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Reality Check Time America

Why NATO-OTAN has given you a death sentence

What started under the MI6-CIA-Mossad and Gladio networks was a false flag terror network. It has slowly become a real terrorist network made up of real people who have seen their love ones slaughtered, poisoned and tortured to their deaths.

The terror is real. It’s the Ruling Committee, Money Changers and MICC. The terrorists called by the Military Media are simply people defending themselves, protecting their families and attempting to expose what apathetic brainwashed masses can’t see right in front of their faces.

I remain focused on France – Pakistan – US network and the next staged event. NASA clock time says the awakening will not be allowed to take hold and will be interrupted by the frequency to divert attention elsewhere. Mohamed Merah, the trigger for a EU London event and a US event as well.

A Black Swan for the sheeple while the empire moves south to Africom. A perfect time for the Putin-Obama MayDay event. Missile shields won’t work and neither will Barry and Vlad. Nobody in Washington is American. They are the London Bridge to nowhere but your extinction.
This video, just a small piece of our legacy.

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The Irony of Our Modern Reality…

Terrorists are as Terrorists Do… This article points out the culprits who are Obvious as a TSA “Agent” with his/her hands stuck down your pants grasping your very private JEWELS. Or your wife, your daughter, your grandmother’s groin. Get it?!!!

This really sick joke is being played on the entire American Population. And you can see that it is only getting worse — REALLY FAST! — as new tyrannical paper tiger legislation pops out of the ass of the guv monkey daily.

When Americans (and the World) decide to turn the tables, put on their blue gloves (’cause you’re entering a rotten, stinking, sewer) and DEMAND to SEE what’s going on in every Bureaucrap’s closet — ONLY THEN! Will WE ALL REALIZE WHAT A FUCKED UP SHAM HAS BEEN PLAYED UPON MANKIND!

Enjoy the following with Kirwan pointing out the Obvious Duplicitous Agenda and Actions of some very, very sick slimeballs.

Killing the Future
Posted on March 25, 2012 by Kirwan
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Torment & Laughter tend to trip not so lightly through our everyday lives as reminders of the variety and the pleasures that ordinary life is made of.

Our ‘future’ was once such a gleaming possibility, in the not so distant past, that it actually seemed possible that we might have a chance to live ‘in’ it as ourselves and enjoy it, not only for ourselves but for our children as well. Then somewhere along the way we let paranoia, ignorance and greed take away even the possibility that was supposedly inherent in the lives we had each chosen to live.

I saw this begin in the nineteen-fifties with my first exposure to the national-paranoia that was known as Communism. This was the Petrie-dish in which the Outlaws played out their fantasies of global-domination through terror and the latent fear of anything that was not familiar. This had come directly from the imprisoning of the Japanese Americans during WWII, which also crushed the Constitution (for some) but not for others. The government apologized decades later for what was done to the Japanese who were interned as enemy-aliens – but that damage was done and it was capitalized on when the RED-SCARE came along after WWII.

During this period (of the global fear of Communism) millions of sleeper cells were supposed to have existed, and millions of enemy agents were supposed to be hiding in the USA, just waiting to attack this country or to sabotage us from every possible angle. As it turned out there were NO PHYSICAL-EVENTS, to warrant all this absolutely national paranoia. This nation spent tens of trillions of dollars, for over fifty years to protect this country from an external attack from the air or the sea, as well as the land—but absolutely nothing ever happened: UNTIL 911, when the US and Israel attacked America on American soil. So on the one day when the entire Air Defense System of the USA, under the command of NORAD, did NOT WORK; we were magically attacked by people without a country or even weapons of their own which were somehow able to defeat our super-sophisticated defenses, defy interception by the world’s most powerful Air Force, and succeed where no one else could even dream of going? And today eleven years after that event the government that FAILED us then has still never explained this to the public who paid not just for 911, but for all the wars that were generated directly from that attack! Read More…

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On the heels of the Mexican staged HAARP -SIHF quake, my predictions are coming around. It’s possible Russia-US or China are trading assaults.  Scalar wars are where we will find all events. EMP London for HAARP China Meridian  for Madrid, Los Angeles assault.

Olympic Park London – EMP
Gansu Pr China – Earthquake
Central Chile – Earthquake
Melbourne AU – Fire Disaster

under 100km indicates  shallow SIHF or EISCAT vector wave ELF assault 1-3hz


Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.2 Mw
Date-Time 25 Mar 2012 22:37:06 UTC
25 Mar 2012 18:37:06 near epicenter
25 Mar 2012 17:37:06 standard time in your timezone
Location 35.198S 71.783W
Depth 30 km
Distances 32 km (20 miles) NNW (341 degrees) of Talca, Chile
215 km (133 miles) NNE (32 degrees) of Concepcion, Chile
215 km (134 miles) SSW (208 degrees) of SANTIAGO, Chile
Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 19.8 km; Vertical 6.7 km
Parameters Nph = 342; Dmin = 24.5 km; Rmss = 0.84 seconds; Gp = 93°
M-type = Mw; Version = 7 
Event ID US c0008pwq 


