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Come Out Of The Toolbox

All ye human monkeywrenches.


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“Kony up” for Uganda

History Repeating itself? The Cover

From the EIR Larouche archives – 1998

History Repeating itself? The Goal.

How many times have we seen the Amins? From Ghadafi to Idi and from Sierra Leone to Uganda.  As goes Africom so goes the world. The Risk board we played with had only armies as pieces. Ours did not include the ranks of GLADIO, MOSSAD, CIA and the mother ship MI6. Had we had these pieces we’d have been able to defeat multi pieced armies with a few black ops troops. These pieces would have been invisible of course.

The Rhodes to Rhodesia all lead to the British Crown and the jewels of the continent and Zimbabwe, Batswana [Buchenland]. What concessions were garnered in those days of conquest were bloody but secret.  These days the media has to play a special role in the handling of Christian Eugenics and useless eater demographic extinction.

Laying the groundwork for these operations started with the London Missionary Society and has sustained through other LDS organizations that provide the cointel and provocateurs adequate cover while teaching and converting the people to Christian theologies. 

“The East India Company and the British East India Company men had a habit of giving grants to Christian evangelicals. Rockefeller and his fellow-travelers followed suit, fostering evangelical Christianity to hide their true intentions, which was to attain political power in the United States and then around the world as old John D. demonstrated. In the United States it was the Christian Fundamentalist sect introduced by British East India’s John Nelson Darby as “Dispensationalism”, that was favored. In China it was the China Inland Mission, and in South Africa prior to the Anglo Boer War, it was the London Missionary Society that gave rise to the war by its meddlesome political interference. All of these Christian organizations appear to have been well-funded. The Quakers established Communist-like communes during the Revolutionary War, and enjoyed strong financial support from William Aldrich (an ancestor of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller) and Stephen Hopkins.”

Beyond The Conspiracy: Unmasking the World Government – the Committee of 300
by Dr. John Coleman

In recent light of the Syrian staged event along Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and others we can understand why for a two centuries or more the killing fields of Africa have been underplayed and largely unreported. Only in the missions of AFRICOM are they as exampled by Somalia, Sierra Leone, Sudan finally brought to the forefront by a carefully orchestrated distorted media blitz where Holyrood Kings and Queens like Clooney, Penn and Jolie are utilized to intensify the frequencies. Gerard Butler is the flavor as of late.

This is just concessions with eugenics. Genocide covering empire. We all post endless financial theft and fraud here in the U.S. but never enough time on the trillions of dollars in resources that Africa represents.  It is the final and most lucrative murder for money scheme ever perpetrated on the people of this planet.  If we were to know the real death count of african people it would surely exceed the Russian and holocaust numbers unless you added the Asian slaughters. Bill Gates irradication projects would almost qualify humane in comparison to the MI6 model.

Kony Boy – A thoroughbred from the MI6 stable

What evidence of the viral MK-Alpha U-tube shows in reality is a boy such as Kony himself, placed in the position like any other MK protoge fighting against the masters of the mind and world from Buckingham Palace central through the MI6, Tavistock, RIIA gang who like SRI in the U.S. have mastered this dialectic and TRIAD. We have seen it dozens of times and it moves the energy of the mass-hypnotic masses like the waves of grunion who will beach themselves on the shores of Tripoli and other delusional beaches. Take a look at Sam Childers as well. Not what it seems. You bet.
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Everything is Upside Down.

How To Become An American Extremist In Style! by Brandon Smith

When Liberty is Turned Upside Down...You Should Take Notice!

For most of us in America today, childhood was a time of vast and unassailable dreams. What we could become, what the world could become, was limited only by the strength of spirit setting aloft our ideas, and this strength, as all young people instinctively know, is infinite. While the possibilities of the future seemed boundless, few of us, including myself, ever considered “political extremism” as a viable lifestyle decision. Astronaut? Maybe. Filmmaker? Sure. Enemy Belligerent? Not so much…

While each of us is ultimately a product of our own decisions and internal choices, even beyond the influences of our environment, the cultural atmosphere of our age certainly determines the manner in which we are able to express our individual character. The brilliant and talented are sometimes cast into roles of poverty and obscurity. The obscene and devious often ascend to positions of righteous reverence. Good men are often painted as villains for centuries, while evil men are regarded as saints for just as long. The point is, the times in which we live rarely express in an honest way who we really are, unless, of course, we take hold of them tight, and cut out a new path for history to travel…

Those men and women who drive forward without fear or doubt to assert control over their destinies, and force their era to reflect their principles, rather than their principles becoming a side-note to their era, whether honorable or dishonorable, are invariably considered “extreme”. Most human beings waft about with the tides of time as passengers; spectators watching events unfold from the sidelines. Those who swim against the currents, or who attempt to change their flow altogether, are usually rare and confounding to the masses. Therefore, that which the masses consider extremism is often merely that which they consider far outside what they have grown accustomed.

