. Not the Capricorn One reality mind you,  but the showman Trump. Timing for the November fake elections, split houses and DC quagmire giggity-giggity approaches. The Vortex rules are still in play here as a triad firm in the deflection of the NASA hoax while moving sets to opposing points. The 6-9-3 playing large here while the date and time another repeat marker to JFK and the Mercury Theater team and War Of The Worlds  to NASA’s move to the Apollo Theatre for a beta test of a grand deception.

This really fits so well into the current transition I expect to be one of the most interesting years since 2001. As we move closer to Bluebeam, the Trump Space Force ever so silently creeps into internal space, all essential to the coming grandest of all delusions. MAGA Trump Theatre is the stage three rocket for the NWO. From here it will deliver it’s final payload and the revelation of the time according to the “agenda”

‘First Man’ author, Auburn professor speaks on controversy surrounding upcoming film

Recent controversy has surrounded the film as some have accused the movie of not being patriotic enough. People have spoken out about their discontent with this, including President Donald Trump announcing that he will not be viewing it due to the omission of the iconic flag-planting moment into the lunar surface.

While this dissociative State and MSM blather, written by fools and narrated by actors continues to generate these holons, we will have to determine not only the simple benefits in triangulation’s but see the deeper, darker and more distant outposts of NWO Hegelian dynamics for the new “first man” of total transformation.

I would not spend time reading Neil Armstrong but instead some D.M. Armstrong. The only space NASA is interested in is that between your ears.



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Is “Leslie” still off the East Coast of the U.S.?

Update on Leslie — see Screen Grab:

Leslie Still Spinning with a Feeder from the North 10-09-18

Below left is Michael.  A glorified name chosen and given.  Leslie spins in the mid-atlantic, seemingly “held” with a feeder line of new blood from the north.  What to make of it?

Below is the original thread:

Why isn’t anybody talking about Hurricane Leslie bearing down on the U.S. East Coast?!

I’ve been watching it for a couple of days now.  It looks to be 6-8 times LARGER than Florence was, stretching from the tip of Florida north to Virginia.  Http:// has nothing on it.  Not a peep.  What kind of Con are “They” playing?

Hurricane Leslie off U.S. East Coast 11pm 10-03-18

Time Stamp — 11:10pm October 3, 2018


Hurricanes around the world 1130pm 10-03-18

Time Stamp — 11:30pm October 3, 2018

Typhoon Sergio off Mexico’s west coast is positioned about where Rosa was last week.  And, Typhoon Kong Rey is about to hit China’s east coast and/or Japan following Typhoons that just bashed them both last week.

Something Fishy is going on here.

Note the pestilence in NC following hurricane Florence.

Giant Mosquitoes in NC following Hurricane Florence  

Thanks U.K. for reporting on our plague.  Are they real, “natural”, or GMO’d-like monsters grown in a lab and planted?  Just showed up, huh?

October 4, 2018 UPDATE:s  This storm Leslie is Gigantic!

October 4, 2018 -- Tropical Storm Leslie






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Ghost Writers in the Machine

I really love this. Considering Lord Bezos’ CIA connections and his no-bid contracts CIA contracts, his ownership and endeavor to corner the internet traffic world wide and ties to the Googleplex, this email ad is quite interesting.



Hello ,

We believe in your ideas and it is time to turn them into reality! It was this very thought that got things going for popular figures like Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Stephen King, Bills Gates and J. K. Rowling.

As a part of our promotional week (ending today), we are offering you this once in a lifetime chance to become a Best Selling Author in the U.S and other parts of the world by bringing your ideas to life. But do you find it hard to make time and put your ideas down on paper? We can help! View Pricing


About Professioanl Book Writers .
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This is what we have been doing for decades and we are the best in business Our statured client list is a testament to our dedication and premium service to our clients, and we promise you the same service standards. Book Writing INC.’s service includes everything you will ever need to transform your ideas into a beautifully drafted, published book.

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Obviously, editing is not part of their PROFSSIOANL prowess!

Amazon has the data on all bloggers, editorialists and writers via the Googleplex which has its sub sets in Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and other independent static social discussion boards. This may be out of Cambridge Analytics or any other data collector in the combine.

Who can manage to control the Ghost in the machine? I think the ‘Whole’ can do it. You need not do anything anymore. Just agree to the singularity of a non-sentient artificial social system designed to retard the individual and self development, expression, governing and life experience. The behavioral and cultural contaminates are clearly seen now with everything we see in Trump Theatre, This is a Holon and you have to see the connection to the greater “new world cybernetics” that is shaping the human transformation into the China Syndrome model, the INGSOC AI governing credit scorekeepers and one world singularity.

In what has clearly been a divide and conquer strategy, what is not as obvious is the deception of the smaller subsystems of the group whole. These slide into the cognitive center and may be unrecognized by the group whole. They can then be represented as part of a sub group and do the damage without conflict. Here they are able to silently attack the fundamental structure like a cancer and like a cancer it can not be discovered until a critical point is reached.

The science and philosophical systems have no Verisimilitude and the search for truth is not possible in the political realms of these systems. Yet even those who appear to be immune to the mind control and question the beliefs they acquired through the entrainment will accept many of these so-called truths. I too suffer these contradictions thanks to the ghost protocols of the NWO mind control combine.

The theory of everything is nothing. Truth that cannot be fully known unless you can find the vacuum, the realm of nothing, the Zero Point where there is no interference of the Machine and no influence of the Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network. Maybe a certain amount of time in a hyperbaric chamber might offer some relief and some partial decompression and deprogramming but clearing the slate would not seem possible. Instead we will have to clean the machine one holon at a time.


Kavanaugh Accuser Family CIA Black Budget Ops/Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties


I have written often here about the STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE  and MK-ULTRA. The articles above are good and the CIA’s own website has declassified such programs.
The issue is the Brainwashing and social  media EM mind-control that is a Holon to the MK-Ultra system itself. No matter how we feel and what we think, it has been influenced by the ghost writers in the machine/

Pineal Wars

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Tsunami of Fake News?

2018-09-28 10:02:43 UTC0.178°S   119.840°E10.0 km depth

The Military are controlled by the Jesuits (Vatican) The Crypto Khazarian Joo-joo-bees are in control of NATO, GLADIO and the entire MICC. The Jesuits are the Leaders of every major nation in NATO.

Do not be fooled by the West / Indonesian theater between Duterte and the west. It is all for show as is the Trump, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Nieto Pena, Lopez Obrador, Moon, Jong Un and others in the EU.

This Quake and Tsunami event is very strange. It was triggered by a HAARP signature 10K depth and was not reported by the USGS notification system, I thinl the locatiob was Tsunami ready for the following rogue wave. Seems to be variances in accounts and deaths,

I do not doubt the event entirely but suspect some weather weapon testing that was ongoing. There is a strong influence of the Jesuits in Indonesia and it’s President Joko Widodo. Climate change is a key ingredient to the control of the Military Industrial Complex and these smaller events will prepare us all for the Big Beauty they have in store for the world in time. This footage may be left overs from 2004 but the details of this do not add up to a natural event in any way. From the magnitude of the quake to the location and depth, this Tsunami is suspect.

M 7.5 – 78km N of Palu, Indonesia
2018-09-28 10:02:43 UTC 0.178°S 119.840°E 10.0 km depth


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What’s Cooking?


VIDEO REPORT: US Diplomats Involved in Trafficking of Human Blood and Pathogens for Secret Military Program

In her latest investigation, we learn about the Pentagon’s biolaboratory in the Republic of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, and the diplomatic cover provided to traffick in “human blood and pathogens for a secret military program.”

It follows the nine eleven vortex for the Pandemic, epidemic and false flag extravaganza slated for 2019. It may be the most exciting year of the Millennium since 2001 and 2010 to 2019 completes the cycle. Incrementally the third year for 811 was 2004 and the flu and anthrax staged events were interesting. What has been also quite interesting is the recent closing of the Solar Observatory and local post office *tunnel undergroiind bunker” in New Mexico and the recent Novichok event with the Syrian Chemical attacks staged by the covert ISIS white helmets and aided by UN and associated NATO Gladio operatives..

Timing is perfect for the release of the Kracken in a biological threat which will likely be chemical event to cover a biological viral agenda. The everything vaccination scenario will be at play I predict. This is not your mothers  ricin,, anthrax or pneumonic plague and not the ones that the U.S. created and used in Africa including HIV Aids, Ebola and Lassa Fever but better and more specific genome targeted killers.

Resurrection and refinement is the ticket for new and better bacteria and viruses and more creative vectors, their hosts and staged releases under the cover of geo-chemtrails and volcanic ash releases or the controlled war on terror narratives of state actors such as Russia, North Korea and Iran.

As Russians were expelled from the EU after the Novichok fraud, you must wonder why the US Military were welcomed in Africa after the Ebola outbreak. Africom is just another method of invading and then controlling a foreign sovereign nation as they did post 911 in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the NWO dialectic, the triad always offers multiple opportunities and profit in theft, redistribution of wealth and power grab or regime change. The deep state has had more problems with Syria than previous WMD coups because Assad has not attacked the U.S. As weary as we are with the false flag it will never go away and therefore we should be prepared for this before they make their move for Syria, Iran and Russia.

The leaders are all corrupt and know the game. African leaders as well. It’s possible Gaddafi was the last one to realize he was not in the loop. When he pronounced “this is not supposed to happen” before his death and  I took notice. Sometimes the SPECTRE team goes off script. When the stakes are high enough the ante is always thousands and millions of lives.

2019 fits the year for another 911. This time, the Agenda 21 goals have got to be considered. All the Trump Theatre cannot cover up the real news and clues to a pandemic, biological attack or black swan coming from the Masters of the Human Domain.

“The accusations you outlined are totally absurd and likely an invention of the fanciful Russian disinformation campaign against the west,” Defense Department spokesperson Eric Pahon said on Friday. “The United States is not developing biological weapons in the Lugar Center. These are also not US facilities.”
Earlier this week, former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze said during a press-conference in Moscow that he has reports about deaths that could be the result of vaccine tests in the US-funded laboratory known as the Lugar Center.

Giorgadze said he had received documents revealing the laboratory could be running experiments related to Hepatitis Type C. The documents reveal that 30 people had died in December 2015 and 43 more in April and August of 2016, and the probable cause of death could be the use of medicine, Giorgadze added.

READ MORE: US Lab in Georgia May Have Engaged in Lethal Experiments on People

There are many new MSM predictive programming transmissions coming from the Googleplex regarding all the chemical and biological possible scenarios. This algorithm tells me we are in for an exciting climate change year in 2019. It may be triggered by another Ft. Detrick or UK false flag.

We will wonder who will be the ‘actor’ state or lone wolf to play the Patsy for NWO spinsters and Agenda 21 narrators. Trump Theatre isn’t able to deflect the  clues to a Luciferian Lord of the Flies event. I give it a near 100% chance of this event post midterms to the 3 year and 9 cycle that is 2019. So the date will be subject to vortex rules which would be November to April. I would not be surprised with a Hollows Eve chemical or poisoning before this event.
:ocations are always clued to other events and I pick some obvious targets like Ukraine, Geogia, Belarus, Syria and vectors to include UK and USA through the flying economy and refugee programs. Information still indicates the midnight flights are coming into midwest hubs.

If this holds true to the cycle we could see a high profile assassination and sacrifice before the event. Matbe Hollywood or Holyrood. This could be the lingering McCain from the grave. As for the Kavanaugh (11) Scam, I said he would not be seated on the SOTUS bench but that the Jesuit Amy Coney Barrett who the vortex and I believe was the real anointed pick by the Joo-joo-bee committee. We will see but there is no doubt this whole Kavanaugh Caper is all theater and planned. This is the “Hook” in a Triad that sheeple just cannot grok. The phony narrative is obvious and I’d stake my horse on the fact this party never existed. They want you to know this is a political hatchet job, with all the trimmings to divide and deflect the real world climate change coming very soon.

Story image for biological weapons from Washington Examiner


US Lab in Georgia at Center of Storm Over Biological Warfare Claims …

Oct 15, 2013 – The laboratory, formally known as the Richard GLugar Center for Public Health Research, became the target of a renewed attack by Russian …

Can you say Novichok? Can you say Spirit Cooking?   Can you name the dish  and the chefs?

Never forget Malaysia 370. It was all biological as was MH-17!



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Mike Pence secrets from Florence


I wrote several times about the Secret Service. I was told by CIA ex-NOC agent that all secret Secret Service are trained in Alabama. I was shocked to hear this but it came to be realistic and evident that JFK was likely killed by Secret Service or at least involved and aided by the assassins for the Crown. The secret agents were created to keep counterfeiters and thieves from swindling the Rothschild and Crown Banks. Then later tasked to protect the Crown from Presidential moves to exit the Federal Reserve or blow the whistle and reject the private elite raping of American citizens. As I stated they do not protect the President and other financial front puppets as much as protect the elites to the point of killing the political figures should they go rogue on the scam.

I was interested in the timing of the NWO created Florence Storm and the reason for steering it to the Trump loving Carolinas. It is and was a deflection as was Sandy Storm was for another major financial problem, that required the staged Sandy Hook. As I scoured the news I found this. It was on REDIT before the group was removed by the Googleplex. But I found it here. at;


Pence Passed Secret Note! Alabama Assassination?’

We’ve caught Mike Pence plotting evil with a corrupt Alabama Sheriff and getting passed a secret message in a Mason handshake! Trump must be warned about this evil deed done in the shadows! Is this dirty Sheriff in league with Pence to take out Trump in Alabama as Lyndon Johnson did to JFK in Texas? See the incredible video below!

Read the post and watch the Vimeo videos.

Whats going on in Florence Alabama? The land of Jeff Sessions?  Sheriff Ana Franklin has a boatload of persona; trouble and fraud going on now. This should indicate she is compromised, coerced or involved in some shady deals. Whether or not she and Pence are hatching something like assassinations is plausible though I suspect the Secret Service Computer Forensics team and other Freemason Law Enforcement may be planning an event or counter intelligence deflection or major false flag moving the NWO Agenda 21 program forward. I will look for this before Saturn and high Illuminati X-mas holidays.

We will need a few more events before the big bubble blows!


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Hurricane Florence – Command and Control




Just like Katrina, the Rainmakers, Chemtrailists and HAARPists are actively steering the HAARP generated Arecibo facility in Puerto Rico. Arecibo has been manipulating the Jet Stream and Gulf waters since the Macondo event and Corexit program to alter ocean currents and wind patterns. We have experienced unprecedented moisture influences from this program for several years now driving Gulf monstrous up the eastern seaboard and endothermic steering of weather systems in the Caribbean. While the Pacific and el Nino are under Alaska and Pine Gap control.

Now they will begin driving the Trump anti-Climate accord agenda. You can now enjoy the likes of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo playing meteorologists on CNN and running a 25/7 hype agenda of man made climate change which we know now is real and in the hands of psychopaths from the Navy, NASA, NOAA, NIST and NSA team and their affiliated corporate technology partners and fake media magicians.

They are just ramping up but we have already seen unprecedented scalar fallout and real earthquakes due to the massive global endothermic ionospheric heaters all working to drive the floods, droughts and their special Derechos around the globe.

The Trump wildcard not only covers the usual suspects in the flying economy, ISIS, Russiagate but the Vatican’s agenda for Climate Control is a staple of the Agenda 2030 program. Our 11 year cycle here in the US began again in 2016. We saw the Caribbean Gulf damage and power is being used in Puerto Rico for multi=Gigawatt assaults. While people there still have no power, we too will soon know how it feels again since 2005.

The Carolinas are already fully saturated due to the Arecibp program and now a controlled and stationary HAARP Scalar monster will send waters flooding statewide if this cyclone is managed as the Lame Stream ENMOD team has been instructed to report and promote. But sending little Ms. Mockingbird Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo instead of their usual meteorologists and stringer reporters is so, so obvious. What a cesspool we have centered in this cyclone but hey folks that is the NWO Vortex.

+285 -174 = 369

Now watch the mandatory evacs, military drills and MSM narrative go into action. COMMAND & CONTROL!


I wonder if they have any nuclear ambitions or just giving us the usual power outages?

Duke Energy
Hurricane Florence forecast to be storm of historic proportions.
Massive outages, high winds and extreme flooding could push outage restoration for weeks.Based on the latest track and overall forecast for Florence, we are estimating power outages in the Carolinas could be between 1-3 million customers.

We will have more than 20,000 people in place to attack restoration, but those efforts cannot begin until the storm has passed and it is safe to do so. It is important to know this is no ordinary storm and some customers could be without power for a very long time – not days, but weeks.

We will continue to provide you with frequent updates and information throughout the duration of the storm until every customer is restored.

For your safety, please heed all warnings from local and state officials.

High-water and flooding safety reminders
Learn about your county’s emergency plans, warning signals, evacuation routes and locations of emergency shelters. Visit for more information.
Turn off your power at the circuit breaker panel or fuse box if rising water threatens your home or if you evacuate your home.
Stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires. DO NOT drive over or stand near downed power lines. Electric current passes easily through water.
Do not try to drive through flooded areas; most flood-related deaths occur in automobiles.
People who live along lakes and rivers, and in other low-lying areas or areas prone to flooding, should pay close attention to local emergency management officials, national weather service and media for changing weather conditions and rising lake and river levels.
High water conditions can create navigational hazards. Use caution and follow the advice of local emergency management officials before going on area lakes or rivers.
If you have electrical service to facilities (piers, outside lighting on seawalls, etc.) on or near the water, have a qualified electrical contractor de-energize this service to avoid injuries and equipment damage.
For updated lake level information, go to or call Duke Energy’s Lake Neighbor Information line at 800.829.LAKE (5253).
Safety around hydro stations and dams
Watch for rising water levels.
Know where high ground is and move there quickly if you see or hear rapidly rising water.
Heed warning signs posted near threatening areas, and avoid boating and swimming in these areas.
Be especially cautious at night, the time of day most difficult to recognize the dangers.
Watch for strong currents, wear life jackets and stay alert to changing weather conditions.
Stay alert for partially submerged objects. High water can sweep heavy debris into the lakes.
Outage Information

If you experience an outage, please report it via our website, text OUT to 57801 or call 800.419.6356.


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Let’s Study Wind Patterns for Hurricane Potentials, Shall We?

I found 2 cool weather sites:

Also listed at source article below is —

At ventusky, click on Wind tab on the left side, Thunderstorms, etc., whatever piques your interest.  Sourced this from this guy who posted at —

Let’s see what’s going on with the “potential” hurricanes being bandied about?  I can’t even find a remnant of them on  The current storm up in PA is huge, compared to “what?” Florence is supposed to be looking like.

Enjoy, and decide for yourselves if a 3 State Disaster Zone call is warranted.

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AMERICAN UNITED 911 -This was an Orange


wtc N334AA – 11 – 533411 = 11-17 (28)           – 1(*)
wrc N612UA -175 – 561231 = 18-13 (31) = 9    -1
ind N591UA – 93 – 559131 = 24-12 (36)            – 4
wdc N644AA – 77 – 564411 = 21-14 (35) = 11  – 7
228284 2435 – 65-47 (22)
26 14 11-11
8 5 2 – 2



Ages of the 2616 Dead in Numerology. Totals adding to base number 1-9

Here is the Master spreadsheet


Amazing coincidence? I think not.




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John and Ted’s Bogus Journey



The Manchurian ISIS Muscle and Chinese Agent is alive and well….but where?

Fakery in the deaths of the politico of District 11 criminals is not new. Those who have searched the web prior to the Googleplex takeover saw many good theories on faked deaths from Adolph Hitler to Arkady Babchenko in which some are proven and others remain speculative. Like the Sandy Hook staged deaths, in DC there may be reasons to fake deaths as of late but these are seldom and not easy to prove.


A faked death of John McCain could be a twist on a murder. As if the Manchurian Candidate has not already been outed as a womanizer, bad gambler, Hanoi Hilton liar, possible traitor and recently his connection to ISIS with photos and his own words, there may be some reasons for his murder or staged death. The dead mans switch may be the difference in life and death but in the Maverick’s case je is a top gun for the NWO unlike his credentials at the Naval Academy where he hovered at the very bottom while later flying and ejecting from several multi-million dollar aircraft.


There is something deeper as to why they may have faked his glioblastoma and why the whole stahing seemed strange from start to finnish. Like Ted Kennedy who died of supposed glioblastoma, both were heavy drinkers and in my opinion both were under MK-Ultra mind control. If they had not been under the control of handlers, I think both would have been assassinated much earlier in their lives.

I used to see Ted Kennedy on Palm Beach properties in the saloons with his handlers and entourages. His big bloated rosacea face pumping his arm from table to mouth. McCain’s handler wife is responsible;e for more frat drunk parties than Spuds McKenzie.

TED KENNEDY died on AUGUST 25 2009
JOHN MCCAIN died on AUGUST 25 2018

(936) with the 8-2-5 on the 11’s. This is the mark of the forge, fraud and fake.