This was intermediate and could be a ionopheric assault HAARP but concerns for a major deep quake in the 10 magnitude would bring the CUMBRE VIEJA VOLCANO Palma Canary Islands Tsunami scenario


Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.7 Mw
Date-Time 21 Mar 2012 22:15:05 UTC
22 Mar 2012 08:15:05 near epicenter
21 Mar 2012 17:15:05 standard time in your timezone
Location 6.244S 145.958E
Depth 105 km
Distances 62 km (39 miles) ESE (107 degrees) of Goroka, New Guinea, PNG
111 km (69 miles) S (173 degrees) of Madang, New Guinea, PNG
128 km (80 miles) WNW (296 degrees) of Lae, New Guinea, PNG
384 km (238 miles) NNW (339 degrees) of PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea
Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 13.6 km; Vertical 5.9 km
Parameters Nph = 141; Dmin = 489.8 km; Rmss = 1.13 seconds; Gp = 18°
M-type = Mw; Version = 5 
Event ID US c0008mye 

For updates, maps, and technical information, see:
Event Page
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

Magnitude 7.1 MAULE, CHILE March 25, 2012

Tags: China Meridian; Russia Sura (SIHF);  US HAARP, AK. Backscatter, Interferometer

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Where there’s a need for immunity, there’s a crime

Green climate fund looking to UN for diplomatic immunity protection from lawsuits


It seems to me, that if you are asking for immunity up-front, you already know that something has been done that without immunity, would land somebody in the slammer. From Fox News:

Mammoth new green climate fund wants United Nations-style diplomatic immunity, even though it’s not part of the UN

“EXCLUSIVE: The Green Climate Fund, which is supposed to help mobilize as much as $100 billion a year to lower global greenhouse gases, is seeking a broad blanket of U.N.-style immunity that would shield its operations from any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates. There’s just one problem: it is not part of the United Nations.”   Read More

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I’m far beyond surprise or shock at the lengths the .gov go to openly show their asses in the transformation and destruction of the sovereign and family core. A major segment of GENESIS projects is to destroy any semblance of the Nuclear family by replacing it with a concoction of extended caricatures and logos, associations, brainwashing mind controlling techniques and integration of global identities. 

Here are some highlights of the NCTC matrix.



Have some fun with this little active X control.






Monsanto for kids?

How they expect the kids to solve these puzzles under the influence of brain cell death technologies is a mystery to me.

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Your World Bank Order has been placed

George Soros, the man with the hand firmly on Barry Soetoro’s spine has full control on the trigger that operates the mouth. Today, Soros gave the dummy cue and out came a nomination of  Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank.

What qualifies him to head the IMF’s piggy bank? Kim, a Korean-born physician and pioneer in the treatment of HIV, AIDS. and tuberculosis, has the breadth of experience on development issues needed to carry out the financial institution’s anti-poverty mission according to Mr. Prez.

Kim was asked what he considered to be the high point of his career. He responded [emphasis added]: “The high point was when we started receiving support, first from George Soros who gave us our first grants and then we received a huge grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Kim on Charlie Rose

Well that really tells the story for COTO but we can go deeper than that. Kim may be a useful idiot and a well-meaning warrior on TB and HIV but let’s look at the reality. 

Kim has been a Professor of Medicine and Social Medicine and Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

What we know about Social Medicine is Obamacare. It is a master plan for a global eugenics. Social and economic conditions profoundly impact health, disease, and the practice of medicine.  Sure they do when you are intentionally spreading the viruses and bacteria into these lower socio-economic populations. When you fail to provide the simple things such as stability, clean water, means for food production and not the usual mony transfer from our tax money to despots and then back to the covert black and blue ops of Gladio.

The facts are that cancers and heart disease are relatively non-existent in this strata of the world populations.  They are predominately in the industrialized nations. You know, the ones that have GMO, high fructose, aspartame non food outlets at every corner of every intersection.  Diabetes? Yes that too. Vaccinations, PhRMA provide the ADD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy and depression diseases that plague us folks who think we got the real deal. We need to spread this deal to the whole world and the Soros Gates connection are just the psychopaths to get these Dartmouth Presidents, U.N.  and the W.H.O. to join in the program.  ‘Bill’derberg Clinton has praised this Soros nominee as well.

Of course we will have to provide them the McDonalds and Taco Bells eventually but for now we will let Monsanto and Archer Midland get their soil all fucked up and provide the ready roundup of seed and crop science in order first.

Oh and let’s not forget the Gates plan to give them all a laptop or Apples plan to outfit them with the Iphone if they take the barrage of vaccinations like good little kiddies.  No more fluoride lollipops like the old days. Now it’s EMR and microwaves for the natives.