Frankly, history has proven over and over again that the majority is usually wrong about most things. Groups and collectives do not create, or discover, or advance humanity. Only individuals are capable of this. All great concepts begin as seeds within independent people, and then spread like wildfire as they educate others. A society that strives for artificial normality and collectivist harmonization is a society on the verge of chaos and death. Only free hearts and minds give man hope of survival.

In my view, that which is extreme is NOT that which violates the boundaries of “normal” society, but which violates the boundaries of inherent truth, and conscience. In an honest society, an extremist is someone who denies the universal foundations of existence, and tries to play demigod in a fantasy world of moral relativism and rationalized criminality. A disjointed freak of nature that seeks to impose his twisted will upon others. Unfortunately, the honest definition of extremism is not the most popular amongst the frothing elitists that reside over the functions of our political structure today.

Life is a bummer like that… Read More…

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They’ve said it right out in the open now, Congress is a joke.

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Slam-dunk Mind Funk

As if things couldnt get any more Twilight Zoney we now must suffer through this latest round of cerebral flatulence from  the public school system

I have some news the poor dumbed-down pubescents can use, there is no USA any longer in existance except in the pea-brains that are in delusion. If there is no habeas corpus, posse comitatus, right to privacy, freedom of speech, private property, religion free from taxation and state control, no right to assembly for redress of greivance and no silver and gold as legal tender then there is no longer a CONSTITUTION. If there is no CONSTITUTION there is no longer a constitutional government.

Then there is the problem of the idiots that take offence at the administrator thinking someone might take offence at someone chanting the praises of a defunct organization. Three words, thesis,antithesis and synthesis. Its Pavlovian dog training without the reward. Someone smarter than you drills you up the ass by way of cathode ray tube till you voluntarily bend over for it at the given signal,same bat time,same bat channel,,,OUCH !  But what should we expect from public education, right ???  DUH.

Then there´s the same old saw “we thank the troops for making us free!” What utter bat-shit crazy crap is that ? The Border Patrol is the only people working to keep Me free but they get no mention. God gave us liberty and free will,its the governments job to gaurantee those freedoms,not send our boys to bum-fuck egypt to start the third world war to make Jesus return to earth (he´s takin a little too long to get here according to the dispensatin folks,maybe they should send him some nitro-methane to fuel the spaceship) Bat shit crazy war hungry zionist dispensaters,jeez wheres the hippies when you need um ? Korn out,,,way way out man, like gonzo beezorch “wheres My legs!” pass me the thorazine wheres my jello cup out. PK Dick had to have wrote this scrip man.

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Have You Noticed?

Free From What?

Have you noticed — the rapid clip of Anti-Liberty legislation continuing to be passed by the “People’s Representatives”? H.R. 347 passed with only 3 “Nays”, one of them being Ron Paul.

In the hands of “Public Servants” are swung the “Weapons of Tyrannical Force” — The People will now refer to them as (WTF?)”.

I see the Double Standard, can You? For The People — “If You See It, Say it!”
For Them — “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!…”

Check out the vote stats for the Patriotically challenged NDAA at

I’m starting to think of calling this a “Protection Racket”. It’s a rolling juggernaut of Constitution-Crushing legislation drafted by dual-citizen-dual-allegianced warhawks like Lieberman & Linsey Graham and their ilk. Signed off on by a Constitutional Scholar no less! Do you feel the heat, sense the subterfuge, see anything strange? If you see it say it! Slapback. Read More…

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Tidbits flying about an Election Cycle

Breitbart and Houston Sacrifices by the re-election campaign team

Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say 2/29/12

“Now, in sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, two former senators who were privy to top secret information on the Saudis’ activities say they believe that the Saudi government might have played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.”

Gas up the prices and stakes on an Iranian war bluff with another Saudi OPEC poker play and drop the scam in september

Green Card Lottery

An applicant must have EITHER a high school education or its equivalent, defined in the U.S. as successful completion of a 12-year course of elementary and secondary education; OR two ears…

ACORN type drag site to find illegal potential voters for the coming game of thrones

Testosterone flying about the Erection Cycle. Watch out for the Nuclear Ducks.

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What’s Irish and stays out all night?

No, not Paddy O’Furniture, Michael Cavlan our main man in Minnesota.

What’s he been up to? Going after the Senate and the beltway bluedogs and warmongers. Look out Amy Klobuchar.