You cannot escape the vortex and the sinister frauds of the masters of the Human Domain


Like Teddy’s Obama, the McCain Trumping is another possible faked death, soft kill fraud, assassination or MK-Ultra disappearing. Too many reasons for their deaths, too many coinky-dinks from the numbers and time mile markers for me.

There may be a poker bar, whorehouse in Cambodia and McCain just sat down to deal himself in a game. Ted is likely already half in the bag.

In death, as in life, John McCain has a way of bringing out loons

(aka “The Songbird”)


Obama Manchurian Candidate




“Dog stares in unbelief…can’t fathom the fathomless imaginations of the Madly Insane”.


So STUPID is this placement of a potential nuclear holocaust that it boggles the mind!

What idiots would conceive of such a terrorist-rich “target”?  So, there it sits.  Waiting for the vividly imaginable to occur…Terrorist attack, Earthquake, Tsunami, DEW Fires, or something Hollyweird worthy.

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NWO #666: Terms of Service

Image result for jujubes candy

If you think the current Loony Tunes are part of the agenda 21 directives, then you are ready for graduation. As a student of the global conspiracy you are able to recognize the Vortex and algorithms of staged events, timely execution and predictable narratives.

You should listen to Jay Dyer and his analysis who was one of several WordPress blogs shut down. Along with others Scott Creighton an old COTO member lost his blog at American Everyman. This is part of what I predicted at Trumps election that we would be shut down. I am personally happy we have not got the attention of some of the more heavily trafficked sites.


Though Google has taken COTO out of the search engine results and put us way back into the depths of nowhere, we are still here, for now. I have offered my theory on the Project Orange and the Purple Revolution, Beyond what the MSM and Googleplex call it, this is a planned and left-right alt right confederation from the Joo-joo-bees. The Crypto-Joo cabal (aka Soros/SiliCON Valley) which is really the Global Mafia Enterprise system all aided by the “Alphabet” soup from DARPA and MIT to the CIA Google Complex. It includes the Alphabet CEO’s from Bezos to Zuckerberg. But even more diabolical is the fact that Obama, Clinton’s, Bush’s and Trump’s are all in the mix as Holyrood players and they incorporate the Hollywood players. Keep in mind that I proposed that WikiLeaks, Snowden, Qanon and others are included as psyops but I even accept that Rosanne Barr and other celluloid phonies from the west propaganda center are confederates of the Jesuit and Crypto-Joo Kabbalists who make all this fake news and staged events meaningful and effective in the program of socially engineering the world wide grid towards the 666 Buy Sell Trade model best seen by Rockefellers China Dream which now in the closest example of how you will self-censor and kowtow to the eventual Artificially, Intelligently, unconstitutional mark of the beast UCC will eventually work.


There are little doubts this is on the horizon. These events such as Jones’ Infowars, this WordPress purge, the Rosanne Barr staged event and other assaults on civil liberties and constitutional protections are mind-control and fear trauma exercises for D-day when the Enterprise System goes live. Unless you have great lawyers, deep pockets, an aptitude in the legal system you will not know how the 333 UCC, your fictional contracted certificates and agreements will bind you to the Genesis 6 agenda and the new “terms of service” Your health, financial and social resources will dry up faster than water in hell.


It is clear that the Orange Project, staged events from Virginia Tech to Parkland were a basis for this social media data-mining agenda as well as first and second amendment transformations, but as well I believe the Pizzagate phenomenon was also mostly designed to create the cesspool of Nazi like references to conspiracy theorists who are trying to pave the way for an antisemitic and broader agenda for protection of Islam, Jews, atheists and every other colour under the rainbow. This includes real pedophiles, perverts, criminal political figures and other bestial proponents of immoral practices.


I think they are all in on the program and agenda. Some may possibly be unwitting dupes but only if they are under complete MonarK control and readily available by a handler to act upon command. That might be a Rosanne Barr or even a Fox News or CNN host. The Joo-joo-bees have a lot of power, alchemy and science, unlimited funding and the will to make this happen. Like the Loony Tunes of the past there was the Censored Eleven. There are not many absurdities and ridiculous media events, narratives or propositions that could surprise me anymore. That is due to my belief that it all by design, planned executed and then broadcast by the very folks we are supposed to believe are outside the swamp. That is just too naive at this point. What we can expect along with the recent earthquake activity is more eruptions of the not so merry melodies from prime-time players of America, the reality show.


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Who killed Mark Minnie and why?


Mark Minnie’s  Magnus Malan NWO Magnum Opus and Murder

Mark Minnie, who exposed alleged NP paedophile ring in a new book, found dead

Mark Minnie‚ the co-author of The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which accuses apartheid strongman Magnus Malan of being in a paedophile ring, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head and a firearm next to him — very similar to the apparent suicides of Dave Allen and John Wiley, which Minnie found suspicious.

The police do not suspect foul play, according to a spokesperson.

My 8 hours with Mark Minnie, 3 days before his death

Three days before the death of Mark Minnie, co-author of The Lost Boys of Bird Island.

Photographer Lulama Zenzile and I meet Minnie in the parking lot of the McDonald’s in Cape Road, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth.

But first I had to tell him what kind of car we were driving.

I contacted Minnie shortly after the first report about the book came out on Sunday, August 5. We began chatting on Facebook Messenger.

Minnie was totally paranoid and didn’t want people to know that he had already returned to South Africa from China months ago. I had to give him my word that I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Finally, after he had checked out my background, he agreed to meet me.

Minnie rode with me and Zenzile to the Tsitsikamma region, where we hoped to meet more victims of the alleged paedophile ring Minnie wrote about in the book. We also wanted to try to track down the house and/or houses where some of the alleged rapes of underage coloured boys were said to have taken place.

Tsitsikamma inhabitants had told us about a house which was said to have belonged to the brother of a deputy minister. However, we couldn’t verify this information.

In the end, we were to spend about eight hours with Minnie.

Minnie got in the back of our vehicle. He was jovial, friendly and pleased to talk to people who wanted to investigate the alleged abuses.

He was dressed in dark blue track suit pants and a red track suit top with Chinese writing. He kept constant hold of his gold coloured cellphone. His packet of cigarettes was never out of reach.

Minnie’s hair was shaved short. His translucent blue eyes watched you intently. He was especially keen to find out how we had come across Mr X, one of the alleged victims who had come forward.

Minnie’s life revolved around his son (24) and daughter (13). Also his former wife Bernie (pseudonym), the bar lady in the book who he still stayed with when he was in the country.

READ: Mark Minnie said he would reveal more – publishing house

But he admitted that his past always caught up with him: the fact that as a boy, he was raped by two other youngsters. This, he told us in a three-hour conversation after we had left the Tsitsikamma region, was one of the main reasons why his private life, especially his love life, was never stable.

“My relationships never lasted, no matter how much I loved the woman. I always had to prove my masculinity. I always had to prove I was the stud in bed.”

Minnie also said the rape was why he couldn’t let the matter rest when he started investigating allegations of the paedophile ring more than 30 years ago.

“I knew, after I arrested Allen and he named the big names in the car, that I would get into trouble. But I would have let those children down and I couldn’t do that.”

Something else he didn’t tell people was that he had already given up his job at the university in China, where he was teaching English, 20 months ago. He took unpaid leave to write his book. But his rector couldn’t keep his position for him any longer and had to appoint someone else.

“I asked for unpaid leave so that I could begin working on the book, because I couldn’t do it while I was working full-time. I also had to return to South Africa to do further research.”

He spoke about his life in China, and that he returned to South Africa at least twice a year to spend time with his young daughter. His face was radiant when he said she was an ace hockey player. That Wednesday he still attended one of her matches.

While he was talking, he was constantly on his phone in the back of the car. It was one call after another. He also sent many messages. Many of them were to Chris Steyn, the investigative journalist who co-authored the book with him, and the book’s publisher, Maryna Lamprecht. But he didn’t elaborate about what was said in the messages.

READ: Apparent suicide note found at scene of Mark Minnie’s death – police

He was also contacted about four or five times by people he had named in the book. The media is constantly calling them for comment. Minnie just laughed and said they should say “no comment”.

While we were driving to the Tsitsikamma region, he said he hoped more victims would come forward. “We have people’s names, but struggle to get to them or to find out where they are now.”

According to him, the book’s information was just the tip of the iceberg.

“The people preyed on more than underage coloured boys. White boys and gay white boys were also abused.”

Minnie believed this implicitly.

The journey was long. After about two hours on the road we stopped to stretch our legs. He immediately got out and lit a cigarette. He smoked a further two in the course of the ten minutes we stood there.

He laughed when I asked him why he smoked so much. “It’s the only way I can cope with the stress.”

READ: Owner of firearm found next to Mark Minnie’s body could be charged

Minnie showed a childlike excitement when I got new information from a source.

During this time Zenzile and I snacked constantly from the food parcels prepared for us by the hotel we were staying at. He said no thanks and pointed to his cigarette.

“This is my food.”

Upon our return to Port Elizabeth he mentioned that he feared for his life, even if only a handful of people knew that he was back in South Africa.

He also said that people on social media had tried to find out where he was.

On Tuesday morning I receive the shocking news that Minnie was dead; that he had presumably shot himself.

Immediately I think about the circumstances in which John Wiley, former minister of environmental affairs, and businessman David Allen died. Both are believed to have committed suicide. Both had been shot. In the book there are so many questions about Allen and Wiley’s death; questions which still remain unanswered.

I still spoke with Minnie on Sunday. He was positive and said he was on the trail of a certain Igor and his younger brother, two further alleged victims he wrote about in the book.

He was also excited about the first official launch of the book in September.

“Will I see you there?” he wanted to know.

“Absolutely,” was my response.

– Maygene de Wee is a specialist crime reporter at Netwerk24. This article first appeared on Netwerk24.
Mark Minnie did not use his own firearm in alleged suicide – police

Magnus André de Merindol Malan SSA OMSG SD SM MP was a pivotal military man and politician during the last years of apartheid in South Africa. He served respectively as Minister of Defence in the cabinet of President P. W.
Born: January 30, 1930, Pretoria, South Africa
Died: July 18, 2011, Pretoria, South Africa
Party: National Party

It is a no-brainer here not to see the Joo-joo-bee hand at play. The history of the Rhodes School of Paedophiia which had it’s base in the southern regions of Africa. The slave trader crypto-Joos from British Dutch East India days all the way through Bird Island conspiracy show us the deaths of Minnie and other whistleblowers come from the same bloodlines and ratlines of the global Zionist Zebranomics protocols that see the goy as chattel and cattle for pleasure and profit. Trying to consider a suicide or a faked death for security is just too implausable but the release of the book as a tip of an iceberg and the article above just do not add up to anything other than another global Joo-joo sanctioned hit by the Jesuit-Joo Mafia SPECTRE and I see this as a silencing murder. So does the family.

SABC EXCLUSIVE: Family believes Mark Minnie did not … – YouTube

The connection of China and FascistBook Zuckerberg will likely be involved in the surveillance and tracking prior to his murder and likely torture, The Police and Coroner cannot be trusted as neither can the news media.  But the plan like always will be probed by the global warren commissions.  This is a staple of the control media and mafia. They will assign other Mafia teams to do a full investigation. The Media will ignore the story for months or maybe a year and then the commission will release their fabricated narrative and concocted conclusions,  Here is the beginning of this agenda.
Mark Minnie made fatal errors in his travel and being in China with return plans to South Africa.  Setting up a place, patsy and propaganda narrative was as easy as setting a watch.

Sometimes the old ways are the best


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Project Wingnut


“What they say is insane. What you say may kill you.”

Not since 911 jave I seen such effort to push Agenda 21 to new levels of mass mind control. The waves of the current brainstorm are nothing short of farcical in their most obvious purpose.

It was just after 911 when Gladio C and Tim Osman (OBL) was truly thrust upon the masses as a key agenda to begin the seven country invasion of the Zionist and Joo-joo-nee Gladio wave that the Vatican and Tel-Aviv teams so desperately wanted so much as to spend years planning the WTC trauma drama. Once the boogeyman Gladio C, whicj unlike B, was designed in the two fold process of taking Western Asia down and America simultaneously.  When the al-Qaeda transitioned to the I$I$ crisis, we knew the agenda would be targeting America in a coordinated effort by the left right global mafia by the aforementioned parties.

It was not long after September that I was touting the Patriot Act as the anti=Patriot and telling folks that they (we) were ISIS. They spared no expense over the last 18 years to drone it into the melons of Gellins by the feloms in the CFR. Now we begin to see the real transformation everyday and it is now much more personal than before.

I explained how Zebranomics and the revelation 13-17.18 the buy sell and trade of souls would play heavy in the transition. Now we see the China slave trading and human trafficking and child sex industry plastered over the fake news network on a regular basis. It is also clear that those like Jesuit and Joo backed Alex Jones playing a lead role in the demonetizing scam that will get him a big payday. This psyop is just the perfect predictive programming for the mark and the mindless who continue to be controlled by the fake alternate (AC) media complex who will eventually merge into the one world INGSOC complex.

It was a perfect segue into the 666 as a IoT drama that like Trumps “MAGA” and Russiagate has filled the MSM time slots almost exclusively. This along with the regular manifesto Genesis 6 components of destroying the nations is playing like the Golden Symphony in a Gladio key of G. There is no doubt for me that Trump and Jones are Peas and Carrots, a tasty tune for the coming revolution 9. I like to call this insanity by the left and gaming by the right Project Wingnut. It has all the elements of the key six objectives leading to an event horizon. As far as I am concerned we have already reached it and the screw has just about tightened fully. In order to destroy America you must essentially destry the 6, being sovereignty, inheritance, private property, patriotism, family and religion. That destroys man himself from head to soul.

Along with the outrageous theatre that is this wingnut back and forth from the DC Holyrood troupe, the contusing degrading of human life moves at steady clip by the West Hollywood troupe. It like the “Climate” follows the same weather patterns as the NAVY, NOAA, NASA environmental modification warcraft team. But we are hearing of the Bangladesh famine and other death battles raging around the world. We are hearing about the China depopulation programs from vaccines to death camps. The post Smith Mundt propaganda machine ala Googleplex, Facebook, Amazon and the reat of the IoT complex are now fully operational with DWave gatekeeping , data collection and preparing dossiers for our American Gladio Spring. In their world you lose the buy-sell-trade and then you just disappear. At least I suspect this to be the case in the near future.


Another predictive programming feature just aired on the fake History Channel. “The Last Pope” discusses Fatima and the Malachi Prophesy. I did several posts on Trump the Jesuit and the butcher Bergoglio, Pope who would fulfill in part this prophesy, As a key component of the destruction of religion, the timing is in the window of 2020. It is not a destruction of the Catholic Cult but I believe the reinvention of itself. Like the UN, NATO and other pillars of the MICC, the Jesuits have always been a military order dating back to the Templars. It is now that the church will transform into the universal religion and it will merge into a one world domain to enforce the SHRED HATE bullcrap as protection for the traffickers, killers, pedophiles, perverts and psychopaths who operate in the social constructs of identity politics. As we know from Tommy Smothers, politics comes from poly meaning ‘many’ and ticks, ‘blood sucking parasites. This is Gladio C, the traitor scum groomed in the homeland and who lay in waiting as felons who will eventually be called into action.The Butcher Jorge Bergoglio is a perfect example of the Gladio Argentinian dirty war criminal who was called to action and how this “Stay Behind” will fulfill the obligation is anyone’s guess but he will have lots of help.

At this point it is easily reconcilable to see that 911 to Syria was a case of SPECTRE deep state creation for power, change and most important, the beta testing of what we will see here. Essentially they created ISIS-ISIL from Gladio, funded and operated through deception, while telling us we were fighting a war on terror, they and ISIS were killing rejectionists of the NWO and merely claiming ISIS casualties. All along the way spending and stealing wealth from us while hoarding blood and treasure of human and financial assets. This is Zebranomics 101 and it has multifaceted techniques from Simple death and taxes, to the more grim and brutal Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian models. At some point we have to see Project Wingnut as a programmed introduction into the future politics and societal reality for America. What we are seeing now is a beta test of our will and resistance of a future Orwellian world.


"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
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Hard Data: The Jesuits wants to know how they’re doing


(704) 741-4020 is a Charity

  • TRANSCRIPT  –  Hello I’m calling from hard data with a brief survey about local issues you can answer the following questions by pressing the program numbers on your phone thank you for sharing your opinions 1st would you say the things in Pennsylvania are going in the right direction or have they gotten off on the wrong track right direction press 1 wrong track press 2 not sure press 3 now I’m going to read you a list of organizations please indicate whether you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of each the Roman Catholic Church very favorable press  1somewhat favorable press 2 somewhat unfavorable press 3 very unfavorable press 4 for Heard of it but have no opinion press 5 never heard of it press 6………….



Story image for Catholic Bishop pedophile from TIME


Australian bishop, convicted of failing to report child abuse, resigns

National Catholic Reporter5 hours ago
It is the second resignation of a high profile Catholic prelate in two days, … abuse of altar boys in the 1970s by pedophile priest James Fletcher.

Story image for Catholic Bishop pedophile from

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick resigns from College of Cardinals amid …

NBCNews.comJul 28, 2018
President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Cardinal Daniel N. … to report to police the repeated abuse of two altar boys by pedophile …

Oh yes, a charity indeed. The Vatican slush fund built on Child Trafficking and slavery since the days of the Hospitallers and Jesuit Cryto-Joo maritime marriage.

In case you missed the agenda. Pope Francis aka the “Jesuit Butcher” intends on destroying Christianity by first taking out the largest segment of X theology in their own  house.

This shameless robocall came in on Friday and I decided to play along.  Clearly the data collection was first targeting PA as the pedophiles and operations for US trafficking are very strong in the state and especially Philadelphia. The Jesuits and ninth circle cults have headquarters in the City of Brotherly Love.  Pope Francis made a special trip there during Obama’s time to see the efforts to destroy the family.  How are they doing?

Well the Butcher and the Bakers and the rest of the Hospitallers must be pleased.

A failing grade is success!


9-11 124578 6-9-3 Life Force Power

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It’s Complicated



ITS A MERE 180 DEGREES. 3-6-9 IS 6-6-6


FALLOUT = 6133632 = 24 = 6

The France national football team represents France in international football and is controlled by the French Football Federation, also known as FFF, or in French: Fédération française de football. Wikipedia


On Top Of The World‘: France Wins World Cup France entered the tournament as a favorite, powered by stars like forwards Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, while Croatia was seen as a longshot for victory.

666 with “horns”

By the sound of the third trumpet, a great star called Wormwood falls to the Earth poisoning a third of the planet’s freshwater sources, such as rivers and springs. Men will die from drinking its bitter taste.


Are we seeing the beta test of revelations? After WWI, WWII, Cold War Chernobyl and the new technology of Dark Sky Chemtrailing and fake news Cosmic phenomenon in asteroids we could be ready for the fourth fifth and sixth horns to blow.  The antichrist is here or near. The stars are lining up and the Catholic Cult Jesuit alchemists are working feverishly behind “the wall” pf this massive counter-intelligence deflection known as Russiagate,


The Vortex is fully represented in the Russia 2018 Final Logo: 3, 6, 9 and 666. It is based on 11 stars – 6 planets – and three entities, being the false prophet, antichrist and Satan. As in the FFF Logo the three horns are again here as well.

I posted my old video for Revolution 9 using McCartney’s “Let em in” recently because we are in the of 8-11 on the 9. Like the Beatles, JFK, JFK Jr.  and other events to this time that happened on the 9,  the inverted vortex can be decoded by the numbers in 1-4-7 or 2-5-8.  This always given in the historical reporting by the designers, architects, masons, historians and wire and wireless fake news writers and narrators. Where you find the positive (+) 2-5-8 you will find the (-) 1-4-7. It is merely a matter of a correlation.

Turn it up to 11 (or maybe 666): when numerology and rock


An under reported power of the numbers is a staple of the illuminati. This is by design and perpetrated by financiers who keep us in a base 10 system. In reality the zero=point only represents a place or placeholder. It is merely a revolution of 9.  In our virtual reality we count by 10 but fail to see the revolution 9.









9-9 = (1, 3, 6, 1, 6, 3, 1, 9, 9, 1, 3, 6, 1, 6, 3, 1, 9, 9,…..n ∞)

The universal sequence is clearly depicted in the Masonic symbols.

3-9-6, 1-2-4-5-7-8 Is the vortex.  It runs as 3-9-6 in a series of 1-2. 4-8 and 7-5 (3-3-3) in revolution and in space time  it is 1-8, 7-2, 4-5 (9-9-9) and in human reality 1-5, 7-8, 4-2 (6-6-6) Using operators in vortex formula the 9 controls 3 and 6 in a (+,-1) using base 10 “0” or “9” and where we see the 11. In reality the one is two and the matrix is shifted in human perception.  Meanwhile space and time are not changed and revolution unaltered.

