Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 13, 2012

Jizya Jitters from the Third Empire


The Petroleum industry, which oils the wheels of the country’s economy, is in the crosshairs of terrorists.

A recent input provided by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) pinpoints a terror threat from Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) to two of the biggest oil refineries in India – the Reliance Industries Limited plant at Jamnagar in Gujarat, and the Bathinda-based newly commissioned unit in Punjab which is a joint venture between Mittal Energy Limited and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL).

While general intelligence alerts about likely terror strikes on such installations have emanated on several occasions in the past, this is the first threat that specifically mentions the impending targets by name. Security agencies confirmed to Mail Today on Monday that the IB had written to petroleum minister Jaipal Reddy in this regard.

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The Sassanid Empire was founded by Ardashir I, after the fall of the Arsacid Empire and the defeat of the last Arsacid king, Artabanus IV. During its existence, the Sassanid Empire encompassed all of today’s Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, eastern Syria, the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Dagestan), southwestern Central Asia, part of Turkey, certain coastal parts of the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf area, and areas of southwestern Pakistan.

Incidents involving Lashkar-e-Toiba : 2012 - Another outLeT for globalist World Order Terror - Saudi  trained operative


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Report: Osama bin Laden helped plan Mumbai attacks(09:48AM)


Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed.

Osama bin Laden was in close contact with Hafiz Saeed, the wanted chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and helped plan the 2008 Mumbai attack, according to a report in the Hindustan Times. Citing Bruce Riedel, a former advisor to President Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Hindustan Times says that documents recovered in bin Laden’s Pakistani safe house prove the extensive relationship between al Qaeda’s deceased emir and LeT.

“The documents and files found in Abbottabad showed a close connection between Bin Laden and Saeed, right up to May 2011,” Riedel told the newspaper. Riedel added that the captured files “suggested a much larger direct al Qaeda role in the planning of the Mumbai attacks than many assumed” and bin Laden may have seen surveillance reports prepared by David Headley, the LeT operative who scouted out locations for the Mumbai siege.

The revelation of Hafiz Saeed’s ties to bin Laden led the US to offer a $10 million bounty for the LeT chieftain, according to the report. [For more on the reward, see LWJ report, US offers $10 million bounty for capture of Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed.]

Such collusion would hardly be surprising. Al Qaeda and LeT have had a strong relationship for more than two decades. Abdullah Azzam, a mentor to bin Laden and co-founder of Maktab al Khadamat, a forerunner to al Qaeda, also helped found the LeT organization. In more recent years, the LeT’s network helped al Qaeda operatives flee Afghanistan in late 2001 and early 2002 after the fall of the Taliban. Al Qaeda terrorists have trained in LeT camps, and LeT members have fought alongside al Qaeda and the Taliban against Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Ilyas Kashmiri, who helped plan the 2008 Mumbai assault, worked for multiple organizations during his tenure, including al Qaeda, LeT, and Harakat ul Jihad al Islami (HUJI). Headley answered to Kashmiri, who was reportedly killed in a June 2011 drone strike, as well as two other handlers in Pakistan.

Documents raise new questions

Assuming bin Laden’s files show what has been reported, the documents raise new questions about the former al Qaeda master’s ties to elements of Pakistan’s military and intelligence establishment.

Lashkar-e-Taiba is a longtime Pakistani proxy that works closely with, and under the direction of, the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. The ISI used LeT to wage a proxy war against Indian forces in Kashmir during the 1990s. LeT head Hafiz Saeed has long received the ISI’s protection and backing, even after the Mumbai attacks drew international condemnation. Saeed has frequently been detained as a show of cooperation by Pakistani authorities, only to be released and then quickly returned to his terrorist business.

Saeed is so close to the Pakistani military and intelligence establishment that, according to Press Trust of India, he condemned the recent reward offered by the US during a press conference held at the “Flashman Hotel in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, located a short distance from the Pakistan Army’s General Headquarters.”

“I am not hiding in caves and mountains, I am here in Rawalpindi,” Saeed told those in attendance. Saeed challenged the US to kill him in the same manner as Osama bin Laden.

If Osama bin Laden was in regular contact with Saeed up until his demise at the hands of Navy Seals in May 2011, it is difficult to believe that members of the ISI did not know about it.