Michael Cavlan An Irishman Fighting To Win The US Senate Seat

Michael Cavlan – Facebook

Michael Cavlan-Firedoglake

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A Potyomkin Event?

Mark this well, you proud men of action! you are, after all, nothing but unconscious instruments of the men of thought. -G.W.Hegel

So was Andrew Breitbart when he rolled into spotlight. His error? He failed to understand the Electromagnetic portion of the EVAN system controlled by the Industrial Military Complex, operated by the committee administrators of the CFR who have infiltrated all governmental and media and operate covert assassinations and mind-control operations worldwide.

Chance Encounter – Breitbart and Arthur Sando


“I tried to figure out how I knew him,” says Sando, a veteran publicity and marketing executive who works for dietary supplement company MonaVie and has worked at CBS, King World Prods and Turner Broadcasting. “He was on his BlackBerry. And I said ‘Andrew?’ I told him I had seen his work.”
Sando says the duo quickly struck up a conversation that would last a little less than two hours. Read More…

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Joe Arpaio Conspiracy Theorist

I saw the press conference last night on Mexican TV,it was not on the lamestream.

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Another Soetoro Assassination?

Andrew Breitbart took the podium at CPAC Friday afternoon, introduced to the stage with Rage Against The Machine’s Guerrilla Radio, and revealed to the audience he had “videos” of Barack Obama from his college days. “I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” Breitbart disclosed to raucous applause. “We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”””

NO DOUBT!!! An EM assault, poison or hospital staph  staff infection.

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Aptera goodbye.

How could anybody possibly fuck this up?

This is why “the private sector” sucks.

Read More…

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Vegas Knows! They just can’t publish it.



Puddy Dunne money line on Democratic Vice -President ticket at time of election [$100.00 wager]

Joe Biden:  +$105.00

Hillary Clinton:    +$200.00

Kay Hagan:    +$500.00

Amy Klobuchar:    +$600.00

Andrew Cuomo:     +$200.00

Michael Bloomberg:     +$1,000.00

Chuck Hagel:      +$5000.00

Bill Maher:       +$20,000.00


Scratch the chalk and bet the field 

Where There's Smoke -- There's Liars?! Where There's Blood -- There's Sure to Be Sharks!

False Flag Central?! Cui Bono? Who loses? Disaster Capitalism? Just plain rape, pillage, murder, destruction of the environment for money (via stock gains?), destruction of peoples for resources gains? Just the latest version of the well-worn Greed Game played on the suckers and useless eaters by the grim reapers? Might be. We seem to have seen a lot of this lately, aye. A veritable Shit Storm blowing across the world’s lands, oceans, and peoples.

I have read the first two articles below, and recommend you grok the gist, as evidently, some lawyering and deal-making are on the upcoming Horizon (pun intended). Like 9/11, too many lies, inconsistencies, profits, and parlaying to pass the “smell test”. Pass this info along, because the Case for Gross Criminality made below is a mighty strong one. Wow! Hard to crawl out from under these rocks of Truth! Seems to me some very high placed individuals (With a Capital) allowed BP to investigate themselves while the whitewashed seashore of Our Gulf went black. Can’t let that slide can we?!

(I found these articles on Rense today — and wanted to dial up their attention getting volume!). Call your Congressman {yuk,yuk}.

“A fishy tale which could only mean that DWH blowout was a planned event.”

“The BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: An Explosive Detonation?”

“Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent To Congress.”

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Wikileaks, Stratfor ‘Shadow CIA’ emails

WikiLeaks releases first 200 of 5m Stratfor emails -

WikiLeaks has released the first 200 of a cache of 5m emails obtained from the servers of Stratfor, a US-based intelligence firm. The emails originated not

The Guardian

WikiLeaks Releases –

“On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.”

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All (the Indians in the World)

Come down on you like

“…and they won’t leave you two heads to bury.”  –old movie.

Read More…

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EVAN: No Batteries Required

Happy belated Presidents Day.

Yes, thank you. Belated is always a joy when in the distortion of finite minority time. Read More…

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Obama’s secret drone war

and why Soros socialist globalist assassins are sleazier than their Royal Blueblooded murderering counterparts.

This is where the secret wars are being fought. Pakistan and Yemen. Iran and Syria are made for TV, but these silent assassinations are the ones coming down main street for you american terrorist useless eaters.

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Joo lies and “Me love You longtime”

The wife went to buy Me some tobacco today. When she complained about the clerk asking to swipe her driver´s licence the manager at the local Lowe´s stated “its the law” which of course is a lie cuz it aint the law or all the other stores would be doing it. The name Lowe says it all. Complicit in anti-christ shenanigans. Cashless coming your way. Dont take no 666 wooden nickels dudes.