There’s probably no deep and meaningful significance to the oft-quoted cinematic joke that Spinal Tap’s amps “go up to 11”, but in real life hard rock has a lot of number nuts, and some edge towards the dark terrain of occult symbolism.

“11”, the fools number. I have said this hundreds of time on this blog. 11 is the deception, the manipulation and the lie.  The vortex 1-4-7 and 2-5-8 are invoked by the Illuminati, the Masonic Kabbalist’s working for Luciferian ends as well as theft, fraud, mind control, and all forms of power over the human domain. As 0 , they assume god status  by deception but more importantly in stealth. As we do not see the electrons though we can see the nucleus of the vortex.  9-11 was the signature of the NWO minions and the 9 represented the unseen Cabal and the 11 was the deception. 811 is the infinite cycling of deceptions as the 8 is the final and infinite

Revolution 9 is my take on the NWO . 666 is not Satan but the acquiesce to the 999, world order 333 by 666. In the video, the unholy trinity of Trump. Putin and Black Pope BerGOGlio are the minions of Lucifer and as we know the Jesuits created Islam, supported the Talmudic Joo Cabal and have controlled the largest Christian Cult ever recorded on earth. They worship the false prophet, the antichrist and Satan, Depicted as Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun.  If we are in the midst to Trump=ets, I;d say we are in for Wormwood. If the beta test must complete the seven seals we are likely at the test of the seventh and final  horn.  It is then possible yo go live with the cycle and see the revelation in repeated but much more intense and deadly Amps.

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FALLOUT: More Illusion From Fusion


Another SPECTRE from the Ghost Protocol? Watching the fake news of late I can see the obvious timing of Fallout. Since the protocol of Obama to Trump. the transition has clearly moved from change to conspiracy.  After watching Mr. Strok testify to the Judicial Committee it was clear that the actors were in tip top form and the game shifting from Rogue to the Fallout. It was an oscar caliber performance by traitors of both teams and as entertainment, much better than the usual circus sideshow.

Timing is everything. This is the Trump visit to Mecca West in the heart of London. His meeting with May, the orders and ritual ring kissing from QE2 is not about trade, NATO or relations at all but marching orders for the optics meeting coming with Putin.  I have posted since the Brexit vote that the decision will never materialize. Just as Trump came in I reminded that he also would not end Obamacare, Leave NATO, UN or any other global or international commitment  I exclude Paris because it was not a binding treaty or agreement but fodder for optics only. Like other things Trump has taken credit for nothing is real brick or mortar.

What is the purpose of the TRIAD of MI6, FSB and CIA? We have to explore the FALLOUT 4 Video Game, the Mission Impossible: FALLOUT and other “Q” leads from the Quartermasters of Illuminated technocrats, intelligence and media  makers from the electromagnetic visual audio network.


There are other scripted, staged and manufactured events beyond the Trump-Un – Putin vs. the World, but none as obvious as the timing of NATO, London and Russia meetings. What is Fallout?  Well once you are under Ghost Protocol and Rogue Terror, the Fallout must come in some form. So we can assume something from “Cobalt” to “Novichok 3.”  This could be anything from mini nukes to financial jukes, but somewhere in this triangle of meetings the next event must be more spectacular.

I was asked recently about the deep state and white hat alliance. I was one who called out Snowden and Assange as deep state psy-ops, used as tools for furthering the surveillance state and to misdirect those who continue to ignore the left right paradigm and the concept of one world terror organization playing roles in a divide and conquer Sun-Tzu game of thrones.  I see the deep state and white hats as one in the same and merely actors on the world stage.  Just like Obama’s “change” Trump’s “MAGA” is just the same sleazy slinky back and forth on a path downstairs. You see the pendulum swing back and forth but not the descent into the pit of hell.

From obvious crimes such as Clinton Servers, Wiener laptops, Fusion GPS, Syria White Helmets and on and on we never see anyone accountable, prosecuted or even arrested. The Manaforts of the world are for show. Libor alone should have buried the Banksters, instead we got Bernie Madoff. What a farce! Manafort may do time but not a single Politician on the Birkenfeld list got a day in the slammer and they never will.  The left and right are goodfellas and the Mafia rules are never give up the house.  This is the nature of Freemasonry, the Zionists and Joo-joo-bee Jesuits. It will never ever give up its own. They may offer their blood family as a sacrifice but not the bloodlines of their fellow consiglieres and Capos. The conspiracy remains consistent since the time of Pilate, Herod and Christ.


Donald Trump in UK: Huge protests in London today as Trump meets …2 days ago


Trump Holds Strange Press Conference With Theresa May – The Atlantic….2 days ago


Donald Trump meets Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle …2 days ago


The Latest: “Baby Donald” blimp flies over Edinburgh march – The …2 days ago

Now he’s arrived in Helsinki

Five key topics that Trump, Putin are expected to discuss in major Helsinki summit

The summit is expected to touch on a variety of issues, including Russian election meddling, Syria, arms control, Putin’s 2014 takeover of Crimea from Ukraine and sanctions.

That is laughable. What is the purpose of this open collusion summit? Don’t expect to get it from the Judas Goat but know they are synchronizing their watches. NATO was never an issue. Trump wants a better deal but Syria, Crimea, Ukraine, German pipelines and other treasure are up for grabs and we can ignore any Brexit or Refugee baby talk from Trump and follow the Novichok,  It is merely the monopoly and Casino Royale of the coming NWO.  Redistribution of wealth are only  payoffs to the conspirators for services rendered.

Agent “Baby Novichok”


Brett Kavanaugh & Vince Foster: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know …

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How to force a North American Union the hard way

We have just seen the third wheel for the coming war and transition to the NWO via NAU.  This is the secret Jesuit win of AMLO in Mexico. Just like Trump and Trudeau, the stealth but actively committed players of the NWO are lined up

As we have seen in the EU and Asia all elections since Obama have been puppets trained and groomed by the military arm of the Joo-joo-bees. Juncker, May, Merkel, Macron, Moon, Duterte and others who each play a part of the paradigm played out as a dialectic fascist vs socialist or Democracy v Republic as the Jesuit created Islam battles the Christian (non- Rome cult)  or mostly Protestant dogmas.


Now we see the forming of the great deception in a universal deceit. It was about 1776 when the Jesuits were being thrown out of Europe. After decades of running the slave trade and drug trafficking of Opium under the East India Trading Terror gtoup, the Jesuits have come back in force. This time under the covert education and training institutions like UNAM where AMLO was educated, indoctrinated and groomed.  He along with the possibly insane Trudeau, the North American Union becomes once again relevant in the next six years and deadlines of Agenda 2030 goals.


The Jesuit wealth has more potential than even the Crypto-Joos and their minions and bankers. The same pot is controlled by the Roths and the Rocks.  Just like Netanyahu and Soros, they get their checks from the same payroll but you would not think they work for the same company.  Trump, Netanyahu, Orban, Duda, Duterte in opposition to the Soros team of Trudeau, Merkel, Macron and the leader Bergoglio, the butcher Jesuit turned Pope.

Orban and Merkel clash over migration | Euronews

Fake News – Clash for Cash!

The Islamic red or the Jacobin blue, it all is a psyop,  the theatre of the Freemasons and the Rosy Cross crew. From the Khazarians and marriages these bloodlines continue to infiltrate every position of power and their Chymical Wedding is to the technocracy bringing the Old World Order into the the 21st century and the ultimate end to all sovereign nations and peoples.


Watch the Supreme Court as the next move to the agenda and just ignore the Roe v Wade Papal Bull as it is a deflection to the real agenda of placing a Jesuit Jacobin in the Amy Coney Barrett Amy Coney Barrett highest court of the land that used to be the United States Republic. A Notre Dame Jacobin surely fits the bill.

All the world’s a stage for Trump for next 11 days – CNNPolitics

So true, We watch the show but we know the plot. Like Neil Gorsuch, the Georgetown Jesuit trained assassin, Amy Coney Barrett and her blue cult ties fit in perfectly to the agenda to tear America down before creating the union. Red team Jesuit Dianne Feinstein will disarm you with her own gun, she will call out the blue cultist Barrett, but she will never out the Joo-joo-bees, crypto-joos and Jesuit Butchers from the Vatican.

It’s just more divide and conquer from the Masters of the Human Domain and another step towards the Civil War, assassinations, disintegration of any rule of law as we approach 8-11, the technological Science that are hidden deep in the vaults of the Vatican and Military Industrial Complex. The North American Union is at hand.


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Annapolis shooting: Gunman opens fire at Capital Gazette building …


Annapolis Police and Fire Active Shooter Drill – Capital Gazette

The City of Annapolis Police and Fire Departments held an active shooter drill June 22, 2018 at St. Mary’s High School.


Active Shooter Drill Planned At Naval Academy Jan 30 | Annapolis …

Jan 28, 2018 – Naval Academy To Hold Shooter Drill Jan. 30 – Annapolis, MD – The U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Station Annapolis will conduct an active ..



Annapolis, Md. mall shooting drill – YouTube


“Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. This is an exercise.”

WTOP | Westfield Annapolis Mall holds active shooter drill › Latest News

May 18, 2014 – ANNAPOLIS, Md. — “Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. This is an exercise.” Radio dispatch signals the drill to begin. “Respond to Annapolis mall for …

So we can see they were the most prepared and trained “ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL TEAM” in the country.  As reported by Fox News no ambulances were moving and no area hospitals had received patients an hour after the shooting but the first responders arrived at the Capital Gazette Building in 60 seconds according to officials and the reporting news agencies. Wow. What a farce. If FIVE are dead I expect 7 wounded #57..

With the latest high in the DC Capital Criminal Hill I suspect this attack on Media to be a planned design to keep any small paper from reporting the truth. I expect the CIA Media to get a lot of miles from this hoax.  More to come on the Patsy as Fake News continues to write and script the narrative of this fraud. What we will find out is je is a White Male with Conservative views and a Trump Supporter.


Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 26, 2018

Q-Anon, the Quartermaster?



I have posted several entries on the predictive programming and classical NWO Hollywood connection to Project Bluebeam. I have provided some links below.

SPECTRE, a Quantum Leap?


I wanted to also relate it to the recent Q-Anon cointelpro being delivered through the dark web and allow readers to connect the dots. The Quartermaster would have the information on the Quantum computers, AI, Scalar and energy weapoms and most certainly the media’s script for the October Surprise, Watch the July 1st and first week for additional clues.

I explained in the posts the Casino Royale links to the Monte Carlo predictive “Purge” and terror events, while Quantum of Solace was focused on elites, climate change and control of vast water sources. Skyfall has the most cryptic use of programming. I believe the layers are deeper than deep.

Sound crazy?

Yale law professor Stephen L. Carter doesn’t think so.

Carter says he came up with evidence to explain this theory a year ago after the film first came out, but claims he didn’t want to divulge info because of spoilers.

The professor claims there’s a hidden anagram in a message Silva sends to M before an explosion at MI6 headquarters. The anagram reveals that he’s Silva’s adopted son.

The original message “THINK ON YOUR SINS” is supposedly an anagram for “YOUR SON ISNT IN HK.”

HK My Unison Riots
HK Your Inmost Sin
Hint Sky Orion Sun
HK On My Run to ISIS
Hint Sky Soon Ruin

HK – 811  Funny how the 811 pops up everywhere, Know what’s below. My prophecy for the event that I decoded after 911. You cannot escape it’s reference everywhere.

It appears that “Q” has some gadgets too. SKY EVENT. Follow “SKY EVENT” on YouTube GOOGLE CIA. The Propaganda flows freely but the darker and deeper clues go beyond the Quartermaster disinfo.


What is SKY EVENT?

Afternoon Thoughts of a Q Reader Continued….Sky Event Solved.

Q post 1182 decoded – read this short post

If you read my Evening Thoughts from a week ago, then you have the decode of post 1182. Let us all look at what needs to be done here. Donald Trump’s administration will have to reveal high treason for an international group of persons, some of them may even be ex presidents or leaders of their respective countries, and reveal it in a way so as to have maximum impact. Q has said that if we connect the Executive orders we will see the how, not the when. Q along with Donald Trump are laughing it up because folks are decoding “Sky Event” as one of several odd things such as UFO disclosure or Death Rays from outer space satellites, or even the Syrian missile strikes. It is none of those things. It is the When. So if we know the how and the when then all that is necessary is the who? …..,more

Vortex 396

We can surely see the parallel and perpendicular to SKYFALL

What the collapse of the gold bubble tells” with the following lead copy“International commodity market represented by gold collapsed on April 15th. The collapse was triggered by the dropdown of the economic growth rates of China which turned out far below the economists’ expectation. The “Skyfall” broke out in the gold market may foretell the economic boom of new developing countries is coming to a turning point. – HK (Trade War)

The word “skyfall” is used in English in Japanese text as if it is a stock market jargon. There is a Japanese word “杞憂-kiyu” – worring about the fall of the sky,” which we borrowed from Chinese proverb, “杞人憂天-Qi ren you tian” that derived from the ancient story of the people of the Qi country very much worried about if the sky should fall on their heads suddenly. (Market Sector)


COINTELPRO: Fiat justitia ruat caelum ( let justice be done, though the heavens fall)

Layers under layers?  The Urban Myth explains the  SKYFALL as Verb; Transitive
To make a last stand against a group of people when outnumbered and on your own turf.

LAYER 1? You can follow the Bond-Trump Deep State staged psyops through Q-ANON and see the first plane on the 3-D Chessboard.  I find Robert Mueller a perfect “MR. WHITE.” As SPECTRE continues to play out we see the eight data surveillance centers, the nine eyes “C” digs and the NWO deep state moving briskly through massive counter intel propaganda. The CFR demands propaganda as a necessity moving forward.

LAYER 2?  As the World Turns Q-ANON –  Watch The Water Q-ANONJust Waiting, Looking at the Sky Q-ANON


LAYER 3? As you see the alternative media can present many decoded offerings but I believe Layer 3 is right under our noses. You cannot see it unless you change the POV.  We have seen lakes disappear, rivers dry up, missiles and meteors, asteroids and anarchy.  But SKYFALL is yet to happen in this layer.  It’s not about censoring the Alternate Media, sequestering the MSM. or disseminating a false narrative, though they all are true. The false flood of news only aids in the deepest coverup and something stinks in Skunk Bay.   As I showed in the previous post the layers, planes, manifolds are linked by common points and it is clear how the architects and master masons offer truth in plain sight. They just provide narratives and optics in stagings. Trumps order for a Space Ghost is just another SPECTRE in the SKYFALL of Project Bluebeam.  The sixth branch? No, the third six of the Triad. I say Space Ghost to indicate the Secret Space Program from the creation of NASA from a paperclip to the largest financial swindle in history. The Military Industrial Complex is the Technological Corporate Military Complex.

The parade of propaganda has escalated to new highs since Trump has made his appearance on the world stage.  All the actions, theatrics and events point to the same goals of all previous actors. It’s the Good, Bad and Ugly with the good being fake and scripted, the bad being the psyops of a deeper agenda and the ugly being the truth we do not know.  I have only offered my theory on over 1000 posts here that the game is a Casino Royale for them, a Monte Carlo predictive model for 80% depopulation, a Quantum for control of the earth, it’s resources and ultimately the remaining living slaves, a SKYFALL EVENT and the acquiesce and assent to One World rule by the SPECTRE who takes the role of the AI, all seeing GOD for all of mankind.

Keep in mind that when Bluebeam occurs, all the layers will come into play. True or false the project will cover all the Nibiru, UFO, AI, theological, exo-political and technological aspects of this grand deception and find us at whatever coordinate whatever frequency and whatever time they choose. That’s all handled by the Quartermaster. He steers and signals in this case we on Planet X., maneuvering and warning and in this case maybe providing the clues to the event. Remember the Titanic had six quartermasters.  We know how that ended. Stay alert!


UNOOSA The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Trump’s Space Force Tests United Nations Outer Space Treaty …




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Parts Unknown: HK 8-11

Hawaii Kīlauea – 811


New Directive From Trump Administration Tightens Rules for USGS Scientists Talking to Reporters

A new directive from the Trump administration instructs federal scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey to get approval from its parent agency before agreeing to most interview requests from reporters, according to employees and emails from officials with the Department of the Interior and USGS.

USGS employees who spoke with The Times on condition of anonymity because they were unauthorized to do so say the new protocol represents a dramatic change in decades of past media practices at the scientific agency and will interfere with scientists’ ability to quickly respond to reporters’ questions. They expected that taxpayers would see less of the USGS’ scientific expertise as reporters seek scientific comment elsewhere.  (Read the full story on


The new protocol also permits the Department of the Interior’s communications office to reject interview requests on scientific matters.

A deputy press secretary for the Department of the Interior, Faith Vander Voort, wrote in an email that “the characterization that there is any new policy or that it for some reason targets scientists is completely false.” She said the Department of the Interior’s communications office “simply asked” the USGS public affairs office to follow media guidelines published in 2012 during the Obama administration. Vander Voort did not answer a question as to what prompted the change in media protocol.



Obama 2012 – Transformation 2018

I have posted 50+ posts regarding the truths of Climate-Change. I laid out that weather is only one facet of “CLIMATE” Climate Change is a term for TRANSFORMATION and OBAMA never left. It is 2012 now. This was my prediction in pictures back in August 2012. This was after my post Botswana Blues when Dumbya Bush confirmed Obama’s takeover,


TRIAD and Hegelian Dialectics offer us an opportunity to see how the triple cross and the vortex work in terms of Trump and previous actors. The program is clear but the way they use the thesis, antithesis and synthesis is quite revealing but not easily realized.

Trump Administration Plans to Eliminate USGS’s Biological Survey Unit

Feb 26, 2018 – Trump Administration Plans to Eliminate USGS’s Biological Survey Unit … the US Geological Survey (USGS) will be able to move forward with …. image: Interior Department’s Screen of Meeting Abstracts Called Censorship …
May 23, 2017 – Department of Interior Censors USGS Press Release on Climate Change, Flooding, and Sea … Holding the Trump administration accountable.

Scientists at USGS face new scrutiny from Interior Department on …

Jun 14, 2018 – Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey must now submit their … Zinke has detailed 10 priorities since joining the Trump administration in March 2017, … administration, used stronger language: “It’s a form of censorship.”.

Sep 18, 2017 – You paid for U.S. Geological Survey climate data, but the White …. The Trump administration’s efforts to censor science not only fail to stop the …

Group Blasts Trump Administration “Censorship” Of Scientific Studies …
Jun 14, 2018 – Commentary: DENVER—In response to reports this week that the Department of Interior is requiring USGS scientists to submit their …
Oct 31, 2017 – Critics are accusing the Trump administration of stifling the dissemination of … A total of 13 USGS scientists are waiting for a decision.
May 22, 2017 – The Team Trump anti-science censorship is real, ongoing, insidious in … Alternative world of @USGSNewsClimate in #Trump Era; #climate …
May 23, 2017 – The Team Trump anti-science censorship is real, ongoing, insidious in … Alternative world of @USGSNewsClimate in #Trump Era; #climate …

Grijalva Letter to Zinke on Censoring USGS Climate Change Report ……/Grijalva%20Letter%20to%20Zinke%20on%20…

May 25, 2017 – ordered employees at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to remove … Particularly given the already dismal track record of the Trump.

Trump admin censors the truth about sea level rise – Red, Green, and ……/us-interior-department-suppresses-sea-level-rise-study-conclus…

May 24, 2017 – Trump admin censors the truth about sea level rise … such studies, the USGS sent out a press release touting the achievements of its members.

common nine-point circle

HK variants (triads)  HDG, HIB, HEF. HAJ,


If S is Ground Zero are we looking at interplanetary, geographic, Geospatial and higher dimensional space? Let’s connect the theorem to time and consciousness


Minktime copy

You are here, stirred, but not shaken


1. Take two sheets of graph paper of equal size with coordinate systems on them, lay one flat on the table and crumple up (without ripping or tearing) the other one and place it, in any fashion, on top of the first so that the crumpled paper does not reach outside the flat one. There will then be at least one point of the crumpled sheet that lies directly above its corresponding point (i.e. the point with the same coordinates) of the flat sheet. This is a consequence of the n = 2 case of Brouwer’s theorem applied to the continuous map that assigns to the coordinates of every point of the crumpled sheet the coordinates of the point of the flat sheet immediately beneath it.

2. Take an ordinary map of a country, and suppose that that map is laid out on a table inside that country. There will always be a “You are Here” point on the map which represents that same point in the country.

3. In three dimensions a consequence of the Brouwer fixed-point theorem is that, no matter how much you stir a cocktail in a glass (or think about milk shake), when the liquid has come to rest, some point in the liquid will end up in exactly the same place in the glass as before you took any action, assuming that the final position of each point is a continuous function of its original position, that the liquid after stirring is contained within the space originally taken up by it, and that the glass (and stirred surface shape) maintain a convex volume. Ordering a cocktail shaken, not stirred defeats the convexity condition (“shaking” being defined as a dynamic series of non-convex inertial containment states in the vacant headspace under a lid). In that case, the theorem would not apply, and thus all points of the liquid disposition are potentially displaced from the original state.