COTO history teaches us that there are three ways the globalists operate the TRIAD of One World Order in respect to sovereign countries. Finance, Trade and War. Sold on fear and provided through Aid and development.  Joining the IMF and World Bank is much like joining the mafia as is joining the United Nations much like joining the Masons.

What Kim brings is the international flavor to the combine. The World Bank has been headed by Americans since it’s inception and like the IMF headed by a European.  Like Barry Soetoro, born in Kenya, Kim was born in South Korea. Though he could have played quarterback for the Chicago Ayers, he could not be President without a well planned fraud and forgery.

This breaks the pattern but exposes the plan to eliminate the power of the United States, diminish it’s superiority and enable the globalist to begin to merge the sectors of health, social engineering and finance into one universal platform from which the Gates and Soros red team can finally put to rest the old declaration of free state independence and replace with the globalizers of the technocracy based agenda 21.

This is a another dangerous precedent being perpetrated by the foreign interests who will use every deception to drive the nail of socialized governing radical policies that will include taxation, redistribution of wealth,  human taxonomy. eugenics, surveillance, debt, and invasion. Kim brings the access to Africa and Asia as a man respected and that just puts another feather in the cap of the current fraud sitting in the oval asylum. If he gets four more years to continue the step by step process of dismantling the free world to a democratic one we will not survive the war.

Kim will have to come around to the deeper agenda of the Soros-Gates Foundations from Hell but will likely get the position because there is not a substantial amount of dirt in his house.  Though some see this as a bizarre and curious move, I see it as a well thought out and typical move for the ruling minority.


by Zen Gardner

Machine -- Meet the Minds & Hearts of Mankind!

“The outrage against nuclear power is totally under reported. Naturally. Who in the corporate media would want to fight corporate interests in a corporately controlled world?

The amazing video {above} is the soul of conscious Japan revealed and well worth the full watch. It’s extremely powerful, lucid, comprehensive, consciously aware and emotionally moving.

All the right stuff.

This is activism at its most profound. Using your talent as a springboard for spreading social and conscious awareness and giving guerrilla type public awareness performances is absolutely brilliant. Just wonderful. We need more of this.

Where are the big names? Cowering for ratings and protection I’d imagine. Forget them. This is a consciousness issue and they’re apparently compromised. We don’t need them anyway. We need responsive souls, that’s all. Souls like you. Our preponderance wipes them out.

Join us.

The awakening continues. Do your part”.

Love, Zen


Comment regarding the video — Re: The Rage Against Radiation

“This is the most important and beautiful video I have ever seen. This young man says it ALL: our hidden history and how we got to where we are, and how we can change it. I am a musician and I will now seek others to help me do exactly as he is doing, no matter what the cost. I will ask if I can use his script and adapt it for the USA. It’s time to wake everyone up and he is doing a beautiful job of it, and I pray this goes viral. God bless the Japanese, they are leading the way out.


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The American War Machine – Joe Rogan

Excellent video.  Be warned, it contains foul language. Rogan likes to curse.   If you’re offended by that… get over it! ~jg

From Jan. 31/08

After reading the book Political Ponerology, A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes by Andrzej Łobaczewski, I wished to interview the author. However, given that he was sick, he was unable to respond to my questions except in the shortest way, a single paragraph. Fortunately, I was able to interview Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Henry See, editors of the book who discussed the questions with him via telephone and were thus able to speak on his behalf.I think everyone should read this book because it provides the keys necessary for understanding events that we often can’t comprehend. The book describes the origins of “Evil”, its true nature, and illustrates how it spreads throughout society.

Mr. Łobaczewski spent years observing those in power whose actions were the incarnation of evil, people described in psychological terms as anti-social, psychopaths, or sociopaths.

Silvia Cattori: Here is what a Swiss psychiatrist said to me about the book Political Ponerology:

I have never read anywhere else the things Łobaczewski speaks about. No other book has treated the subject in this way. It was immediately useful for me in my work. The things he affirms about perverse/pathological behaviour – in conflicts in business as well as in the political sphere where we see more and more conflicts and more and more people of this type – immediately helped me to better understand, for example, the functioning of these individuals who create conflicts in their work and who, wherever they go, pollute the atmosphere. Read More…