I siphoned off some of the 2011 vintage today so its music time kiddies !

One of My” longtime” favs

Read More…

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9/11, The argument rages

“[1] The FDNY is not in your “truth movement,” [2] and they disagree with your “piddly little ‘Office Furnishings Fires’” crap, as do the videos and other eyewitness accounts. [3] Are all of them in on the plot too, along with 200+ NIST engineers and countless others? [4] You have no evidence except for a column cut with an oxyacetylene torch, [5] no perp or plausible motive, so you resort to misrepresenting the owner’s PBS statement, [6] and secretly blowing up hi-rises in Manhattan is so absurd that it’s beyond impossible.”~Albury Smith, government stooge
Here we have a quick procession of 6 separate points in one single paragraph, mixing a blend of contexts and blurring it all together as if it actually makes sense as a whole.
To address these 6 points:
[1] The FDNY is not in your “truth movement,” Read More…
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Hello Mr. Nikolay Kotev

We have had a visitor come often to see what we are doing. Though he never comments, Nikolay Kotev gives us thumbs up frequently.

It appears Nikolay Kotev is an author, historian, scientist, archivist and collector of rare books. I have discovered his blog at and am anxious to get my translator up to look at some of the material and articles he has amassed on his site. He has rare books located at

I see Mars, Bilderberg and current topics as well as WW II and cold war, british intelligence and other COTO delights. I thank Nikolay for his visits and will be getting the translator working to delve into this historical perspective from one who comes to this conspiracy forum.  I am interested in the Russian and Bulgarian perspective on the European Union and the history in the making of globalization. I apologize for taking the liberty of extracting the photo for this post.

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Dog Heaven


Diving Dogs Photography

Photo Credit: Seth Casteel



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They don’t call it ‘Joint’ Terrorism Task Force for nothing


Washington DC: FBI Foils Own Terror Plot (Again)

The stooges are stooges for the stooges, stooges. Someone knows what’s really going on. Yes indeed the Mossad knows. The three stooges are just  trapped in the chaos of what is supposed to be entrapment, recruiting and infiltrating terror cells. When the fact finally emerges that the entrapped is the stooge, the recruits are the stooge and those infiltrated are the stooge. The mossad, FBI, BATFE, SPLC, H1B aliens from the CIA’s foreign offices are already fully staffed to either initiate the event itself or run the sting with the stooges.

Much like the Waco, OK City, DC sniper, Ruby Ridge, Underwear bomber, Tuscon assassination, WTC -WOT one and two, these operations have three or more levels and the handlers keep ops separate from independent stooges under other agents.


They will succeed in stooge mode as long as handlers and stooges alike complete the scripts flawlessly. Unfortunately they are having the difficulty of keeping the fences up.  The recent ejections of Judge Napolitano and even the crud Glen Beck clearly show the dumbing process is being overridden by a new reality intellect that they had not counted on. Other than the lowest level sheepledom, the masses can really piece these together and the internet, technology itself is working against them.

This year the cards are stacked against the awakening. Though it will gain steam, the ruling minority committee will have the next level of G^6 technology and muscle to crush the opposition. Whether fear or direct assaults on the truth frequencies, the mass hysteria, chaos and survival will override the ability to make any meaningful regress to a sovereign justice system of  law. 

Todays Headlines proves the point. Shifting to the LONE WOLF model eliminates much of the problem. I believe the lone wolf can only be mind controlled or an imported lunatic through the master card program of terror.

Moroccan Man Arrested in FBI Terrorism Sting

The underwear bomber back in the headlines in timing with the event of today continue the cycle of the lone wolf “who is proud to kill for the name of god” and ties the good people of USA Inc. to lone wolves who will not take their vaccinations, eat poison, pay more takes and take new technology up their bums.

Anthony Shadid, a New York Times Reporter, Dies in Syria  from a fatal Asthma attack?

Probably was the sarin gas in his inhaler, but all credibility is gone and we must assume this truther Lone Wolf may have had too much truth and overdosed on reality.  What is happening in the Arab and ME springs is happening here.

Be aware the call has gone out by all distortion fields for Americans to call the FBI if their neighbors say I hate the Government.  Please COTO I suggest we just say that we hate the corporate criminals, congressional money launderers and the media liars. They cannot tag us as terrorists unless they are willing to accept these tags.

Read: Which Path to Persia (2009) Brookings Institute
“The Evil Monkey in the Closet”
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Willie Nails One


I was never a big Willie fan but after Farm-aid My opinion of him changed greatly. He covers Coldplay here and nails it big time.