Please watch this Dutchsince video from a year ago and see the vortex in both GIS Antipodal terms and in the algorithm of political theater and mind control. Trump-Obama diametrically opposing points on Climate Change. Appearing to anti-podal. The headlines above say he wants to control Climate alarmists and that seems consistent but look to the vortex and view the event in April I reported but like Dutch, I could not get the USGS data. (Hawaii – Botswana)


The reality is too clear for me now. The weather is sine and the cosine mind is right behind. The CLIMATE and the WORLD including humans are points on the plane on manifold within manifolds. Vortex mathematics can explain the  Parts Unknown.  If you get this far you will find some easy answers to what were impossible questions.

The system is too complex for me but I say you don’t need to know circuit design and chip programming to use a calculator.  Just sum, subtract, time tables and division.  That’s whats going on here.  Where it gets tricky is in the data.  Memory overload.  What the human mind and body, complex space mapping and monitoring of information can give you is a meltdown, challenging yes but simple equations can become second nature and the powers that be offer them regularly now. Simple rules of antipodes and certain frequencies should send you to the likely answer. See the nine point circle

A.  Agenda 21 – DOE Department of the Interior, D ……n

B.  Refugee Migration – Geospatial Intelligence, …..n

C,  Climate Change – Geo engineering USGS,. …..n

H = Climate Change is true  K = AGW  is false   I = Man Made AGW is true

n = NASA, Navy, NOAA NIST, NSA, NSF, NGA, etc

Too many will miss the mark.

It does not matter whether Obama, Trump or the AFLAC Duck is sitting in the Oval Office the Vortex will continue to run the same program, we just get a different data-set and a modified algorithm. As the truth, facts and real data continue to disappear we now have navigate through by connecting the dots.  Much like GPS, GIS. and even maritime navigators used the stars, you can find the coordinates by triangulation and find the way through parts unknown.




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Parts Unknown: The Rhodes to Climate Change


After the 2000 election, it was my theory that Al Gore was given the key to Climate Change. For submitting to the criminal global mafia and allowing the Bush Crime Syndicate to move into the White House the committee offered him the “prestige” of the Nobel and the front for the Maurice Strong Climategate Agenda of 21 fame.   Al Gore being quite possibly even dumber than Dubya Bush accepted the key and drove into history. As all minions and tools of the NWO club, he proceeded to attempt to rape his masseuse and like the rest is another poster boy for the metoo movement.

Cecil John Rhodes was here

The inconvenient truth. we now know is a sham but the purpose of climate change is as real as ever.  To understand Agenda 21 is to understand what the climate has to do with you. Ever since the Strong Team devised the 2030 framework, the Rhodesmen have been in the driver seat.  Without the tools of chemtrails, EMR, HAARP scalar and focused transmitters worldwide we’d have no weather modification, though that is only one part of the climate. To understand your status as a carbon credit or liability requires some basic Zebranomics accounting.  This requires the basic understanding of history, the settlements with the Crowns of Europe, their consiglieres, accountants and your contracted serfdom into the UCC and contracted slavery.  Since 1787, the program has been clearly established and you are an asset of the Crown with a fictitious corporate identity.

Your birth certificate and UCC info is housed in NEW YORK CITY and traded like currency in NYSE. Maritime Law regarding berthing is the same as birthing with a state certificate (manifest) which is your port. UCC then comes to play Once your mother’s water broke, you were berthed. Your certificate of manifest was then issued. This created your contract as a corporate owned asset which can be transferred and collateralized under the governing rules. This is how they make you responsible for National debt and fiat loans via Federal Note printing. Under UCC you are either a Human Resource, Person or Citizen and never a natural man or being. CREATION of GOD

Now to the Climate. Excusing weather it may refer to political and social trrending and feelings in the prevailing time. This is where human carbon zones are studied and recorded.  This has dictated the weather for regions and the inclinations of the master methodical blueprint of Zebranomics.  When we look to the mass migration of Agenda 21 since the 1999 new millennium kickoff, we were forced to wonder the rhyme and reason for the staged weather, terror wars and long term climes for the agenda.

The Jesuits, Club of Rome, Kissinger and Knights of Malta were ready to move forward with the changes and transformation of nations.  The sustainable model was indoctrinated into the technocracy, science and social venues for media messaging to the citizens. We could barely get a day without transformation mind control and predictive programming from an inconvenient truth to Obama and “you cant have air-conditioning. ”  These climate oscillations have continued, ever increasing in their amplitudes and repetitions.

Africa’s 2000-year-old trees of life are suddenly dying off – New Scientist

Africa’s Ancient ‘Trees of Life’ Are Suddenly Dying, And Scientists Don’t Know Why – ScienceAlert

Something is very wrong.

…and this is how the Central Intelligence puts it.

Africa’s most famous trees are dying, and scientists suspect a changing climate – CIA WaPo

I have posted the Botwana Factor and the antipodal happenings in both Hawaii and it’s opposite location in Botswana. There is something eerily going on right now and the visit by Harry and Meghan and the reference to Obama, Hawaii and Botswana is also very hard to ignore. There is an increase in paranormal activity and the Googleplex Media Controllers are indicating a large event. The oscillations are there. Climate Change will be involved. What they talked about at Italy’s Bilderberg meeting over the weekend would be helpful.

I wonder if Botwana is “GROUND ZERO” for a coming event. The news keeps a steady flow of Africom and the climes of everything from weather  to cosmic to biological events.  As Trump moves forward with making America great again and as the EU becomes more fragmented and self governing there will be a price to pay. The money fiat and Carbon liabilities must be balanced. I suspect the accounting could come as a adjustment.  Could Bill Gates prediction be the correction ass we are in the 100 year anniversary of the Spanish Flue Pandemic or is there a cosmic climate event of some other form to come?  There does seem to be enough going on to keep most awake to be focused elsewhere but certainly there is enough deflection going on with Trump and Co. v. the World to keep sheeple focused elsewhere. But is the Baobab and Botswana the clue from the master architects that life will die soon. Will it include the same predictive programming and clues we got pre-911 and ebola. This is the same kind of frequencies I saw when I predicted 3-11 Tsunami in January of 2011. Something is going to happen. I think the Baobab tree is a metaphor for whatever is coming. After the one on one Trump and Un, there is an uneasy feeling around here. There is just too many references to Rhodes, South Africa, Diamonds (the Pink Star) asteroids and Royal chicanery to be coincidence.  The climate does seem to be changing and South Africa and  Hawaii are visible examples.



Whats up with this?

Let’s Talk About That Mysterious ‘Rocket Launch Over Whidbey Island’ Photo




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Who killed Anthony Bourdain and why? “Parts Unknown”

Note the Jesuit Freemason Hands

Trump Wildcard 7 = 61

A sacrificial cause célèbre?

Anthony Bourdain dies of apparent suicide in Paris by hanging

PARIS — Anthony Bourdain, the TV celebrity and food writer who hosted CNN’s “Parts Unknown,” was found dead in his hotel room Friday in France while working on his series on culinary traditions around the world. He was 61.

CNN confirmed the death, saying that Bourdain was found unresponsive Friday morning by friend and chef Eric Ripert near the French city of Strasbourg. It called his death a suicide.

A French prosecutor said Bourdain apparently hanged himself in a luxury hotel in the small town of Kayserberg. French media quoted Colmar prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny du Fayel as saying that “at this stage” nothing suggests another person was involved.

Bourdain was staying at Le Chambard, a five-star hotel.

“Anthony was a dear friend,” Ripert said in a statement to CBS News. “He was an exceptional human being, so inspiring and generous. One of the great storytellers of our time who connected with so many. I wish him peace. My love and prayers are with his family, friends and loved ones.”

“Parts Unknown”

Bourdain achieved celebrity status after the publication in 2000 of his best-selling book “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.” The book created a sensation by combining frank details of his life and career with behind-the-scenes observations on the culinary industry. It was a rare crossover – a book intended for professional cooks that had enormous mass appeal.

Bourdain went on to achieve widespread fame thanks to his CNN series “Parts Unknown” – and was filming an upcoming segment for the program when he was found dead, according to CNN.

CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker sent a note to staff saying the circumstances of the death are still unclear but that “we do know that Tony took his own life.”

“Tony was an exceptional talent. A storyteller. A gifted writer. A world traveler. An adventurer. He brought something to CNN that no one else had ever brought before,” Zucker said in the letter. “This is a very, very sad day.”

Strasbourg police, emergency services and regional authorities did not immediately have information about the death. Bourdain’s assistant Laurie Woolever would not comment when reached by The Associated Press.

In his travels, Bourdain has eaten everything from rotten shark to sheep testicles.

“Is there anything you won’t eat?” CBS News’ Anthony Mason asked Bourdain in 2016.

“I’ve eaten a lot of bad food, I’ve eaten a lot of putrefied food,” Bourdain said. “It’s when no one cares at all, that’s soul-destroying. I mean, maybe I take it too seriously, but I will literally — a really carelessly made burger by a large cynical large company, the contempt implicit in that transaction can really send me into a spiral of depression that will last for days.”

Celebrity Chefs, fans and President Trump were among those stunned and saddened by the news.

“I want to extend to his family my heartfelt condolences,” Mr. Trump said.

Bordain despised Donald Trump

Bourdain on What He’d Cook for Donald Trump : He ‘Likes His Steak Well Done So I’d Serve Him Tartare in Large Quantities’

“I’m so filled with fear and rage now that I can’t even deal with the question honestly,” added Bourdain. “We’re in a point in history where I never ever thought we would be at.” –


Chef Anthony Bourdain Is Survived by His 11-Year-Old Daughter Ariane

Asia Argento Shared Cryptic Message Hours Before Anthony Bourdain’s Apparent Suicide

The 42-year-old Italian actress shared videos and photos on her Instagram story throughout the day on Thursday, including one with the Rome geotag, seemingly indicating she was not in the same country as Bourdain at the time of his death

Please connect the Bilderberg Meeting in Italy Turin and the presence of the #2 Jesuit Vatican Assassin, Pietro Parolin

The 42-year-old Italian actress shared videos and photos on her Instagram story throughout the day on Thursday, including one with the Rome geotag, seemingly indicating she was not in the same country as Bourdain at the time of his death.

Anthony Bourdain – “I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt”

Your best clue to the sanctioned hit by the Joo-joo-bees is to listen to infowars. You cannot believe the bullcrap that Alex Jones spewed about this event. Not only are his facts wrong but he coded his message. He claims his daughter is 9 when she is 11. This verifies Alex Jones as the Jesuit and pal to the Trump “J” team. He creted this narrative that Bourdain was awake to the left and getting ready to come out. His relationship with Elon Musk is also a fiction created by Jones amd it is clear that Jones thinks you are the dumbest fast food eaters in the line.  Only his snake oil filled with more BS than he is.  He spouts Kanye West again and other CIA assets like Kardashians. I mean really folks, can you not see through this.

Bilderberg always loves a deflection and the Left Right  Theatrics never change. Trump and Hillary are pals.  What could NetFlix, AMC,  Amazon or FX produce that would be better than this fiction?  What a logical thinker would know is that Bourdain, like Anderson “Little Miss Mockingbird” Cooper was a CIA asset and was likely involved with deep state activity.  Also as a man who traveled to many a hell hole he likely had a chance to do some spirit cooking with international chefs.

Like Andrew Breitbart, he may have been invited to the last supper as Andrew was when NWO Right wing hacktor, Tucker Carlson invited him to dine with Killer chef Bill Ayers.  He died hours later of a supposed heart attack.


Andrew Breitbart On Dinner With Bill Ayers He’s ‘A Sociopath

But a great chef…….

“I’m not a chef. I’m not bad. And I’m not a boy.” – A.B.


By the numbers Age 61. net worth 16 million, daughter Ariana 11, Parts Unknown Season 11, etc. The numbers all appear in the MSM CODED PIECES


Alex Stated he was just remarried. Wrong, no marriage recorded.  But this woman is a quite a Holyrood Actor in her own right.  She has the pedigree of a great spirit cooker as well.

Harvey Weinstein scandal

Argento alleged in an October 2017 New Yorker article by Ronan Farrow that she had been sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein in the 1990s. She also said that she had consensual sexual relations with him multiple times over the course of the next five years. She confirmed that a scene in Scarlet Diva where her character is accosted by a movie executive was indeed a reference to Weinstein.[26] Later, Argento stated that the “article did a huge disservice to me and to my truth by simplifying all this,” and accused Farrow of “misrepresenting” what happened to her.[27]

Anthony Bourdain Talks Drilling Holes in Victims’ Heads to “F*ck Their Brains Out” (#Pizzagate, Illuminati

Disney Spirit Chef


By all logic the death should be a Heroin overdose. Bourdain was a junkie. But I suspect the gut would give us a clue to his death. Whatever the Committee decides to script as the cause of death, it will be a lie.  Found unresponsive does not mean hanging from a rope.  The rope is a Mafia Vatican assassin technique but poisoning is their specialty. I figure he ate those parts unknown.




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Bilderberg 2018 – Chatham House Rules


Behind Blue Doors

MI6 – The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) Chatham House Rule

Looks similar to the Actors Studio: What goes on behind the SPECTRE Grp? Setting the Stage for Global World Order.

Here is the best info since we lost Jim Tucker.


Please take note of the Jesuits and the attendance of Pietro Parolin, who essentially is the head of the Vatican State and government. As a force for the Jesuit and Joo-joo-bees, his power has been seen as one of such dominance that the Pope Jesuit Bergoglio himself has rendered far more control to this Cardinal/

The SPECTRE is real while the illusions and delusions are still dominating the masses. Change is coming and the connections to the agenda at this years Bilderberg meeting is quite telling. Kissinger knows well the Jesuit power, the Club of Rome, Knights of Malta and the Illuminated ones.


Pietro Parolin

More and more, Parolin’s the face of authority in Francis’s Vatican

I see nothing on the agenda that does not involve the MICC Jesuit Order and One World Order dominated by the Joo-joo-bees.

The Agenda

1. Populism in Europe
2. The inequality challenge
3. The future of work
4. Artificial intelligence
5. The US before midterms
6. Free trade
7. US world leadership
8. Russia
9. Quantum computing
10. Saudi Arabia and Iran
11. The “post-truth” world
12. Current events

Bilderberg Meetings | The official website

Before you crash the economy (reset) and drive the World Trade Terror Organization into the new world you have to migrate refugees to their sustainable new digs and reduce populations levels based upon the world bank – IMF Zionist determinations. The Zebranomics say the west can handle millions and we see the results. While China exterminates them. the EU and US are not ready for the Rothschild Rockefeller model, First we have to have a war and a collapsed system.

Trump plays his part in the actors studio presentation just like his antagonist Jesuits like Juncker, Merkel, Macron, Moon, Trudeau, May, and the rest of the Vatican trained  leaders, The Tel-Aviv crew, Netanyahu as well as Putin are playing their roles in the transformation, Even Duterte, Un and Khomeini have upped their game.

Bilderberg 2018 appears to be a script review and possibly a few re-writes,

The Pale King






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ASTEROID HITS EARTH: A small asteroid hit Earth on Saturday, June 2nd, exploding in the atmosphere over Botswana before it could reach the ground. The Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona had discovered the space rock only hours earlier as it hurtled toward our planet from inside the orbit of the Moon.

Related image

EYES OF THE JESUITS: l.u.c.i.f.e.r.

As predicted the follow up to Oumaumau, the messenger would mean the arrival. Botswana and Harry and Meghan. Let’s rebiew the Anti-podal  and AntiChrist implications. the vortex and the psyops from NASA (aka Catalina Sky Survey)

Be keenly aware of the Science,  NASA and lies. This was not discovered hours before but watched and tracked in Arizona by the Jesuits at Mount Graham and the LUCIFER TELESCOPE.  The Vortex had me on the (4) Murders in Arizona and the psy-op (fake news clues)  of the Tucson Child Sex Camp.

Let’s follow the numbers: 811

Two meteors recently hit Earth just 27 hours apart. The one that fell on 1 June over southwest China was captured on video by bystanders, but we have little information beyond that. 6/1 and  6/2 = 666 (5-9-3 the full vortex)

Catalina Sky Survey (CSS; obs. code: 703) is an astronomical survey to discover comets and asteroids. It is conducted at the Steward Observatory’s Catalina Station, located near Tucson, Arizona, in the United States.

The other burned up over Botswana on 2 June. (8) It was detected by researchers at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, 8 hours before entering Earth’s atmosphere. After a streak showed up on a series of time-lapse telescope images, astronomers determined that the rock – dubbed 2018 LA – was relatively small and on a collision course with Earth.

Two meteors in two days lit up the sky in China and Botswana

A meteor lit up the sky over Botswana, Africa, early Saturday evening. Scientists discovered the six-foot-wide asteroid just hours before it reached Earth.

NASA tracks 90 percent of near-Earth objects that are larger than 150 meters (~460 feet) in diameter, which means it misses lots of the smaller ones until they’re close by. This most recent rock, called 2018 LA, was spotted on June 2 by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. At that point, the asteroid was almost as near as the moon, according to a release. Researchers realized it was on a collision course with Earth, and were able to predict a few locations over a large swath of the planet’s surface. Followup observations allowed astronomers to pinpoint a probable collision with southern Africa.

A rock entered the atmosphere traveling around 38,000 miles per hour at 6:44 pm Botswana time, creating a fireball, lining up with the predictions.

Please read the original post below and be aware of the time. Watchers should be of the Portal opening and the interstellar ramifications of the prophesies and the entire NASA Hoax. What is happening in China, Botswana, Arizona and Chili are just glimpses of the war on Christianity and humanity itself. You can find the human rights and refugee war on Christianity in China and Botswana and its spreading from Thailand to South Africa. It will not let up in Hawaii.

Return to Botswana

Return to Botswana – posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 22, 2018

NASA Confirms New Alien Comet Is From Another Solar System Asteroid web

A dictionary of the Hawaiian language

Oumuamua (ō’u-mu’-a-mu’-ă), n. [Mua, the front] 1. The foremost soldier or the front rank in battle. 2. A scout; one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy.

OUMUAMUA “A messenger from afar arriving first” in Hawaiian,NASA …

This penis shaped comet it the first recorded interstellar comet. It’s pink representation of the same morning star we know as Lucifer.

‘Oumuamua, First-Known Interstellar Visitor, Likely Born from 2 Stars

Certainly. Scientists Investigating The Possibility Of ‘Oumuamua Asteroid Being An Alien Probe but the real watchers know this is the sign of the times for the end of days.  How Hawaii and Botswana play into the Windsor clan and the coming anti-Christ is still open for interpretation. Most of the sources I follow will confirm the Jerusalem, Botswana orgy and the terrestrial events all connected to the rise of the Illuminatists and the Luciferian deceptions. The anti-Christ is breathing as we speak in my opinion.

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Pedophiles from the Old Pueblo



Hi, Folks –

(Thanks, P. 🙂 Lots of confusion, lots of mentions of this on Twitter. Apparently a veterans group targeting child traffickers have located a “Child Sex Camp” in Arizona and are now intent on holding the ground while local authorities are resisting or pushing back on their effort.

Live streaming:

Started streaming 1 hour ago

Location TUCSON AZ. I-19 and Valencia Exit.

Alpha Co – Team Pulaski has assumed Watch over land once used by Cartels to traffic humans and small children. The Authorities refuse to secure the Child Sex Camp. We are calling all VOP Reserves and Allies who are BOG to grab their gear and report to Alpha Company HQ. Full Kit authorized.

VOP Alpha Company – Securing crime scene, cleaning trash, dismantling Child Sex Camp, loading underground prison cell and dropping off at DHS Doorstep.
US Government – Doing absolutely nothing and holds no Authority to stop us.
Mexican Cartels – Once predator to our children… now the prey to our Sheepdogs. Every trail will be lit up and exposed.



Back when Obama was in office and during the Gabby Goffords Hoax I discussed the Jesuits and their control in Arizona. This was when the murder of Judge Roll occurred.  This was about Obama’s foreign status and his counterfeit BIRTHER information.   The Jesuits control the whole of the interstate I-35 corridor. There are Rat Lines from I-10 to California but the Mount Graham Vatica Telescope is also in Arizona along with other deeper and darker secrets. From Jade Helm to Fast & Furious the Illuminati connections in Arizona are not in short supply.  Now we have a Jesuit President and a Jesuit Pope. Bergoglio is a war criminal and human trafficker from years ago in South America.

I called the Old Pueblo: FIRESTARTER because we were discussing where the civil war and insurrection might occur. I picked Arizona and specifically Tucson because of it’s dark history. Some links can be found at the end of this post.