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I want you to imagine. It is December 2nd, 1964 in Berkley at the advent of the Free Speech Movement. Mario Savio steps forward to speak with his prepared speech called “Gears of the Machine.” He is filled with anger and passion. He takes a deep breath. Suddenly the microphone is taken out of his hands. He hears a voice “Hey, you can’t say that. It will make things difficult for president Johnson, man.” The world never gets to hear the now iconic “Gears Of The Machine” speech.
It is my own studied opinion, based upon over ten years of activism that we face that kind of broad based censorship today. I will speak of my experience but with the understanding that it mirrors the experience of countless others.
In this article I intend to name names and organizations. Now this will make some people angry. Some people will claim that this is just some chronic malcontent or an egoist. Those who do so are in fact attempting to deny the message by attacking the messenger. Others will claim that this is just whining.
Let me assure you nothing could be farther from the truth. It is instead a cold hard look at the facts. Which is the only way to deal with the political realities we face today. I contend that information and casting the warm sunlight of the Spirit of Truth can fix almost everything.
I have a political resume which I believe is impressive and one that I am very proud of. I became reactivated in politics in 1999. Largely due to the influence of the Ralph Nader campaign. Wars, Social Justice and especially Media Reform became my chosen specialties.
The Bush Years came upon us and of course the Iraq War. By this time I was already starting to get a troubled sense of attempts to squelch voices of dissent. It was like that for almost all Nader supporters.
I went with nine others from Minnesota to Ohio 2004 as part of the Official  Green Party and Libertarian Party Re-Count. I was horrified, not just at what I witnessed there but also the deafening silence that surrounded it. A  silence which exists to this day. The big dirty secret was not just that George Bush had stolen the election, destroying the entire integrity of the electoral process. It also was that John Kerry and the Democratic Party allowed it to happen. Something for which I will never forgive him or them. Read More…
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EVAN: Jitters and Juleps

Oh no. You caught me masturbating.

Mental Toss Flykune ala Jason Russell?

Yeah, just looking at UnoBama’s March Madness Bracket.

You ought to be looking at his Fast and Furious rackets.

It’s this black man’s world and Africa is the pearl in his oyster. Where the hell have you been? I got the junk you sent.

One man’s junk another’s….

Treasure. Yeah I get it.  Angelina Jolie and her set of American Tourister luggage.

It’s one hundred percent Coltan with Gold accents. Parting gifts from Joseph Kony. Where do you think Ghadafi’s money went? It’s a new ball game now and the coffers are being replenished.

Jolie and Clooney remind me of the old paper dolls my cousin used to play with as a child. Back when you could get a gallon of gas for twenty-eight cents and the lead was free. Now Clooney’s Ides of March has set the stage for a paper dolls and  GI Joes. Clooney with the help of his writers can script it. Jolie is great support for world order democracy under totalitarianism. Hollywood puts out Sophomore mind numbing trash comedies and then sprinkle in these ‘documentary like’ propaganda reels. Read More…

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Break It Up,,BREAKDOWN !

The long predicted breaking down of institutions has begun on steroids. Could it be the natives are getting restless ? ~ Korn

Crowds and chaos rattled Missouri’s GOP caucuses on Saturday, threatening to put further scrutiny on a process that was already a national anomaly.

In St. Charles County, which was to have been the biggest single prize of the day, the caucus was shut down before delegates were chosen after a boisterous crowd objected to how the meeting was being run, including an attempted ban on videotaping. Two supporters of presidential hopeful Ron Paul were arrested.

At other caucuses, participants gathered outdoors as the appointed locations turned out to be too small to accommodate crowds or waited for hours as organizers worked through procedural questions.

Even before the day’s events took a rancorous turn, state Republican officials said the winner of the caucus would not be officially known until next month. But with the confusion surrounding St. Charles, and many more delegates available in a pair of caucuses next weekend, the primary picture for Missouri may have only become murkier Saturday.

“It was a joke. It was a complete joke,” said David Nelson of St. Peters, who participated in the St. Charles County caucus.

The state party has not used a caucus to select its choice for presidential preference in 16 years — and the rust showed.

Several caucuses did not start on time as higher than expected turnouts packed the libraries, schools and grocery stores where the events were held.

In Jefferson County, where the caucus started about 25 minutes late so everyone could be registered, Clarence Mason brought a briefcase full of food.

“Any place working with Robert’s Rules of Order, you bring food,” said Mason, 62, of DeSoto. “I like to call them Robert’s Rules of Disorder.”

Read More…

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The vid speaks for itself

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Baby See Something, Say Something

Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps


Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps

During the event, Secretary Napolitano described the program:

First and most important, it will help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters by supporting disaster recovery centers, assisting in logistics, community relations and outreach, and performing other critical functions.

We know from experience that quick deployment of trained personnel is critical during a crisis. The FEMA Corps will provide a pool of trained personnel, and it will also pay long-term dividends by adding depth to our reserves — individuals trained in every aspect of disaster response who augment our full-time FEMA staff.


USA on Watch – Neighborhood Watch

Veterans Active in Citizen Corps – Aerial Drone reconnaissance ?

Workforce Transformation

Oh yeah and this

FEMA denies disaster aid for tornado-torn Harrisburg

I understand the dynamics at work here. Am I a conspiracy nut?

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“New Order of Barbarians” 1988 -1991

Cleaning out my audio files for the website I came across these;

Dr. Richard Day – obituary 

Dr. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan’s recollection of the lectures by the Planned Parenthood Medical Director. – Audio and transcripts available.


Tape I

Tape II
Tape III – an interview by Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life, with Dr. Larry Dunegan on Oct. 10, 1991 in Pittsburgh, Penn.
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Identity Ecosystem Governance

This document provides a simple outline from where all projects regarding internet, data and information spectrum domination are derived. From SOPA to NDAA to drones the GLOBAL SMART GRID is just as advertized. SMART.