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Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky on a Gone Dead American Train.

Mr. Blankfiend

Fiend 2 Big 2 Fail...

{When a Hot Writer’s “Rant” Strikes — It’s Best to Let the Fire Burn Down the Place, and expose the Skeletons!} Such is the case with this inspired and insightfully Spot-On Rant by Les Visible, the Dog Poet.

Mirrored from:

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky on a Gone Dead American Train.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Few things sum up American culture and the decline of the west as well as something like this. America isn’t really a country. Most people aren’t aware of that. It’s a time sensitive experiment, having a material experience. There is no real tradition. Everybody came from everywhere else and brought their traditions with them. Of course, there was a tradition already in place, which needed to be destroyed, so that something crass, creepy and crepuscular, could eventually morph into the Twilight series of sexy, sanitized vampires, with a really high fuckability index, in a public humping offer on Dow Jones. Of course, they’re not the vampires that sucked the life, love and liberty out of this failed experiment, they only play them on TV. The real vampires slink through the marketplace, with their bendable flavor straws in hand, looking for the necks of opportunity, in a no neck paradise of stunted proles and Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky for communion wafers. Read More…

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NAU ALERT: Fast & Furious – Border Wars

Honduras – One of the most severe prison fires in Latin American history broke out at the Comayagua prison, located approximately 45 mi/75 km north of Tegucigalpa, late on 14 February 2012. Authorities have not identified the cause of the fire, though they have pinpointed either a mattress fire or a fault in the prison’s electrical system. More than 800 inmates were housed at the overcrowded facility; as of 0800 local time on 15 February there were at least 357 confirmed fatalities in the blaze. Authorities have not accounted for all of the prisoners, and some may have escaped in the confusion surrounding the fire. Hundreds of people have descended on the prison, seeking news about their relatives. Thus far, there have been no reports of unrest at the facility; however, the scale and the loss of life involved in this incident may trigger protests in the near future. However, given the overall marginalization of Honduras’ large prison population and the frequency of similar issues within the penal system, extended demonstrations or substantive reform are not anticipated.

Don’t believe it. Hammas in America- AlCIAda in South America. Iran? C’mon. Really?

#3 The purpose driven financial collapse along with other fast and furious domestic and CIA driven criminal operations will result in anarchy for several Central and South American countries. Mexico will aid in the situation to bring civil war to US border doorstep. Murder rates quadruple last years figures and Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are at risk for total anarchy. Hugo Chavez injured or killed in assassination coup orchestrated by US Colombia operatives.

Brazil – Police officers, firefighters and prison guards launched a strike in Rio de Janeiro state on 10 February 2012 to demand higher wages. It was not immediately clear how many of the state’s 70,000 personnel are participating in the work stoppage, but the action increases security concerns during the annual Carnival celebration, which takes place on 17-21 February. The event is expected to draw approximately 800,000 tourists to Rio de Janeiro, and the Brazilian government will likely deploy soldiers to the city to provide security.

As of 6 February 2012 a tense situation has developed around the Bahia state Legislative Assembly building in Salvador, the state capital. Approximately one-third of Bahia state’s 30,000 police officers are participating in a strike to demand better pay. Striking police officers have taken over part of the legislative building, which is now surrounded by army troops. Authorities deployed approximately 3,000 army personnel to Salvador on 5 February to counter a significant spike in crime since the police strike began on the evening of 31 January. As of 6 February, 93 homicides have occurred in Bahia, an increase of nearly 130 percent compared to the same period in 2011; there have also been reports of looting.

Colombia – On 2 February 2012 three attacks occurred in western and central Colombia. In the first incident, a grenade detonated in Santa Barbara de Iscuanda, located approximately 95 mi/150 km southwest of Cali. The attack killed at least one person and injured four others. In a separate incident, a bombing in Cajamarca killed one person and injured at least five more. An additional bombing took place outside a police station in Villa Rica, located approximately 15 mi/25 km south of Cali, killing six people and injuring 20 others. The three attacks on 2 February followed a bombing at a police station in Tumaco, located on Colombia’s southwestern border with Ecuador, on 1 February. That attack killed 11 people and injured 76 others.

Argentina – On 31 January 2012 the Argentine government declared a state of emergency in four provinces following severe storms that occurred throughout the country. The emergency declarations, which allow for increased government spending and aid, apply to Cordoba, Mendoza, Santiago del Estero and Buenos Aires provinces. The storms brought rain, hail and winds up to 110 miles per hour (180 km per hour) in some areas. At least two people have died and at least 15 have been injured in the storms, which have also left approximately 400 citizens displaced. Travelers to Argentina should monitor local sources for the most up-to-date information on conditions in the country.