Thanks to Boomerang for emailing this. I find it quite relevant due to the last post I did on the killing of Dr, Stephen Pitt.  What about Tucson? The City of Sun, a Jesuit GOD? Yes indeed. An unholy place for the traffickers of flesh and harvesters for the devil, This connects to the SANTA FE shooting near Houston and also the ancient and honorable Pueblo has an occult following based on it;s history. It has been linked to UFO’s, Multidimensional paranormal activity, weather modification and Ogonomics due to it’s most sunny disposition.  Since those earlier times we have seen the information of Orgasmic Energy, child sacrifice, spirit cooking and all the rest of the Bohemian degenerate hobbies and areas of Kabbalah and alchemy in regards to human experimentation. (Sex Magick)

So are we surprised when candidates in Virginia are running for office on a pedophile platform? No. We are being slowly transformed to the idea as we were with all the immoral and barbaric acts we have a;ready accepted.  This is the science of human engineering and the progressive Luciferian agenda. Prophesy agrees. Aleister Crowley believed that suppression of sex was at the root of all evil and violence in the world.  Tucson was a magnet for the occultists.

You didn’t expect the Freemason Fraternal Order to confirm it did you?


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Who killed Stephen Pitt and why?

Psychiatrist in JonBenét Ramsey case among 4 people killed in Arizona

(CNN)The killings of three people this week in Arizona are thought to be related and authorities are investigating the death of a fourth person to see whether it is connected, Scottsdale Sgt. Ben Hoster said Saturday.
The victims include famed forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt, who was involved in several high-profile cases, including the investigation into the death of child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey in 1996. He was found shot dead in Phoenix on Thursday after witnesses heard a loud argument and gunshots, officials said.
The other victims were 48-year-old Veleria Sharp and 49-year-old Laura Anderson, two paralegals at a Scottsdale law firm who were killed Friday afternoon.
They also were shot, police said in a news release. (continued)

Veleria Sharp & Laura Anderson: Tribute to the Slain Paralegals

Scottsdale PD say the two women killed yesterday were paralegals at law offices of Burt, Feldman & Greneir near Civic Center Plaza. They’ve been identified as 48-yr-old Veleria Sharp and 49-yr-old Laura Anderson.

laura anderson

The murders began on Thursday, May 31, 2018, when a high-profile psychiatrist named Steven Pitt was slain outside his Phoenix office. Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson were killed the following day in Scottsdale, and the day after that, another psychologist was reportedly gunned down at his office in that community.

The string of murders is believed to be connected to the same gunman, Scottsdale police now say. Some news reports say, though, that authorities are still trying to definitively link the fourth homicide to the string of them. The suspect is at large and has not been named. Police do not feel the homicides are random.

Scottsdale double shooting: 2 women dead after shooting at law firm

A police sketch of the man suspected of killing psychiatrist Steven Pitt on May 31, 2018, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Police identify 4th shooting victim in Phoenix suburb connected to deaths of psychiatrist, paralegals


According to Pitt’s website, he gained a national reputation for his work in conducting forensic psychiatric evaluations.

He was a member of the Phoenix Police Department’s Baseline Killer task force. Mark Goudeau was arrested in 2006 after nine people were murdered; in November 2011 he was convicted of 67 felonies and sentenced to death nine times.

Pitt consulted on a number of high-profile cases, including the 1999 Columbine High School shooting and the investigation into the murder of JonBenét Ramsey.

Image result for 72-year-old Marshall Levine

Steven Pitt & Associates – Website

The team at Steven Pitt & Associates brings decades of experience and knowledge to the forensic sciences, and to the many facets of criminal and civil litigation. Our associates are renowned for their technical expertise as well as for the thorough professionalism they bring to each client and each case.

Arson and firesetting
Boundary violations
Brain damage and crime
Capital sentencing and mitigation
Celebrity/dignitary protection
Child abuse
Child custody and divorce
Correctional psychiatry and psychology
Diminished capacity
Domestic violence
Educator/teacher misconduct
False allegations
Fitness for duty evaluations
Foreseeability of crime
Homicide and other violent crimes
Impaired professionals
Interviewing and investigation
Mass murder
Media relations
Mental and emotional damages
Mental disability
Mental retardation
Mental state at the time of the offense
Murder for hire
Negligent hiring and supervision
Officer-involved shootings
Pain and suffering

Police procedure
Police psychiatry
Posttraumatic stress disorder
Premises liability
Psychiatric autopsy
Quality of care
School violence
Serial murder
Sexual assault
Sexual assault nurse examinations
Sexual harassment
Sexual misconduct by professionals
Sexual offenses and sexually deviant behavior
Sports security management
Spree killing
Substance use
Suicide and self-harm
Testamentary capacity
Toxic tort
Traumatic brain injury
Trial consulting
Jury selection
Witness preparation
Undue Influence
Violence risk assessment
Vulnerable Adult
Wrongful termination

Is this the “Jack Reacher Scenario?” Three random and one target? It is very interesting the high profile nature of Pitt and can be connected going all the way back to 1996. Other thoughts come to mind. MK-Ultra, Pharmacology, Pedogate, the DSM-5 gun control agenda and a host of other possible connections. It is still unclear for certain the links between the four but that would be arranged in a Jack Reacher hit scenario where one is a target amd the others just to deflect the target prime directive and create a false investigation, narrative and ultimate conclusion.  This will be interesting to track as so much has come out about the Ramsey case and daddy Ramsey’s involvement with the Military Industrial Complex and certain Canadian Military individuals who are currently behind bars for serial murder.  I look forward to the chase, the patsy and the narrativer on this case, though  I doubt they will surprise me. I will expect a divorce child custody and heatstroke (global warming) as the motive.

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Who killed Bethany Beales and why?

Here.s a classic fake news – MSM Message and Illuminati Numeric code piece from the master of the human  domain.

Aspiring actress Bethany-Maria Beales fell from the flats in the heart of the City of London over the weekend

Bethany-Maria Beales, 22, fell 13 storeys from a tower block in the City of London on Saturday – with tributes pouring in for the “song bird”.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of murder but later released on bail.

City of London Police
Friends have shared tributes to Bethany, saying ‘the world has lost a little bit of its glitter’

City of London Police
The young woman has been remembered as a ‘shining star’ by her grieving family

The man and woman, both 38, were arrested on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Bethany, who studied drama at the University of Roehampton in West London, described herself as an “actor, extra, dancer, teacher, choreographer, singer”.

A post-mortem examination revealed she died of severe injuries consistent with a fall from height from the Heron residential building in Moor Lane.

Apartments in the luxury complex can range from £500,000 to £2.6m.

The 22-year-old’s family has since paid tribute to Bethany, saying: “Beth was a kind, funny, loyal, intelligent, talented and stunningly beautiful person who changed the lives of everyone fortunate enough to know her and lucky enough to be loved by her.

“She was more than a daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, stepsister, step-auntie, goddaughter or friend. She was the world to us all.”

They added: “She had the brightest smile and the most beautiful singing voice. She was our songbird.

“She had an amazing talent that, if it had been seen by the world, would have become known to millions.


The Numbers say it’s a death but the vortex math says 33 and 322,

The use of two, 28, 22 and the use if 13.  She was supposedly on the 19th floor and fell to the 6th floor (13 Storey fall)

It incorporated the 3-9-6 which is deflecting another event. Current news in UK has a lot to do with Brexit-Soros and the recent jailing of Tommy Robinson who was exposing the Refugee Muslim Pedophile Trial who also received the 13 as he was sentenced to 13 months.  His case was presented by the MSM as an event they were trying to downplay but keep in mind that is a total lie. They want this out in the open and there are rumors circulating that he will be killed while incarcerated.


Babel eye I Satan harm

Muslim Pedophile Trial – 811

Tommy Robinson Arrested, Jailed for Reporting on Muslim Rapists

Tommy Robinson Confronts Muslim Men Accused of Raping Underage Girls

In the UK, 26 people have been accused of raping and sexually assaulting underage girls, some as young as 11. Before you ask, no, they were not Methodists. Shocking, I know (see Georgetown Professor: Slavery, Rape is Totally Cool Under Islam and Sweden’s Open Islamic Immigration: Now Officially the Rape Capital of the West).

Here we have the classic 8-11 with grooming gang 26 (8), Tommy Robinson 35 (8)and the mystery 11 (11)year old. This indicated a complete fraud and staged event that setup the next phase of the Robinson affair. Who gets 13 months?  A dead man. Or a staged theatrical killing much like the Ukrainian Reporter Arkady Babchenko who faked his death with pig’s blood.

The algorithms are consistent with Rosanne, Kanye West and Tommy Robinson. All these staged events are deflecting the BREXIT and City of London financial events,


‘Shining star’

City of London Police said Miss Beales’ injuries were “consistent with a fall from a height”.

A man and a woman, both 38, arrested on suspicion of murder have been bailed.

Miss Beales’ body was found in an open area of the Heron Building complex, close to Barbican and Moorgate Tube stations.

Two 38 bailed? Murder? Bailed? Such nonsense!

It is the first murder investigation to be launched by the City of London Police this year; although its detectives have been loaned to help the Met Police cope with a spike in murder cases.

This is the spike in murders by knife. (refugees)   This may be the grooming gang rape and kill for real but I suspect the Illuminati needed a sacrifice to Lucifer for a financial favor from their god and this young woman was chosen specifically.

I expect this to be brushed away from the regularly scheduled “Fake News” streams but will look for updates anyway.  We can see how Trump, Jesuits and the Infowars are pushing the global race war and the staged events by Rosanne, Kanye West, Tommy boy and the rest of the crisis acting troops are in high gear. Please do not react to this bull crap and just study their gaming and tactical strikes. It’s all Stagecraft and Warcraft and none of it is as its portrayed.

Heron: 36 Storeys. all Bullshit!

Read the rest of the MK-Ultra and look at the photos Mental Masturbation at it’s best.

Bethany had recently shared a social media post claiming she had tried to end her life multiple times

“To say we will miss her does not come close to describing how we feel.

“Our world will never be as bright again now that our shining star has gone.”

But on May 24, the young woman had tweeted about her “mental issues”, admitting she had “tried to end my life multiple times”.

She wrote: “If anyone wants to start to understand my mental issues and the reason ive tried to end my life multiple times, listen to @LanaDelRey Ultraviolence and it will explain everything.”

Bethany was referring to a 2014 track by the US singer which critics claimed contained lyrics that glorified domestic violence.

Hours before her death she posted on Facebook about being overwhelmed at seeing singer The Weeknd.


Other tributes have been shared online for the young woman, with one friend writing: “In the blink of an eye life can be taken from us. Bethany-Maria Beales you were a beautiful, intelligent, funny and sassy individual who many called a friend.

“You will be sorely missed and the world has lost a little bit of its glitter. Sleep tight and fly high.”

Another described her as “most kind hearted, beautiful soul I had ever met”

Gee! How obvious!  Poor Bethany.

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Return to Botswana

Image result for Nxai Pan Tree

Adansonia Digitata:  The ‘upside down’ tree

“The Gods Must Be Crazy.”

The vernacular name “baobab” is derived from Arabic بو حِباب (būħibāb), which means “father of many seeds”






And then we knew. BARRY SOETORO WAS HERE.

Follow the Orb, the vortex and the news. We arrive after 11 years back to Botswana.  The antipodals line up again. The Fake News follows closely behind. The great imposter.




The Life and Journey of BHO

After BHO’s inauguration and coronation we got 8 years of  chaos.

(−φ, θ ± 180°) Botswana – The Big Island of Hawaii is antipodal to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, with the island’s largest city, Hilo, antipodal to Nxai Pan National Park.

(−φ, θ ± 180°) Botswana – The Big Island of Hawaii is antipodal to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, with the island’s largest city, Hilo, antipodal to Nxai Pan National Park.

11 Years later we have another ROYAL BLUE  wedding.  But who is Harry and who is Meghan?

Inside Harry and Meghan’s secret love shack in Botswana | Daily Mail …

Where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fell in love: Botswana, Africa …

You can go on Safari many places in Africa. Why Botswana. It’s biblical for the Illuminati.  The DeBeers and Rhodes know. The diamonds and jewels speak to it as well.  Not only is Hawaii feeling once again the Botswana Blues but the Pinks also.

What Jerusalem and Trump gives us and the Kabbalists is the same as what happens from Botswana to the Antipodal big Island.

Lava Enters Hawaii Power Plant, Risking Deadly Gas Release – The Beast

Who is the Pink Star and the Blue Star of Josephine?


Who is James Hewitt, did he have an affair with Princess Diana and is he Prince Harry’s father?

The 60-year-old, who had an affair with Princess Diana, had a heart attack and stroke in 2017

US report: Prince Harry’s ‘real dad’ revealed

Prince Harry Mark Dyer

Meghan Markle’s family went from cotton slaves to royalty | Daily Mail ..

The History of the Markle Sparkle: Meghan’s Royal Connection and Roots Uncovered in Historical Documents

From Coal to Diamonds. Botswana is the place.

Who was the Jesuit priest mentioned during the Royal Wedding

Will Pope Francis remove the Vatican’s ‘warning’ from Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin’s writings?


Oumuamua The Pink Star

A dictionary of the Hawaiian language

Oumuamua (ō'u-mu'-a-mu'-ă), n.
[Mua, the front]
1. The foremost soldier or the front rank in battle.
2. A scout; one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of
 the enemy.


OUMUAMUA “A messenger from afar arriving first” in Hawaiian,NASA …

This penis shaped comet it the first recorded interstellar comet. It’s pink representation of the same morning star we know as Lucifer.

‘Oumuamua, First-Known Interstellar Visitor, Likely Born from 2 Stars

Certainly. Scientists Investigating The Possibility Of ‘Oumuamua Asteroid Being An Alien Probe but the real watchers know this is the sign of the times for the end of days.  How Hawaii and Botswana play into the Windsor clan and the coming anti-Christ is still open for interpretation. Most of the sources I follow will confirm the Jerusalem, Botswana orgy and the terrestrial events all connected to the rise of the Illuminatists and the Luciferian deceptions. The anti-Christ is breathing as we speak in my opinion.

NASA Confirms New Alien Comet Is From Another Solar System Asteroid web

The Big Pink Extinguisher  Digitata:



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Railroaded: Sante Fe Shooting Hoax 8-11


An active shooter incident  (DRILL) took place this morning at Santa Fe High School near Galveston.

Santa Fe ISD
Santa Fe ISD has a clear Crisis Management Plan, specific training, security equipment and procedures to provide for the safety of our students and staff. Our district Crisis Management Plan is clearly established, reviewed and practiced routinely with staff and students.

Our SFISD Police Department, under the direction of Chief Walter Braun, includes seven full time and five part-time officers, all trained in current nationally standardized protocols to respond to emergency and active shooter situations. All district employees receive annual training and participate in drills routinely throughout the school year.

Image result for Police Chief Walter Braun

Fraternal Order – FREEMASON

Walter Braun -Santa Fe Independent School District Police

Houston ISD
Houston ISD has an overall policy with each individual school making specific plans based on their needs. The school district is reviewing security, shelter-in-place and active shooter policies. Superintendent Richard Carranza has asked Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo for their latest plans on tactical responses.


Santa Fe Independent School District Police Department is the principal law enforcement agency for the Santa Fe Independent School District. The current chief of police is Walter Braun.

E. Leigh Wall


Superintendent of Schools

Santa Fe Independent School District

Santa Fe, TX

United States


Leigh Wall serves as superintendent of schools for Santa Fe Independent School District in Santa Fe, Texas. She has completed 11 years in this district and 35 years as an educator in Texas and Louisiana. Santa Fe ISD is located in Galveston County and is a rural district serving approximately 5000 students.

Prior to her appointment as superintendent of schools, Leigh served in leadership positons as teacher and administrator at elementary, junior high and high school levels.  In addition, experiences as a coach, drill team and cheer director, as well as teaching assignments at all levels has provided a broad range of experiences to support district leadership.

As a member of Learning Forward for 15 years, Leigh has presented and participated in several presentations and learning affiliations and networks facilitated through Learning Forward. Currently as a member of Galveston County Learning Leaders, her team and district works collaboratively with other local districts to strengthen learning systems and improve teacher and leadership practice to increase student achievement across districts.

Leigh holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Science in Education from Louisiana State University, a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from the University of Houston, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Walden University.

Here’s another classic hoax. Opening numbers clearly running through the vortex 3-9-6 811 (MESSAGE 13 – MS)

TRUMP 7 – CONNECTED TO MS-13: This was a direct message during Trumps MS-13 “ANIMAL RANT” Alex Jones his Jesuit Buddyy immediately validated the same message MS-13.

Feb 2018 – Houston police report 7 threats of school violence since Parkland

At Least Eight Killed in Houston-Area School Shooting

The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, was treating three patients from the scene with gunshot wounds early Friday, including a middle-aged male who was in critical condition and in surgery, a hospital spokesman said. The other patients include a middle-aged woman and a person under age 18, the spokesman said at a news conference outside the facility.

Time –  The shooting reportedly began before 8 a.m. local time on Friday.

8 Dead Possible 11 Dead – CNN

22nd school Shooting 2018

The shooting took place early Friday morning at Santa Fe High School, located in a town of about 13,000 people 35 (8) miles from Houston, authorities said. Students at the school told local TV news stations that the gunman burst into an art class at the school and opened fire, possibly with a shotgun.

Refinery 29

Yet Again, People Have Been Killed In A School Shooting — This Time, In Santa Fe


Fraternal Order – FREEMASON


Sheriff Gonzalez started out as a civilian employee and became a police officer, rising through the ranks to Sergeant. He served on the elite hostage negotiation team and was assigned to the Homicide Division as an investigator.

After retiring from the Houston Police Department in 2009, Sheriff Gonzalez served three terms on the Houston City Council representing District H. He was elected by his peers in 2010 to serve as Vice Mayor Pro-Tem and was appointed Mayor Pro-Tem in 2012 by Mayor Annise Parker.

Sheriff Gonzalez chaired the council’s Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee. Sheriff Gonzalez resorted to the core of his law enforcement background and experience to improve public safety and neighborhood protection – breaking new ground with initiatives to protect vulnerable seniors from elder abuse, expand the fight against human trafficking, reduce the public safety risks of stray animals, protect cyclists and pedestrians on city streets and protect online buyers and sellers from predators.

More details in the comments section.  The recorded audio sounds like a pistol and not a Shotgun.  This is a hoax, a drill and anoter Parkland-Sandy Hook.  SCAM!

9 out of 10 Public Schools Now Hold Mass Shooting Drills for … – Vox

INCIDENT MEANS DRILL – The Jesuits, Trump. Alex Jones and the Freemasons are promoting the civil war and disinformation. These are all HOAXES and run by the Jade Helm Masters of the Human Domain.  MSM MIND MASTURBATION AND PROPAGANDA! Most of the Contolled Opposition is alternative Media

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Starsbucks, The Nova Stella


What if the Starbucks Ty-D- Bowl event was staged? Seems like the kind of innocuous and random occurrence that springs forth a global phenomenon into the  mass mind mushroom theater that reminds us of 1984.   Not only did my alarms go off but many bloggers were also quick to express doubts.

There is a price to pay in buck$ for these global corporates under mafia rules where they are obliged to repay the Godfather for helping them to carve out their territories and eliminate the evil competition. Those like Bill Gates and Microsoft, Zuckerberg and Facebook are littered with dead competitors  who were not able to get the protection of the Mafia judges, politicians and favorable loans and tax free loopholes from the Rothschild lenders.  They were flushed like waste and  sent to float  forever, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in Oceania,

Starbucks in L.A. accused of racism after bathroom incident caught on camera. Apr 17, 2018

I refused to watch any video or MSM contrived outrage but manage to be assaulted with Maxine Waters diatribe.  The lady is a good actress and her performance was notable.

“We really refreshed the logo and took the words Starbucks Coffee off of it. We went back in and did...we call a little bit of work on her. Gave her a little bit of more modern hair, did a little face work on her and just cleaned her up a little bit,” Steve said.

Despite all the changes, she’s stayed pretty consistent. She’s still the siren. But what does she really mean to us? 

“I hope when people see the siren on their cup, of course it’s going to stand for what they’re going to get from Starbucks,” Steve said. “If the siren is on that cup of coffee, it’s going to be awesome.”

She also stands for everything that we stand for.

“It’s definitely about coffee but it’s about a lot more than coffee. It’s about...being good to people, being good to the world,” Steve said. “That’s definitely something that we do in the way that we source our coffee and that we help farmers, the way we treat our customers and the way we treat our partners. I think it’s about being good citizens of the planet and taking care of each other in that way and standing up for what we believe in.”

So there you have it. She’s still that wavy green siren on your cup. But she’s so much more.

She’s at the center of your Starbucks cup. That green mythological creature who’s staring into your soul as you drink your latte.