Now the universal internet ID will be coming this year behind NSTIC  and the Commerce Department as part of the climate change/HAARP  type cover program called  Identity Ecosystem Governance which is just full spectrum IO surveillance

Information Operations, Electronic Warfare and Cyberwar: Capabilities and Related Policy Issues  2007
DOD Information Operations Core Capabilities
DOD identifies five core capabilities for conduct of information operations; (1)
Psychological Operations, (2) Military Deception, (3) Operations Security, (4)
Computer Network Operations, and (5) Electronic Warfare. These capabilities are interdependent, and increasingly are integrated to achieve desired effects.
Psychological Operations (PSYOP)

DOD defines PSYOP as planned operations to convey selected information to targeted foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.5 Read More…

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Come Out Of The Toolbox

All ye human monkeywrenches.


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“Kony up” for Uganda

History Repeating itself? The Cover

From the EIR Larouche archives – 1998

History Repeating itself? The Goal.

How many times have we seen the Amins? From Ghadafi to Idi and from Sierra Leone to Uganda.  As goes Africom so goes the world. The Risk board we played with had only armies as pieces. Ours did not include the ranks of GLADIO, MOSSAD, CIA and the mother ship MI6. Had we had these pieces we’d have been able to defeat multi pieced armies with a few black ops troops. These pieces would have been invisible of course.

The Rhodes to Rhodesia all lead to the British Crown and the jewels of the continent and Zimbabwe, Batswana [Buchenland]. What concessions were garnered in those days of conquest were bloody but secret.  These days the media has to play a special role in the handling of Christian Eugenics and useless eater demographic extinction.

Laying the groundwork for these operations started with the London Missionary Society and has sustained through other LDS organizations that provide the cointel and provocateurs adequate cover while teaching and converting the people to Christian theologies. 

“The East India Company and the British East India Company men had a habit of giving grants to Christian evangelicals. Rockefeller and his fellow-travelers followed suit, fostering evangelical Christianity to hide their true intentions, which was to attain political power in the United States and then around the world as old John D. demonstrated. In the United States it was the Christian Fundamentalist sect introduced by British East India’s John Nelson Darby as “Dispensationalism”, that was favored. In China it was the China Inland Mission, and in South Africa prior to the Anglo Boer War, it was the London Missionary Society that gave rise to the war by its meddlesome political interference. All of these Christian organizations appear to have been well-funded. The Quakers established Communist-like communes during the Revolutionary War, and enjoyed strong financial support from William Aldrich (an ancestor of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller) and Stephen Hopkins.”

Beyond The Conspiracy: Unmasking the World Government – the Committee of 300
by Dr. John Coleman

In recent light of the Syrian staged event along Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and others we can understand why for a two centuries or more the killing fields of Africa have been underplayed and largely unreported. Only in the missions of AFRICOM are they as exampled by Somalia, Sierra Leone, Sudan finally brought to the forefront by a carefully orchestrated distorted media blitz where Holyrood Kings and Queens like Clooney, Penn and Jolie are utilized to intensify the frequencies. Gerard Butler is the flavor as of late.

This is just concessions with eugenics. Genocide covering empire. We all post endless financial theft and fraud here in the U.S. but never enough time on the trillions of dollars in resources that Africa represents.  It is the final and most lucrative murder for money scheme ever perpetrated on the people of this planet.  If we were to know the real death count of african people it would surely exceed the Russian and holocaust numbers unless you added the Asian slaughters. Bill Gates irradication projects would almost qualify humane in comparison to the MI6 model.

Kony Boy – A thoroughbred from the MI6 stable

What evidence of the viral MK-Alpha U-tube shows in reality is a boy such as Kony himself, placed in the position like any other MK protoge fighting against the masters of the mind and world from Buckingham Palace central through the MI6, Tavistock, RIIA gang who like SRI in the U.S. have mastered this dialectic and TRIAD. We have seen it dozens of times and it moves the energy of the mass-hypnotic masses like the waves of grunion who will beach themselves on the shores of Tripoli and other delusional beaches. Take a look at Sam Childers as well. Not what it seems. You bet.
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Everything is Upside Down.

How To Become An American Extremist In Style! by Brandon Smith

When Liberty is Turned Upside Down...You Should Take Notice!