Bolivia – On 31 January 2012 hundreds of indigenous protesters gathered in central La Paz to demand that President Evo Morales approve the construction of a road through the Isiboro Secure National Park and Indigenous Territory (TIPNIS). Many of the protesters marched from TIPNIS, a journey of approximately 310 mi/500 km requiring about 45 days on foot. The protesters are demanding that Morales reverse the decision he made in October 2011 to ban the construction of the road. Morales made that decision after a similar public protest march from other indigenous residents of TIPNIS, who argue that the road will lead to deforestation and a loss of ancestral lands. The new protest group, however, believes the road will bring new resources and development to the isolated area. At least 20 police officers and three journalists were injured when protesters began throwing stones during the demonstration. The government has not issued a response to the new protest.




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Watch This

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The Edge of Chaos

Living on the The Edge of Chaos

Maybe we truthers never got the letter. Some scarlet A-programming inviting us to the smore-gas-borg. After the NY win in the Super Bowl, I think the GOoP primaries are really moot except for the parade.

America’s vision of the Hopeful Hero has hit rock bottom. Hell, they don’t even have to be an American. I’ll be looking forward to the 2020 world election and the candidates which should include an Aghartian and a Vegan. Following the technology acceleration graphs, it would be overdue if not as indicated at that time. In a technocratic transference we have been assaulted by the electromagnetic menu of the spectral tsunami.  (Please refer to the EM spectrum and play your copy of Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon) Read More…

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Now, To Add To The Fray

Found this little gem. This is long with many links. You’ll find if worth it though

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Dial Your Poison.


You may select from among the three pre-approved craptidates, Mortimer Snurd, Mediocre Fred or Sanitarium.  Mortimer was sanctioned or expelled or something, he says he wasnt, it’s still not clear to Me. He had a thing for the ladies, wanted to open up a marriage, she wanted to keep it closed.  He has this thing for bagels and holy wars.  He is as wide as Phineas Barnum.  Speaking of clowns we also have Mediocre Fred.  Says corporations are people.  He should know.  I hear he dismembered a bunch of em.  He follows some dude named Joe Smith or Joe Blow or somethin.  The idiot-box has been spewing crap about said Joe Shmoe.  Something about making the cult mainline so he wont appear as a weirdo I hear.  Makes fifty-two G’s a day doing nothing but passing liberal agendas while playing like he’s a conservator.  Suffers from over-active blabber.  Not worried about the poor, the lazy bums. Not worried about the wealthy, they can buy him off.  He worrys about the middle-class and how he can run that barbed-wire encrusted telephone pole farther up our hinder-parts without benefit of petrolatum gel.  Will not buy dinner beforehand, no cigarette after, it’s not poplar with sleeveless.  Not even a candy cigarette, sugar is now a controlled substance.

Well that leaves us with the mystery-man Sanitarium.  Dudes like a holy-roller or somethin all of a sudden.  Never heard of him.  Where do they find these guys and why are they being shoved down My throat ?  He likes him some war as long as somebody else does the grunting.  I would talk of his achievements but I never heard of him as I said and wish I hadn’t.

Thanks to Diebold Corp.,  any vote for any candidate other than these three will register as a vote for Mediocre or Mortimer.  Sanitarium is just in the mix to give the appearance that you have choices.  But you DO have choices.  Get a pre-planned funeral or just let your destitute relatives have the county throw you in a hole and run the bulldozer over you, carnations optional.  Requiem required by Rockyfeller. Late lents , last lenience.

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Bet the Bastards never thought of this This is about a little problem dealing with low frequency EMR and the effects it has not just on us but on the very infrastructure itself. They may be doing soft kill on us but the effects of it are having a dramatic blowback on everything around us. It appears, by messing with the natural frequencies of nature everything in our wonderful little paradise is falling apart, Buildings, structures, the electrical grid, manhole covers etc. It’s linked to all kinds of health problems with links to even Morgellons disease. Be a bummer if your house was condemned because your smart meter was working overtime. Maybe JP Morgan did us a favour after all by not turning on Tesla’s WardenClyffe tower. Here’s a shout out to them, “HEY GUYS”,  seems the Creator thinks you suck too and we, the rest don’t want the keys to your jalopy either.