Starbucks is closing all of its 8,000 stores on the afternoon of May 29 to provide racial-bias education training to its approximately 175,000 employees after an incident in a Philadelphia store last Thursday. Fox Sports Radio host and blogger Clay Travis implies, however, that the company instead needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

“Starbucks got set up by a bunch of left-wingers who are probably going to sue them for millions of dollars, and they were too…stupid to realize it or they’re not willing to fight it. Both of those are bad. None of this story makes sense….”

Do you believe that Starbucks was set-up? This is a triple cross and a very typical psyop and cointel product.  The reality should suggest that Starbucks will pay the Godfather his respects.  This is the transient shift that people must begin to observe in these social engineering supernovas that step by step create new universal changes by intelligent design and artificial means. The AI and robotic  episodes are brief but the transformation is permanent.   CEO’s and Stakeholders are well informed prior to the events while shareholders and the public are led to believe it’s all random, static and necessary for PR purposes.  I am certain Tuesday is Starbucks worst day for sales and that is pretty much so for all sales.  But still they will pay up as part of the deal.

Like 1984, this Racial Bias training is just the sort of INGSOC endeavor to control. employ and inculcate 175,000 as a beta test, a motion exercise, focused while yet another scalar for the global transformation engineers.  These events and stagings whether a knifeman in Paris or a black panther needing to poop in Philadelphia, the venues are selected, the events scripted and the stars selected for supernova performances.

Starbucks Changes Bathroom Policy Following Racial Firestorm

In the vortex it is often not so obvious the quantum entanglements with other events. If 1984 is not present, neither is North Korea. If one would consider that North Korea (disputed) China may be the Eastasia and Syria (disputed) Russia, the Eurasia Triad.  While NoKo’s  Ministry of mind control may be a far simpler model, we in Oceania have a far more complex matrix and system of control and ‘spooky’ entanglements.

Article Image

Propaganda certainly plays a dominate role in the collective borg. Like the recent Facebook-Oxford scam, this was Zuckerberg.s tribute to the Godfather and Cambridge Clan.  The Rhodes Rogues played out this very well.  We still find us thinking this was a random event, a truth exposed but yet it is not accepted as a staged event in the Triad Hegelian Dialectic.

What is the truth of Trump and North Korea?  Was Jong-Un a classic trained Jesuit in Switzerland?  Was he really not an insider but replaced by his step brother or another impersonator?  As we witnessed by the Ministry MSM, he was regularly disappearing relatives and high profile officials over the last five years or so.  Were these people too close to him who would know a fake or who could see the agenda all along that the nuclear endeavors were all staged?  It is very possible that all the missiles were fired from South Korea and televised for world consumption as a fear campaign.  Now the vortex shift to Un’s compliance seems just a bit too radical for my taste.  No0t only does Un look different in facial features and ticks, but the whole Kim Jong Nam incident was so phony and so over driven in the media that it becomes a real question for this Winstonian.


Would we shudder to think that the ‘spooky’ entanglements are connected. Did the CIA employ the “MK”  with Dennis Rodman?  The American Sheeple for the most cannot conceive the great deceptions and the absolute truths that may be so outrageous as to destroy the psyche. So they put up shields and barriers dictated by the degree that they were indoctrinated, yet they will allow 5G wireless x band and other toxic transmissions to freely move through their consciousness.

I recently commented on a 911 post on an alternative site that here we are post JFK, Apollo 11 and 911 and we still rage against those who propose alternate theories to their specific beliefs.  I offered the concept that all of them were correct.  In the A.I. world the possibilities of all opposed to the Ministry’s  official accounts are correct and that the alternative explanations are all correct.  When planning a scripted event it is best to provide observable and quantifiable diversions to multiple conspiracy theories for the obvious reasons. This is how you collect, analyze the data, build, tweak and execute the program in order to achieve a functioning control grid and governance system.   From China to London, the Masters of the Human Domain are rapidly constructing the universal reality of 1984 but most are still living in 2018.  Any theory outside the box is a good thing.  Any thought-crime is positive and to them, a problem to solve. It’s their nova stella for a New World for the Ages.



note: Jerusalem Embassy Opening

Yes, Ivanka Trump said ‘the United States on America’ during her Jerusalem embassy speech

She referred to her father as president of “the United States on America,” rather than “the United States of America.” Is Israel the only State on America?

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Nobel Reactive – #57


I posted this comment on the Aaron Traywick (previous post)  yesterday


Googleplex News Fake NEWS #57


General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five …



It’s back and the googlplex is running 57 everywhere. This time I suspect a Syrian False Flag or Iranian event


I suggest a Mossad Israeli evemt for sympathy or deflection. Possible missile attack Trump – Pompeo kiss the ass of the wailing wall and attack. Goodbye to Assad.

Say Goodbye to John McCain and/or George HW Bush as well on this day.




Within Minutes the False Flag occurred

Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag – Vetr

In the aftermath of one of the most severe Israeli attacks on Syria “in decades,” Iranian lawmakers said Thursday that Iran had no role in the attack, and that Shia nation doesn’t operate any bases in Syria.

Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said Israel’s claim that Iran had provoked Israel by firing first was “a lie,” adding that “Israel’s history of carrying out unprovoked attacks in Syria has been well-documented.

“Iran does not have military base in Syria,“ Nobandegani added.

And while Iran maintains that last night’s skirmish between the Israeli Defense Force and Syrian Army forces was a false flag, and that the IDF struck first (continuing its pattern of airstrikes and other military assaults in Syria), the IDF boasted Thursday morning that Tehran “will need a lot of time to recover” from the most extensive Israeli attack in Syria since 1974.

Meanwhile, Israel said Iran paid a “heavy price” for its (nonexistent) aggression following multiple Israeli airstrikes against what Tel Aviv said were targets belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s Quds Force.


Unsurprisingly, the alleged Iranian attack resulted in no casualties or damage to Israeli infrastructure, with no rockets hitting Israeli-held territory (the Golan Heights border region is considered Syrian territory occupied by Israel).

“Iran will need a lot of time and resources to rehabilitate its operational, military and intelligence infrastructures we hit tonight,” an IDF spokesman said. The spokesman warned that “any other attempt” to hurt Israel will “pay even more.”

A map of the military targets published by the IDF shows multiple sites near Damascus and also near the Syria-Israel border.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claims “all the Iranian infrastructure” in the Arab republic was hit.

The IDF has struck dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria in response to the Iranian rocket attack against Israel. Quds force is behind attack and has played the initial price. IDF remains ready for various scenarios but does not seek to escalate the situation.

– Jonathan Conricus (@LTCJonathan) May 10, 2018

During the attack, Israeli jets and mortars struck intelligence sites and arms depots, among other military targets allegedly operated by the Iranian forces. Syria’s SANA state news channel said earlier that a Syrian radar installation was hit in the attack while “tens” of missiles were intercepted.

Though the IDF says it’s not seeking “further escalation,” the IDF says that “the Syrian regime will be held accountable for everything happening in its territory,“ and has warned against any retaliatory attack.

“They must understand that if it rains here, it will pour there,” said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who spoke at the Herzliya security conference near Tel Aviv several hours after the skirmish began.

Lieberman added that Israeli forces remain on high alert, but said he hopes this “chapter” is finished.

Naturally, most Western media like the New York Times – which has repeatedly demonstrated a fervent pro-Israeli bias – opted to take the IDF at its word, a move that drew consternation from independent Syrian journalists.

Maybe don’t let the Israelis dictate headlines

– Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) May 9, 2018

Of course, in the aftermath of recent attacks on Syria over “chemical attacks” which were alleged but never actually provne, why even bother to verify Iran’s claims when it’s easier to just quote Israel.

In the aftermath of one of the most severe Israeli attacks on Syria “in decades,” Iranian lawmakers said Thursday that Iran had no role in the attack, and that Shia nation doesn’t operate any bases in Syria.


Since the #57 is represented for America. I suspect another Domestic False Flag that may be a Muslim attack on a Jewish site followed by a series of aggression’s in Israel. Domestically as well as internationally the escalation could create an agenda for fuel shortages and price jumps to surpass previous  jumps. I’m sure their tanks are full.

I suspect a dismal summer climate and real fireworks leading to the fourth of July. When the #57 comes back again the events will be synchronized with McCain and GHW Bush. Possible another less timely death. Fill your gas tanks and containers before the lines and prices increase.  I do not expect this to just go away like previous episodes.


Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump told reporters Wednesday that while “everyone thinks” he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in the warming of relations with North Korea, the only prize he wants is a victory for the world. (Order)

Trump was asked by a reporter while holding a Cabinet meeting at the White House whether he deserved the honor, to which the President replied with a large smile: “Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it.”
Trump instead said he’s focused on getting an agreement with North Korea

Cuba, North Korea, and Iran

The numbers tie to Iranian joining the Rothschild Central Bank. Collapsing the economy is well under way and Trump has done the bidding of the Joo-joo-bees without failure.


I still think Jong-Un is a fraud.  Either way the Jesuits and Rothrocks are running the economy and military ops to “finish” the job for the World Order Transformation.  He has followed the timeline of Jerusalem capital move, Pompeo has confirmed the Israeli support of another Iraqi type fraud and conjob. Bolton is in place as a warmonger for all time and Gina Haspel as the Torture Queen is the pick for what was the 911 and false flag covert ops to remove the World Order rejectionists.  It’s all coming into place for a war. And it will be a full spectrum war.



related: shemittah 57. Jerusalem Capital, Pompeo Confirmed as Secretary of State by 57-42,  57% think Donald Trump is a racist, CNN Poll: Trump 57% approval steady amid rising outlook for the country

Holy Cow! Trump the Great?

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Who killed Aaron Traywick and why?

Traywick ran a biomedical company and was known for experimenting on himself.

In 2016, Traywick became CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, a small but very controversial biomedical company. Ascendance built its business ethos on eschewing U.S. government and industry regulatory guidelines in the hopes of getting treatments for viruses like HIV and herpes to the public faster.

Traywick grabbed headlines for making himself a guinea pig for these new and experimental treatments. In February, Traywick injected himself with an Ascendance-brewed herpes vaccine on Facebook Live at the body hacking convention BDYHAX in Austin. During the filmed panel event, he took his pants off and injected his thigh with a syringe on stage. You can watch it here, if you’re interested.

On top of flirting with breaking U.S. law by working on non-F.D.A. approved gene therapies, Ascendance appeared to be fraught with turmoil from inside its own ranks of biohackers and transhumanists. Later in February and following the Austin event, Gizmodo ran a story detailing how Traywick, facing conflict with biohackers working in an Ascendance-funded lab in Florida, had locked himself inside the lab alone for several hours, eventually dumping some of the biohackers’ equipment outside the front door. The following night, several of the lab workers and other individuals who worked for Ascendance went on Facebook Live to announce they wouldn’t be working for Ascendance moving forward. “Traywick, they said, had put pressure on them to cut corners on science in order to make arbitrary deadlines set up to reveal new therapies to the press,” Gizmodo wrote.

Tristan Roberts Twitter
biohacker Tristan Roberts – Patient Zero for Ascedance HIV cure

Biohackers Produce & Self-Administer Attempt at Gene-Therapy HIV Cure

DEATH: April 29, 2018 – [Vortex 811 @ 6-9-3]


Aaron Traywick, CEO of Ascendance Biomedical and a figure in the biohacking and transhumanist movements, was found dead this weekend in a flotation tank in Washington DC, according to Tristan Roberts. He was 28 years old.

Not a police blotter report but this information comes from Tristan Roiberts?

Update: The Metropolitan Police Department of DC released the following statement on Tuesday:

“At approximately 11:31 am on April 29, 2018, Aaron Traywick, 28, was found deceased in a spa room in the 1000 block of Massachusetts Ave, NW. Traywick’s body was taken to the OCME for an autopsy. The Metropolitan Police Department is conducting a death investigation. At this point, we don’t have any evidence to suggest foul play.”

11-4 + 4-11 = 811  Vortex [322] Freemason

Spa Says Police Found Drug Paraphernalia Among Aaron Traywick’s Belongings

DC police found drug paraphernalia among Aaron Traywick‘s belongings, a spokesperson for the spa in which the controversial CEO died tells WashingtonianHeather Shaw Menis says the detective who investigated his death told her twice about the paraphernalia. In an email, a spokesperson for the DC police tells Washingtonian the department is unable to confirm that detail.

Typical Freemason Police-FBI narrative leaks that are unconfirmed and cannot formally be substantiated.

Traywick led the biomedical startup Ascendance Biomedical and achieved some fame for injecting himself with a self-developed herpes therapy in front of a live audience in February, was found dead at Soulex Float Spa in downtown DC on Sunday.

Shaw Menis says Traywick scheduled a same-day float appointment for (9) 9 AM on Sunday and arrived 20 to 25 (9)  minutes late. This was Traywick’s first visit to Soulex, and he signed a standard waiver, Shaw Menis says. Soulex co-owner Pedramin Vaziri arrived at 10:49 AM and asked why someone was still in the float room, because float times typically last (6) 60 minutes. It became clear that more was amiss: The door to Traywick’s room was ajar, even though clients usually float in the nude and typically lock the doors. And the room was dark–its lights should have gone on when Traywick opened the tank’s lid. Vaziri went in to investigate and discovered Traywick unconscious and in the tank, which had automatically drained by then.

Why would this be an issue? 10:49 is in the 10-11 AM slot.  Why would a booking for 10AM be normal.  – [99]

Police responded expeditiously to the spa’s 911 call: “The first responders were here within four minutes,” Shaw Menis says. “They closed it out as a crime scene within 18 minutes. There were no safety concerns.”

The spa remained closed on Sunday “because the staff was so shook up,” Shaw Menis says. Soulex has since reopened, and Shaw Menis emphasized that there are no safety concerns with any of the equipment, adding that the spa owners have the “absolute highest standards for flotation therapy.”

Shaw Menis says a detective told her police expect toxicology reports in six to ten weeks.

Not only is 6-10 weeks a ludicrous time frame for toxicology, the numerology follows the Human Event (6) with Traywick,  age 28 (10) and the (3) Location of the Soulex Float Spa.

Soulex Float Spa  Address: 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Entrance is on 11th St., Washington, DC 20001

SOUL-EX Full Form

The esoteric meaning of this is perfectly symbolized by the six pointed star uniting the material with the spiritual triangle perfectly.

No Pearl

Feature film – Wikipedia

Traywick was the primary subject of a soon-to-be released feature film operating under the most recent working title Transhuman: Biohackers and Immortalists,[22] directed by Ford Fischer.

Conspiracy theories engulf the suspect death of a notorious biohacker

Looks like a cover story to me but maybe he was a threat to Big Pharma like Barry Sherman,. Maybe his option was death or a “fade away” in order to stay free and alive.  Not much info about his life, parents and other personal data which usually flows freely and quickly after a hoax.  Will be interested in autopsy and further steganography from the Fake News and Media numerology.

The indication based on the numbers tells me that this is a possible staged  fake death but that it has an underlying conspiracy and agenda that would include the deep state and sinister motive.  It also may be Traywick was a CIA asset which would  add some additional intrigue

masonic abide canceled



The following article is a mirrored re-post of an article found at the link below.  This article is posted for those who don’t understand “higher” math, or any math, and for those who do appreciate mathematics.

For those who don’t “get it” about why “Responsibility for yours and your family’s safety starts and ends at home”.

For those who imagine that voluntarily rendering yourself “defenseless” is a great idea.

For those who never took the time to read and study History and how Mass Genocides occurred.

For those who have been paying attention to the degradation of the former “republic of the united states” (lower caps intended), and its trend downwards into socialism/marxism/communism.

For those who “get it” that if the “Bad Guys” or “Any Guys” have guns — maybe you should have some too!

The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper…Or, “Who Needs an AR-15 Anyway?”

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Tuesday, 1-May-2018 09:09:02


BJ Campbell

“As gun policy discussions unfold in the wake of mass shooter incidents, they routinely end in three buckets. There’s the “tyranny can never happen here” bucket, which the left has mostly abdicated in the wake of Trump winning after they called (and still call) him a tyrant. There’s the “you can’t fight the army with small arms” bucket, which is increasingly unsound given our ongoing decade-and-a-half war with Afghani tribal goat herders. And there’s the “what the hell do you need an AR-15 for anyway?” bucket, which, by its very language, eschews a fundamental lack of understanding of what those people are thinking.

I am not a prepper. But I know a few. Some of the ones I do know are smart. They may not be doing as deep an analysis as I present here, on a mathematical level, but the smart ones are definitely doing it at a subconscious level. If you want to understand the perspectives of others, as everyone in my opinion should strive to do, then you would do well to read to the end of this article.

To get where we’re going, we will need to discuss the general framework of disaster mathematics.
Watchman note: This article’s title is a bit misleading. It is far more than just a gun argument. The author presents mathematical perspectives few have considered, presents history with an eye on current world events and concludes with the truth that it is, in general, much better to have an article and not need it than to need an article and not have it.

Which is a perfectly acceptable social norm, or simply …. insurance”.

AS gun policy discussions unfold in the wake of mass shooter incidents, they routinely end in three buckets. There’s the “tyranny can never happen here” bucket, which the left has mostly abdicated in the wake of Trump winning after they called (and still call) him a tyrant. There’s the “you can’t fight the army with small arms” bucket, which is increasingly unsound given our ongoing decade-and-a-half war with Afghani tribal goat herders. And there’s the “what the hell do you need an AR-15 for anyway?” bucket, which, by its very language, eschews a fundamental lack of understanding of what those people are thinking. I am not a prepper. But I know a few. Some of the ones I do know are smart. They may not be doing as deep an analysis as I present here, on a mathematical level, but the smart ones are definitely doing it at a subconscious level. If you want to understand the perspectives of others, as everyone in my opinion should strive to do, then you would do well to read to the end of this article. To get where we’re going, we will need to discuss the general framework of disaster mathematics.

Stormwater Hydrology and the Mathematics of Unlikely Events

I’m not a writer by trade. I’m a stormwater hydrologist, and in my opinion, a pretty good one. Hydrology is the science of tracking water as it moves through the water cycle, from ocean evaporation through cloud formation, precipitation, groundwater infiltration, runoff, evapotranspiration, riverine hydraulics, and the time series behavior of reservoirs. It is a deep and fascinating field, but one of its most relevant applications to our lives is delineating floodplain boundaries.

To determine a floodplain boundary, we first identify a “storm event” that concerns us. We use historical rainfall data and some statistical magic to calculate the worst storm event a place is likely to experience in a 100-year time span, probabilistically speaking, and we call that the “100-year storm.” There’s a push in the field to quit calling it that, because it confuses the muggles, so now we often say something like “the storm which has a 1% chance of happening in any given year.” Then we take that rainfall data, judiciously apply more math, and turn it into a flow rate in a river. Then we do hydraulics (more math) to determine how deep the river will have to be to carry that much water, and we draw a line on a map.

You should have seen this line, if you’ve ever bought a house near a floodplain. If you bought a house near a floodplain and were not shown this line, contact me professionally to ensure you didn’t make a terrible mistake.

We don’t buy houses in the floodplain if we can help it, because we are risk averse, even though the chance of it flooding in any given year is only 1%. Why? We will live in the house longer than one year. Over the 30-year life of a mortgage, the chance of the house flooding at least once vastly exceeds 1%, because every year is another roll of the dice. It’s not cumulative, though. The mathematics for back-calculating the odds is called a Bernoulli Process. Here’s what it looks like:

Let’s quickly walk through this. The chance of flooding, P(F), is 1%, or 0.01. The chance of not flooding, which we notate P(F’), is 100%-1%, or 99%, or 0.99. To see the chance you don’t flood two years in a row, you would have to “not-flood” the first year, and then “not-flood” the second year, so you multiply the two probabilities together, and get 0.9801. The chance of “not-flooding” 30 years in a row is calculated by multiplying the chance of not flooding with itself, over and over, 30 times, which is a power relationship. P(F’)³⁰. That’s 0.7397 chance of 30 consecutive years of no flood, which means a 26% chance of at least one flood.

And then your mortgage broker doesn’t give you your thirty-year fixed rate loan, because a 26% chance of a disaster is a big chance, when we’re talking about disasters. Now let’s talk about a bigger, nastier disaster than a flood.

Prepper Math

There’s a common misconception in the media about the eventuality for which the preppers are exactly prepping. That’s because they’re a diverse group, and prep for many different things. No, they aren’t planning for a revolution to overthrow the government. (Most of them, anyway.) Mostly they’re planning to keep themselves and their families safe while someone else tries to overthrow the government. That, or zombies. (More on zombies below.)

While we don’t have any good sources of data on how often zombies take over the world, we definitely have good sources of data on when the group of people on the piece of dirt we currently call the USA attempt to overthrow the ruling government. It’s happened twice since colonization. The first one, the American Revolution, succeeded. The second one, the Civil War, failed. But they are both qualifying events. Now we can do math.