During an American trial of one of his co-conspirators last year, Headley testified that two ISI-connected handlers worked with him in the plot. Sajid Mir and a man known as Major Iqbal both worked with and directed Headley throughout his missions.

Intercepted phone calls show that Mir directed the Mumbai attackers. Mir’s ties to the ISI were discussed at length in an exhaustive study of the Mumbai siege prepared by Sebastian Rotella for ProPublica and the Washington Post.

Rotella reported that Jean-Louis Bruguiere, a French judge who is renowned for his counterterrorism work, investigated the LeT’s operations and concluded “that Sajid Mir was a high-ranking officer in the Pakistani Army and apparently also was in the ISI.” Mir achieved the rank of major before leaving the Pakistani Army for some unknown reason.

Obviously, the man known as “Major Iqbal” received that title because he, too, became a major in the Pakistani Army. “US and Indian anti-terrorism officials suspect Major Iqbal was a serving ISI officer and a liaison to Lashkar,” Rotella reported. Iqbal reportedly gave Headley $25,000, which was used to facilitate the surveillance of potential targets in Mumbai.

And if this most recent account in the Hindustan Times is right, then the surveillance reports paid for by an ISI man ended up in the hands of Osama bin Laden.

While ISI-connected operatives were clearly involved in the Mumbai plot, questions remain about how much the highest-ranking officials in the ISI knew about it. The same type of debate was unleashed in May 2011, after Osama bin Laden was found living next to an elite Pakistani military academy. The ISI has multiple wings, with the T-wing considered vastly more friendly to the US than the S-wing, which manages the Pakistani military and intelligence establishment’s sponsorship of terrorist groups.


Connect the dots while your pumping $5 a litre, gasoline. 


  1. To be honest I do not understand the purpose of this post at all. Maybe Puddy can explain his intel beliefs about Mumbai, or what his point is, in trying to hang Mumbai on LeT (like the CIA tried to do at the time).
    It is really hard for me to take any of the state intel outfits seriously, or to believe any of the garbage in these links. It is a waste of time to believe the word of ISI, RAW, the CIA, Mossad, MI5 or any state intel outfit. They are nothing but organized global crime. To talk about the Mumbai terror falseflag as a Pakistant or LeT operation, in the same vein as OBL, is lightweight bullshit by people who want little sheep to forget about Inspector Kerkare and the Chabad house shooters. The Hindutva falseflaggers are some of the worst covert terrorists in the world, as Kerkare exposed before they killed him. Combine RAW with Mossad and the CIA as they did in Mumbai, and it gets really obvious who’s being played here, and it ain’t me.
    I would hope someday people will defund, arrest, and shut down all the state intel operations out there who plant the bombs in public places for those who want a global bootprint. But I’m not holding my breath. Nobody is safe anymore since OKC and 9/11 as the state intel operations pull the wool over the eyes. I’m sick of their precious slander about who the dangerous muslims are. The real terrorists did Hotel King David and Deir Yassin. They rigged the Twin Towers. They set off bombs in London on 7/7 for their management which was present at the site. They designed the hydrogen bombs and DU. Tons of evidence points directly at them.
    I would not believe one iota of the crap in any of the linked stories here and urge people to use common sense and cui bono to suss out who is doing the terror on the Indian subcontinent. It was obvious then and now.
    Eyewitnesses said the shooting at the Chabad house was by white people who stayed there and stockpiled weapons. Now who could that be? Who stays at the Chabad house? I’m sure the answer is coming..just guess.
    This was covered quite well by subcontinent journalists at the time, but now we see the historical revision coming right back at us, even here on COTO. It never stops spinning I guess.

  2. Yes Mary. Exact sentiments here as well. They are int’l criminals funded through BCCI funnels, drug money, laundering and the death & taxes for American/Europeans.

    The purpose of the post is to indicate that predictions are not hard when they tell you what they are going to do. Whether the mainstream sheeple or COTO for that matter, believe it, they take great enjoyment in telling you what “they” are going to do.

    “They” being the entire gladio-covert sectors from MI6 down to the CIA, Mossad, SVR global hierarchy and down to the national groups like the FBI, BATFE, MI5, ISI, FSB, etc.

    Stand aside when the int’l teams take over, cover ups as in OK City, Waco, 911 etc were all forwarned in all aspects of the media frequencies from predictions, intel, movies and white papers.