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Found at, No explanation needed

This farce of a political election camp pain is a most obvious example.  Look at the shoe poop that is being offered up as “electable”?   Obviously,  Ron Paul is not “their” guy.  But even that remains to be seen.  Just consider the degraded choices proffered as the next Commander-n-Thief?  Consider their characters.  And remember, the previous diet you’ve been fed – Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama.  Remember the cast of characters plying the shadows in appointed positions, and still miraculously pulling strings from off stage.  Look at those in important positions of power?  You list them.  Just like Madonna being re-circulated via a prime time event, another black cat has kept her claws in the game.  It’s not even interesting.  It’s just pathologically predictable.

Below are some excerpts from an Excellent article/interview of David Icke.  Read It! It gets better from Start to Finish!

Send it to others who need to read it.  If humanity stands around, takes the wiener dog they’re handed by the PTW2B, and eats that shit!  Then… humanity is complicit in voting “for” shoe poop forced down their throat.  Humanity is complicit in the Next War of Transgression.  Humanity does have choices and voices.  Use em or lose em.  It’s pretty straight-forward.  It is Obvious!

You might be wondering ‘bout the chemtrail photos?  Yep, those are today’s X-rated pics from upstate SC.  They started before sun-up south, and worked north as usual.  The last pic was at 1pm, and the sky is so muddied, you can barely see the still continuing spraying onslaught.  Is this acceptable?  Everywhere?  Are the excuses of government, media, pilots, and weather persons Okey Dokey with you?

I look at it like this…Every damn chemtrail plane is a government sponsored fumigator that comes onto my property, into my home, and fumigates the entire place with poisons, at any time they please day or night.  Often, multiple times in the same 24hr period.  They’re initial reply upon being questioned, is, “its not happening”.  Then, other equally evasive and fraudulent excuses are offered.  I’m not O.K. with it!  Are you?

Excerpts from Article are Below:

“We are receiving numerous confirmations daily, that the Orwellian state is being introduced, and that human freedom is being deleted at an amazingly fast pace, it has become very obvious”.

“I was in Australia, and they are introducing legislation in the summer (2012) that will cause people to lose state benefits for their children if their children don’t have all the vaccinations that the government wants them to have. These things are happening all over the world. It’s a globally coordinated operation”.

“And then you see things like life being made near impossible for small farmers to function. There are more and more attacks on the ability of people to grow their own food. All of these things can be shown – smart groups and smart meters, all of these things can be shown to be part of one tapestry, not operating individually. They’re a tapestry of effects and attacks on human society to create something that would make even George Orwell wince”.

“Whether you are dealing with the number disparity between those who in full knowledge are doing the manipulating and those who are being manipulated, then those who are manipulating have to divide and rule the target population. Even more than that, they have to recruit from the target population. They need enforcers in uniform, they need administrators in government, the dark suits to run the system, because there are not enough of those in full knowledge of what they are doing.

So there is a stream of things we can do. First, open our minds to possibilities and let possibilities have their say. Secondly, we re-evaluate who we are, realize we are not limited but rather we are limitless, so then we can re-evaluate the power that we have to make a difference in the world. When you do that you realize that the whole conspiracy to enslave us is only possible because those being enslaved cooperate with their own enslavement. Then we can start withdrawing our acquiescence from the system that’s enslaving us.

If someone comes out of the White House or Downing Street and says, “We’ve had a meeting and we’ve decided that ABC is going to happen,” that will only happen if the population in general acquiesces to that happening. If the population says, “No. We are not doing that,” then the person in the White House or Downing Street has no power. They do not have the numbers. The answer is staring us in the face. It’s basic mathematics – seven billion being manipulated and a handful in full knowledge doing the manipulating. We need to start activating these numbers.

Now, with the Occupy protest, that was a start, it was a stirring, but we need to move this on to beyond a simple protest to non-cooperation with these people or these forces of manipulation. Here’s a simple thing. Look at house foreclosures and people losing their jobs. People who are foreclosed upon by banks should not leave their homes. They have a moral right to those homes and the banks are the very entities that have caused the foreclosures. We need people to take a stand. They should not be leaving their homes. The banks have created these foreclosures and have lead people to lose their jobs based on circumstances the banks themselves have created. People need to refuse to leave their homes in vast numbers. If you do it one or two or a handful they will pick you off. We need to do it in large numbers. We need organizations created that way, so people are organized and stay in their homes when they are foreclosed. People are in the streets, people homeless, people living in tents. This is ludicrous while all these homes sit empty. If we accept it we will experience it. If we don’t accept it, we’ll stop it”.

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Proud To Be An American ?

The ten-headed beast is destroying wonderfully. Thanks to ICH. Hillary is an industrial meat-grinder. Our thanks to the Bland corporation and the military complex for making the world hate us. Follow the link to see how the other half lives.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 4, 2012

EVAN: The Angles

Where does the time go?