For most of us in America today, childhood was a time of vast and unassailable dreams. What we could become, what the world could become, was limited only by the strength of spirit setting aloft our ideas, and this strength, as all young people instinctively know, is infinite. While the possibilities of the future seemed boundless, few of us, including myself, ever considered “political extremism” as a viable lifestyle decision. Astronaut? Maybe. Filmmaker? Sure. Enemy Belligerent? Not so much…

While each of us is ultimately a product of our own decisions and internal choices, even beyond the influences of our environment, the cultural atmosphere of our age certainly determines the manner in which we are able to express our individual character. The brilliant and talented are sometimes cast into roles of poverty and obscurity. The obscene and devious often ascend to positions of righteous reverence. Good men are often painted as villains for centuries, while evil men are regarded as saints for just as long. The point is, the times in which we live rarely express in an honest way who we really are, unless, of course, we take hold of them tight, and cut out a new path for history to travel…

Those men and women who drive forward without fear or doubt to assert control over their destinies, and force their era to reflect their principles, rather than their principles becoming a side-note to their era, whether honorable or dishonorable, are invariably considered “extreme”. Most human beings waft about with the tides of time as passengers; spectators watching events unfold from the sidelines. Those who swim against the currents, or who attempt to change their flow altogether, are usually rare and confounding to the masses. Therefore, that which the masses consider extremism is often merely that which they consider far outside what they have grown accustomed.

Frankly, history has proven over and over again that the majority is usually wrong about most things. Groups and collectives do not create, or discover, or advance humanity. Only individuals are capable of this. All great concepts begin as seeds within independent people, and then spread like wildfire as they educate others. A society that strives for artificial normality and collectivist harmonization is a society on the verge of chaos and death. Only free hearts and minds give man hope of survival.

In my view, that which is extreme is NOT that which violates the boundaries of “normal” society, but which violates the boundaries of inherent truth, and conscience. In an honest society, an extremist is someone who denies the universal foundations of existence, and tries to play demigod in a fantasy world of moral relativism and rationalized criminality. A disjointed freak of nature that seeks to impose his twisted will upon others. Unfortunately, the honest definition of extremism is not the most popular amongst the frothing elitists that reside over the functions of our political structure today.

Life is a bummer like that… Read More…

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They’ve said it right out in the open now, Congress is a joke.

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Slam-dunk Mind Funk

As if things couldnt get any more Twilight Zoney we now must suffer through this latest round of cerebral flatulence from  the public school system

I have some news the poor dumbed-down pubescents can use, there is no USA any longer in existance except in the pea-brains that are in delusion. If there is no habeas corpus, posse comitatus, right to privacy, freedom of speech, private property, religion free from taxation and state control, no right to assembly for redress of greivance and no silver and gold as legal tender then there is no longer a CONSTITUTION. If there is no CONSTITUTION there is no longer a constitutional government.

Then there is the problem of the idiots that take offence at the administrator thinking someone might take offence at someone chanting the praises of a defunct organization. Three words, thesis,antithesis and synthesis. Its Pavlovian dog training without the reward. Someone smarter than you drills you up the ass by way of cathode ray tube till you voluntarily bend over for it at the given signal,same bat time,same bat channel,,,OUCH !  But what should we expect from public education, right ???  DUH.

Then there´s the same old saw “we thank the troops for making us free!” What utter bat-shit crazy crap is that ? The Border Patrol is the only people working to keep Me free but they get no mention. God gave us liberty and free will,its the governments job to gaurantee those freedoms,not send our boys to bum-fuck egypt to start the third world war to make Jesus return to earth (he´s takin a little too long to get here according to the dispensatin folks,maybe they should send him some nitro-methane to fuel the spaceship) Bat shit crazy war hungry zionist dispensaters,jeez wheres the hippies when you need um ? Korn out,,,way way out man, like gonzo beezorch “wheres My legs!” pass me the thorazine wheres my jello cup out. PK Dick had to have wrote this scrip man.

Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 7, 2012

Have You Noticed?

Free From What?

Have you noticed — the rapid clip of Anti-Liberty legislation continuing to be passed by the “People’s Representatives”? H.R. 347 passed with only 3 “Nays”, one of them being Ron Paul.

In the hands of “Public Servants” are swung the “Weapons of Tyrannical Force” — The People will now refer to them as (WTF?)”.

I see the Double Standard, can You? For The People — “If You See It, Say it!”
For Them — “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!…”

Check out the vote stats for the Patriotically challenged NDAA at

I’m starting to think of calling this a “Protection Racket”. It’s a rolling juggernaut of Constitution-Crushing legislation drafted by dual-citizen-dual-allegianced warhawks like Lieberman & Linsey Graham and their ilk. Signed off on by a Constitutional Scholar no less! Do you feel the heat, sense the subterfuge, see anything strange? If you see it say it! Slapback. Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 7, 2012

Tidbits flying about an Election Cycle

Breitbart and Houston Sacrifices by the re-election campaign team

Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say 2/29/12

“Now, in sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, two former senators who were privy to top secret information on the Saudis’ activities say they believe that the Saudi government might have played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.”

Gas up the prices and stakes on an Iranian war bluff with another Saudi OPEC poker play and drop the scam in september

Green Card Lottery

An applicant must have EITHER a high school education or its equivalent, defined in the U.S. as successful completion of a 12-year course of elementary and secondary education; OR two ears…

ACORN type drag site to find illegal potential voters for the coming game of thrones

Testosterone flying about the Erection Cycle. Watch out for the Nuclear Ducks.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 5, 2012

What’s Irish and stays out all night?

