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Honoring the Death of Freedom, “The 300 Million Gun Salute!”

Global War in YOUR Name

If the government is “by the people, and for the people” then why does Celente say this? “In 2012 America will become a battlefield of the will of the people against the will of the government, proclaims Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal”.

A little history lesson on how U.S. Citizens’ money has been spent:

$4.76 Trillion in Bailouts Disbursed to TBTF as of July, 2011

312,780,968 U.S. Population in 2012

There are 12 zeroes after the 1 (1,000,000,000,000) in 1 Trillion

So, instead of giving Trillions to the Bankers (the authors of fraud & monetary exploitation), how much money could have been distributed DIRECTLY to Americans?

Answer = 4760000000000/312,780,968 = $15,218.32 per U.S. Citizen

Would THAT have been helpful in this “centrally planned” economy?

According to a team at Bloomberg News, at one point last year the U.S. had lent, spent or guaranteed as much as $12.8 trillion to rescue the economy.

How much is THAT, if given to THE PEOPLE directly, instead of wasted and lost in the current corrupt “system”?

12800000000000/312,780,968 = $40, 923.21 per U.S. Citizen

Opportunity Cost? Alternatives?

Cost of Iraq War at least $3.7 trillion and counting as of Wed Jun 29, 2011

Instead of waging an illicit WOT based on lies, against a sovereign country, this money could have been given to Americans directly.
3700000000000/312,780,968 = $11,829.36 per U.S. Citizen

Money for Living Better or Money for Killing? Self declared Deciders choose for you.

Here’s the number of the Iraq population in 2003 = 25,175,000

3700000000000/25,175,000 = $146,921.20 per Iraqi Citizen ( The U.S., using Your tax dollars, could have given each Iraqi citizen $146,921 and asked them to not terrorize us ). Perhaps the U.S. could have negotiated some sweet oil contracts and used money and diplomacy like a civilized society? Instead of over a million deaths of Iraqis, the destruction of their country and culture, the displacement of 4+ million Iraqi People, instead of the use of depleted uranium (DU) into their environment, etc. — other options existed. Isn’t ANY OPTION better than WAR?

When you leave it to the Deciders, the spending scenario depicted in numbers above is their choice for “change”. This is Intelligent Management by the People’s Representatives?

Iraq War Facts, Results & Statistics at January 31, 2012

You have to ask yourself — how much longer can this chicanery go on before The People DECIDE for themselves? When the 4th of July, 2012 arrives, will it be meaningless?

What will happen when Americans stand up together and give a 300 Million Gun Salute?

Final Honors- 21 guns (Explanation of History)

Urban Legend & History of 21 Gun Salute

Taps, 21 Gun Salute & Present Arms Salute
“Here is a video of the last and greatest honor given to a fallen patriot by our country and his fellow servicemen. It is Taps, The 21 Gun Salute and Present Arms (which is the military salute when in armed formation)”:

An interesting “take” on the origins and meaning of the 21 Gun Salute at Snopes:

DHS won’t explain its order of 450 million hollow point bullets

“That’s right, the US government apparently needs over 750 million extra .40 caliber rounds for use in what can only be assumed to be future “domestic operations.”

“USDA Orders 326,000 Rounds of Ammunition As Homeland Security Stays Quiet Over 450 Million Round Order”

Fascinating Links Regarding Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment

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  1. Hey Peter! Good to see you’re keeping tabs on COTO. Thanks for the upthumb, and you too K-man!

    Math ain’t my strong suit, so I used the following to see what the numbers would have looked like if instead of enriching bankers, MIC cronies, and other butt buddies; the taxpayer’s money was directly invested in Americans, or the Iraqi people for instance…
    Example of the notation: 1,600,000,000,000 = 5.7 x 1012 — 5.7 Trillion: the number of dollars in the U.S. national debt, circa 2000.

    I used this online scientific calculator to do the math:

    Online Scientific Calculator

    I thought about putting this in the body of the piece, but this works as well, so folks can do their own calculations of colossal waste.

    ***Do note the very last link in the thread, and scroll down for surprising facts showing why the 2nd Amendment Rights are what stands between tyranny/genocide and liberty…

  2. I like your math Boom…true and honest…

    Hi to Peter also….hope you are well…

    Must say…teared up a bit on the salutes….I was stationed on the east coast (lots of old soldiers there…) was on the burial detail many times…

  3. Hey Eyes! Thanks for dropping by.

    The following “eye-opening” article depicts a well-used “extraction technique” used to fleece The People, and enrich cronies and corporations. Do click on the black chart near the end, and enlarge it to view the same damn names we keep seeing, with their siphons stuck into the taxpayers’ veins.