Where the energy goes? No telling. Can you recognize angels from angles?

No. I can perceive it but not see it. What does the angle look like?

From the point? They look like shadows. Whether forward or backwards they look the same for the observer.

Whereas the angels are light?

Flickers like stars in the sky. So what’s the point? The point itself. Where the point touches the time of the inner self to the spacetime curvature. Without it , one could see the shift, be in the shift and exercise all the properties. The are seven angels and seven angles.

One could  bypass all the angles from there correct?

The hour of the time for us. Spaceless dimension, a vacuum is like timelessness. Time is relative only to space and you live in artificial time. The seven frequencies though present in our dimension are not seen yet they are here, benevolent active and in motion. Never forget that you are protected by these from outside the inner self. It’s in your inner space where you are on your own.

A one shift  two shift  red shift  blue shift? Dr. Seuss.

Transversely, shift red shift blue emit one reflect two. Do you get the point? Read More…

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John Parsons and the occult beginnings of NASA

And now for some more spooky history from BrasscheckTV.

Gotta love it, this ties in in so many different directions. Don’t know if this little piece of info is correct but I read at one point in time that Barbara Bush, old HW’s wife is close kin to  Allistar Crowley, like his daughter. I’m sure someone here will set me straight on that count. Have at it folks, Do read the script, that’s where the story gets good.

Posted by: waldopaper | February 4, 2012

Pipe the Poop Shoot


“Code named Project Sigma, this top-secret superyacht was built in 2008 at German shipyard Blohm & Voss GmbH for Russian entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko

hydrocarbon overlords boat gloat.

Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 31, 2012

Mental Toss Flykune

Or “Why I might be moving to Montana soon”

Some earlier articles and posts that need to be  reposted.  The tie up in progress and SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TPP, HADOPI, the Digital Economy Act, La Ley Sinde and other taxation and controls for the global grid will deflect the reality of the One World Technocracy or the Beast or Leviathan for the biblical oriented. – 7/6/2010 – 10/17/2010

One should not spend too much time contemplating the tax, censorship or restrictions but more the surveillance, panoptic spectrum and the inability to opt out and continue to live or thrive without submission to the blue omnibus of bluebrain and the merging of all DoD, Interpol, DHS, FEMA and Federal/State conforming Data Cloud computing. Whether enterprise resource planning for them or industry Peer-to-peer , your function on the Grid computing network is the naked reality of FSD. Public clouds and private ones are as clear as the chemtrails in the sky.

From the rantings of a murderous lunatic Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 29, 2012

Sunday Digest

No Fear: Memory Adjustment Pills Get Pentagon Push

CIA whistleblower charged for leaking torture secrets

Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States?

Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used On American Citizens in Tests

The FBI Wants to Read Your Tweets





Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 28, 2012

Reflect Upon the Obvious…Ask Yourself the BIG Questions?

YOU are HERE. What is your Genesis? Where are you going? The Times SCREAM OUT for you to answer the Question??? Why are YOU, HERE NOW?…

What does it all mean?

Perhaps — YOU need to “Choodle into the ARMAGEDDON?”

For YOUR Contemplation I submit the following esoteric FACT:

Why does an “ANGEL FOOD CAKE” last forever? Should I EAT IT? Or… Should I WATCH IT? To see what IT WILL DO? Are WE in STASIS as is the ANGEL FOOD CAKE? Is IT aptly NAMED? What does it TELL US about OUR EXISTENCE in the HERE & NOW? Does it have something to TELL US? Does IT express the WILL TO LIVE? Is Persistence & Patience a Virtue or a Curse?

I am an ANGEL FOOD CAKE... I Perish Not

Only By Eating Me Will You Understand My Mission

Do You SEE My Birthdate? I Will Live Forever in Your Dreams

I know NOT the Circus, but the Circus surrounds me. I am CAKE — Prepared for YOU!

My existence testifies to your idolatrous ways. In silence and darkness, I have sat on a shelf in a dusty garage…waiting to prove WRONG those who thought I would succumb to loneliness and deprivation. I AM STILL HERE! I am preserved by the science of “Survival of the Fittest”.

I am imbued with chemicals and preservatives, providing for MY Immortal Existence in the face of Darkness, of Inattention, of the Desire for FoodStuffs that banish Degradation.



Post Your Musical Videos Here that speak of the deep things of your HEART’S yearnings. For I am back on my dusty shelf…in the dark and cold garage, weathering this Winter of OUR World’s Discontent. I have sat patiently waiting, through interminable Summer’s heat. Who can know the significance of my existence as the IMMORTAL ANGEL FOOD CAKE!

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