No, not Paddy O’Furniture, Michael Cavlan our main man in Minnesota.

What’s he been up to? Going after the Senate and the beltway bluedogs and warmongers. Look out Amy Klobuchar.

Michael Cavlan An Irishman Fighting To Win The US Senate Seat

Michael Cavlan – Facebook

Michael Cavlan-Firedoglake

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 4, 2012

A Potyomkin Event?

Mark this well, you proud men of action! you are, after all, nothing but unconscious instruments of the men of thought. -G.W.Hegel

So was Andrew Breitbart when he rolled into spotlight. His error? He failed to understand the Electromagnetic portion of the EVAN system controlled by the Industrial Military Complex, operated by the committee administrators of the CFR who have infiltrated all governmental and media and operate covert assassinations and mind-control operations worldwide.

Chance Encounter – Breitbart and Arthur Sando


“I tried to figure out how I knew him,” says Sando, a veteran publicity and marketing executive who works for dietary supplement company MonaVie and has worked at CBS, King World Prods and Turner Broadcasting. “He was on his BlackBerry. And I said ‘Andrew?’ I told him I had seen his work.”
Sando says the duo quickly struck up a conversation that would last a little less than two hours. Read More…

Posted by: kornisking | March 2, 2012

Joe Arpaio Conspiracy Theorist

I saw the press conference last night on Mexican TV,it was not on the lamestream.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 1, 2012

Another Soetoro Assassination?

Andrew Breitbart took the podium at CPAC Friday afternoon, introduced to the stage with Rage Against The Machine’s Guerrilla Radio, and revealed to the audience he had “videos” of Barack Obama from his college days. “I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” Breitbart disclosed to raucous applause. “We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”””

NO DOUBT!!! An EM assault, poison or hospital staph  staff infection.

Posted by: waldopaper | March 1, 2012

Aptera goodbye.

How could anybody possibly fuck this up?

This is why “the private sector” sucks.

Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 28, 2012

Vegas Knows! They just can’t publish it.



Puddy Dunne money line on Democratic Vice -President ticket at time of election [$100.00 wager]

Joe Biden:  +$105.00

Hillary Clinton:    +$200.00

Kay Hagan:    +$500.00

Amy Klobuchar:    +$600.00

Andrew Cuomo:     +$200.00

Michael Bloomberg:     +$1,000.00

Chuck Hagel:      +$5000.00

Bill Maher:       +$20,000.00


Scratch the chalk and bet the field 

Where There's Smoke -- There's Liars?! Where There's Blood -- There's Sure to Be Sharks!

False Flag Central?! Cui Bono? Who loses? Disaster Capitalism? Just plain rape, pillage, murder, destruction of the environment for money (via stock gains?), destruction of peoples for resources gains? Just the latest version of the well-worn Greed Game played on the suckers and useless eaters by the grim reapers? Might be. We seem to have seen a lot of this lately, aye. A veritable Shit Storm blowing across the world’s lands, oceans, and peoples.

I have read the first two articles below, and recommend you grok the gist, as evidently, some lawyering and deal-making are on the upcoming Horizon (pun intended). Like 9/11, too many lies, inconsistencies, profits, and parlaying to pass the “smell test”. Pass this info along, because the Case for Gross Criminality made below is a mighty strong one. Wow! Hard to crawl out from under these rocks of Truth! Seems to me some very high placed individuals (With a Capital) allowed BP to investigate themselves while the whitewashed seashore of Our Gulf went black. Can’t let that slide can we?!

(I found these articles on Rense today — and wanted to dial up their attention getting volume!). Call your Congressman {yuk,yuk}.

“A fishy tale which could only mean that DWH blowout was a planned event.”

“The BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: An Explosive Detonation?”

“Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent To Congress.”

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 27, 2012

Wikileaks, Stratfor ‘Shadow CIA’ emails

WikiLeaks releases first 200 of 5m Stratfor emails -

WikiLeaks has released the first 200 of a cache of 5m emails obtained from the servers of Stratfor, a US-based intelligence firm. The emails originated not

The Guardian

WikiLeaks Releases –

“On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.”

Posted by: waldopaper | February 26, 2012

All (the Indians in the World)

Come down on you like

“…and they won’t leave you two heads to bury.”  –old movie.

Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 25, 2012

EVAN: No Batteries Required

Happy belated Presidents Day.

Yes, thank you. Belated is always a joy when in the distortion of finite minority time. Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 24, 2012

Obama’s secret drone war

and why Soros socialist globalist assassins are sleazier than their Royal Blueblooded murderering counterparts.

This is where the secret wars are being fought. Pakistan and Yemen. Iran and Syria are made for TV, but these silent assassinations are the ones coming down main street for you american terrorist useless eaters.