Stepping through this, the average year for colony establishment is 1678, which is 340 years ago. Two qualifying events in 340 years is a 0.5882% annual chance of nationwide violent revolution against the ruling government. Do the same math as we did above with the floodplains, in precisely the same way, and we see a 37% chance that any American of average life expectancy will experience at least one nationwide violent revolution.

This is a bigger chance than your floodplain-bound home flooding during your mortgage.

It’s noticeably bigger.

Following the same procedure, we can see that even over an 18-year span we have a 10% chance of violent revolution, which is an interesting thought experiment to entertain before you have kids. It’s also important to note that a violent nation-state transition doesn’t just affect people who live in a floodplain. It affects everyone stuck in the middle. Especially the poor and defenseless.

But You’re Cheating

Am I? Two instances in 340 years is not a great data pool to work with, I will grant, but if you take a grab sample of other countries around the world you’ll see this could be much worse. Since our 1678 benchmark, Russia has had a two world wars, a civil war, a revolution, and at least half a dozen uprisings, depending on how you want to count them. Depending on when you start the clock, France had a 30-year war, a seven-year war, a particularly nasty revolution, a counter-revolution, that Napoleon thing, and a couple of world wars tacked on the end. China, North Korea, Vietnam, and basically most of the Pacific Rim has had some flavor of violent revolution in the last 100 years, sometimes more than one. With Africa, it’s hard to even conceive where to start and end the data points. Most Central and South American countries have had significant qualifying events in the time span. And honestly, if we were to widen our analysis to not only include nationwide violent civil wars, but also instances of slavery, internment, and taking of native lands, our own numbers go way up.

Or we could look at a modern snapshot. Counting places like the Vatican, we have 195 countries on the planet today. Somalia is basically in perpetual war, Syria is a hot mess with no signs of mitigation any time soon, Iraq is sketchy, Afghanistan has been in some flavor of civil war or occupation my entire life outside the salad days of the Taliban, and Libya is in such deep throes of anarchy that they’ve reinvented the African slave trade. Venezuela. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be a qualifying event depending on how you define it. And again, Africa is … hard to even conceive of where to start. Spitballing, perhaps 3% of the nations in the modern world are in some version of violent revolt against the ruling government, some worse than others. There’s at least some case to be made that our 0.5% annual chance estimate may be low, if we’re looking at comps.

Or we could look at a broader historical brush. Since the fall of Constantinople in 1453, there have been 465 sovereign nations which no longer exist, and that doesn’t even count colonies, secessionist states, or annexed countries. Even if we presume that half of these nation-state transitions were peaceful, which is probably a vast over-estimation, that’s still an average of one violent state transition every 2.43 years.

If we look at raw dialectic alone, we reach dismal conclusions. “Do you think the United States will exist forever and until the end of time?” Clearly any reasonable answer must be “no.” So at that point, we’re not talking “if,” but “when.” If you don’t believe my presumed probability, cook up your own, based on whatever givens and data pool you’d like, and plug it in. The equations are right up there. Steelman my argument in whatever way you like, and the answer will still probably scare you.

Eyes on the Horizon

In 2010, 8.5 million tourists visited Syria, accounting for 14% of their entire GDP. Eight years later, they have almost half a million dead citizens, and ten million more displaced into Europe. They didn’t see this coming, because if they did, they would have fled sooner. Nobody notices the signs of impending doom unless they’re looking carefully.

Further, the elites of a nation rarely take it on the chin. They can hop on a plane. The poor, disenfranchised, and defenseless experience the preponderance of the suffering, violence, and death. They’re the ones that should be worried.

Pretend you’re someone with your eyes on the horizon. What would you be looking for, exactly? Increasing partisanship. Civil disorder. Coup rhetoric. A widening wealth gap. A further entrenching oligarchy. Dysfunctional governance. The rise of violent extremist ideologies such as Nazism and Communism. Violent street protests. People marching with masks and dressing like the Italian Blackshirts. Attempts at large scale political assassination. Any one of those might not necessarily be the canary in the coal mine, but all of them in aggregate might be alarming to someone with their eyes on the horizon. Someone with disproportionate faith in the state is naturally inclined to disregard these sorts of events as a cognitive bias, while someone with little faith in the state might take these signs to mean they should buy a few more boxes of ammunition.

“Prepping” is Just Disaster Planning

“But if one of these things happens, you’re screwed anyway!” Well, sure. The point of disaster planning for a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or wildfire, is not to be “not-screwed.” It’s to be notably less screwed. is the central point for information about family disaster preparedness planning here in the US. They list a wide range of things they think you might want to prepare for. Chief among these is flooding, which is my field, but they also list many other things an alarmist might include in their family disaster preparedness plan, from volcanoes and tsunamis to space debris, nukes, and terrorist dirty bombs. Violent nation-state transition doesn’t make the list, though, because the list was compiled by the government. But the best one to prepare for, in my opinion, is zombies.

The zombie apocalypse is obviously pure fiction, but it has an allure to a few tongue-in-cheek preppers because of its functional completeness. If you are prepared for zombies, you are literally prepared for anything. The key fixture of zombie preparedness is a fundamental understanding of what happens when our systems of economics, governance, and civil infrastructure fail. There’s a great one going on right now in Venezuela, with people eating rats and dogs, incapable of trading in the local currency, and a general humanitarian disaster associated with descent into anarchy. No class of person is more capable of riding out a situation like that than a well-provisioned zombie prepper. Various fixtures of zombie prepping include:

  • Food stockpiles
  • Access to clean (or cleanable) water
  • Shelter that exists away from the zombies (a.k.a. other citizens)
  • Subsistence agriculture
  • Medicinal supplies
  • A way to defend items 1–5. In modern terms, that means firearms. Rifles in particular.
  • Optional: Escape method. Sailboats rank highly on any objective list here.

For the ethical zombie prepper, firearms are a relatively small piece of this overall disaster plan, but a necessary one. For an unethical zombie prepper, firearms may be all they need, if they can find someone else from whom to steal.

The Bosnian War is a great test case for this, and many firsthand experiences have been chronicled since, about how prepper-minded people were the likeliest to survive.

And it’s not just tin foil hat equipped right wingers thinking about this stuff. There’s a widely reported trend of Silicon Valley billionaires building apocalypse bunkers, as many as 50% according to Steve Huffman, the guy who founded Reddit. Yishan Wong, another former Reddit CEO, goes through a conceptual ROI analysis with The New Yorker.

Yishan Wong, an early Facebook employee, was the C.E.O. of Reddit from 2012 to 2014. He, too, had eye surgery for survival purposes, eliminating his dependence, as he put it, “on a nonsustainable external aid for perfect vision.” In an e-mail, Wong told me, “Most people just assume improbable events don’t happen, but technical people tend to view risk very mathematically.” He continued, “The tech preppers do not necessarily think a collapse is likely. They consider it a remote event, but one with a very severe downside, so, given how much money they have, spending a fraction of their net worth to hedge against this . . . is a logical thing to do.”

And it’s not just the techies. A lot of folks in Hollywood are thinking the same thing. It’s big business out there.

Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent.

So that’s another canary in the coal mine for the tin foil hat right winger — you have a class of people who are vehemently demanding confiscation of rifles in the public sphere, while some of them are secretly building underground fortresses in the private sphere.

Buy another box of ammo. Clearly.

A Fundamental Disconnect on Rifles

When our semiannual mass shooter culture war erupts after the latest round of media Handwaving Freakoutery, it always seems to focus on rifles. Most recently, we had some guy cut his own AR-15 in half on YouTube, to thunderous applause. Don’t mischaracterize my position. If Mr. Pappalardo thought that he might be prone to murdering someone with his rifle, or more statistically likely — purposely killing himself with it, then he should absolutely sell or destroy it. But if he isn’t going to do either of those things, all he must do to ensure it doesn’t hurt anyone is not shoot anyone with it. He could leave it in his attic with a couple of cans of ammunition, just in case something horrible does transpire where he might actually need it. There are certain things in the world you’d rather have and not need, than need and not have. And paramount among those things, given the state of the modern human condition, is a rifle.

So if you ask someone else on the opposite side of a culture war argument, “Why would you want to own one of those things, anyway?” please don’t be surprised if they simply respond, “Why wouldn’t you?”


Go to the profile of BJ Campbell

written by

BJ Campbell

I think a lot.


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Waffle House Theater presents “The Naked Gun”

29-year-old James Shaw hero saved lives Tennessee Waffle House …

11 hours ago – The 29-year-old hero from Waffle House shooting: ‘I saw the opportunity and I took it’ … James Shaw Jr. cried at least four times Sunday after a tragic morning where he wrestled a gun away from a shooter at an Antioch Waffle House. … Shaw Jr. rushed the gunman, grabbed the gun’s .


Here is your North Korea connected Hoax for the summer Trump season.  This is 100% Bullcrap from the Chicago Crime Syndicate, the DC and Nashville Pedophile Rings and the Freemasons from TBI, FBI and ATF.


Treemont Illinois – District of Columbia – Antioch Tennessee



More to come in the comments of this post.



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SOUTHWEST 1380: Crisis Acting at 11,000 Feet

Hartsfield – Love Field


SOUTHWEST AIRLINES 1380 – 3-9-6 811

Wed Apr 18 2018 – #1380 Duration
4hr 15min from LGA to DAL – Not a three hour flight but in the vortex it is always 3.

Error detail 1: rSEWaFezSMO_FU8DQ3aubg : 43b9603d-dcb0-4c5e-a77a-2fea11949001 : 400611332

No flight 1380 for Tues Apr 17 2018

The plane was flying at 32,500 feet Tuesday morning as passengers settled in for the three-hour flight.

The passenger who died in Tuesday’s accident aboard Southwest Flight 1380 has been identified as Jennifer Riordan, 43. (Wildcard 7 Trump)

Jennifer Riordan: A Tribute to the Southwest Plane Victim

She was remembered as a mentor, as a woman devoted to family, as a well-known volunteer, and as a “treasure of our community.”

1. Riordan Was a Vice President of Community Relations at Wells Fargo & Described Herself as ‘Passionate About My Community’
Skilled in Crisis Management, Nonprofit Organizations, Crisis Communications, Event Management, and Team Building. Strong community and social services professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Communications and PR from The University of New Mexico.”

Annunciation Catholic School, where Riordan’s children attend school, sent out an email confirming her death, according to
The United Way site explained that Riordan worked with non-profits in New Mexico and Texas. “Jennifer manages Wells Fargo employee volunteer and board service to non-profits in New Mexico and Greater Texas working with nearly 2,400 (6) employees in addition to representing the company on various boards in the community and oversees the annual United Way Community Support Campaign.”

Riordan had “a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of New Mexico (1999) and an associate’s degree from Champlain College in Vermont (1994),” the United Way says. She also left behind a young family

Riordan’s husband was chief operations officer for the City of Albuquerque, where he oversaw “the operation of 11 departments, including animal welfare, aviation, cultural services, environmental health, family and community services and municipal development,” according to Albuquerque Business First.

A passenger wrote a vivid account on Instagram of what happened on the plane, saying, “Our engine that blew out at (11) 38000 ft. A window blew out, a man saved us all as he jumped to cover the window. Unfortunately we lost a passenger to a heart attack. The pilot, Tammy Jo was so amazing! She landed us safely in Philly. God sent his angels to watch over us. I actually heard someone say, there is a God!!”

“She is a mom of Averie (12) and Joshua (10) (22)  and has been married to her husband Michael for 21  (3) years,” says the bio. Riordan wrote on Facebook of her husband, “My love. My life. My gift.” In 2016, she wrote on Facebook, “Thankful for this amazing man on this birthday week. Michael Riordan, you make my heart happy, you are my everything, you make me a better person! Thanks for being you! Happy birthday week! I love you!”

The situation was chaotic and depending on where people were seated they have somewhat different accounts of what unfolded.

Martinez also wrote, “Someone on the plane had a heart attack and it looks like an engine blew out then a window was blown open. We are still on the plane and they are trying to revive a woman on the plane.” Luckily, though, the plane was able to land in Philly



The New Mexico Crisis Acting team on a LaGuardia Flight to Dallas Love Field?


3. Riordan Was Appointed by New Mexico’s Governor to Serve as the State’s Commissioner of Volunteer Engagement & Was Called an ‘Extraordinary Woman’

She also was a board member for the University of New Mexico Alumni Relations and was chair of the board of directors for Junior Achievement New Mexico which works to “to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy,” her page reads.

Jennifer Riordan’s resume was lengthy and she worked in a variety of top positions over the years. According to LinkedIn, she was VP Community and Public Relations for Citigroup for three years.

“Riordan was vice president of public relations for Citi Cards and state director for community relations for Citi New Mexico. In her role as State Director for Citi New Mexico, she oversaw the corporate giving program for all Citi business in New Mexico including Citi Cards, CitiFinancial and Smith Barney. Additionally, Riordan was responsible for internal, external communications, media relations and the volunteer program at Citi Cards, a 1,200 (3) person customer contact call center,” she wrote.

Riordan also served as media relations manager for UNM Hospital. Among other duties, her responsibilities included, “Head the community relations, media relations, public relations, internal and external communication functions for three colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy and Medicine and the five hospitals.”

The pilot was named as Tammie Jo Shults, one of the U.S. Navy’s first female fighter pilots. Some people were lauding the crew as heroes on Twitter. Shults, a native of New Mexico, graduated in 1983 from MidAmerica Nazarene University. In March 2017, she was lauded for her career and accomplishments, among them becoming one of the first female fighter pilots in the U.S. Navy

5. Southwest Airlines Changed Its Profile Picture to a Broken Gray Heart
According to USA Today, the plane had “143 (8) passengers and a crew of five onboard.” Southwest Airlines released a brief statement. “We are aware that Southwest Flight 1380 (3)  from New York La Guardia to Dallas Love Field has diverted to Philadelphia International Airport,” Southwest said in a statement. “We are in the process of transporting customers and crew into the terminal.”

Jennifer Riordan’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

The Vortex is true in this SNOPES scripted narrative as well as the next segment of this triptych. Please note this headline to help paint the narrative and phony script.

Family of Jennifer Riordan undecided on sueing Southwest Airlines

Dead from blood loss trauma impact injuries. HOAX! STAGED EVENT

Hero Navy Fighter pilot and actress Jo-Jo Shults

Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Pilot: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

As I predicted late 2017 CYBER SATURNALIA

The Boeing – Airbus Wars would be here for this year. On the heels of what I believe to be a total hoax is this breaking news events. These are AIRBUS Passenger Jets

Report: Delta plane makes emergency landing after losing tire

Delta flight makes emergency landing at Dulles after problems

Cockpit smoke forces Delta flight from MSP to make emergency landing in Fargo

Wed 4/18/18 – 7PM – HAPPENING NOW!

Plane makes emergency landing at Atlanta airport after smoke reported in engine

– A Delta flight from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport to London was forced to turn around early Wednesday evening after a report of smoke coming from the engine.

Delta flight 30  (3) from Atlanta to London declared an emergency shortly after takeoff. The flight took off at 5:51 p.m.  (11) Airport officials said the plane reported smoke coming from the aircraft and turned around Stone Mountain.

There is a possibility if not a hoax, this is a scalar weapons and EMR assault going on and a financial war based on the huge money and contracts that are up for grabs. The Southwest event is 90% Hoax as far as I am concerned while these others may be the Russian Woodpecker assault for US-UK-France Syria assault. The chessboard says that a major airliner will go down. The Global players tell me Boeing will be the victim.

This event does seem to connect with this related event.

The daughter of Allister Crowley and high Illuminati Priestess dead at 92 (11)


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Syrian Girl


Ivanka Trump influenced my father to launch Syria strikes, reveals brother Eric

Eric Trump has said he is “sure” his sister Ivanka used her influence over their father to encourage the US president to launch military action against Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The Weird Thing You Might Not Have Noticed About Ivanka Trump’s Eyes

It would be fair to say Ivanka Trump is something of a chameleon, what will her role as former executive vice president of The Trump Organisation and running the White House as assistant to her father, President Donald Trump. However, rumours are now circulating the 35-year-old is employing a cunning strategy to help her manipulate her father’s supporters.

Ivanka Trump wants to be president and Jared Kushner is a minister?

“It is a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.”

Only in a crumbling America could we be stuck with this newly anointed Dynasty.  Watching the latest episode of Syriana is beyond belief. Assad is the most punished man on earth and he does not get the limelight that Trump and Putin get.  The MSM presumes you know nothing about the man but read your history and try to figure why he would suddenly become the most stupid man on earth. But wait, it’s not he but we if we are not to see the timing again of this latest chemical false flag and staged hoax.

Even CNN said previous chemical attacks were hoaxes.  But Trump supporters don’t read and the never Trumpers could not be happier to see Trump issue another Ivanka strike for the heart of Zion.

Trump’s strikes on Syria last year were pretty popular – WaPo

Trump Vows ‘Big Price’ for Syria Attack

His presidency is the price.  But there is another Trump just wandering and waiting for the word. The Lilith, the chameleon.


Hillary says “no way”


F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen;


ISIS is a Gas, Baby can you dig it? | COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS

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Youtube HQ female shooter identified as Katniss Everdeen





4 Wounded in Shooting at YouTube Headquarters; Police Say Female Suspect Is Dead

At least four people were injured, one of them critically, in a shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon, the police said. The shooter, who the police said was a woman, died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Brent Andrew, a spokesman for San Francisco General Hospital, said at a news conference that the hospital had received three patients: a 36-year-old man in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman in serious condition and a 27-year-old woman in fair condition. The condition of the fourth victim, and what hospital he or she was at, was not clear.

Outside the YouTube headquarters, armed police officers waded into a crowd of 200 or so employees who had evacuated to a nearby parking lot. The police asked for employees who had witnessed something firsthand to come forward, and about two dozen people, some visibly distraught, walked over to the officers.

Many employees said they had initially thought the episode was a fire drill. Others said they ran when people started shouting that there was a shooter……read more

Youtube HQ female shooter identified as Katniss Everdeen

This has the all the numbers and clues to a another HOAX. Not only being the heart of San Fransisco crisis central, the appearance of other vortex clues makes it very suspicious.


Add the Fox News and Laura Ingrahams FOX staged crap. Cant you see it how FOX CNN are the same as Dems and GOP. They work in tandem as polar vortex players in the First and Second Amendment sting. We are wotnessing the complete takeover of freedom of speech and constitutional rights and Trump & Co. and the deep state are all crisis actors. It’s stagecraft, lies and deception by the whole Media and Industrial Congressional Complex. Hollywood and Holyrood in a dialectic dance on the elevens.

Youtube Hunger Games HQ (District  – 11)

Enjoy the show!


“Federal government” BUSTED for forcing American nuclear industry to become a ticking time bomb

Sourced from: / Jim Stone

“Banning the closed loop nuclear fuel cycle put an end to America’s free energy future and created a nuclear nightmare that was never supposed to happen.
Jim Stone, Updated on July 22, 2013

Americans have been told their nuclear waste must go somewhere. Americans have been told their spent reactor fuel needs to be stored inside a mountain in the desert, where it will sit as a threat and menace to the world for millions of years. Americans have been told there is nothing they can do about it. But what if they have been told a lie? What if that “spent fuel” was not spent at all? What if a technology existed which allowed the same fuel to be used over and over, twenty times in fact, and expended so fully that fuel rods would be safe enough to handle directly out of the reactor? Think any “spent fuel pools” would be full? And even if this technology never existed, what if foreign nations, (France was one) offered to buy this fuel from America for billions of dollars only to have the American Government refuse the offer for no reason at all? Certainly allowing France to have it would solve the problem of getting rid of it. And the final question, WHY would the American Government want so much nuclear material sitting around the country – enough to make countless atomic bombs – only to have it become a threat to America’s national security? Could it be that for many years America has not had a legitimate government, and instead has had a band of invaders in power who have intentionally set America up for a fall? After reading this report, I believe you will be inclined to think so.
This report consists of hard scientific fact and even harder answers.
During my journey of discovery in my investigation into the Fukushima disaster, I interviewed an 85 year old nuclear engineer who worked in the nuclear industry during America’s glory days, an engineer who earned GE over 100 patents. He was one of the engineers who designed Fukushima, so naturally when conducting an investigation into such a disaster a journalist would want that type of reference. He was surprised when my prior study of reactor systems was so thorough that he had no information about Fukushima I did not already dig up, and he was very surprised when I told him details about the inner workings of his own reactor design he never expected anyone in the media to know.
When I started to think I was going to walk away with nothing new, he began to talk about an entirely different subject. He began his new direction in the discussion with the phrase “My team succeeded in closing the nuclear loop, and Carter banned our miracle with an executive order

Here is what followed that introductory line, and an enormous reason why Americans need to seriously question the current government structure and possibly start over.
“I started in the American nuclear program all the way back at the time of the Manhattan project, and have been involved in reactor design and nuclear engineering my whole life. There was one answer we all searched for, and it was how to close the nuclear loop.