    • Thanks Boom, always here…love watching the traffic feed…

      I think the mosquito is getting ready to pop…and the anesthetic doesn’t work any longer…

      Paper money doesn’t exist…never has…the ultimate alchemy, heh? …so….if it’s not about money (they print it right?) then what’s it all about Alfie?

  4. “What will happen when Americans stand up together and give a 300 Million Gun Salute?”

    T’ain’t gonna happen…
    ~Mr. Cynic from the clinic…

    • Of course I know that won’t happen. 5%? More? What’s it take to call B.S. on the B.Sers? When a majority laughs at them, scorns their paper legislation habits, ridicules everything that comes out of their mouths, literal and media-wise, whadda they do then? When the OWS actually fight back, effectively in a particular skirmish, and a rally cry goes zinging ’round the country, what then? Will the masses ever assert their natural human rights in the face of those who tell them they have none? I just don’t see things continuing on in this ridiculous, frustrating and fruitless attrition storm.

  5. 21st Century Schizoid Man

    Cat’s foot iron claw
    Neurosurgeons scream for more
    At paranoia’s poison door
    Twenty first century schizoid man.

    Blood rack barbed wire
    Politicians’ funeral pyre
    Innocents raped with napalm fire
    Twenty first century schizoid man.

    Death seed blind man’s greed
    Poets’ starving children bleed
    Nothing he’s got he really needs
    Twenty first century schizoid man.


  6. Ron Paul poops on 9/11 Truth

    • Yeah, I actually viewed that today. That’s some poop from the Doc.

      • Once a politician you are for life. Like an alcoholic I guess.

        GreatPost Boomer. We can say the IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT was no fiction. Hunger games are coming.

        FOOD and WATER are an absolute necessity. If you are shopping for plasma screens or a new computer, Ipad or other 4g microwave dispenser, save your money and buy rice.

        • “save your money and buy rice.”

          Hey, I gotta whole cuntoleesa fulla rice…

          I’m lookin’ fer beans…just the right one that grows that beanstalk all the way up to the clouds…then I’ll be off and howdyhoo…

  7. CIA Committed ‘War Crimes,’ Bush Official Says 04 Apr 2012 A top adviser to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned the Bush administration that its use of “cruel, inhuman or degrading” interrogation techniques like waterboarding were “a felony war crime.” Also, newly obtained documents reveal that State Department counselor Philip Zelikow told the Bush team in 2006 that using the controversial interrogation techniques were “prohibited” under U.S. law – “even if there is a compelling state interest asserted to justify them.” Zelikow argued that the Geneva conventions applied to al Qaeda – a position neither the Justice Department nor the White House shared at the time. That made waterboarding and the like a violation of the War Crimes statute and a “felony,” Zelikow tells Danger Room. Asked explicitly if he believed the use of those interrogation techniques were a war crime, Zelikow replied, “Yes.”

    Hmm…maybe the infamous Zelikow is looking to lighten his possible sentence in this lumpus crown affair????

  8. The amazing thing is, people think because some “credentialed” bureaucrat like Woo Yoo, the disgraced espanol fraud, Holder, or any other word twister — writes an explanation down, and says “this is the way it is” — that, that then is the way it is. The Cult of Personality blinds men and women to common sense.

    Does a person need someone else to tell them the Obvious?

    I think not. If people don’t have their own mind, or can’t figure out how to use it, then surely they’re apt to adopt someone else’s version of reality. Whatever conveniently fills the hole I guess. That’s some stupid shit! And this type of brain jello appears all over the place. What was considered torture since WWII, will no longer be considered torture because some asshole writes and says it isn’t… (even though the rest of the civil and uncivilized world continues to maintain the torture frame thang)?

    Technicalities, huh? Convenient rationalizations Obviously. If only our TV’s would tell us the truth, well then, we would know what it was…

  9. It’s hard to tell the average Joe his Birth Certificate, SS and DL have made him a willing tool of the Corporation. A freeman can drive without it, work without it and sign off the mark.

    There’s just no telling what assets are to be liquidated as of yet, but certainly being off the grid. Considering each American is in debt to the tune of 156,000 bucks, i’d think there would be more freemen resigning.

    I’ll be off shortly. Of course the prisons are going up all over and they have far too many vacancies. Atlanta cops are doing stop and search and planting drugs. They get 2% of the annual contract rate per room they fill. The judges get 3%. It all flows to the Cayman Is. of course.

    Make sure you know the routine for the next time you are stopped.

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