Posted by: kornisking | February 22, 2012

Joo lies and “Me love You longtime”

The wife went to buy Me some tobacco today. When she complained about the clerk asking to swipe her driver´s licence the manager at the local Lowe´s stated “its the law” which of course is a lie cuz it aint the law or all the other stores would be doing it. The name Lowe says it all. Complicit in anti-christ shenanigans. Cashless coming your way. Dont take no 666 wooden nickels dudes.

I siphoned off some of the 2011 vintage today so its music time kiddies !

One of My” longtime” favs

Read More…

Posted by: veritytwo | February 22, 2012

9/11, The argument rages

“[1] The FDNY is not in your “truth movement,” [2] and they disagree with your “piddly little ‘Office Furnishings Fires’” crap, as do the videos and other eyewitness accounts. [3] Are all of them in on the plot too, along with 200+ NIST engineers and countless others? [4] You have no evidence except for a column cut with an oxyacetylene torch, [5] no perp or plausible motive, so you resort to misrepresenting the owner’s PBS statement, [6] and secretly blowing up hi-rises in Manhattan is so absurd that it’s beyond impossible.”~Albury Smith, government stooge
Here we have a quick procession of 6 separate points in one single paragraph, mixing a blend of contexts and blurring it all together as if it actually makes sense as a whole.
To address these 6 points:
[1] The FDNY is not in your “truth movement,” Read More…
Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 20, 2012

Hello Mr. Nikolay Kotev

We have had a visitor come often to see what we are doing. Though he never comments, Nikolay Kotev gives us thumbs up frequently.

It appears Nikolay Kotev is an author, historian, scientist, archivist and collector of rare books. I have discovered his blog at and am anxious to get my translator up to look at some of the material and articles he has amassed on his site. He has rare books located at

I see Mars, Bilderberg and current topics as well as WW II and cold war, british intelligence and other COTO delights. I thank Nikolay for his visits and will be getting the translator working to delve into this historical perspective from one who comes to this conspiracy forum.  I am interested in the Russian and Bulgarian perspective on the European Union and the history in the making of globalization. I apologize for taking the liberty of extracting the photo for this post.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 19, 2012

Dog Heaven


Diving Dogs Photography

Photo Credit: Seth Casteel



Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 17, 2012

They don’t call it ‘Joint’ Terrorism Task Force for nothing


Washington DC: FBI Foils Own Terror Plot (Again)

The stooges are stooges for the stooges, stooges. Someone knows what’s really going on. Yes indeed the Mossad knows. The three stooges are just  trapped in the chaos of what is supposed to be entrapment, recruiting and infiltrating terror cells. When the fact finally emerges that the entrapped is the stooge, the recruits are the stooge and those infiltrated are the stooge. The mossad, FBI, BATFE, SPLC, H1B aliens from the CIA’s foreign offices are already fully staffed to either initiate the event itself or run the sting with the stooges.

Much like the Waco, OK City, DC sniper, Ruby Ridge, Underwear bomber, Tuscon assassination, WTC -WOT one and two, these operations have three or more levels and the handlers keep ops separate from independent stooges under other agents.


They will succeed in stooge mode as long as handlers and stooges alike complete the scripts flawlessly. Unfortunately they are having the difficulty of keeping the fences up.  The recent ejections of Judge Napolitano and even the crud Glen Beck clearly show the dumbing process is being overridden by a new reality intellect that they had not counted on. Other than the lowest level sheepledom, the masses can really piece these together and the internet, technology itself is working against them.

This year the cards are stacked against the awakening. Though it will gain steam, the ruling minority committee will have the next level of G^6 technology and muscle to crush the opposition. Whether fear or direct assaults on the truth frequencies, the mass hysteria, chaos and survival will override the ability to make any meaningful regress to a sovereign justice system of  law. 

Todays Headlines proves the point. Shifting to the LONE WOLF model eliminates much of the problem. I believe the lone wolf can only be mind controlled or an imported lunatic through the master card program of terror.

Moroccan Man Arrested in FBI Terrorism Sting

The underwear bomber back in the headlines in timing with the event of today continue the cycle of the lone wolf “who is proud to kill for the name of god” and ties the good people of USA Inc. to lone wolves who will not take their vaccinations, eat poison, pay more takes and take new technology up their bums.

Anthony Shadid, a New York Times Reporter, Dies in Syria  from a fatal Asthma attack?

Probably was the sarin gas in his inhaler, but all credibility is gone and we must assume this truther Lone Wolf may have had too much truth and overdosed on reality.  What is happening in the Arab and ME springs is happening here.

Be aware the call has gone out by all distortion fields for Americans to call the FBI if their neighbors say I hate the Government.  Please COTO I suggest we just say that we hate the corporate criminals, congressional money launderers and the media liars. They cannot tag us as terrorists unless they are willing to accept these tags.

Read: Which Path to Persia (2009) Brookings Institute
“The Evil Monkey in the Closet”
Posted by: kornisking | February 17, 2012

Willie Nails One


I was never a big Willie fan but after Farm-aid My opinion of him changed greatly. He covers Coldplay here and nails it big time.


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