When a reactor such as a boiling water reactor uses fuel, the waste products, which are highly radioactive isotopes that have a different fission characteristic than the original fuel, build up in the fuel and change the nature of the nuclear reaction. A reactor such as a boiling water reactor can only use the fuel until it gets contaminated by these isotopes enough to change the nature of the nuclear reactions taking place. The reaction environment inside a boiling water reactor is only one such environment which will work to trigger a chain reaction, and if that spent fuel is put into a reactor made from different materials, those materials can favor the burning of the isotopes which interfere with the chain reactions in the boiling water reactor and use these interfering isotopes as fuel until they are consumed. After this process, which restores the fuel to it’s original state is complete, the fuel can go back into the boiling water reactor and used as new with no reprocessing – the exact same rods can be exchanged between reactors.
We perfected the second reactor design which used liquid sodium as a coolant and the reactor ran much hotter – 1100 farenheit as opposed to 550 in a boiling water reactor. The liquid sodium circulated inside the reactor instead of water, with the heat of the reaction being removed from the system by a heat exchanger which produced steam outside the reactor for use in producing electricity. The temperature difference and coolant characteristics in the complimentary reactor facilitated the burning of the isotopes, and you got to use both sides of the reaction – the boiling water reactor produced electricity while producing unwanted isotopes, and the sodium cooled reactor produced electricity while burning the unwanted isotopes out. This process could be repeated 20 times, and when it was finished the fuel was DEAD and no longer hazardous because all of it’s radiological potential was used up. It was a clean energy dream come true, and Carter banned it by executive order!”  He specifically stated that the burn down was so complete that the spent fuel was safe to handle directly with bare hands, and needed no special care or maintenance at all, and after I questioned him about exactly how safe, said you could safely sleep on it. I questioned him several times, saying he must be exaggerating, but he said ALL radiological potential was used, and the fuel was completely inert at the end of the final cycle.

Many people know about the liquid sodium breeder reactor developed by General Electric in the late 1970’s but few people know the real story about this reactor, which this engineer developed. To back stab the public image of this reactor, it was stated that it’s rods would stick and that liquid sodium was too dangerous to use as a coolant. But this engineer, the man who developed it, stated that this media campaign was a pure psy op which like many things the media and government says had no truth to it at all.
He then went on to lament about what a waste of money it was to have the technology banned because nuclear fuel is expensive and they were only able to use it to about five percent of its total potential without implementing this technology. He lamented the fact that his life’s greatest accomplishment got banned for no good reason, and it was a tremendous waste of money to not use the technology his team developed. Electricity would have been cheap. So cheap that homes would not have been heated with oil or natural gas, electricity would have been the only sensible choice. Furthermore, with a reduction in the price of electricity by at least 10X, electric cars would have quickly become a standard.  This would have been America’s free energy future, with the only real cost being maintenance of infrastructure.  He was sad that we were now paying too much for electricity. I guess that’s how an engineer thinks. He had read my article about Fukushima and liked it, so it is an easy guess that his eyes were open to the global conspiracy. But I think he missed the obvious in what he said.

Here is what I think about this technology being banned, and it has nothing to do with preservation of resources or free energy.
Nuclear reactors are huge. They have an enormous amount of nuclear material in them. One boiling water reactor core the size of the ones at Fukushima, which have a thermal potential of three gigawatts and an electrical generating capacity of one gigawatt can easily hold enough fissionable material to make many atomic bombs. And with the technology that makes re-using that fuel illegal, it builds up in the cooling pools at a rate of 25 tons per electrical gigawatt YEAR. This means that after 40 years of fuel buildup even small 500 megawatt facilities have approximately a million pounds of highly radioactive fuel sitting in their pools waiting for the right combination of problems to cause a disaster.

Because the Japanese were at least allowed by their government to use a reprocessing technology inferior to what this engineer spoke of, Fukushima only had approximately 250,000 pounds of “spent” fuel at each reactor site, which remained intact throughout the disaster. But because in America no reprocessing is allowed at all in any form, the fukushima equivalents in America, such as TVA operated Browns Ferry and NSP operated Prairie Island have no fewer than two million pounds of “spent” fuel at each reactor site, which means that Browns Ferry alone could, in a worst case scenario, far exceed the damage done by Fukushima.
Contrary to what the scamming mainstream press has reported, Fukushima reactor 3 was destroyed entirely while at 3,000 PSI (far beyond specifications) which resulted in a complete core expulsion. This threw approximately 100,000 pounds of fuel into the environment, much of it in the form of brown dust that badly contaminated the entire surrounding area and was found around the world. Seldom reported in the press is the fact that the Fukushima site was so badly contaminated that it could not be approached, and remote control and robots were used in the months following the disaster to get the radiation down to a survivable level after the first three people to explore the site died. At 100,000 pounds of expelled material, reactor 3 could have produced at most 2 percent of the total contamination possible from a large American nuclear facility. This puts the possible disaster from Browns ferry at 50 to 100 times worse than Fukushima. Multiply that by Prairie Island and the over 100 other similar sized nuclear facilities in America and it is not hard to calculate that a serious national security threat exists.

America’s nuclear waste problem was intentionally created.
When GE and others designed the nuclear facilities both in America and abroad, they had calculated that they would indeed succeed in closing the nuclear loop. So they designed the nuclear facilities with an approximate 20X safety margin in the fuel pools, because they did not have a clear date on when the technology would be perfected. It was my impression from this engineer that they got it sooner than expected. So fortunately the fuel pools were over built, but despite being over built they were never designed to withstand the fuel burdens that would result from a political decision to destroy the closed loop fuel cycle technology altogether.

So now, 40 years after the ban, America has fuel pools around the country that are so full that they have exceeded even the extremely generous safety margins they were originally designed to have, and even modest pools often have over 400 tons of highly active isotope ridden “spent” fuel in them.
Having functional fuel pool cooling systems was never intended to be necessary. GE and others wanted only a fractional core of fuel sitting in a pool at any one time, with at most one or two entire cores, not 15 or 20. If all cooling systems failed with only the intended maximum of one or two cores sitting in a pool there would be no boiling of the water in the pool, no pending disaster possible from equipment failure no matter how severe. But the way it is now, if there is any sort of attack or disaster which prevents fuel pool maintenance at any of the facilities in America for a period exceeding three days, the water will boil off, the fuel will catch fire and a nuclear disaster of unimaginable magnitude far in excess of Fukushima will take place. And it never needed to be this way, in fact, the situation is criminal.

Foreign nations offered help, but the American government said NO
Upon recognizing the lunacy of America’s Federally mandated nuclear sabotage, countries like France and Germany offered to buy America’s 5% spent fuel for billions of dollars. They were not held political hostage by a hostile government, and could certainly use a source of cheap fuel. But rather than accept this offer,the American government mandated NO transport of the fuel to foreign nations, no further use whatsoever. American nuclear facilities were forced by Federal regulation to use approximately 5 percent of the fuel’s radiological potential, leaving 95 percent of the radiological hazard remaining, and subsequently forced to keep it in a fuel pool that needs continuous maintenance. While arguing against this report, shills have said it was the import/export restrictions which caused such a dangerous situation in America, but since those laws were written by the same government that banned the closing of the “nuclear loop”, the export restrictions are only a further indictment of the FED for causing this problem.

Simultaneous with the intentional building of the threat from having so much nuclear material sitting around came all the government scandals and lies about needing to put the fuel somewhere. Inside a mountain in the desert. Inside a dry cask. Maybe in the ocean, all the while the general American public was kept oblivious to the obvious answer: If they were not allowed to use it because of a nonsensical piece of legislation, why not let someone else have it, when other nations are willing to even pay for it?

Here is what I believe is the answer. And this answer needs to be spread far and wide.
Whatever you think of Kennedy, on the day of his death he was America’s last hope. No President since has been anything other than a puppet for an enemy infiltrator, The enemy is not only inside the gates, it has been taking a paycheck from the American people for over 45 years.

Consider this: America’s government intentionally put in place policies that de-industrialized America. That’s an act of war. The American government put in place policies that intentionally destroyed America’s schools. That’s an act of war. And I consider forcing via mandate the buildup of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of nuclear warheads worth of perfectly good reactor fuel just waiting for a disaster to be an act of war as well – Only an enemy would intentionally mandate the creation of such a threat, who on earth would, other than someone who hated America? Not only did America lose a marvelous clean virtually free energy future, that future got converted into a threat that could very easily destroy the nation and take much of the world with it. All it would take to kill America, with America’s nuclear facilities drastically overloaded with 5% spent fuel, is 150 smart bombs. One successful bombing run and it is over. And that’s not even taking into consideration other disaster scenarios, such as earthquakes and computer virus attacks.

The enemy of America is now in complete control of the nation.
Ever since Kennedy’s assassination America has not had a true representative government, especially starting with Carter. When I worked for the NSA, I saw a few computers which were identical to the early vote counting computers, and they could be set to loop a single ballot over and over again. With a scammed vote, America got over-run by outsiders who wanted the country destroyed. Prior to 1973 America was only going upward, and anyone who wanted to see America destroyed or enslaved would never permit Americans to get virtually free energy. The enemy would lose oil profits. They would potentially lose control of energy, leaving the financial system the only means of forced social compliance outside of a hot war and the enemy wanted control options. True clean energy had to be stopped.

The enemy of America is a sinister enemy. It is a small group of religiously “elite” people who weaponize everything. They have weponized sympathy, victim status, water systems, vaccines, genetically modified organisms and even terror – anything they have been able to think of, and have used these things and many more to cause destruction. And the nuclear industry, now blocked from a dream come true technology, can be used as a weapon.

The truth in this is undeniable.  There is plenty of proof. No shill can stop people from checking out the history of other nations, such as Germany, France and Russia offering America BILLIONS for this not so “spent” fuel, which can only sit as a hazard after a political decision banning technologies which allow for it’s purification at the same time additional political decisions have banned it’s export. This hazard has been unnecessarily and intentionally accumulating for years. It’s the equivalent of keeping a 5,000 gallon tank of petrol in your bedroom. Better hope all is well with it.

I honestly feel that banning this miracle technology; you should have heard the sparkle, the awe in the old man’s voice when he said they closed the “nuclear loop”, and the sadness, despair and anger expressed at it’s being banned; I feel it was an act of war against America. There were never any accidents associated with this technology, according to this engineer everything negative said about it was a bold faced lie spoken by people of ill intent. America’s nuclear waste problem is not scientific, it is political.
I believe this nuclear engineer opened up and told me about this because I was the first journalist he ever encountered that actually understood nuclear technology. He knew I would understand what he said and subsequently bring this story to the public. But outside of making the public aware by telling his story in an article such as this, what more can I do?”

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Brainworms & Parasites on Humanity’s Arse

“Remember, that as long a single candle of truth remains burning in world quickly turning to darkness, HOPE and FREEDOM still have a fighting chance. “~ Sister Ciara

SISTER CLARA: Ignoring Hidden Giants Bestriding The World Who Are Destroying Free Will Spells Humanities [sic] Doom

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Date: Sunday, 25-Mar-2018 00:14:09

“Human beings, viewed as behaving systems, are quite simple. The apparent complexity of our behavior over time is largely a reflection of the complexity of the environment in which we find ourselves.”

Herbert A. Simon Ph.D. (1916-2001): American cognitive and computer science academic who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1978 and the Turing Award in 1975.
Ignoring Hidden Giants Bestriding World Spells Humanities Doom

Special Report from Sister Ciara
Mar 23, 2018

Throughout history, “hidden giants”, virtually unknown to the world at large, have stood astride our planet directing the course of humanity—with one such modern example being the Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda Edward Bernays, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”, who, in 1928, published his seminal work titled “Propaganda” in which he argued that public relations is not a gimmick but a necessity—and whose findings, research and applied practices created the very world you live you today.

With a world containing “hidden giants” like Edward Bernays, I would like nothing more than to tell everyone of you that complete “free will” exists, and that “your thoughts are your own”, but I’d be lying if did—because the stark truth is that human behavior is 93% predictable—and when something is predictable, it’s also able to be manipulated.
If you have a “normal mind” you will, of course, and predictably, rebel instantly to anyone telling you that “your thoughts are not your own” and that complete “free will” doesn’t exist—but what is really occurring isn’t a rebellion of what I’m saying, it’s due to your experiencing “cognitive dissonance”—the psychological stress experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.
As an example, if “your thoughts are really your own” and complete “free will” exists, then how can you explain to yourself the 2010 peer reviewed scientific findings of a group of leading Northeastern University scientists, led by Distinguished Professor of Physics Albert-László Barabási, concluding that, despite the common perception that our actions are random and unpredictable, human mobility follows surprisingly regular patterns—that human behavior is 93% predictable? After all, to accept one and reject the other isn’t possible for a “normal mind” to do as science can’t simply be rejected because one doesn’t like what it finds.

Building on these 2010 findings that human behavior is 93% predictable, five years later, in 2015, a presentation was made at the IEEE Data Science and Advanced Analytics Conference in Paris by MIT researchers titled “Deep Feature Synthesis: Towards Automating Data Science Endeavors” whose findings showed that an algorithm can predict someone’s behavior faster and more reliably than humans can.
Though the vast majority of you reading my words today have no knowledge of how far advanced the field of study into human behavior has become, the same cannot be said of world governments—most particularly in the United States where the CIA has created a new “social media” paradigm as a tool that they’ve deployed through their global surveillance, rebranded as “social media”, technology giant Facebook, and its equally all powerful military-intelligence counterpart Google.


To why the CIA, and other such intelligence agencies around the world, is so interested in human behavior is due to their seeking to create compliant, obedient to authority non-thinking consumer drones—and one of whose first known experiments to accomplish this was done in 2012 when Facebook conducted its infamous secret “mood experiment” wherein their data scientists skewed what almost 700,000 Facebook users saw when they logged into its service.
Some people were shown content with a preponderance of happy and positive words; some were shown content analyzed as sadder than average—and when this “mood experiment” was over, these manipulated users were found to be more likely to post either especially positive or negative words themselves.
In 2017, the success of this “mood experiment” led to Facebook to secretly inform its advertisers that it had the capacity to identify when teenagers feel “insecure”, “worthless” and “needed a confidence boost”—while at the same time, these “social media” human behavior manipulators ignored the findings showing that more millennials reported losing money to scams in 2017 than senior citizens.


To what has happened in the past, and is happening now, as it regards “social media” human behavior manipulation, though, pales in insignificance to what is being created now—an “artificial intelligence” (AI) controlled society that will forever alter what it means to be human.
The outright fear and abject terror of what is occurring to create this new AI controlled society has led to two of today’s “hidden giants” you’ve never heard of to begin sounding dire warnings—and who are the global technology genius-giants Chamath Palihapitiya and François Chollet.
As the former Executive Vice President for user growth at Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya has warned that Facebook and Google are “surveillance states” not “social networks”—with Facebook now being engaged in “ripping human society apart” with their mind chemical altering tools that “destroy the social fabric of how society works”.
Echoing the terror of Facebook’s former top executive Chamath Palihapitiya is the global technology genius “hidden giant”, and one of Google’s top AI researchers in the world, François Chollet—who this past week acknowledged his fear of what comes next and pleaded with AI researchers to “show some conscience” and refrain from helping Facebook develop its human manipulation system any further—and whose words of warning should be seared into everyone’s mind:
The world is being shaped in large part by two long-time trends: first, our lives are increasingly dematerialized, consisting of consuming and generating information online, both at work and at home. Second, AI is getting ever smarter.
These two trends overlap at the level of the algorithms that shape our digital content consumption. Opaque social media algorithms get to decide, to an ever-increasing extent, which articles we read, who we keep in touch with, whose opinions we read, whose feedback we get.
Integrated over many years of exposure, the algorithmic curation of the information we consume gives the systems in charge considerable power over our lives, over who we become. By moving our lives to the digital realm, we become vulnerable to that which rules it — AI algorithms.
If Facebook gets to decide, over the span of many years, which news you will see (real or fake), whose political status updates you’ll see, and who will see yours, then Facebook is in effect in control of your political beliefs and your worldview.
This is not quite news, as Facebook has been known to run since at least 2013 a series of experiments in which they were able to successfully control the moods and decisions of unwitting users by tuning their newsfeeds’ contents, as well as prediction user’s future decisions.
In short, Facebook can simultaneously measure everything about us, and control the information we consume. When you have access to both perception and action, you’re looking at an AI problem. You can start establishing an optimization loop for human behavior. A RL loop.
A loop in which you observe the current state of your targets and keep tuning what information you feed them, until you start observing the opinions and behaviors you wanted to see.
A good chunk of the field of AI research (especially the bits that Facebook has been investing in) is about developing algorithms to solve such optimization problems as efficiently as possible, to close the loop and achieve full control of the phenomenon at hand. In this case, us.
This is made all the easier by the fact that the human mind is highly vulnerable to simple patterns of social manipulation. While thinking about these issues, I have compiled a short list of psychological attack patterns that would be devastatingly effective.
Some of them have been used for a long time in advertising (e.g. positive/negative social reinforcement), but in a very weak, un-targeted form. From an information security perspective, you would call these “vulnerabilities”: known exploits that can be used to take over a system.
In the case of the human mind, these vulnerabilities never get patched; they are just the way we work. They’re in our DNA. They’re our psychology. On a personal level, we have no practical way to defend ourselves against them.

The human mind is a static, vulnerable system that will come increasingly under attack from ever-smarter AI algorithms that will simultaneously have a complete view of everything we do and believe, and complete control of the information we consume.
Importantly, mass population control — in particular political control — arising from placing AI algorithms in charge of our information diet does not necessarily require very advanced AI. You don’t need self-aware, superintelligent AI for this to be a dire threat.
So, if mass population control is already possible today — in theory — why hasn’t the world ended yet? In short, I think it’s because we’re really bad at AI. But that may be about to change. You see, our technical capabilities are the bottleneck here.
Until 2015, all ad targeting algorithms across the industry were running on mere logistic regression. In fact, that’s still true to a large extent today — only the biggest players have switched to more advanced models.
It is the reason why so many of the ads you see online seem desperately irrelevant. They aren’t that sophisticated. Likewise, the social media bots used by hostile state actors to sway public opinion have little to no AI in them. They’re all extremely primitive. For now.
AI has been making fast progress in recent years and that progress is only beginning to get deployed in targeting algorithms and social media bots. Deep learning has only started to make its way into newsfeeds and ad networks around 2016. Facebook has invested massively in it.
Who knows what will be next. It is quite striking that Facebook has been investing enormous amounts in AI research and development, with the explicit goal of becoming a leader in the field. What does that tell you? What do you use AI/RL for when your product is a newsfeed?
We’re looking at a powerful entity that builds fine-grained psychological profiles of over two billion humans, that runs large-scale behavior manipulation experiments, and that aims at developing the best AI technology the world has ever seen. Personally, it really scares me.
If you work in AI, please don’t help them. Don’t play their game. Don’t participate in their research ecosystem. Please show some conscience.
Though Google’s top AI researcher François Chollet’s dire warning must be heeded, it still must be remembered that his global technology giant is the world’s biggest censor that maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives—and who, over these past few weeks, has joined with Facebook to purge thousands of alternative news websites from existence—with Facebook going even further by destroying mainstream media news websites too.
With thousands of news websites being destroyed to such an extent that mainstream news outlets are undergoing massive layoffs, “free news” is fast becoming extinct as struggling US news organizations are increasingly keeping their content behind a paywall to make up for lost revenues from print advertising—and whose “news void” for the masses will then be filled by the world’s biggest censor Google who just announced it’s spending $300 million in a new initiative to support “high quality journalism”, “monitor elections” and “control misinformation”.


To those of you choosing to ignore these “hidden giant” warnings of a deliberately controlled plot to “rip human society apart”, thus leaving global technology giants like Facebook and Google to control your every thought and action, I can only warn you that you are willingly participating in humanities doom.

For all others, though, I’d like to present you with an alternative—START supporting those few of us left battling against these monsters!
Remember, that as long a single candle of truth remains burning in world quickly turning to darkness, HOPE and FREEDOM still have a fighting chance.
As long as there have been human beings on this Earth, these demonic monsters have always sought to destroy us—but though our numbers may be few, we remain undefeated—because we KNOW that TRUTH always wins—and is why we aren’t ruled by evil kings and emperors anymore, or Hitler’s Nazi’s and Stalin’s Communists aren’t controlling the world like they wanted to—or any of the other numerous manifestations of demons that for centuries have tried to enslave the entirety of humanity.
Granted, our Lord did warn us that in these times our numbers would be few—but didn’t He also promise that we would be enough?
So in finishing, my sincerest hope right now is that YOU support those of us on and behind the lines of this war that with each passing day is nearing closer to your door, and that we’re ceaselessly laboring beyond exhaustion to keep it out—with your never forgetting our Lord’s words “For many are called, but few are chosen.”—and which I know that you are one of, even it you don’t know this fact for yourself.
With God,
Sister Ciara
Dublin, Ireland
23 March 2018

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