    Theres no distinction between all the intel services with the exceptions of those who are operating under honest MO to go after you and I. Like any criminal, they have to worry about these basically honest law enforcement internal authorites. That is until a heavyweight is involved and then the “hands off” is implemented.

    Even the ISI has the “ops” to play along with OBL when in fact they know he was dead. Now the new operatives are emerging like Sheikh Saeed and Hafiz Saeed who were already exposed as MI6 operatives. The triple cross has two wings floundering around because none of them can figure it out. They get the most ridiculous intel, ala yellowcake and WMD and run goose chases while the depp operatives are protected, given twenty ID’s and funding and float around like zephyrs to be triggered by the City of London, RIIA and SIS.

    The game I was targeting in my original post time predator was the specific India-Pakistan nuclear threat and destabilization. China is being targeted in this as well, but it’s the one I think is next for a major event.

    Iran, North Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Russia, Eurozone etc. are all deflections from the remaining targets. Those are the remaining South American and Western Asia agendas.

    Iran, Venezuela play the roles, but they are operatives as well. Both Hugo and Mahmoud. What Syria, Pakistan, Africa, India and China represent are those who still hold out from national destruction in transition to central IMF slavery, though they are desperately losing the battle.

    There were those who fought the Blue team Bush version of demoncracy and those who oppose the red team Obama version. But the program works well during the presidency and prime minister cycles and they operate and target accordingly. The fact in my thinking is clear. The red/blue operates under the age old socialist capitalist model and few geopolitical targets can decipher the string pullers of both camps. It makes no difference they will get you on one side or another and into the mechanism of the WTO-WOT.

    The populations of these targets I believe are much smarter than we give them credit for and far more savvy than the average american-sheep or Euro-peon. The leaders are ripe for the transition and it’s really down to do or die.

    I think China is the key to whether we swim or sink. We may be saved or end up fighting them on our own turf. It depends on what the CIA cooks and SIS chefs decide to entree into the next event.

    Thanks for commenting. I am at a loss for the little avtivity from the group when I see this as a critical time for us. Awful quiet here as of late.

  3. “Awful quiet here as of late.” I am here chief, just speechless after the death of the righteous Andrew Wordes alias “chicken-man “. I just have bad info overload and also I keep busy in the shop working on cool shit. ” I will never leave thee “

    • Chicken-Man tells a whole story and a like we say constantly, over and ovr again. This phenomenon will come to each and every one of our doorsteps.

      Andrew drew his line in the sand and they killed him. That’s the reality loud and clear for anyone who dares to draw that line. They can target you, harass you, gangstalk you, bring down the rothschild IRS on you, disconnect you from friends and family or just blow your friggin head off.

      I’ll hope for the latter, as the others would just piss me off beyond my passive threshhold. I’ll do my best to have them spend a large amount of that .40 caliber ammo though. I’m wiry and quick.

  4. yea..I’m here too…but have been entwined in razor wire…

    Why does WordPress keep fucking with the comment box. Why fix something that isn’t broken????

    And when I get over my personal fit of jiznia over the crap I gotta go through to make a comment here, maybe I can think of something intelligent to offer.

    For now my head is filled with hissy fiz. I hate the “New and Improved Web”.
    It seems to shank me every day in some way now….


  5. Hey where’s that commie from Fort Wayne?

    He hasn’t been ’round in a coon’s age…{hmmm,,,how long is that anyway??}

  6. By the way Puddy, the post, the reflections to Mary – all spot on. The matrix is really tied at one knot, It is global intel…very little national power left to the field…and shrinking.
    I still think China model is in store…total open serfdom…yea the Hegelian bebop will tell.

    Full Spectrum Dominance…simple term, simple agenda, complex theater.

    • Thanks buddy. Nice to see ya.

  7. I am here as well, but not much to say…watching f$#%you-shima get worse, wondering if they will ever report rad forecasts and food contamination levels ever again (not likely), watching my 1.25% annual raise I am getting starting next check disappear in a month as inflation is over 10% now, trying to hang on and still pay all my bills on time, keep my two year old from harm as best I can. I come here a few times a week and peruse, but rarely have the energy to comment.

    • It seems to be contagious. Most days I just look at the news frequencies and say F it. F it all. But that’s what they want.

      I wonder where Boomer is? And Jersey is light as of late. It’s an assault of the mind and spirit and we all seem to be effected.

    • nice to see you too Waxy.

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